I Busted 1.17 Minecraft Myths..
I Busted 1.17 Minecraft Myths..

today i will be busting some 1.17 minecraft myths before the new minecraft update is live, from axolotls attacking all the way to being able to make amethyst tools and armor.

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    • XxstokerxX


    • Lamp

      I’m the first myth you were taking lava damage not fire damage

    • Cookie R
      Cookie R

      50 :)

    • Jones Haak
      Jones Haak

      Look at Mabel ortens-davies comment

    • Evelina V
      Evelina V

      Mhhhty GG?,

  • Lisa Grund
    Lisa Grund

    When you first mlg there should be an advancment called [MUM GET THE CAMERA]

  • minato5555

    MYTH:build nether portal and light up. Give boat sit boat and Enter portal

  • Inkux

    you dont need fish to make axolothls fight for you-

  • Inkux

    *it has an achievment about making a sign glow with glowing ink sac* "hmm i wonder can you make signs glow using glowing ink sac"

  • Chibumma Iheanacho
    Chibumma Iheanacho

    i saw ur tiktok before ur youtube channel

  • Kevin Gaming
    Kevin Gaming

    No you cannot make amethyst armor

  • Kevin Gaming
    Kevin Gaming

    If you put barriers around them in the air they’ll start spinning around

  • Kevin Gaming
    Kevin Gaming

    Axolotl’s kill other ocean mobs automatically like without the salmon

  • Anna Khasanova
    Anna Khasanova

    Why did they not add Amy the stairs armour we on,y have 1 new set and it’s still meh we want more

  • NoOneKnows

    If you place a pillager on a block and spawn a baby villager does the pillager attack the baby villager?

  • PugsOwnerPlaysRoblox

    You can make a train underwater and its new Bedrocks: wait we already have that Java: ITS NEWWW

  • Ratrix

    i can already see Dream powder snow bucket mlging in Minecraft Speedrunner VS 5 Hunters REMATCH

  • Joacheme Pedralba
    Joacheme Pedralba


  • Maxime Deprez
    Maxime Deprez

    you can burn in a lava cauldron even if you have a fire ressistance potion

  • Kailing Liang
    Kailing Liang

    There is nether for a reason

  • Kailing Liang
    Kailing Liang

    axolotl will attack guardians even if you don't hold a tropical fish

  • the man computer and freinds
    the man computer and freinds

    Zoglins kill goats

  • Combat Gamer✔
    Combat Gamer✔

    Myth: when you are in a temple if you step on the pressure plate and put some water on you you will still die

  • moonchild ☁︎︎
    moonchild ☁︎︎

    With the whole tropical fish thing- you don’t have to actually hold a tropical fish *i think*

  • Evelyn Talunay
    Evelyn Talunay

    The snow MLG on nether is useful since water ain't working there

  • Slay The yousif
    Slay The yousif

    1:59 after you (happily) kill it

  • ric tan
    ric tan

    i like 1.17

  • Jennifer Scotland
    Jennifer Scotland

    You can do that

  • techno

    MYTH you cant name name tags

  • Delinquent Gaming • 100 years ago
    Delinquent Gaming • 100 years ago


  • LilyA's World
    LilyA's World

    fun fact: you dont need tropical fish for axolotls to kill guardians they just do

  • Liltaz208


  • A Random Editor weeb
    A Random Editor weeb

    Congrats! You earned a new sub :))

  • KJ11

    Myth #9: u got it all wrong, accoloti attack guardians in any situation, u can FEED them (not tame) BUCKET of tropical fish, and if u help kill the mob they are trying to kill, they will give u regen and remove mining fatigue, :)

  • Shadow Playz
    Shadow Playz

    You don't take fall damage if you land in powdered snow

  • Mark Scott
    Mark Scott

    If you put an axolotl in a non water source you can dupe water

  • Tu Le
    Tu Le

    Hi hi hello hi hi hello hello hi hi hello

  • Julius Marangga
    Julius Marangga

    The pretty business neurochemically scrub because candle neuroanatomically steer midst a ritzy parent. wrong, gaping dash

  • Jasper Swain
    Jasper Swain

    myth: the creeper ender man spider and cave spider have different visions if you click on them in spectator

  • Tigers Tails
    Tigers Tails

    6:00 umm what?

  • Rosaleen Kerins
    Rosaleen Kerins

    The sign said so I did


    You can freeze to death under water

  • Asil Kaan Öncel
    Asil Kaan Öncel

    0:41 me who is bedrock player: 1st time?

  • gamingdestroyer3000

    confirmed = not a myth but a feature

  • Dhebc Enciebf
    Dhebc Enciebf

    Amethyst tools would be a sick alternative to gold with more durability since it’s hard to find

  • Tricky

    In crazy craft, amethyst tools and armor were actually a thing

  • ManlyTubeHD

    man do you ever watch minecraft live or read the patch notes? They explain everything they added

  • Screencheck Fortune
    Screencheck Fortune

    btw you could always use rails under water

  • Blaire Waldorf
    Blaire Waldorf

    Myth jumping while breaking a block will slow down the breaking process than normal


    Fun fact you could use rails underwater since the first version

  • Alex XD
    Alex XD

    0:38 "spongebob 101"

  • General of RNG
    General of RNG

    Ay mau. Dream wants to mlg on his video speed run in nether

  • Youtube King
    Youtube King

    What i do Yesterday I mistakly deleted minecraft now what I will do I am forced to sent other videos now I just want to sent my own videos now what I do I am so sad I am earning some views from others video I don't want to earn views from others video when I sent my video on youtube but other only sent bad comments I am so sad other don't care about ours hard work we work so much on make a video but others always sant bad comments we work much time in editing our health are being sick because we spent a lot of time in a locked room to make a complete video but no one cares about us we spent a lot time to make a video for you if we don't make a video then how will you spent your time leave it then listen you will know our hard work when this happen to you when you will not get views when you do a hard work So never give a bad comment on a youtuber video because they do a hard work

  • Kyle Graham
    Kyle Graham

    You dont need to hold a fish for them to attack

  • Thonya Florez
    Thonya Florez

    Pls do not kill meh Creepers

  • 5 C Bhavik Juneja
    5 C Bhavik Juneja

    hi mau actually we can make sand grenade lancher

  • Showbizmeteor26

    You don’t need to hold the tropical fish

  • Broly legendary
    Broly legendary

    Yo this cool

  • Jayden Fountain
    Jayden Fountain

    What happened to mccreamy

  • A_ HUman
    A_ HUman

    Btw axolotl‘s don’t help u fight if u hold a tropical fish -_- They fight either way!

  • Jotaro Kujo🗿
    Jotaro Kujo🗿

    Facts about axolotls #1: axolotls can play dead in battle when they get hit and even regenerate, they are like when you get a magic skill from a weak boss.

  • • That one weird Gachatuber •
    • That one weird Gachatuber •

    fun fact: axolotls will also attack drowneds, fish, and glow squids, also you dont need to hold the fish, they attack then on their own :D Also for people who dont know how to work the new ores like iron and copper heres how ᴘᴜᴛ ᴛʜᴇ ʀᴀᴡ ᴏʀᴇ ɪɴ ᴛʜᴇ ғᴜʀɴᴀᴄᴇ ᴅᴜᴍʙ ᴅᴜᴍʙ sᴏʀʀʏ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ᴡᴀs ʀᴜᴅᴇ

  • Mr Diamond Man Gaming
    Mr Diamond Man Gaming

    rip that § aayyy

  • Benjamin Cleary
    Benjamin Cleary

    u are getting late info we know all those "myths" which are not myths just things that have been discovered not lies

  • Slashmeow9

    You dont drown in survival

  • Happy Fish Gaming
    Happy Fish Gaming

    I was watching this and I got an ad which was the Mc 1.17 update trailer

  • rudi gabriel concepcion
    rudi gabriel concepcion

    I want amathist to be stronger than netherite

  • • KaiKai •
    • KaiKai •

    He got a blue- Those are hard to get-

  • steve p
    steve p

    if you hit axeolatos to low hp it will play dead

  • Lamin Playz
    Lamin Playz

    My favourite 💙

  • abbsnn cose
    abbsnn cose

    When skeleton sit in powdered snow for 20 or more seconds they turn into strays

    • Zeo Gamer
      Zeo Gamer

      7 secs


    In bedrock you can place rails Under

    • abbsnn cose
      abbsnn cose

      If you were on bedrock, you coud have already made underwater rollercoasters lol

  • Jacob Dumas
    Jacob Dumas

    The lucky algebra pathologically fasten because dugout untypically curve next a rude tax. military, modern rotate

  • Helment Warriors (Theodore)
    Helment Warriors (Theodore)

    Zombies can hold shields

  • becca•gacha

    Funfact axolotls attack literally everything

  • CHicken_ Nugget332
    CHicken_ Nugget332


  • Narrator

    the lava cauldren thing was a thing since the day lava and couldrens were added

  • RastGamer


  • James Mattison
    James Mattison

    The average australia ecologically attend because cicada extraorally prepare amongst a abject wish. dry, learned toast

  • pigjin Brute
    pigjin Brute


  • Riccardo Mineo
    Riccardo Mineo

    However that myth of filling the cauldron with lava through the stalactites also works with water!

  • Vakaris Korbutas
    Vakaris Korbutas

    Myth 11 you need place blocks around lily pad and he or she start spining

  • Kevin Mathis
    Kevin Mathis

    Fun fact you lied about glowing signs I tried it right now in my world and it did not work

  • Breck Carden
    Breck Carden

    myth: if you open a door on yourself you can jump on it

  • Tom

    Myth:you can find pink slimes in dungeon

  • Ξetamu

    Most of these are just thing mowing already confirmed, which is where the "myths" come from.

  • Jeffrey Zhan
    Jeffrey Zhan

    I love you myth busting videos.

  • Ada Menard
    Ada Menard

    If you were on bedrock, you coud have already made underwater rollercoasters lol

  • Wither Storm
    Wither Storm

    Axolotls attack enemies even if ur not holding fish

  • Showey iOS
    Showey iOS

    u cant milk goats u gave urself another bucket

  • JustA_LittleCrazy

    you don't have to actually hold the tropical fish they will do it automatically

  • Yoran Aerts
    Yoran Aerts

    rails underwater are really convenient for ore transport, since you don't need to drain all your way...

  • Ace Ech0
    Ace Ech0

    there's literally no point of the amethyst if you can't make armour

    • netherite sword
      netherite sword

      spyglass and tinted glass

  • M

    0:26 "so incase you didn't know you can actually place lava in cauldrons in the 1.17 update" Me as a mobile minecraft user: *"wait but you can do that before the 1.17 update..right?"*

  • UltraCypher #
    UltraCypher #


  • BlazingBliss

    U can make a slyglass with ameythys or was that cooper can't remember

  • roji2000in

    You could do with sponges to collect lava

  • Catalyst

    place lava in cauldrons in the 1.17 update bedrock be chillin with the feature before 1.17 B)

  • AvocadoSoupYt

    U dont need an tropical fish so the axolots will help hou

  • YoXeR 31yt
    YoXeR 31yt

    5:35 It's REAL!

  • Moyer Yoder
    Moyer Yoder

    The naughty jacket therapeutically shelter because milkshake worrisomely queue towards a wiry resolution. entertaining, wiggly need

  • 2 TRUE CL
    2 TRUE CL

    Plot: Mau already knew what was and wasn’t true about Minecraft 1.17 but continued to make this video regardless due to 1.17 related videos trending rn. He did it for the views.

  • Zoe ZIkou
    Zoe ZIkou

    i basicly only clicked this video cuz it showed that the amythest worked :'(