Sergio Ramos to leave Real Madrid

  • Mark Taylor
    Mark Taylor

    He's not wanted at United,he's passed it,to slow, he'd of been found out in the prem so he's gone for easy option...

  • Abrar Jawad Fardin
    Abrar Jawad Fardin

    They should learn something from barca. Atleast Barcelona gave better farewell to xavi and ineista

  • James Billibon
    James Billibon


  • Mia Mitten
    Mia Mitten

    Messi next

  • skatchyboy


  • ayan mondal
    ayan mondal

    Man it's heartbreaking

  • Crispy Sunny
    Crispy Sunny

    I fear Real Madrid downfall. Let's not happen that.🙄

  • K-LIL

    We need you here in Liverpool Ramos.

  • Blessing Ilori
    Blessing Ilori

    sancho harry kane and ramos in united

  • THADOU Reign
    THADOU Reign

    seeing someone who play in one club for many years and leaves are worth paying tribute to them, not like ronaldo who jump here and there, a big farewell to ramos, goodluck

  • Dave Brun
    Dave Brun

    First Casillas then Ronaldo then Zidane and now Ramos. All Madrid Legends Leave Through the back door .That club is run by a bunch of morons

  • Zammy ‘BusDriver’ Martínez
    Zammy ‘BusDriver’ Martínez

    If she said my name like that, id ask her to marry me😂 But seriously in regards to señor ramos, what goes on in these meetings/contractual situations, what terms or money can they really not afford to offer him? Someone as loyal to them like him, it makes no sense, either this, or half the time none of these reporters are accurate, Sergio could be leaving because he wants to leave for all we know👀

  • Roz Sa
    Roz Sa

    Manchester united?? Imagine Ramos turning up and having to play next to Maguire. 😂

  • Shubham Sinha
    Shubham Sinha

    PSG/Juve if he leaves that is.I don't see him leaving. Look at Kompany's case.

  • Amareto

    What happened to "I would play Real Madrid for FREE" Sergio? It's about money. He was asked to give up 10% of his salary.

  • ASOS

    Liverpool. He and Van Dijk would be incredible

  • Jake Wilkinson
    Jake Wilkinson

    As a United fan, I honestly don't want Ramos coming here😖

  • Ses

    Come to Chelsea. Imagine Rudiger and Ramos. Rip strikers.

  • NXS Gaming
    NXS Gaming

    almost every legend in Real is being dropped


    Real Madrid have betrayed him,why are they doing that to such a big player like him❓❓❓


    One of the greats.

  • Matt Jackson
    Matt Jackson

    I’ve seen this movie before. This is the one where Sergio Ramos acts like he wants to leave Real and join United, but then at the end he agrees to stay and signs a new contract worth much more money! He’s 35 now anyway and well past his best. Why else would Real be getting rid of him?

  • Ethan fury
    Ethan fury

    We need Ramos here at united yh we need young players yh but we also need experience and you can’t get much better experience and leadership and someone to give advice to our young players Sergio Ramos is the best option and yh we will offer him a 2 year contract

  • 1NFECT3D.

    *Spain Without The 'S'*

  • 1NFECT3D.

    Spain Is In Pain

  • Cristina Lexy Reef Tank
    Cristina Lexy Reef Tank



    Who is this woman? he plays 15 games in his last season at RM and she thinks he will have no problem in the Premiership?

  • Alex

    Surely going to PSG

  • jsk jsk
    jsk jsk

    I love florentino perez,ramos has got reward from perez means tit for tat,it is also a reward of ramos' karma,for every trophy robbed/looted by ramos and his some teammates,well done perez, ,the same for cristiano,in cr7 case also,i love perez and cr7 got tit for tat from perez,and please note- i m not messi fan or barca fan,i absoluately donot like messi

  • Timilehin Bamigboye
    Timilehin Bamigboye

    I hope he comes to man u

  • blinked025

    Guy: Is it about money? Lady: I don't think so Lady: Proceeds to talk about how it was about money

  • Jay J
    Jay J

    One of the dirtiest players in football.

    • GloomzyFN

      And Also The greatest

  • U. M.
    U. M.

    Being a RM fan since 2006, it hurts me to see how devilish of a person Perez is TO THIS DAY.

  • Lam Jianhua
    Lam Jianhua

    Dun forget the champions league final where he help madrid to break salah's arm, so they could steal the champions league trophy from Liverpool

  • K1ng FN
    K1ng FN

    glory united

  • Bongani Raah Msweli
    Bongani Raah Msweli

    If man u don't get Ramos they are fucked.. this a golden opportunity to bring a the trophies at man u with this guys

  • Steve Wilson
    Steve Wilson

    David Beckham wants him at Miami ! At 35 it could be the right move .

  • steve irungu
    steve irungu

    I have tromendous respect for you Serious Ramos by Steve Irungu Jermaine

  • Shudhanshu Shekhar Mishra
    Shudhanshu Shekhar Mishra

    Alternative title: *Personified zenith of cheating and overrating, Sergio Ramosquito finally gets what he deserves- a kick on the a$$ from his actual father Florentino Perez*


    many are probably young to know, but don't call Manchester united: Man U it's an insult to the club so don't do it thanks

  • Niladri Sanyal
    Niladri Sanyal

    Best thing would be if he had gone to barca...I'm sure if barca had enough funds they would go for him...but alas...anyways congrats Ramos on a wonderful career

  • covid 19
    covid 19

    chelsea should sign him.. he should try epl like tiago silva .. him n silva as centre back.. just wow .

  • Farrukh Rakhimov
    Farrukh Rakhimov

    Finally, Welcome to PSG 💯🔥😅oh wow

  • Bernard

    When will players realize that there is no such thing as loyalty and gratitude from the clubs. You are only as good as your last game and the time you tire and no longer perform, the club will replace you and move on (as they should).

  • Mr. തക്കുടു
    Mr. തക്കുടു

    No Ramos No problem

  • Magnus

    This is not "BREAKING"?

  • Batty Rash
    Batty Rash

    I think it is because Real Madrid are a bunch of cunts

  • frisky 001 frisky 001
    frisky 001 frisky 001

    ManUnited once again taking a finish good can't they buy a young and dynamic defender like Diaz and united are talking of growing such a pity

  • David Radosavljevic
    David Radosavljevic

    Imagine Ramos and Milenkovic beast defenders 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  • Grant Noremac
    Grant Noremac

    Washed up defender he is Arsenal bound

  • Newton Talukder
    Newton Talukder

    Love you Sergio Ramos

  • Catalyst

    No surprises, Real Madrid did him dirty just like they did to Casillas. Not a fan of Ramos, dirty player but Real Madrid as a club is a utter disgrace for how they treat their own veterans. Classless club just like their classless arrogant entitled fans.

  • Abarait nanyamet eng'ol
    Abarait nanyamet eng'ol

    Yeah bring him, CR7 and Sancho.

  • Natasha Bolton
    Natasha Bolton

    Where he go next.. :) great player for madrid :) 🙃😁🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • Michael O CONNOR
    Michael O CONNOR

    Pls man u pls get him

  • Lucky boy
    Lucky boy

    Where is He leaving?

  • Mac Daddy420
    Mac Daddy420

    Red card merchant

  • hooligan


  • David Johnston
    David Johnston

    I hope he doesn’t go to United, there are enough Egos there already and he is not needed.

    • Icewallowcome 1
      Icewallowcome 1

      Getting reds isn’t a ego

  • 18MCA11

    I’m happy if he went to man U.if Man U offer him .

  • Rashid Khalid
    Rashid Khalid

    Well why are people blaming perez and Madrid that's the efficient way to run a club look at arsenal with ozil and now aubamyang with the huge wage bill and burden they are stuck with auba ain't even living up to his salary

  • Aimen H. A.
    Aimen H. A.

    If PSG get Ramos and CR7, they basically will buy CL trophy next season.

  • Jh Yanre
    Jh Yanre

    I need a brother like ramos

  • P Mat
    P Mat

    ramos can be ancelloti's assistant coach or be the next coach at Tottenham

  • MarkOne

    get to bolton, where he belongs. b team, and let's hope wednesday night in stoke, someone double-foots him to the knees. lovely bloke who deserves some back. Pepe coming too?

  • abir ahsan
    abir ahsan

    What do u expect from Real Madrid? It's in their DNA.

  • Juso

    very stupid again from florentino, especially in the current climate and financial situation letting ramos leave, shouldve just given him the 2 years, you wont find a CB of the caliber of Ramos cheap

  • Anthony Cook
    Anthony Cook

    An d I feel united get linked to every oap footballer

  • Anthony Cook
    Anthony Cook

    I hope he comes to united

  • Thaslim Mubarak
    Thaslim Mubarak

    Virgil van dijk. Best Replacmnt❤❤❤❤❤

  • Aafaq Ahmed
    Aafaq Ahmed

    Coming 4-5 years will be hard on us as all the greats like cristiano, messi, ramos ,modric ,etc...will bid us farewell

  • AlfredBarron

    a nasty peice of work. the kind of player you hate but would love to have on your team. a bit like pepe

  • Chase Jarrah
    Chase Jarrah

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  • Red Kop
    Red Kop

    Wow..breaking news by the worst broadcaster ever,Sky.Wont be able to sleep knowing that he might leave...and maybe sign another contract somewhere else for two hundred grand a week or whatever hes on.Go woke go broke Sky...

  • Steven Lobban
    Steven Lobban

    Real madrid are finished. Massive rebuild needed

  • MATRIX Lomachenko
    MATRIX Lomachenko

    Good readince

  • Sarang Thuse
    Sarang Thuse


  • Adnan Abdi
    Adnan Abdi

    Am happy to see that🙂👌

  • void

    GOAT Cristiano Ronaldo GOAT Lionel Messi GOAT Sergio Ramos GOAT Manuel Neuer

  • Timeless Mballow
    Timeless Mballow

    I can’t believe after 16 years of his service you can’t give him additional two years. All the best king 👑 Ramos.

  • Eddy Sylverstin
    Eddy Sylverstin

    To see Thiago & Ramos combination at Chelsea will be fantastic!

  • Connor Ward
    Connor Ward

    Welcome to West Ham

  • siddharth Rawat
    siddharth Rawat

    Next match RM vs his new club... Entire team of RM retired hurt all thanks to Ramos tackles in under five minutes.. refree also hurt after issuing red card

  • Prakash Chakraborty
    Prakash Chakraborty

    Being a Barça fan, I will miss him. El Clasico wouldn't be the same.

  • Mark White
    Mark White

    chelsea bring him in silva an ramos together

  • Deez Guyz
    Deez Guyz

    😭 I'm a Barca Fan but this is so sad.

  • Vikheye Awomi
    Vikheye Awomi

    No proper farewell again😔

  • Jyotirmay Lahiri
    Jyotirmay Lahiri

    He deserves more respect from real madrid.

  • Yagga Limba
    Yagga Limba

    Ramos joining united will really help them,he may not be the Ramos we used to see few years ago. His importance will be like Thigo Silva to Chelsea

  • Greb

    I hear China calling, he knows what he's doing

  • Yahya Baaloul
    Yahya Baaloul

    Absolutely huge chance for Manchester United to go back in race this year

  • Enos Sebina
    Enos Sebina

    Hopefully he gets to united, it wii be a great signing

  • sudhanshu ranjan
    sudhanshu ranjan

    92:48 is still the best moment for me as a madrid fan ❤️

  • Damien Mulheron
    Damien Mulheron

    Lol bk to sevilla they hate him for leaving an never really given them respect an tbh im saying this as a man utd fan we dont want another old man thats going to last 2min before getting injured coz the prem is more ruthless then Spanish League

  • Tristan Edwards
    Tristan Edwards

    Sergio Ramos for me is one of the best defenders in the history of football. He is the perfect combination of technical talent and psychological prowess to get under the skin of attackers. If he didn't just straight out beat them with his talent, he would frustrate them with his tackles and micro actions. He's like the defensive version of a Luis Suarez or to some extent Diego Costa. five La Liga, FOUR Champions League (unreal), 2 European Championships and a World Cup. Any player in the world would dream of that trophy cabinet.


    Is there any reason to love real Madrid now?

  • rodeo

    I dont want him at UNITED

  • Dan 123
    Dan 123

    Militao is generational but be still hard to replace Ramos

  • Nigel Nyoni
    Nigel Nyoni

    I'm a man United fan and if Ramos comes here, he'll be the best player on the team beyond a doubt. Automatic captain for me

  • Nigel Nyoni
    Nigel Nyoni

    The Last Of The True Galacticos ❤️😭 end of an era