Christian Eriksen to be fitted with a heart-starter device

  • Peter Chan
    Peter Chan

    Eriksen, Hoddle and Ginola all collapsed and thankfully saved played for Tottenham in their careers. Strange coincidence

  • Bonaz

    Lmao u guys know that, that machine means he can play again it was lucky i’t wasn’t the other machine in danish news they say he can play again when he is ready

  • VoltageLP

    Daley Blind already has one

  • Sam Goz
    Sam Goz

    Can all shut up about him retiring thats up to him and blind got the same device and still playing for ajax and the netherlands cassano also played again after heart problems

  • Truth Pigeon
    Truth Pigeon

    He took the jab

  • David Mccall
    David Mccall

    Such a shame that a young man in his prime is struck down like this but the fact he was playing at the time meant there was professional help on hand to act quickly thus he is still alive today and that is the most important thing. best wishes to Christian and his family for the future.

  • mo im
    mo im

    No more professional football but he will have other options in life

    • s s
      s s

      He will still be playing...Daley Blind have the same device

  • Pritesh V
    Pritesh V

    Eriksen has the heart of a Viking

  • Zammy ‘BusDriver’ Martínez
    Zammy ‘BusDriver’ Martínez

    Was gona say whats a pacemaker then? But damn man poor cris, wonder if others in the past knew he had this issue

  • 493

    Alhamdulillah he is ok

  • Jimmi James
    Jimmi James

    Eriksen is out of the hospital and with his family. He visited the team in training camp. Cheers from Denmark.

  • Penelope Webling
    Penelope Webling

    This poor man All this because he let himself be coerced into a jab he didn't even need What a bloody shame I hope he sues

    • Penelope Webling
      Penelope Webling

      @Ariton I think the man should know It's his heart that's damaged not his brain He wasn't vaccinated because it not a vaccine But he did have the death jab

    • Ariton

      He did not get vaccinated. Stop spreading misinformation.

    • Penelope Webling
      Penelope Webling

      @Kieron Campion It's heartbreaking I feel so sorry for this poor man His career is ruined

    • Kieron Campion
      Kieron Campion

      @Penelope Webling OK I didn't know that. 👍

    • Penelope Webling
      Penelope Webling

      @Kieron Campion Unfortunately he did on 31st May

  • Jithin Purushothaman
    Jithin Purushothaman

    I always felt Erikson as unfit to play football...he always look like anaemic, but he is one of the most genuine player recently had...there is a beautiful life waiting for him..I think denmark country will consider him to give any position.

  • Paul Neale
    Paul Neale

    Even with a pace maker he would still make arsenal first team.

    • Mads Elmvig
      Mads Elmvig

      Correct, it is only Italy that has rules that top level athletes cannot have Pacemakers.

  • Gitte Nielsen
    Gitte Nielsen

    He can play again. A Dutch player has a heart starter and he plays.

  • Cringe Wizard
    Cringe Wizard

    did he recently get a jabb?

    • Ariton

      no he didnt.

    • devhxpg

      If the media stays silent about this you can be sure he did.

  • Bizzle B
    Bizzle B

    Who gives a fzuck.

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf

    A sad end to his footballing life but better than a sad end to his life.

  • V Arun
    V Arun

    We don't want to lost one of the best CAM in the world Get well soon Chris😢😢❣️❣️🙏

  • IL T 90s
    IL T 90s

    Career over, good. Enjoy retirement. He's made enough money, can always be a coach in the future.

  • cr 7
    cr 7

    yeah...all i care about is him being alive

  • Hassan Ahmed
    Hassan Ahmed

    Wondering if he play pro football again imagine he comes new manager of spur that would be game over for him

  • HUSH

    Think his old team could do with this device too

  • Peter Cruz
    Peter Cruz

    He can’t play football at a high level again… 🙁 he’s moving back to Spurs

  • Duji


  • Zach Evaristi
    Zach Evaristi

    Is it true that he has brain tumor in his finger?

  • Prithvijit Mukherjee
    Prithvijit Mukherjee

    Really feeling bad for Christian...but he is alive that's a great news hope he would have a early recovery

  • foreverpop

    Is his career over?

  • Michael Feast
    Michael Feast

    Any other human being that this would happen to, would not get this much attention. The real heroes are the first responders, medical staff and players

  • M C
    M C

    My man will become Iron Man.

  • kun mwas
    kun mwas

    I thank God He's still with Us 🙏🏾

  • Amirul Radzi
    Amirul Radzi

    We love you LEGEND

  • Sovely 92
    Sovely 92

    Too early for retirement but its good for his health

  • Farrukh Rakhimov
    Farrukh Rakhimov

    No more football for him,after this he will retired,if he plays again?it's will be happen again.

  • 1098sssss

    what are they feeding them at Ajax ?

  • Emma sophy
    Emma sophy

    I think for the sake of his life, he should not return to playing again, its very risky for him to play

  • Steve Godfrey Drummer
    Steve Godfrey Drummer

    Bless him. He pulled through thank god

  • Owen Mc Partland
    Owen Mc Partland

    Will he ever get to play football again

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    aaron cupp

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    • G C
      G C

      @chef Bro it's insane, this is the first time I see a whole conversation between bots like this! They are taking it next level. I hope people will read all the way to the bottom and not fall to this scam!

    • chef

      my advice to you, mr brian, is next time use a bit less bots to make it less obvious, and get tf out of comment sections like this, put some respect on Eriksen. Although I suppose someone who scams people for a living won't be too virtuous of a man

    • Dirty12

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    • Alan Lucas
      Alan Lucas

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    • JBrown

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  • x x
    x x

    Nouri at Ajax Eriksen was at Ajax Blind at Ajax What is Ajax doing to their players so their hearts all have problems? 💉💉💉 🤫

  • sonny black
    sonny black

    Life matters more than football he'll be fine and have a great life

  • The White Don Cheadle
    The White Don Cheadle

    i wonder how long he would have had to wait if he hadnt been a superstar footballer

  • Azarel Pillay
    Azarel Pillay

    Doctors think his Chev Chelios or what?

  • K R
    K R

    Another example of fitness is not health. Wish him the best of health 🌈

  • George

    He should retire

  • Sean john
    Sean john

    Anyone who thinks he will play again or any time soon is deluded, most people who have a heart attack don’t get back to their full life until about a good year and a half and that is just doing normal things. So for an athlete it’s safe to say he will never and should never play football again

  • Dan H
    Dan H

    Hope he is comfortable and watching the match... seems like a lovely guy. Wishing him and his family all the best 👍

  • Tri Beard
    Tri Beard

    Did he get Covid shot? You people who took that shot have mo idea what you've put into your bodies

    • Ariton

      no he didnt get a covid shot.

    • I know I'm a Retard because
      I know I'm a Retard because

      Yes we do

  • Holly Surlis
    Holly Surlis


  • jose cuervo
    jose cuervo

    I wonder where his heart problems developed from? Hmmmm

  • Neo Varley Downes
    Neo Varley Downes

    Bless him...I hope I am wrong, but I cannot see him kicking another ball professionally.

  • John Ancill
    John Ancill

    Was it anything to do with the covid jab he had a couple of weeks earlier ?

    • Mads Elmvig
      Mads Elmvig

      No, and he has not had any vaccine, 2 minutes of surfing could have given you that answer. It was a cardiac arrest caused by heart fibrillation, something that sometimes happens to high level athletes.

    • musico007


  • Mortimus Maximus
    Mortimus Maximus

    Sadly he will not play again. 😢

  • S B
    S B

    Glad he got to win something, even though ability wise he had so much to offer the game! Least the game gave him memories very few will get.. as a spurs fan he gave us many enjoyable moments so I hope he gets to relax with his family thank you for everything Christian get well soon 🙏🏼

  • bobby bob
    bobby bob


  • paninini Pat
    paninini Pat

    Good lock Den.

  • Rishi Gembali
    Rishi Gembali

    I thought his condition had worsened?

  • Sean Court
    Sean Court

    Who are the 20 soulless people who disliked this video. Disgusting. The man is a legend, a great bloke and footballer and I'm so glad he's alrite, grow up you silly people disliking this video do you even know why you hit dislike or are you just trolls

  • Talente Khuzwayo
    Talente Khuzwayo

    Wat caused all of this

  • Abell Seyfu
    Abell Seyfu

    One is stuck playing the impassioned protagonist in one’s Subjective Narrative of Self 🔻

  • Words of fire
    Words of fire

    Its because he received the covid 19 jab and it caused a blood clot around the heart. I worked security at Tottenham traiming ground for 3 years so This is very sad to see. Avoid the vaccine. Its a death sentence

    • Ariton

      he didnt even get vaccinated

  • MarchingOn Together
    MarchingOn Together

    We can rebuild him

  • Sidhu moosewala
    Sidhu moosewala

    Daily blind also has that device in him and he is absolutely fine hope the same for Christian Love from India

  • njwastaken xbox
    njwastaken xbox

    It would a massive massive shock for him to return to football like we all want him to

  • Brendan Wessling
    Brendan Wessling

    This basically means we will probably never see him play again. Went out a champion with Inter though

  • Carl jones
    Carl jones

    Great to see him on the mend I survived a cardiac arrest, 40 mins of CPR 6 difbralator shocks 2 shots of adrenaline, learn CPR it does save lives

  • shzrds

    Eriksen should go coach ajax if he can’t play

  • viraj vaity
    viraj vaity

    I have a question is this what daley blind has?

  • Yellow Scar Lightning Scream
    Yellow Scar Lightning Scream

    This literally means he is forced retired. Feels bad for a great player

  • MarkOne

    rich, great career memories, hot wife. ha. there are probably 4 billion people worse of than him. I wish him the best, but keep some perspective, hey

  • Muhammad Talha
    Muhammad Talha

    Kinda happy he won a title after leaving spurs..

  • Ian Pearson
    Ian Pearson

    Fantastic that this bloke survived a heart attack but isn't the coverage abit over the top? This happens to millions of people worldwide I guess.celebrity worship gone overboard.

  • Lwando Madikizela
    Lwando Madikizela

    It is a shame for him to end his career. Christian Eriksen had a wonderful career at Spurs and end up winning the Serie A with Inter Milan. It's not everyday you can cheat death and live to tell the story. Life is precious, he can spend more time with his family. Thanks for the memories Christian Eriksen.

  • Medical Videos and tech
    Medical Videos and tech

    Its an AICD

  • Ozy Mandias
    Ozy Mandias

    Welcome to the ICD Club, Christian Eriksen. It's a pity that he cannot play elite-level football anymore, but he should live a long full life and be very active. When you have something so scary happen to your heart, finding out there's something that can keep you alive if it happens again was very comforting. I'm sure he'll feel the same way eventually if he doesn't already.

  • G MIX
    G MIX

    Eriksen will come into the second half as a supersub

  • TrickyInDaMiddle

    Honestly one of the saddest ways to end your career it's ashame his career is now over but I'm glad his alive.

  • Robert

    ICD is the opposite of a pacemaker, ffs. Internal Cardiac Defibrillator.

  • BDP SMK M Parakan
    BDP SMK M Parakan

    Please don't rest from reality too early Eric

  • Ben Holland
    Ben Holland

    I can’t believe he pulled through considering how long he was down so relieved I would of been scarred

  • Luis Rodríguez
    Luis Rodríguez

    This is totally leading to an early retirement. Life is more important.

  • Itsme

    Inter should at least respect the remaining of his contract. Sad to see he won't play again. Top player even it proved in epl.

    • MTB

      Im sure he has good insurance.


    he aint playing again

  • LeShannon Sharpe
    LeShannon Sharpe

    The fact this happened on one of the biggest stages was a real eye opener

  • Zo Ro
    Zo Ro

    Relief to watch him playing ❤️❤️

  • JDH - Warzone Videos
    JDH - Warzone Videos

    Stupid quesion... but is cardiac arrest and an heart attack the same thing?

    • s s
      s s

      Heart attack is when arteries becomes blocked and you suddently die out of oxygen. You can feel it because of chest pain and in left arm. Cardiac arrest is sudden death

  • Mario

    Football will never be the same without Eriksen. 💔😢😔

  • Transparent

    and 10 minutes into the game..he will hear all Parken stadium clapping 👏..🌞❤️

  • Jahmair Stewart
    Jahmair Stewart

    I really hope he continues to play. He may have to scrap this upcoming season though and see if it’s safe to resume for the 2022-23 season.

    • stephan burnett
      stephan burnett

      no he won't be able to, that was his last match as a player unfortunately... :/

  • Chirpy Wiggins
    Chirpy Wiggins

    I’m just here for all the Vaccine experts ! We are truly blessed with their presence 👊🤡

  • Awais Pasha
    Awais Pasha

    My prays for his perfect recovery

  • Not Real
    Not Real

    This is horrifying why are you showing this??? Censor it so my snowflake brain doesn't explode.


    Like Daley Blind

  • Tinotenda Fungai
    Tinotenda Fungai

    L don't think this coach likes him

  • Max Lee Williams
    Max Lee Williams

    Christian Eriksen- “...I am Iron Man” God bless you Christian

  • spiritov69

    Spike protein from the injection is a thing from hell May the guilty soon be brought to trial

  • ih8mcfly

    Will he be back for last 16 if they make it?

    • s s
      s s

      Probably not but it would be fantastic. he will more likely be ready for next season

  • Masri Mus
    Masri Mus

    Next move : be a manager

  • Tlholego Saboy
    Tlholego Saboy

    It sad that we will never see him on the football pitch doing his magic in that pocket behind the strickers. He is truly gifted!

  • Ireland city
    Ireland city

    Why is his career over I taught he can just restart it

    • Ireland city
      Ireland city

      @s s if he Faith's he can just push the restart button

    • s s
      s s

      He can people just dont check it. Daley blind from Ajax have same device as Eriksen so he can play

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