Tyrone Mings on starting for England and reaction to 'hugely distressing' Christian Eriksen fall

  • flashtheoriginal

    Mings is intelligent. Wrong over Priti Patel as he has misunderstood her standpoint. Good player

  • Alan Hastings
    Alan Hastings

    He has a nice voice

  • Bullystein & Trolley
    Bullystein & Trolley

    chewing gum during the national anthem. get lost loser

  • Darth

    That's my big brother right there

  • A B
    A B

    Smart man.

  • Seb P
    Seb P

    motm against Croatia.

  • Prince Ayodi Jnr
    Prince Ayodi Jnr

    I hate kaveh solehkol disgusting journalist, disgusting human being

  • N R
    N R

    Few defend the 18yrd box like how he did.

  • Dougie Traill
    Dougie Traill


  • Jhan Doriel
    Jhan Doriel

    Mings is a street wise guy. And very smart lad. And very funny as well. Holding the place till Maguire's return

    • Nell Shaw
      Nell Shaw

      Maguire isn't the second coming ‐ he's a bang average defender very prone to defensive mistakes

    • N R
      N R

      He might be out a while..

  • George george Wiggins wiggins
    George george Wiggins wiggins

    You see some players who "speak well" and think they are going into a job in the media when they retire. I think this guy has a future beyond that.

  • Sahr N
    Sahr N

    I still believe that Konsa should have gotten the nod over him, but he keeps playing well he should keep his place over Maguire, regardless if Maguire is fit or not

  • gee tar
    gee tar

    100th comment

  • Tawer Zadok
    Tawer Zadok

    Tyrone always gives a smart concise interview. Never says too much or too little.

  • Richard Swatton
    Richard Swatton

    Nice guy, he did really well on the pitch and in the interview

  • Mike Tyson
    Mike Tyson

    Tyrone Mings big money transfer incoming

    • Darth

      Nooooooo leave my centre back alone 😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢

  • Helois Gevit
    Helois Gevit

    I was very impressed by England's showing against Croatia, a very mature professional performance, nullified their threat and made them look average in oppressively humid conditions.

  • r n b old skol
    r n b old skol

    Better than maguire, very intelligent on and off the pitch.

  • Herbie Go Bananas
    Herbie Go Bananas

    Really articulate and seems like a good bloke Not sure about that barnet, though

  • Abu Shaad
    Abu Shaad

    I imagine he get some good lesson from Terry.

  • CB

    Mings should play the group games and bring Maguire in for the knockout games, if we get that far

  • Hocane

    He looks nervous. No wonder the amount of abuse he's been getting by so called England fans who are supposed to support their players

    • Darth

      Abuse is part and parcel of professional football these days. All these guys can do is to do their best and let their football talk for them.

  • Not Real
    Not Real

    Two years into a pandemic thats supposedly killing everybody and whats "hugely distressing" is a man surviving a cardiac arrest?

  • Jack Griffiths
    Jack Griffiths

    The journalist was wrong about him being the first Villa player at a major tournament since Southgate (1998) - Barry, Vassell, Milner, Heskey and Warnock have all been to a tournament since then with 4 of those 5 players featuring at some point. But it is the first Villa player to play at a major tournament since 2010.

  • Liam Davies
    Liam Davies

    Is the fact about the 1st villa player since Southgate to play at a major tournament right? What about Milner, vassell???

    • Am Mac
      Am Mac

      I could be wrong but I think Heskey went to a tournament when playing for Villa and Vassell too 🤔

    • Kai McCook
      Kai McCook

      @Peter Anderson i think the reporter meant for England. I could be wrong though

    • Kai McCook
      Kai McCook

      Milner played multiple games in the 2010 World Cup before leaving Villa for City in August that year. So the Mings fact is either wrong or it's one of those where it's just a technicality in the way it's worded. it's a dumb fact either way. also there's Gareth Barry and Emile Heskey.

    • John Callius
      John Callius

      Maybe they weren’t at Villa when capped for England at the tournaments

  • muhib rahman
    muhib rahman

    Tyron mings’s identity should be ENGLAND and Aston Villa player not Aston Villa and England

  • Anxious Mind Music
    Anxious Mind Music

    Way more intelligent than the average player, plays CB... I think he probably plays because he reminds Southgate of himself as a player. Has done really well too.

    • Anxious Mind Music
      Anxious Mind Music

      @Aaron Berlyne will probably make a decent pizza advert though

    • Aaron Berlyne
      Aaron Berlyne

      Hopefully he don’t take a pen then

  • M. Fahri
    M. Fahri

    captain material through and through

  • Sibusiso Enock Cebekhulu
    Sibusiso Enock Cebekhulu

    Future pundit, very well articulated 🔥

    • Joel Super British Warrior Cong######## Plymouth
      Joel Super British Warrior Cong######## Plymouth

      Agreed mate really nice guy aswell

  • Mulmius Siberius
    Mulmius Siberius

    One can tell by his demeanor and use of language that he's more intelligent than the average footballer.

    • Kai McCook
      Kai McCook

      He probably is intelligent but I thought his use of language was pretty dumbed down here. To me it seemed like a very formulaic and robotic response with a lot of stalling and 'uhhs' rather than one that actually had any of his real opinions or said anything of value to take away from it. I don't blame him though given how he didn't volunteer to be interviewed and anything he says could be held against him, but still..i thought it was quite a bland interview with a lot of words to sum up to nothing much.

    • charles bill
      charles bill

      Yes, and came to football the hardway, not through an academy. I hope he has good tournament, because the media have absolutely slaughtered him, especially on talksport, but if fit Maguire will be in...

    • Jake Dovey
      Jake Dovey

      Very likeable lad.

    • sufficient kwashira
      sufficient kwashira

      I 100% agree with u. He speaks with such poise and composure. Very humble dude

    • Akinlabi Omo-Oso
      Akinlabi Omo-Oso

      He's very intelligent. Did you watch his Instagram series during Mental Health Awareness Week?

  • Will Cumberpatch
    Will Cumberpatch

    My cb proved all the haters wrong

  • Guinness Harvey
    Guinness Harvey

    Classy dude. Classy defender too

    • Guinness Harvey
      Guinness Harvey

      @Hisham Ahmed a “classy” defender doesn’t mean world class. Just means they have a smooth way of playing and moving. You should know that:) he’s by now means world class (he’s not even the best defender at Villa) but he has an assured, classy way of playing.

    • Hisham Ahmed
      Hisham Ahmed

      He’s an average defender imagine saying class

  • nicky leighton
    nicky leighton

    The reporters question of " is enough being done to protect players " is the dumbest and disrespected to all medical teams in every sport. If it was for the swuft action of the Danish medics Christian Erikson wouldn't be alive today

  • Tom Spiller
    Tom Spiller

    Class act 👏 people saying about Maguire, this guy has everything Maguire has and more

    • Am Mac
      Am Mac

      @hp sauce lol take it easy pal.

    • hp sauce
      hp sauce

      @Am Mac 🤦‍♂️ I’m done with you pal! Enjoy the weather.

    • Am Mac
      Am Mac

      @hp sauce I'm not a day dreamer what I'm saying is true we started the football league in the late 1800s Aston villa is very important club in football which is why the media always likes to remind everyone when we aren't successful but we're coming back. If we get Europa league next season he stays and then the season after that if we are trying to get champions league he stays he wants to fulfil his ambitions with Villa as long we keep improving he stays he's a Villa lad remember and if he does go its going to cost minimum 100m we will reinvest that back into the team we might even be even better without him.

    • hp sauce
      hp sauce

      @Am Mac bruv what you mean stop this talk about better teams, do you watch football? You think jacks gonna hold up his career anymore for us? My man wasn’t even meant to be in the championship with us, spurs wanted him 25m and outta loyalty he said he wanted to get us back up first. We’re going places 100% but I can tell your wanna them “villa day dreamers”. Man Utd, Liverpool, Nottingham forest, arsenal even probably Chelsea now have a much more richer history. Again we’re going places but when we get there, look around and I bet the team looks unrecognisable from now.

    • Am Mac
      Am Mac

      @hp sauce he's definitely no Ferdinand but I think he has the potential to develop his game and be a top defender i agree again with you about the mistakes but if Smith becomes firm it will benefit Mings he's got it to easy at Villa at the moment his place needs to be threatened a bit and I think that's when you see the best of Mings.Out of all English cbs he has the best attributes but I agree he's not there yet. And mate stop this talk about better teams Villa in a few years time can become one of those better teams we will be signing top players soon if Grealish stays becomes all the top players will want to play with him to me after Man utd and Liverpool there is no bigger club historically than Villa we just lost our way for a few years but we're coming back to table to eat.

  • abdulrahman alali
    abdulrahman alali

    Hey Tyrone Mings

  • Card battery
    Card battery

    Poor questions being asked

  • LittleBoyFoxy

    Big boy mings did well for us before was not hopeful but proved to be strong and was one of the best players on the pitch🙌🙌

  • Football 4life
    Football 4life

    He proved us wrong after his performance agaisnt croatia Fair play to him 👏👏

    • Football 4life
      Football 4life

      @K W he misplaced a lot of passes in the warm up games but that's just a minor problem

    • K W
      K W

      @Football 4life I absolutely disagree with you. I think he was phenomenal in the warm up games, our best defender by a mile & thoroughly deserved to start the game against Croatia. Whether or not he maintains this is another story but he’s one of our most in form players rn

    • Football 4life
      Football 4life

      @K W he wasn't great in the warmup games Made a few mistakes, not saying he was awful by any means Ive just noticed considerable, noteworthy improvement

    • K W
      K W

      Proved us wrong?? He was exceptional in the warmup games and was once again our best defender in the game. Maybe your standards for him should be a little higher

    • Football 4life
      Football 4life

      @Lastname Firstname you cannot deny he put a foot wrong, he was class _in that game_ That's all I said

  • Vishakan s.k
    Vishakan s.k

    We will buy mings for 80 million 😂

    • Companion doggo
      Companion doggo

      @Vishakan s.k to low for man united 110m

    • Vishakan s.k
      Vishakan s.k

      @M R man united

  • Abdullah

    Hows he in the squad over tomori even tuanzebe better than him

    • Will Cumberpatch
      Will Cumberpatch

      @ian Williams oh

    • ian Williams
      ian Williams

      Tyrone is my defender. That geezer saying tuanzebe and tomori are better what a toby. Toby jug MUG

    • Will Cumberpatch
      Will Cumberpatch

      @ian Williams what

    • ian Williams
      ian Williams

      What a toby

    • x x
      x x

      Yes, Tomori is clear of him. not tuanzebe though.

  • Poono penandes
    Poono penandes


    • A4

      @Shahir1395 he’s a solid defender, without him last season villa would’ve been relegated

    • SD_ Forrest
      SD_ Forrest

      @Shahir1395 I'm not a villa fan but I still rate him... He's a good players and these so called media pundits are real haters, who used to underrate him but he proved them wrong.

    • Shahir1395

      @M R nobody used to rate him other than Villa fans before the Croatia game. how can he be overrated?

    • Poono penandes
      Poono penandes

      @M R how can he be overrated if no one rates him

  • Sid

    Solid defender. Hopefully he can continue to prove himself against some of the stronger teams in the competition.

  • Rahul Kandha V
    Rahul Kandha V

    Harry Maguire pls be back soon , we need you ❤️

    • craig leech
      craig leech

      @Rahul Kandha V we don’t need slabhead only thing he’s good for is slapping up female police officers

    • marwin taukechan
      marwin taukechan

      We no need him at all

    • Rahul Kandha V
      Rahul Kandha V

      @Tristan Clark did you see how bad Croatia are recently losing to Slovenia I guess . They are not the same team which was there 3 years ago . So many of them retired . And mings didn't look that much convincing too . For big matches we definitely need Maguire . Kane maybe our best player but Maguire is our most important player .

    • SirStupid II
      SirStupid II

      @Tristan Clark our first FIRST game in history

    • Tristan Clark
      Tristan Clark

      I mean we did just win our first Euro game in history…. Maybe praise the players that did that

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