Alex's Mobs (Minecraft Mod Showcase | 1.16.5)
Alex Mob's adds a whole bunch of cleverly designed mobs to Minecraft. What's more is that the mod developer goes through the effort to make sure that they fit right in with the rest of vanilla Minecraft's style of mobs. In this mod showcase, we'll look at each of the mobs individually, as well as their related items!

Here is the link to the mod page:

The mod version covered in this video is 1.10.1 for Minecraft 1.16.5 (Java Edition).

Timestamps ⌚:
0:00 - Intro & Overview
1:30 - Grizzly Bear
3:21 - Raccoon
4:32 - Crow
5:39 - Tasmanian Devil
6:28 - Humming Bird
6:55 - Crocodile
8:22 - Shoebill
9:20 - Alligator Snapping Turtle
10:22 - Gazelle
11:06 - Elephant
13:10 - Rattlesnake
13:59 - Road Runner
14:36 - Guster
15:54 - Tarantula Hawk
18:06 - Kangaroo
19:24 - Emu
20:30 - Komodo Dragon
22:00 - Moose
22:41 - Snow Leopard
23:17 - Sunbird
24:16 - Bald Eagle
25:36 - Gorilla
26:32 - Capuchin Monkey
27:18 - Leafcutter Ants
28:56 - Tiger
30:02 - Platypus
31:10 - Lobster
31:42 - Seal
32:44 - Orca
33:34 - Cachalot Whale
35:31 - Hammerhead Shark
36:32 - Mantis Shrimp
37:25 - Blobfish
38:27 - Mungus
40:06 - Cave Centipede
40:59 - Cockroach
42:34 - Fly
43:18 - Crimson Mosquito
44:27 - Warped Mosquito
45:38 - Warped Toad
46:13 - Bone Serpent
46:57 - Soul Vulture
47:47 - Drop Bear
48:58 - Straddler & Stradpole
50:48 - Spectre
51:27 - Mimicube
52:37 - Endergrade
53:17 - Enderiophage
55:24 - Outro

Background Music used 🎵:
Morning Rain by Scott Lloyd Shelly (Terraria)
Strad by C418 (Minecraft)
Cat by C418 (Minecraft)
Dungeon by Scott Lloyd Shelly (Terraria)
Night by Scott Lloyd Shelly (Terraria)
Island Coconuts by Aaron Kenny
Desert by Scott Lloyd Shelly (Terraria)
Sandstorm by Scott Lloyd Shelly (Terraria)
Dune Storm by C418
Dark Souls III Soundtrack - Vordt of the Boreal Valley
Croc 2 Soundtrack - Get the Gobbo's Sandwich!
MapleStory Soundtrack - El Nath
Rain by Scott Lloyd Shelly (Terraria)
Dewy's Adventure Soundtrack - Jolty Jungle
Lihzahrd by Scott Lloyd Shelly (Terraria)
Aria Math by C418 (Minecraft)
MapleStory Soundtrack - Aqua Dungeon Deep Sea
Axolotl by C418 (Minecraft)
Mushrooms by Scott Lloyd Shelly (Terraria)
Eerie by Scott Lloyd Shelly (Terraria)
Underground Crimson by Scott Lloyd Shelly (Terraria)
Lunar Towers by Scott Lloyd Shelly (Terraria)
Underworld by Scott Lloyd Shelly (Terraria)
Slime Rain by Scott Lloyd Shelly (Terraria)
The End by C418 (Minecraft)
Far by C418 (Minecraft)

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