Review: Chris Harris drives the new Porsche 911 GT3 | Top Gear
Petrolheads, assemble: it’s a new Porsche 911 GT3. Which is basically like saying ‘it’s a new Bowie album’ to the music nerds. This is benchmark sports car, the one by which the steering feel, chassis composure and engine response of every other supposed supercar on the market is measured against. The 992 GT3 gets a racecar engine, a ginormous wing and a rather special new knob. And this is what happens when Chris Harris is tasked with running that glorious 4.0-litre flat-six engine in, just so he can open the taps and spank it around a track.
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Service & Feedback

  • Chris Davies
    Chris Davies

    14:46 - you might be able to drive home from the 'Ring if you don't bin it, but I'm guessing you might have to replace the rear tyres first. :) I reckon anyone but a bloody legend couldn't drive a GT3 all weekend at the 'ring without crashing the hell out of it. I think I have wrecked about 1.5 billion pounds worth of GT3 RSRs at the 'ring. And died about 127 times, while doing it. :)

  • Chris Davies
    Chris Davies

    Yeah but it weighs 1.5 tons! How would a little all-carbon 911 body with a 2-litre turbo flat six go against this monstrosity? Say, something under 900 kilos all up, and with around 400 horses, and a red-line north of 10-grand? Because, you know what? I reckon such a car, based loosely on the 1972 RSR bodyshell, would spank this thing. And if you did that, you'd also be able to whack 20KwH of batteries in the front , add two electric motors, each with 100 BHP, and turn it into a hybrid rocketship with on-demand AWD, a sub-3-second 100km/h time, and it could also pootle around as a front-drive electric town car with about 40km of range. THAT is the 911 I dream of. It's a function of technology to make things better. And I am sorry to say it, but a 911 that weighs 1.5 tons is worse than a 911 that weighs 1-ton. Period. End of story. Lightness is efficient. Weight is the enemy. Herr Porsche would be spinning in his grave if he knew how fat and luxurious the 911 is. It does not need any of that garbage. Screw luxury. That is not what driving is about. Driving is about connecting the driver to the road in the best way possible, and the best way possible is to make your car lightweight.

  • Mike

    "It's still the Master." Maybe that is a Doctor Who reference.

  • ModChester

    Chris Harris bringing a bit of mental health awareness into a car review. One of the reasons why he’s one of the best

  • Ivan Vasilev
    Ivan Vasilev

    I never look things this way...but this time I must say it. It makes me sad that I won't be able to own or drive, or probably even see such gt3 :(( What nice car!

  • Amanda Robinson
    Amanda Robinson

    More please, same recipe :)

  • AGR Automotive LLC
    AGR Automotive LLC

    Do you have to change the oil after break in??

  • Racing Ralph
    Racing Ralph

    Watched this video must be 5 times the whole way through. As an avid car fan, I well up every single time. These cars are the last of an era and its going to be a great great shame to no longer have them being produced. The sound, the driving enjoyment the overall experience, the way it makes you feel will be no more. Fantastic review but also an upsetting reality for all petrol heads for what's coming in the future. I'm 24 years old and dream to one day afford one of these things, unfortunately it'll all be electric when/if that day ever arrives. We all need N/A engine's and manual gear boxes in our lives!!


    Amazing car!

  • markmcc21

    Why do ppl lean or sit on cars? Esp with jeans that have studs on them. I know ur a driving god Chris but come on get off the car.

  • Imran Abbasi
    Imran Abbasi


  • Chris huang
    Chris huang

    Chris is back🔥🔥🔥

  • Tim Kretschmer
    Tim Kretschmer

    Передачу теперь ведёт какой-то бомж

  • Han Wei Chee
    Han Wei Chee

    We heard you the first ten times Chris - there are double wishbones at the front....

  • mac union
    mac union

    the new top gear is rubbish , its pretty much over when clarkson , may and hammond left , give it up BBC its finished

  • glennsmooth

    Never been a Porche fan but now they’re starting to grow on me

  • Jonny D
    Jonny D

    Why go all electric. Thats not good

  • Arnold Clarke
    Arnold Clarke

    Those jeans need carrots with the massive turnups?

  • bouytt guyt
    bouytt guyt

    Bloody good work to the lads and lasses who made this.

  • Nastii Boii
    Nastii Boii

    Just needs jcr exhaust system it’s fully complete

  • Agustin Lidén
    Agustin Lidén

    Omg that 2021 Hawaii 💙 colored Porsche 992 GT3 looking absolutely incredible beautiful and delicious and gorgeous and Sexy 🤤 🤤 🤤 🤤 🤤 🤤 🤤 🤤 🤤 🤤

  • sugoruyo

    "Nitty gritty car journalism. I LOVE it!" So do we Chris, so do we.

    • bouytt guyt
      bouytt guyt

      Si ma di quel colore non si può guardare, è un insulto alla bellezza di questa macchina.

  • oXe2

    Why? Whyyy? I don’t want to buy it and now you say two times i should buy it if i can...

  • Pupixario

    Unless we start mining lithium from the moon or invent some revolutionary electric battery technology that uses abundant resources we won't go ALL electric any time soon

  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui

    Sports car engineering has peaked. This is it. You can't go any higher than this. Thank you, Porsche.

  • Theodore Skreko
    Theodore Skreko

    Gorgeous automotive journalism. Thank you!

  • Moishe McShekelberg 9000
    Moishe McShekelberg 9000

    Are they really going to force-meme electric cars to the point we don’t see cars like the GT3 anymore? Doubtful.

  • Working Guy
    Working Guy

    What's it like to drive on the average pot-holed road, though?

    • bcvbb hyui
      bcvbb hyui

      So, it's like everyone other Porsche from the last 10 years and more removed from the raw driving experience of yesteryear.

  • mithritades

    I’m waiting for a Manual review

  • Osama Ayyad
    Osama Ayyad

    i will own this soonj

  • Cloody Tube
    Cloody Tube

    That belt disturbs my OCD

  • James Estrada
    James Estrada

    Chris got that Pep Guardiola vibe going

  • James Estrada
    James Estrada

    Just got the notification: “Chris Harris drives the new Porsche 911 GT3” - CLICK!

  • Carlos Panades
    Carlos Panades

    Truly a masterpiece.

  • Your Fan
    Your Fan

    13:46 damnnnnn that's not easy

  • icecreaman2010

    I wonder if a gt2 or 911 turbo takes bumps better than the gt3. Does anyone know the answer to that question?

  • Giuliano Mancini
    Giuliano Mancini

    Si ma di quel colore non si può guardare, è un insulto alla bellezza di questa macchina.

  • CrbStomp72

    Chris with his rolled up jeans and kicks is always so into his videos/reviews.....he's brilliant....Never get rid of that child in you! And I need to win the lotto as this car is smashing.

  • terence terence
    terence terence


  • jjcue

    Your seatbelt Chris!!!!!

  • Hariboy

    Seatbelts are driving me nuts

  • Daniel Daum
    Daniel Daum

    It’s actually not a flat 6 haha

    • Yusuf Chopdat
      Yusuf Chopdat

      Errr yes it is....

  • amon kril
    amon kril

    So, it's like everyone other Porsche from the last 10 years and more removed from the raw driving experience of yesteryear.

  • eyeamrogers

    What a weapon! You sounded out of breath after that lap, pulling a few G 😉

  • joan fernandez
    joan fernandez

    Simply Porsche is the best sports car !! Of all times !!!

  • fuckyougoogle

    defeatist propaganda. might as well be saying "you will eat the bugs."

  • Satish Tummala
    Satish Tummala

    Chris' excitement clearly on display....picked up a brand new GT3, drove it all throughout the night and tracked it the next day......all with the same set of clothes he had on the day before...

  • nick ionescu de blazonick
    nick ionescu de blazonick

    "Music instrument"....

  • halleffect1

    How the hell does double wishbones negate the stiffer spring rate?

  • FourMaxK1


  • kolim jone
    kolim jone

    "We're going to miss them when their gone."- Chris Harris. Helluva endnote by far.

  • TheEagles427

    Keeping it real with Chris and a GT3!

  • Marten Tolsma
    Marten Tolsma

    Piece of art

  • Gooody17

    this guy needs a stylist lol

  • Raif Raif
    Raif Raif

    There will never be another Chris Harris

    • kolim jone
      kolim jone

      Agree with Chris's comment on black wheels. Let's move on from this trend.

  • lj

    Chris! You seem to be eating GOOD. A GOOD POWER Walk in the morning and evening will keep you in check.

  • Walter Ritchey
    Walter Ritchey

    Sports car engineering has peaked. This is it. You can't go any higher than this. Thank you, Porsche.

  • Marcus Loricchiella
    Marcus Loricchiella

    I loved watching this video, but just couldn’t get past your twisted up seat belt… lol 😂

  • Dan The Travel Man
    Dan The Travel Man

    Who is this guy?

  • hoiy vinosa
    hoiy vinosa

    chris the type of guy to still wear the same jeans from high school, and we love him for it

  • MrGordonjames

    My order is in Chris..! Magnificent cornering and very impressive driving..!! You have sold me.!! Wow.!! what a play machine...Pure Porsche Perfection.!! I have been fixated on getting a 2016 Lagonda Taraf for $500,000 and i think my youth has caught up with me.! ....Bring on the 911 GT3...

  • Super Luxury Lifestyle
    Super Luxury Lifestyle

    OMG, Trillions like and best comment for you because you are best on Earth and follower respect you, we need videos in Real 120fps or 240fps 8K HDR10+ Dolby Vision IQ resolution clarity quality and Sound in FullHD Surrounded 3D Dolby Atmos

  • DroneWolf Media
    DroneWolf Media

    Always a pleasure watching Chris thrash on the latest 911. 💪

    • hoiy vinosa
      hoiy vinosa

      Chris Harris is the best

  • swansmeister

    You are getting fat Chris, makes no sense now does it riding in a gt3 :p

  • Troy Mark
    Troy Mark

    luv it !!

  • Steve McRichards
    Steve McRichards

    Exhaust note is just a level below what the Le Mans spec GTE-Pro car sounds like, and that is most excellent.

  • RC TAZ
    RC TAZ

    Electric wont work

  • Kusqen

    My favorite car and my favorite car reviewer, instantly clicked the video. Great video Chris

  • Mark Hildreth
    Mark Hildreth

    Agree with Chris's comment on black wheels. Let's move on from this trend.

  • Dr. DD
    Dr. DD

    "We're going to miss them when their gone."- Chris Harris. Helluva endnote by far.

  • m3petem3

    Truly amazing car I’m just more hooked on Porsche, Henry C and Chris H would be an amazing duo.

  • jcpatrick mcclure
    jcpatrick mcclure

    🇺🇸WWG1WGA🇺🇸 Gratitude!!!🙏🍀👍

  • jcpatrick mcclure
    jcpatrick mcclure

    *THE BEST IS YET TO COME* " 🙏🙏 🇺🇸WWG1WGA🇺🇸 Thank U *PATRIOTS* 4 your DEDICATION 2 Love, Life, *Liberty,* *Freedom* & The *Pursuit Of Happiness!!!* 😄XRP_mo🌝n Pa$$🍀

  • doire aintu
    doire aintu

    Hopefully this synthetic fuel product they're working on works out, and we can continue to have mechanical engines like this long into the future.

  • Adam Downey
    Adam Downey

    Superb vid, supreme track machine but I would be to worried about getting it pranged or worse!

  • Jim Williams
    Jim Williams

    This was fantastic!

  • Hiden Biden
    Hiden Biden

    The might be the last time he has the opportunity, because of electrics. Sad, sad. You know I am in favor of selling/buyingthem, But only if the market demands it. I take issue with the prevalence of electric incentives and puntive taxes penalties on internal combustion engines. Unfortunately the left doesn't agree with live and let live...

    • doire aintu
      doire aintu

      Electricity is for toasters, not cars. Never give in to the madness! Long live internal combustion!

  • Derren Pillay
    Derren Pillay

    Chris Harris is the best

  • 2112 Bangkok
    2112 Bangkok

    I'd love to see an oil analysis after that break-in and track drive. Chris, I love your skills and insight but please demonstrate those skills more professionally and stay off the bloody candy stripes on track! Sheesh!

  • Ricky Boada
    Ricky Boada

    Been watching Chris for 10+ years now.... best journalist, never dissapoints

  • PaPaN0ff

    Such a beautiful car


    Man that transition @ 13:50 was top notch! I love how Chris can articulate all of the feelings and aspects of a car while running it flat out.

  • ohroonoko

    Can someone please tell me what exactly Chris Harris says at 18:10 about “black wheels should, of course, be banned from any kind of BLAH BLAH BLAH because they end up disappearing.” I really don’t understand the words he said there.

  • ben wood
    ben wood

    Only car journalist that I'll tune in for instead of the car

  • Chau Nguyen
    Chau Nguyen

    it's a bit overweight and overpriced

  • Greatwhiteshark

    No one could ever keep up with you Chris, if it's 911.

  • JP3

    pinstripes on wheels should be a crime amazing car tho

  • Liam Santiago
    Liam Santiago

    when GME & AMC go to the moon, I shall sign myself up for one.

  • Carlos Miguel
    Carlos Miguel

    C'mon they didn't change the oil/filter after the run in? That should've been done...

  • Quick Expert Reviews
    Quick Expert Reviews

    Looks up prices of used GT3s. Yup still out of my price range.

  • StinkyTofu

    Chris Harris needs to move on to other things. His reviews are all the same.

  • Jeffrey Treleaven
    Jeffrey Treleaven

    Electricity is for toasters, not cars. Never give in to the madness! Long live internal combustion!

  • beno069

    Quick beetle that

  • Your Mother should of swallowed
    Your Mother should of swallowed

    Technology always trickle down from F1 and Aeronautical. That trickle takes decades for refinement for durability and reliability. Currently electric vehicles require extremely expensive, hazardous and short shelf life cells. I know the political narrative is pushing electric so everyone just accepts it because they're afraid of cancel culture. Combustion engines won't be going anywhere, hybrid technology is the only path consumers would accept in the masses. Until a new technology that doesn't require a rare earth material that's not readily available, hazardous to develop. Electric is a city commute feel good idea, no more no less. When a Tesla can go from New York to California in a 24hr period, maybe I'll change my mind. Until then, don't be such a sheep. #PoliticalScienceHoax

  • Gordon Gekko
    Gordon Gekko

    I hate how the seatbelt is folded.

  • Gordon Gekko
    Gordon Gekko

    He’s such a funny midget

  • oplix

    I really don't understand why Chris Harris has to review a non manual GT3. It's atrocious. It's like okay everyone else is reviewing dual clutch GT3s but they are just automotive journalists. Surely Chris Harris will get to review a manual since he puts work on the track. Nope.


    Finally, someone who agrees with me that black wheels are one of the dumbest things ever created for a car. I'd order this without the idiot wing too.

  • Ghost83

    This is how you need to be on top gear! This is you back to your best rather than playing a character on tv! Also what a shame we are coming to the end of internal combustion we need to do more to stop the stupid electric revolution

  • Human Being
    Human Being

    Top gear was a car show now