Why AEW Has Just Pulled Off The Mother Of All Game-Changers
Simon Miller is back to talk about Daniel Ryan and CM Punk heading to All Elite Wrestling!

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  • The Davis Dimension
    The Davis Dimension

    Nobody want to look bad, looking bad should make you do better.

  • bob crandall
    bob crandall

    Brain Danielson switching to AEW and Punk also go AEW. I got one word YES YES YES

  • Vinn Balor
    Vinn Balor

    Why is Johnny Sins talking about wrestling

  • James Michaels
    James Michaels

    They're not a competition so no

  • Chuck B
    Chuck B

    Cm punk ill believe it when I see it , hell if punk and Bryan debut will be the biggest debut since AJ debuted in wwe royal rumble 2016

  • Silkam Shira
    Silkam Shira

    Wow Jhonny sins new channel

  • Chill No chill
    Chill No chill

    Half of them were in wwe like MJF he was a security guard and Brit baker was in wwe as well all these stars were in wwe back in the days

  • Lyrical Rocker
    Lyrical Rocker

    We'll see if Punk can fit in an AEW appearance in Chicago on the same day that he's doing work for his movie Heels in Chicago.

  • Blazeforu

    I am already a huge fan of aew since the start and punk and Bryan will be disaster for Vince

  • mrvideouploads1

    CM punk coming RAMPAGE!

  • Archuleta 94
    Archuleta 94

    Aka Johny sins

  • Fonzi Caston
    Fonzi Caston

    That thumbnail looked so damn real for a second.

  • johnwr817

    I wonder where all the money wwe got from the NBC deal, to many hire up with there hands out, that's why wwe is going under, aew is new And is going to take over

  • Gurtej Singh
    Gurtej Singh

    This is jony sins😁

  • Free Fire
    Free Fire

    You look like Johnny 🤣

  • Jitendra meena
    Jitendra meena

    Starting with jonny sin 🤣

  • Amit Kumar
    Amit Kumar

    dying for punk return

  • Dream Team Soccer
    Dream Team Soccer

    Who watched this video to see CM and Daniel fo to AEW

  • Shahid Raza
    Shahid Raza

    Your lock like jony sins

  • The It Factor
    The It Factor

    "CCM Pug"? These closed caption need fixing 😆

  • Tim Janssen
    Tim Janssen

    If/when it Happens, I want an Homage to Hall's WCW debut; Bryan to enter through the crowd in a Vegan 'Drip Suit' (inverse of Hall's Denim Ensemble) and Quote "You know who I am..." with that 'smirk' and then proceed to just sit down, no further comment, no involvement and just watch the show, leaving his real intent/alignment to fester for another week

  • armin38822

    ONE QUESTION. Let's say CM Punk really does want to make a comeback and he picks AEW to do so. Why would they ever in any case make that public ? If I was Punk and AEW I would want to make that as secreative as possible. No adds,not news,no leaks...NOTHING. Then on some random AEW night,not even a PPV CM Punk's music kicks and he walks out... Imagine that. If you want to change the buisness do something fresh. Let the social media completly blow up. Create a REAL surprise. Promotions like to advertise these things in advance becasue they want people to watch it that night and get huge ratings but that's not the best long-term solution. You want to create THE MOMENT and SHOCK people. Imagine the reaction ? It would maybe be the biggest pop in the history of pro wrestling. Keyfabe is dead but let's at least try to make things special this way. Then I wouldn't have him on TV for a month only for him to show up 1 night before the PPV. The PPV buys would be insane. And make him lose on that PPV. Have one of your best PPV stars beat him when he's the hotest thing in pro wrestling. Now you have two MEGA STARS.

  • ganesh Magar
    ganesh Magar

    Johny sins

  • Ricky Lopez
    Ricky Lopez

    Simon, you rock bro!

  • Mohammed wasim
    Mohammed wasim

    People only want to see punk and bryan.....❤❤

  • jacob lambertson
    jacob lambertson

    Now bray Wyatt

  • Tom Burgess
    Tom Burgess

    Simon Miller finally says "shit"!

  • Josh Robinson
    Josh Robinson

    If Punk comes back, he probably seldom actually wrestles

  • sam p
    sam p

    WWE in big trouble here ngl. All that over paying for old talent cause they can’t build their own is catching up on them. I’d not be shocked to see Balor, Styles, Edge and others to follow the way

  • Romeo Alpha68
    Romeo Alpha68

    Bryan , Punk , Wyatt ...... AEW ... Regardless of what Vincent Kennedy McMahon says it f these three wrestlers are truly going to be AEW then WWE may have a problem .

  • Jason Miller
    Jason Miller

    WWE dropped the ball on both these guys, AEW can now give WWE a run 4 there money

  • the truth
    the truth

    CM punk CM punk CM punk CM punk CM punk

  • PrezidentHughes

    "Goldberg"? 🤔 Don't you mean "My Dad"?

  • Joe Hmingsanga
    Joe Hmingsanga

    Mr. Sins is that you?

  • bradkohl99

    Until it actually happens, this is all rumours.

  • xXM4ZTERXx

    If this does happen then Punk V omega would be amazing!

  • oplix

    AEW needs a talent genius like a CM Punk to fundamentally change and evolve their product to the next level.

  • No Game No Life
    No Game No Life

    Nakamura should go to AEW if WWE won't give him the WWE championship he deserves.

  • Siddharth Raina
    Siddharth Raina

    This man looks like johny sins🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣lol

  • CharLee

    Can I ask wwe fans why are you so bitter? Is it cause your old or just jealous of the best wrestling in 20 years?

  • Daniel Lotridge
    Daniel Lotridge

    And now have bray Wyatt in 90 days... jesus...

  • Raymone Lee
    Raymone Lee


  • dmt85

    As a WCW fan mainly from 1998-2001 your videos and presenting style may legit just peak my interest again

  • argentina april
    argentina april

    Aew won’t survive for long if they don’t develop characters like wwe Vince is a genius they can take all these washed out wwe stars out of desperation

  • Chris Zibolsky
    Chris Zibolsky

    All this really tells you is Kenny Omega isnt the "best in the world" and cant carry the company. My biggest question if they sign Punk is who does he fued with? Hes a better worker and promo than Omega. They should just do Punk like the NWA did Flair and make him champion forever. Punk would have had way better storylines going back to WWE. This is just gonna be a bunch of bullshit because nobody on their roster works like Punk. Not even Jericho anymore.

  • Elvan Gulley
    Elvan Gulley

    Aew I still a crap product that barley beat a devolment league.

  • raGEEE1986

    Huge punk fan , put me off wwe when he left. Really hope to see him in the ring again

  • Josh Schneider
    Josh Schneider

    I'm totally fine with career development but wwe is a morally bankrupt load of garbage I don't plan to watch ever again.

  • Scott OTK
    Scott OTK

    There's no way that Punk doesn't debut in Chicago.

  • Robert Negru
    Robert Negru

    Two 40 year olds who are one match away from ending in a wheelchair.

  • Issac Matthews
    Issac Matthews

    There's more rumors then mean jeans hotline from 92

  • Biker Rob
    Biker Rob

    AEW where the has beens, Go Daniel Cryin' and CM Skunk! Is more like it!

  • Karan Goraksh
    Karan Goraksh

    Johnny sins is wrestling fan.

  • Matt Johnson
    Matt Johnson

    I hope Brian and punk do go to aew I'm sure they'll be able to do a lot for that show there's several people in aw that needs to be let go because they're crap those two will help make things a lot better they're still a young company so they can only go up it takes time to iron out The kinks as they say

  • L Nickles
    L Nickles

    nope, can't do two ads two minutes into the content, this is getting silly

  • Amit Sharma
    Amit Sharma

    Its 10 days trp for aew ,they comes back one ppv and that's it craze over now what's next

  • free the best spare the weak
    free the best spare the weak

    I can't do it, I CANNOT watch him continually wave his arms around like idk what but never again will I watch a video that he appears in as opposed to narrating...

  • Will Dickens
    Will Dickens

    WWE is dead. Move to another channel

  • Nemanja Jankovic
    Nemanja Jankovic

    Wwe is ower am not sad dey made it in some wey 😄

  • Mentor Arash
    Mentor Arash

    Im like AEW more and more.

  • Utpal

    You look jhony sins

  • Black Napalm
    Black Napalm

    *Daniel Bryan's first shock promo will be divorcing his revolting, gold digger, reality show, sociopath wife LIVE on Dynamite haha*

  • Ayad Ali
    Ayad Ali

    😂😂😂Friend coming back from Australia after 47 years!🤣🤣🤣

  • adam fairfax
    adam fairfax

    *And they BOTH should put Kenny Omega over!*

  • Mara Dala
    Mara Dala

    Wow I'm a huge wrestling fan but looking at these comments makes me not want to be. I don't want to be associated with any of this..

  • Troy Naumu
    Troy Naumu

    I am a lapsed fan. i have not watched it in many years.

  • Asher5860

    I'll be impressed if they manage to get batista but until then its just ok and nothing else

  • Mr. Doug
    Mr. Doug

    Game changer? Lol.

  • C.J _20
    C.J _20


  • dueeh nyyu
    dueeh nyyu

    emerges and hits GTS on everybody.

  • Native Sprayg
    Native Sprayg

    As a person who hasn't sat down and watched wrestling in years, but keeps up with the news on it, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan would be enough for me to get back into wrestling and become a regular viewer of AEW over WWE.

  • Luis Saldana
    Luis Saldana

    John cena...

  • Kng Tch
    Kng Tch

    I remember cm punk won the WWE title then left I was a massive Cena head and and I still like him but it was cm punk's time I didn't realize it and Cena has just gotten old

    • dueeh nyyu
      dueeh nyyu

      Game changer

  • Bipolar Spock
    Bipolar Spock

    Bout to have a new champ a quality champ

  • chad kohl
    chad kohl

    Hey now! I’ve known about Britt Baker for almost 10 years!

  • _Sabathia _
    _Sabathia _

    Punk maybe as a vendetta against McMahon.

  • 87 ricer
    87 ricer

    As long as Hogan & Bishof and them don't come over to bury it

  • David Speier
    David Speier

    No way


    Stupid botches that cause stupid injuries. Tony should open a private healthcare clinic for his roster and offer the insurance for it through their contracts so it’s free and he can be yet again be praised for being a nice guy. AEW will be gone within ten years at the longest

  • Bolia Fops
    Bolia Fops

    Nash going to WCW.

  • pettyjones

    How is CM punk a coup? He hasn't wrestled in years. Now DB is a coup, still active still good.

  • Andrew James
    Andrew James

    CM Punk Vs Moxley a match I like too see.

    • Andrew James
      Andrew James

      @Bolia Fops I never got into Brian Danielson either.

    • Bolia Fops
      Bolia Fops


  • Dylan Grube
    Dylan Grube

    I quit watching wrestling just after the CM Punk legacy. I mean it took years to get the taste of John Cena penis out my mouth after he beat mysterio the next night thats the day WWE died to me haven't watch an episode since

  • Suma Kamath
    Suma Kamath

    All out is the best time for punk to debut coz it's in Chicago Illinois 🔥🔥

  • Kye Stevens
    Kye Stevens

    100% people can't like two things 😂

  • metal Assassin
    metal Assassin

    Ok let's be "honest" Daniel Bryan is "washed up" and has not "impressed" many of his fans ever since he signed with wwe. This guy was once the "best" wrestler on the planet! He "never" captured the nwa world title so why should we care?😠

  • David Parkes
    David Parkes

    Yes because AEW becoming stuffed with majority ex-WWE talent is such a "good" thing for it as a company & its long-term future.... That was sarcasm above just fyi.

  • Laurence Evans
    Laurence Evans

    Punk coming back is a short time pop if they screw up his booking like with Miro. Bryan will be the true measuring stick. But how often will either wrestle? 4 times a year?

  • Chief Talk
    Chief Talk

    Aug 2 Chicago Illinois WWE RAW

  • Omnislash 024
    Omnislash 024

    Well, That's great and all, but how long is AEW's show now? Even then, putting Bryan and Punk back on would be sweet but there are other wrestlers out there who want screen time. So eventually, someone from AEW is gonna leave for WWE. Just a matter of time.

  • Wrestling Collections & Promos
    Wrestling Collections & Promos

    Nothing has happened so this story is totally false.

  • Gufestus

    Lol. AEW keeps getting "game changers" and dumping them into trash bin. It's so obvious now.

  • shaun shaun
    shaun shaun

    wow everybody watching this is a fking mark. peace.

  • Joe Serpico
    Joe Serpico

    Enjoy the Punk drama AEW and I'm from chi he's a prick

  • Jeff GREENE
    Jeff GREENE


  • jason200912

    what if they do a champion vs champion match. neither side will agree to losing

  • Lo I
    Lo I

    Aj Styles needs to leave wwe and go to AEW .

    • Neutral 777
      Neutral 777


  • lilyandrey

    The cm punk rumor is fake he's currently talking with wwe on making a return

  • K Dill
    K Dill

    Except no one wants to see Goldberg

  • Faraday Sports
    Faraday Sports

    I tried to hit mute on this video, but I couldn't catch up with British Eric Young's hands.

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