Kasper Schmeichel criticises UEFA stating that the match restart request should not have been rushed

  • Gabe Logan
    Gabe Logan

    He's right

  • Steve C
    Steve C

    If the players said that they didn't want to play, then the match wouldn't have been played. They agreed and they played. Did anyone complain or protest the options?..... if they did, who protested and what was the response?.... Let's get balanced reporting please.

  • Ziggy wiggy
    Ziggy wiggy

    Was it true they were threatened with a forfeit??

  • Willie Mwang'ombe
    Willie Mwang'ombe

    Would he say the same if they had won the game? I guess not.

  • Carl jones
    Carl jones

    Great to hear he's on the mend I suffered a cardiac arrest some 4 years ago 40 minutes of CPR 6 difbralator shocks and 2 shots of adrenaline plz learn CPR it saves lives

  • Musa

    Sour grapes. Wouldn't be yapping if they won though now would he. Eriksen was alive when he left the pitch. They had a choice of playing the match the next day.

  • Chris Ward Music
    Chris Ward Music

    Going to say what everyone else is thinking, if Denmark would have won the game Mr Schmichael would be praising the decision by the ref and eufa to play on and the victory would have been dedicated to their stricken hero and friend ( I hope he makes a full recovery and continues his career) and eufa would have been commended for allowing the game to go on in Christian Erikson's honour and Mr Schmichael would be singing the praises of the governing body saying they made the right decision imo.

  • Ship Clip
    Ship Clip

    Uh, because they asked for it?

  • Zack Q
    Zack Q

    I feel the same way. At the very least they should have slept on it and restarted play the next day. The players were too traumatized and still in shock for the match to be restarted almost immediately after the incident.

  • Teodor Rorbech
    Teodor Rorbech

    Wasnt just cardiac arrest. He died and was revived!

  • Teddy Awesome
    Teddy Awesome

    Now poor Denmark have to win their next 2 games, including one against Belgium, because they had to play an international match after seeing their teammate collapse, nice.

  • Docter Khumalo
    Docter Khumalo

    Would you look at that, common sense.

  • Christian Heckmann Engelbrecht
    Christian Heckmann Engelbrecht

    *"They shoot horses, don't they?"*

  • Tom

    Didn’t they ask to keep playing?

  • Suiblade

    So when should’ve they played the match? There’s no time

  • Mark Lawrence
    Mark Lawrence

    a couple of players get the flu and UEFA says game is off an everyone within 100 metres of the couple of players has to isolate for 14 days. A guy literally almost died on the pitch....UEFA says game resumes in an hour

  • Kryten 2X4B-523P
    Kryten 2X4B-523P

    Would he have said that if they didn't lose?

  • HelloWorld492

    Let’s say Denmark decided to play the match the next day and then won it. The story would be completely different and the Danish media along with the Danish players would be talking about strength through adversity and how they did it for Eriksen. Unfortunately they lost so everyone back pedals and starts talking about abandoning the match. Yenno hindsight is 20/20…

  • CEO of Ubisoft.
    CEO of Ubisoft.

    Gary Neville will blame the super league for this.

  • Republic Galaxy
    Republic Galaxy

    I knew it!!! Thanks Scmeichel you owe me my yearly salary 👌😁 I had a feeling you would blame and excuse your poor performance for Eriksen. Not to forget and least mention, you all voted to continue playing for the fans anyhow.

  • SirTibzy

    At the end of the day it was Denmark's decision. If they didn't want to play they should have delayed it. Bet Kasper would be singing a different tune had they won. Its in poor taste to use what happened to Christian to jump on the blame UEFA bandwagon.

    • christian bargholz
      christian bargholz

      Finland had to travel to russia for the next game, if Denmark had postponed they would have put finland in a bad situation. Denmark was given a lose-lose decision to make, and UEFA should not have forced them to decide right there and then.

  • Jonathan Hadley
    Jonathan Hadley

    Football is just a buisness:-(

  • tafnam


  • lohit bhambri
    lohit bhambri

    UEFA is disgrace. They did the same thing when Dortmund bus was attacked. Match was scheduled with 1 week. How can you expect a fair match when the players are traumatized?

  • Robert Watson
    Robert Watson

    Big butter fingers

  • Gaz

    All they care about is money UEFA.. total disgrace of a decision

  • David Edbrooke
    David Edbrooke

    Snowflake schmeical!

  • Luca Matoke
    Luca Matoke

    We push footballers too far. When a govt minister collapses (God forbid) during a cabinet meeting do the govt take a few minutes break replace the minister then resume their business?

    • Colin Kelly
      Colin Kelly

      Yeah maybe

  • Iyoha Mavis
    Iyoha Mavis

    Had to be said... I was surprised at seeing the restart.

  • I Began
    I Began

    I agree with kapser!

  • zwebackshyper

    if they really cared then they should have just not gone out on the field in the first place i'd rather take the loss by forfeit and not play while my teammate and friend is fighting for his life if they would have won they wouldn't be saying all this

  • Kucing Melas
    Kucing Melas

    **Eriksen collapsed** UEFA : Oh no,anyway let's continue the match!

  • Ivaylo Iontchev
    Ivaylo Iontchev

    It's a tournament with set schedule and TV rights. There isn't much room to resume the game whenever. It's either the same day or next day. That's it. Yeah it's fucked up situation but man up and play. There isn't perfect solution for everyone.

    • Ivaylo Iontchev
      Ivaylo Iontchev

      @Michael Holmgaard how can you know for a fact what I would do or won't do when you don't know me? Ok the situation was unpleasant but they have to deal with it and play. Life is full of difficult circumstances that have to be overcome. Men are capable of controlling their emotions and professionals still have to play. UEFA cannot give them too much time to process this. Either resume play same day or the next day. They were given a choice to make and the players chose to resume the same day. That's it. People should quit whining about it and blaming UEFA. There is no perfect solution in this unprecedented situation.

    • Michael Holmgaard
      Michael Holmgaard

      They saw a friend die ffs. It's easy for you to say "man up and play" but I know for a fact you wouldn't be able to do that yourself...

  • Uugwey Dog
    Uugwey Dog

    Everything must be fair to all parties. Finland play the match in Copenhagen (DEN) on 12/6 then will play second match in St Petersburg (RUS) on 16/6 while Denmark will play all their group matches in their homeland and second match on 17/6. The second option: Continue play at 12:00 the next day already a best offer UEFA can made. What Kasper mentioned totally irresponsible. UEFA already gave 3 option to them and they choose to continue play on that day. Perhaps he should ask his coach and captain about why choose to play instead of blaming UEFA.

  • Dioco Maglinte
    Dioco Maglinte

    UEFA and FIFA are GREEDY


    Sorry but they chose to play based on Christian's wishes, if anything they should've said no to that so criticising something else for a choice they made is weird

  • GIBBO4182

    Couldn’t believe they finished the match

  • packerd00

    The Danes are just pissed because they lost. When players get carried off for injuries do we take three hours off no we dont.

  • gelle81

    so looked trough some rules Can games be called off or postponed at Euro 2020? Teams must fulfil their Euro fixtures as long as they have a minimum of 13 players available. If more than half of their 26-man squad are isolating, then there are two possible outcomes. A game may be postponed and rescheduled within 48 hours if it allows a team to reach the 13-man threshold. If a team is so widely affected by Covid-19 at Euro 2020 that there is no immediate prospect of playing then they will forfeit the match and their opponents will be awarded a 3-0 win. so covid cases can get 48 hrs postponed but a player that dies and are brought back to life. the team gets 2 horrible options to choose between by Uefa... either play the game now, or go home and come back tomorrow and play at noon ...where the players cant get any sleep due to state of mind after what they saw... so no wonder they choosed to play then. you could clearly see the result on the field was due to it. . Uefa really need to learn from this. and not go out after and say well the players choosed to play....doo

  • rhents24

    can we stop this discussion and just be happy for eriksen !!!

    • Ehtlam zone
      Ehtlam zone

      No we have to learn from it, and figure out how to make this better

  • Antonio Garcez
    Antonio Garcez

    Kasper I'm 100%behind you.

  • Andrew Roberts
    Andrew Roberts

    I agree with him but this chap has a history of being a snake and finding ways to blame everything that is a against him on other people or the authorities. A man that got a manager sacked after he won the Premiership. Let's all hope that the authorities have learned something and if this horrible situation recurred then it's a point each , call it a draw and give people time to get over it.

  • Deepak Rao
    Deepak Rao

    European super league should have happened UEFA should be made to suffer

    • Glenn F
      Glenn F

      Excuse me Deepak but you’re obviously not a true football fan as your statement is ridiculous

  • Wicker Man73
    Wicker Man73

    Remember this is the real side to uefa, appalling to make those traumatised players to play so soon, their colleague n friend fighting for his life on this pitch in front of cameras that didnt go off, sickening uefa, all about the money, no cares clearly given to the players, staff and fans.

  • Shogun Sniper
    Shogun Sniper

    If Denmark had won the game nothing would have been said. The teams both made the decision to play the game. Get over it!!!! Best regards and wishes to Christian Erikson

  • Giovanni Walters
    Giovanni Walters

    UEFA is just as money hungry as the clubs who wanted to form the ESL

    • Schmuck Schmuck
      Schmuck Schmuck

      Every team is money hungry that’s just football theses days

  • gomongio

    Hahahaha, I wonder if Danes would also be crying if they would have won.

    • Alfred Hauch Fox
      Alfred Hauch Fox

      @Brent Johnson You just called it poor, you havent Said what is poor about it, still making it a valid example.

    • Alfred Hauch Fox
      Alfred Hauch Fox

      @Schmuck Schmuck Heart attacks never happen in football and rarely in real life. Rewatch the match, nobody knew West to expect, if it wasnt for Simon Kjær’s leadership Then Eriksen would be dead. Here’s a Challenge for you by the Way: watch your best frikend collapse out of nowhere and tre to stay Call and continue doing what you were.

    • Schmuck Schmuck
      Schmuck Schmuck

      @Alfred Hauch Fox Manager would sub you off and you would go the hospital

    • Brent Johnson
      Brent Johnson

      @Alfred Hauch Fox what a poor example!!

    • Alfred Hauch Fox
      Alfred Hauch Fox

      Imagine if your mom was in the hospital after being hit by a car, then play 45 minutes of football. You absolute jerk!

  • Who Knew 22
    Who Knew 22

    As bad as it was I am sure If Denmark won this wouldn't been a problem

  • DoctorSilva

    It was a tough call non the less, if this game was rescheduled then Denmark and Finland would have their 2nd and 3rd game super close to each other and UEFA cant push their 3rd game since they all must play at the same time due to qualification purposes. Also keep in mind that Finnish players were also traumatized by this since they saw a man faint in front of them not just Danish players.

  • Terry McCullough
    Terry McCullough

    But the players agreed, the could have said no!!

    • Glenn F
      Glenn F

      That’s the point they weren’t in their right mind it shouldn’t have been up to them.

  • Not Me
    Not Me

    Hmmm I bet Kasper was one of the most vocal to play the game and then when they lost hes now saying this. If Denmark won 1-0 then this interview wouldn't exist

    • Alfred Hauch Fox
      Alfred Hauch Fox

      His best friend was dying, you idiot!

  • Gr Sl
    Gr Sl

    If it wasent for your dad where would you be? You certainly wouldn’t be a goalkeeper

  • Gr Sl
    Gr Sl

    Kasper schmeichal , captain butterhands

  • Suomi Sport YT
    Suomi Sport YT

    Before the second half: We want to resume the game. After the 1-0 loss: The game shouldnt have been resumed.

    • Rasmus Jensen
      Rasmus Jensen

      @Suomi Sport YTI'm sure they were, but that does not change the fact that you're terrible person.

    • Suomi Sport YT
      Suomi Sport YT

      @Rasmus Jensen The finns were also traumatized

    • Rasmus Jensen
      Rasmus Jensen

      The players were deeply traumatized. They would have to either go home, get no sleep, then meet up at Parken at 10:00 to prepare for the game at 12:00 OR finish the game. Those were the options the players had, UEFA didn't give them any other option. You're such a terrible person.

  • Ryan Butler
    Ryan Butler

    Didn't he agree to play? I'm sure he wouldn't have said anything if they had won

  • marioreds

    Eriksen reassured the players, they said they were ok with playing, the schedule was super packed, and no matter what, there was no way to undo what happened to Eriksen. If they still didn't feel like playing, there was the option of leaving the tournament, it's not like their doctor prescribed to take part in it.

  • Michael Nyuthe
    Michael Nyuthe

    If they had won even after continuing it would have been a different story. They won't be asking UEFA about this

  • Brent Johnson
    Brent Johnson

    Does it really matter? Erikson is alive! That's what's important surely? Who cares.. The Danish team made a decision.. They decided to play and they got beaten. They can't blame Uefa.. It was their decision to play they had other choices. The chance of them winning the tournement is almost 0 anyway before it started and even now so stop whining. Move on and don't let it consume your whole tournament!

  • C Johnson
    C Johnson

    To be fair if you just witnessed your mate literally dropping dead on the pitch n being revived your head wouldn’t be in the game. Can tell kaspers head weren’t init at times especially for the goal then even the penalty they had just looked like they wanted the game to be over so they could check on Christian

  • Charles Klepac
    Charles Klepac

    To whoever said ‘well if they won, would we still be having this conversation?’ in a previous comment... You’re damn right. The disregard for the well-being( mentally& physically)of the Danish players, and the lack of sensitivity to the situation remains the same. Take some time away from the field and revisit at a later time. Not ‘in the heat of the moment’ as Kasper said.

    • Scott Motcheson
      Scott Motcheson

      @Brent Johnson I mean we aren’t talking about Erikson falling over and scraping his knee here, the dude literally died and had to be revived through cpr like that fucks with you mentally so of course they aren’t gonna play that well. Your acting like the team should just bounce back from this no problem and have no issues for the next two group games but only sociopaths would recover mentally that quickly from something as traumatic as watching your teammate/friend die and get revived in front of you.

    • Brent Johnson
      Brent Johnson

      Eriksen wanted the team to play.. The team made the decision to play and instead of playing with fire in their bellies to get a win for Erikson (given at that point they knew he was alive and stable awake talking etc) they played poorly and lost the game.. Now rather than just appreciating what's important writing it off and moving forwards they are using it as an excuse for losing and whinging and moaning about it that somehow it wasn't fair. I wanted Denmark to win under the circs.. They didn't.. I hope they win their next two games but if they don't will they continue to use Eriksons collapse as an excuse for a ruined tournament?

  • DBMikey G
    DBMikey G

    I said this... shocking decision

  • Kgabudi Tsoku
    Kgabudi Tsoku

    When Jurgen Klopp said that UEFA doesn't care about players people called him a crybaby

    • Samantha Littlewood
      Samantha Littlewood

      Same with when kroos said that players are just puppets to uefa and fifa and everyone told him to shut up because he's rich

  • Billy Jeans
    Billy Jeans

    Sorry for being ignorant, but werent they given the choice to play the same day or next day? The Danish team chose same day, so why is there outrage? They coudlve chose the next day and we wouldnt get this outrage. Maybe im missing something?

    • Billy Jeans
      Billy Jeans

      @AGF fans Ah thank you. if they gave them an ultimatum like that I understand its bad. There is really no win in this situation.

    • AGF fans
      AGF fans

      UEFA gave them two options : "either you play now, or 14 hours from now", well knowing that they would not be able to do that, in the state of acute psychological shock they were in, where they were to receive crisis support that night and after not being able to sleep at all, which is what happened after the match. So they decided for the first option, because the 2nd option would neither be mentally or physically possible. UEFA has a 48 hour rule in case of Covid-19 giving the opportunity to postpone a match for 48 hours. Even if it's not the same regulation, it show that UEFA did not care and are not telling the truth when they postulate that they would not be able to reschedule any later than the around 14 hours.

  • wei wei
    wei wei

    yes UEFA should be criticized as many players hardly had any rest after a long season. To find a new norm of playing the matches, rather than compact matches. Simply atrocious , greediness, disgraceful of UEFA of ignoring the physical and mental health of the players totally.

  • Mika Yass Lee
    Mika Yass Lee

    This is totally result driven criticism, of he decided to not play, it wouldn’t go ahead. Have respect to the team team that beat you.

  • bedfil

    Stop whining. When Marc Vivien Foe died at the confederation cup on the field he was substituted and the game went on with Cameroon winning. If Danmark had won they would be talking about how they fought for Ericksen but they lost now they are complaining.

  • John Hardwick
    John Hardwick

    Would UEFA do if this happened during a Final and the player died?

    • Schmuck Schmuck
      Schmuck Schmuck

      They would reschedule the final

  • R mg20
    R mg20

    I'm just grateful that what happened to Abdelhak Nouri didn't happen to Eriksen

  • ImZone

    Fully agree, how can anyone play knowing they could’ve lost a fellow teammate.

  • Jagen

    Uefa should of made the decision and delayed the game.

  • Sean john
    Sean john

    Would he be saying all of this if his team won

    • Louise Frederick
      Louise Frederick

      I actually think that he would. Watching the footage he's not complaining about the result or demanding a rematch. He's simply stating that the whole situation could have been handled better.

  • leng bunna
    leng bunna

    You lost the game.

  • MarchingOn Together
    MarchingOn Together

    He's only saying this cos he threw a howler for the goal

  • 666 BRLN 999
    666 BRLN 999

    same happend with the Dortmund team bus attack, they had to play they game vs Monaco and of course played desastrous.

  • Aykhan Karaman
    Aykhan Karaman

    can someone from media ask Kasper why you and your teammates agreed to play when UEFA and referees asked if you guys wanna play or NOT?? They gave you guys choice and you guys agreed to play.

    • AGF fans
      AGF fans

      UEFA gave them two options : "either you play now, or 14 hours from now", well knowing that they would not be able to do that, when they were to receive crisis support that night and after not being able to sleep at all, which is what happened after the match. So they decided for the first option, because the 2nd option would neither be mentally or physically possible.

    • Eddotron

      @Aykhan Karaman the "going back and forth for 90mins" was them waiting to see if he *was still alive*. I don't think it's fair to ask anyone to make any decision when someone so close to you is in that condition, you're expecting a clarity of thought that is just impossible in that scenario. Why I'm so fired up about it is that having to play in front of thousands of people (millions on TV) when you're already that traumatised is only going to add to the physiological damage that these guys have suffered. And that's from both teams, the Finnish guys will have been incredibly shaken by what happened too and it's just as unfair on them

    • Aykhan Karaman
      Aykhan Karaman

      @Eddotron I get what u saying mate and I am not defending UEFA. Simple NO could've been great answer to UEFA and move on. Instead going back and forth for 90 minutes and eventually deciding going back to pitch.

    • Eddotron

      Let's see you making clear decisions when you've just seen your best mate have a heart attack, be medically dead and then resuscitated right in front of you and thousands of onlookers. The point is they shouldn't have been put in that position, as clearly deciding when to play a football match was utterly unimportant when one of the players was fighting for his life. The fact that UEFA would even consider making them choose that shows how little regard they have for player welfare

  • Jack stevenson
    Jack stevenson

    UEFA have waited a year for this event due to COVID. I dont know how much pressure was put on players to "get back on the pitch" & i was a bit shocked that they did but at the end of the day the players could have said NO.

  • Kiki on the Trail
    Kiki on the Trail

    This is the same UEFA that allowed the 1985 European Cup Final to continue with 39 dead bodies on the touchline. No humanity whatsoever. Soulless bureaucrats.

  • Martin sølvsten
    Martin sølvsten

    A danish betting firm gave betters, who waged on Denmark winning the match, their money back, as they didn't want to earn money on the game after what happened. That betting firm has better morals than UEFA, which is sad to say the least.

    • Frederik Brandt
      Frederik Brandt

      @Up and Beyond The only alternative was playing at 12 the next day not even a day after the incident. They didn’t have a choice you big dummy.

    • Dapur Officer
      Dapur Officer

      You know when unknown GK play the best game than GK from best league with FA Cup trophy.

    • akyhne

      @Up and Beyond They played very bad in the second half. I wonder why...

    • Up and Beyond
      Up and Beyond

      That firm is making more money on that PR than if they payed it out. Also why are Denmark fuming when they also could play the next day? The only reason they are mad is because of the result. If denmark won no one would mention this.

    • Martin sølvsten
      Martin sølvsten

      @Mika Yass Lee they did it after the game ended, so they knew the result when it was announced

  • erfan

    Now you tell me who is greedier. UEFA or those brake away clubs?

    • erfan

      @Cyril Bedat true

    • Cyril Bedat
      Cyril Bedat

      Both of them

  • Torben Kring
    Torben Kring

    I see a lot of people writing that if Denmark (we) won Kasper and the Danish team wouldn’t bring this forward. The result stands. The case is that you cannot ask a traumatised team to make such a decision and what needs to be done is here to change the rules to cover a situation like this in the future. Hopefully it will never happen again. Best wishes for Christians speedy recovery ❤️‍🩹 hope to see him on the pitch again 🇩🇰🙏

  • dendle89

    Agreed, its all about money and sponsors with UEFA

  • Ron Cane
    Ron Cane

    Of course, our thoughts and best wishes go out to Christian Eriksen, his family and team mates...and we all know how shallow and corrupt UEFA are...BUT...I wonder how different the Danish response would have been if the result was reversed???

    • Eddotron

      I don't think the Finnish guys were exactly having the time of their lives while this was all going on you know. Players from both teams are human beings and should have all been treated with compassion by UEFA. The president himself even said that it put football's importance into perspective, yet they still force both sets of players to either play now or forfeit in order to keep their product complete

  • Anichels

    I see a bunch of people complaining in the comments, but have yet to see a sensible alternate option that UEFA could have exercised. UEFA delegating the decision to the FAs, and to the players was correct.

  • Andrew Cottle
    Andrew Cottle

    Abandoned and 0-0 draw was the only sensible thing to do.

  • Martin Granholm
    Martin Granholm

    If the Denmark would have won nobody would be complaining about continuing the match

  • Mark Francis
    Mark Francis

    Typical of UEFA. But if it were me I would have pulled the entire team out of the tournament.

  • Mr Garrett
    Mr Garrett

    He's just salty because of that howler he made after the restart

  • Jonah Wehner
    Jonah Wehner

    You know the only reason why UEFA offered the option of being played the following day at 12 was so they could continue broadcasting without interfering their schedules. Regardless of the match result it’s clear UEFA doesn’t care about their players

  • Jessreal Fortune
    Jessreal Fortune

    It's all about money for them and the players well being is secondary. Football is a business and they don't care about the players.

  • World of Julie
    World of Julie

    "It was the players' decision", "Eriksen wanted them to play", "If Denmark had won they wouldn't have complained". I've heard them all, but shut up, please! There was no way Denmark was gonna win that game after the incident. For all good reasons Denmark played horrendously. Players were taken off because they just couldn't play anymore. Bad goalkeeping, bad penalty kick. We all saw it. That wasn't healthy for anyone! UEFA should've taken a decision - not making the teams involved do it. In no way they could've been in the right state of mind to make reasonable choices. I mean, it was not just the players that were affected by this - the staff around the team obviously was too. This is on UEFA even though the teams "requested" to play. UEFA should have sent the teams back at their hotels to get some rest, and give them further information about rescheduling later. Also, I just wanted to mention that no player or staff member at the Danish team has ever mentioned anything about the result (because that's the least important thing). Not even once. No "we might have had a better outcome if the game was rescheduled to another time"-statements from anyone. Them regretting to play on has nothing to do with the result, but rather the mental health of the players and the rest of the Danish team. Schmeichel is hitting the nail on the head here. Thank you for speaking up. All my best wishes and thoughts still go to Christian, his family and his friends.

  • Stefan Larsen
    Stefan Larsen

    A corrupt organisation that only thinks about money and not being inconvenienced by a playing dying in their tournament. He died and was brought back to life. How can they let a group of traumatised people play that game. Disgusting!!!!

  • Mohamed Ta
    Mohamed Ta

    Uefa doing inhuman things😡

  • Murray Cooper
    Murray Cooper

    Guys just saying it cuz he lost. Eriksen asked them to play on because he was feeling better. If they said they didn't want to play they wouldn't have been stopped. They just got FIFAd by Finland's one shot when they had 24

    • fensterfred

      All Eriksen told them that night was 'I am fine'. That's it. The reason they played was because UEFA gave them 3 options: 1. Resume the match that night 2. Resume the match the next day at 12:00 PM 3. Forfeit the match 0 - 3 They then elected, in their own words, to get it over with that night.

  • AMKrishnan

    I honestly expected the match to be cancelled and each team awarded a point due to the unique circumstances, or to simply reschedule it.

  • J Cronin
    J Cronin

    He wouldn't be saying anything if they had won the game afterwards.

    • Eddotron

      @a I absolutely, if they had to squeeze it in at the end of the group stage or just abandon it I think that would have been far better for everyone's mental health

    • a I
      a I

      @Eddotron It should have been left for at least another 24 hours minimum

    • Alfred Hauch Fox
      Alfred Hauch Fox

      Come on, we were dominating the entire match then our friend, hero and more gets a heart attack. The Finnish had no relationship go him.

    • Eddotron

      Do you think Finland were having a nice time through all of this? It's not to do with the result of a football match it's the fact that the people from both teams should not have been put under pressure to play football when one of they're friends was close to dying right in front of them

    • a I
      a I

      I think he still would

  • Gwsv

    They are sad they lost. If they won it would have been great news for Denmark and a great win for Ericsson. I'm pretty sure they had the option to play the following day but agreed to continue the game the same day. It's an awful situation but they are acting like victims because things didn't got their way. Just be greatful your best player is alive and accept ur loss.

    • Jonah Wehner
      Jonah Wehner

      @Gwsv Sorry, does the truth hurt in your perfect world?

    • AGF fans
      AGF fans

      UEFA gave them two options : "either you play now, or 14 hours from now", well knowing that they would not be able to do that, when they were to receive crisis support that night and after not being able to sleep at all, which is what happened after the match. So they decided for the first option, because the 2nd option would neither be mentally or physically possible. In case one of the teams at Euro-20 is struck with Covid-19, UEFA regulations give the opportunity to postpone a match for 48 hours. Even if it's not the same regulation, it show that UEFA is not telling the truth when they postulate that they would not be able to reschedule any later than what they offered.

    • fensterfred

      They were given 3 options by UEFA: 1. Resume the match that night 2. Resume the match the next day at 12:00 PM 3. Forfeit the match 0 - 3 They then elected, in their own words, to get it over with that night instead of having to go back to Copenhagen after a night of no sleep. At any rate, I agree with Jonah -- you're a scumbag.

    • Gwsv

      @Jonah Wehner sorry, does the truth hurt in your perfect world?

    • Jonah Wehner
      Jonah Wehner


  • M C
    M C

    But the super league is bad. Support the avengers UEFA and FIFA

  • Kooffire

    Lol there's no difference between uefa and Perez or UEFA is worse

  • Chait

    I remember when the ESL news came out and every one was in UEFA's favor. 2 wrongs don't make a right but UEFA is the most opaque and money hungry org in football.

  • R Mets
    R Mets

    Although I agree. It makes me question if he would've still said that if Denmark won

    • R Mets
      R Mets

      @Anton poulsen if, but you never

    • Anton poulsen
      Anton poulsen

      But the thing is we would have won if our players wasent shocked. Finland had 1 shot on goal in the hole game.