First Basketball Ever Created
First Basketball Ever Created

  • JackGeezy

    I have an official Wilson NBA ball from 1978

  • Christian Mallien
    Christian Mallien

    “This one’s Shiloh” 🤣🤣🤣

  • Cameo Belafonte
    Cameo Belafonte

    “Hi I’m George Foreman, and this is my new George Foreman grill”

  • Jai Watarawi
    Jai Watarawi

    It's called netball

  • Vegetatard_____

    No way if the new one is a tad big bigger then the other is a tad bit smaller

  • Ritvik Mepad
    Ritvik Mepad

    I'm not going to lie but I didn't understand anything what you said

  • Sean Silas
    Sean Silas

    That the first football

  • chilie.

    are you sure thats not a soccer ball

  • Soft Hugs
    Soft Hugs

    Hallow no shallow

  • Ogre Orgies
    Ogre Orgies


  • Explicit Walrus
    Explicit Walrus

    This nigga

  • Ryan Stevens
    Ryan Stevens


  • Ali Gasser
    Ali Gasser

    why he talking like he needs to pass the word requirement for an essay

  • Dnoxd

    Bro blow your nose😂😂

  • Sceptic_Rebel


  • ANON P42
    ANON P42

    You sound like you have 0.5 IQ

  • Hm_Landen

    Too easy

  • HaveFunIn_Lobby

    Y would u take an inside ball outside 🤦

  • tiktoktube

    How did you get that

  • Stoof

    He said becose lmao

  • Diggy

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  • gudaysir lol
    gudaysir lol

    That was made in the state I live in

  • Jiz Ray Amargo
    Jiz Ray Amargo


  • the kid bj
    the kid bj

    Bruh it’s not the first ball

  • Connor James
    Connor James

    Prey cool

  • Trey Nielsen
    Trey Nielsen

    Jesus Christ loves and cares about you all, he wants a relationship with YOU as your father, he changed my life for the better!!!

    • Dan Showlund
      Dan Showlund

      I dunno man, I met him once. he sold me a used muffler once but that thing didn’t muffle shit

  • Tack Draas
    Tack Draas


  • Alec Francisco
    Alec Francisco


  • Tony B
    Tony B

    He said all that to say “This ball is trash” 😂😂😂

  • fendixvs

    “I bricked with both..but that wasnt my point” *same*

  • Kingi991

    Didn’t they first play with ppls heads

  • Carlos Rivera
    Carlos Rivera

    Dude why do you have holes on your face 🕳️🕳️🕳️🕳️🕳️🕳️🕳️🕳️🕳️🕳️

  • Stress Relief
    Stress Relief

    The only thing I heard was “this ball’s trash”

  • Brandon Oshay
    Brandon Oshay

    This dude funny asf bruh 😂

  • The Graypats
    The Graypats

    Cap the first ever basketball 🏀 was 125!!!

  • Elias L.H
    Elias L.H


  • John Wayne
    John Wayne

    "The new basketball are a tad bit bigger, which makes the old ball a tad bit smaller" My God....Sherlock Holmes and Albert Einstein never figured that one out but this guy.....LEGEND. 👌 🤦‍♂️

  • Elijah Colbert
    Elijah Colbert

    That’s a frggn foorball

  • joebojito

    "This ball is trash" lol

  • Kimberly Tica
    Kimberly Tica


  • Temper Nova
    Temper Nova

    Shallow???? You mean hollow sir.

  • Ozzy -_- DM
    Ozzy -_- DM


  • William Aguilar
    William Aguilar

    How much was it

  • BenQ 2.0
    BenQ 2.0

    LThe new ball is newer and the old one is older”

  • Elroy Hoyabembe
    Elroy Hoyabembe

    “The inside sound shahallow”

  • Taykn


  • Crystal Pecchiari
    Crystal Pecchiari

    I like shimp!

  • Heather Kesner
    Heather Kesner

    So are you boy

  • Benny V
    Benny V

    shallow i think he meant hollow

  • jame gossling
    jame gossling

    That’s cap that’s a football

  • Insomnia

    Ain’t no way that’s the first ever basketball created. Why would they let a random ass dude get ahold of the very first basketball ball ever created

  • Vinnie Mascaro
    Vinnie Mascaro

    Next video the color of basketballs..

  • Will Hall
    Will Hall


  • KkraZy Christian
    KkraZy Christian

    I Hate His Fucking Voice

  • Consequences Comsequences
    Consequences Comsequences

    “Circulandicular” LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • no one
    no one

    How did you have the first basket ever created

  • Jessi Valdes
    Jessi Valdes

    Bee CAUSE 😂

  • Ronan O Driscoll
    Ronan O Driscoll

    No it's just that your bad

  • Granite

    Gucci ball

  • Trevor Winder
    Trevor Winder

    Bro what did he say? “Circlidiggiler?”

  • Caden Brust
    Caden Brust

    Listening to this guy talk gives me a stroke

  • Samitoa Tapusoa
    Samitoa Tapusoa

    Your just not good with it

  • That_other _guy
    That_other _guy


  • random

    You asked for it shallower is not a real word

  • Liam Stevenson
    Liam Stevenson

    But this one just sounds shallower. Shirgalerdigaler.

  • Arnold Skeermon
    Arnold Skeermon

    “This balls trash” at the end 🤣🤣🤣

  • Hudson Peisley
    Hudson Peisley

    Does anyone know what he saying

  • bluepheonixgaming

    Stop the leather basket ball hate

  • Pergles The Destroyer
    Pergles The Destroyer


  • C Eaton
    C Eaton

    Back in the 1800s "soccer" balls, basketballs, and footballs were literally the same thing

  • Jack Hans
    Jack Hans

    Shouldn't that thing be in like a museum or something?

  • JayonPerc30


  • Deangelo Torres
    Deangelo Torres

    “I brined with both”☠️ it be like that

    • Secret Account
      Secret Account


  • Michael Thomas
    Michael Thomas

    Shaalow and not shallow

  • Mr Lonely
    Mr Lonely

    Trash bruh that was the first basketball respect it

  • Driftin N Thriftin
    Driftin N Thriftin

    That poor hoop

  • 6k subScribers with no vids! 👀
    6k subScribers with no vids! 👀

    Love these videos 😭😂🧡

  • JonathanSnowden

    When you have to present In your class but you make it up as you cause I didn’t do it

  • Steven Washington
    Steven Washington

    Why would it not be made to dribble if u take this man serous u need help

  • Philip Shields
    Philip Shields

    Holy fuck this guy hurts my head

  • Schizzzy Jones
    Schizzzy Jones

    “This balls trash” 😂🥶🥶

  • TheGamer546

    How the hell you get one, I feel they would be expensive

  • Kyfreak



    I think the ball with the Lacist is trash too 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • The Nexus
    The Nexus

    The thought of basketball players not dribbling makes my head hurt

  • Adrianoxx

    The way he compares things: this basketball is a ball, but this one is more baller

  • nuff


  • Luke Everhart
    Luke Everhart

    The first basketball was a soccer ball

  • xvey


  • Isaac Warren
    Isaac Warren


  • YaBoi Zee
    YaBoi Zee

    Bro spending all this money for free. God bless em

  • Werewolf Man
    Werewolf Man

    Teacher give me two differences between the too 1. Regular basketball are a little bigger 2. The first basketball are more little

  • Kale scott
    Kale scott

    Ball tried to mix🏈and🏀

  • Brennan Michael
    Brennan Michael

    “It’s gon rain”

  • Ryan Rothman
    Ryan Rothman

    “This one just sounds shallower” “Circurlidicular” Fantastic

    • Rober el motero
      Rober el motero


  • TrussN -_- Kai
    TrussN -_- Kai

    well of course it would be trash because the game has developed more

  • HeinoRookieCookie

    This guy annoys me

  • Icon Capalot
    Icon Capalot


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