I survived 100 Days as a COW in Minecraft
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►Episode - I survived 100 Days as a COW in Minecraft


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  • notCloudii

    O_O he has cooked beef- no not unicorn

  • BLAST X Stingray
    BLAST X Stingray

    39:58 cannibal cow?

  • Madison Maude
    Madison Maude


  • Man Gun1 Gaming
    Man Gun1 Gaming

    98:58 he's eating his own kind

  • jalal khan
    jalal khan

    /10:06 he litterly cokked cows for food

  • Rok Art
    Rok Art

    You used to be a better youtuber bro, what happener

  • Manju Gautham
    Manju Gautham

    He just cooked his friends and ate them🤣🤣😂😂

  • •gãçhâlïfê_sţoŕîeš ØwØ•
    •gãçhâlïfê_sţoŕîeš ØwØ•

    pig or sheep

  • Flame Sam
    Flame Sam

    that vegan teacher needs to have a "class" with unicorn farmer

  • Aayush Gamer
    Aayush Gamer

    One more animal roel play Minecraft

  • beast Titan maui fan
    beast Titan maui fan

    Auto-cows roll out

  • Tyler Frater
    Tyler Frater

    11:07 lol moooo

    • Tyler Frater
      Tyler Frater

      29:53 gutruds ded lol

  • Omgplayyz

    U should try zombie

  • Lucy Harrison
    Lucy Harrison


  • Nafiliano official
    Nafiliano official

    I thin next animal is sheep

  • Souvik Basu
    Souvik Basu

    I loved the chicken video and this was also awesome

  • Farida Yesmin
    Farida Yesmin


  • P. Abishek
    P. Abishek

    Dog farm next

  • Gustavs Beļskis
    Gustavs Beļskis

    /summon minecraft: peta

  • Logan Grace
    Logan Grace


  • BombDiggity 07
    BombDiggity 07

    That vegan teacher wants to know your location

  • Lojuckplayz

    The cows cant push buttons and levers

  • Mareh Sopoaga
    Mareh Sopoaga

    My Question ( Break out with the pickaxe ?? )

  • Shehan Abedin
    Shehan Abedin

    Pig farm

  • Karliann McCaw
    Karliann McCaw

    I loved the saw trap

  • Floyd Cofield
    Floyd Cofield

    Nobody talks about how the his breaking animation looks the the naz! Symbol

  • Paula Tutterow
    Paula Tutterow

    His name tinker bell :’

  • Prince Kirby
    Prince Kirby

    10:04 hes literally eating his own kind

  • M Bucket
    M Bucket

    Ryan:sadly it's the only way all the cows live Me:except the cooked ones in your inventory 😆

  • M Bucket
    M Bucket

    Plz do more of these ther so entertaining 😆

  • Fermin Calizo
    Fermin Calizo


  • Mistraplays

    Let’s hope sentient cow survived if not (amazing grace plays) 🪦 sentient cow we will always remember you!

  • {•Creative Tree•}
    {•Creative Tree•}


  • Grandpa The Memester
    Grandpa The Memester

    I was like bruh when he said he needed sand for tnt but literally unicorn used tnt to kill the other cows in the well, and he said that he probably got tnt for an training center

  • Chaøs

    Do a dog one

  • Alexa Playz
    Alexa Playz

    I want see you play as a sheep in 100 days as a sheep

  • Shyle Thron
    Shyle Thron


  • Albern Deven Lim
    Albern Deven Lim

    Is this cannibalism 39:59

  • aola wili
    aola wili

    Its funny how they break character XD.

  • Cornelius


  • Taylee Buxkemper
    Taylee Buxkemper

    I think unicorns gonna make a sheep farm

  • Eleanor Wagus
    Eleanor Wagus

    The fact that he was a cow eating.. *steak* ..

  • dinosour to the end
    dinosour to the end

    me:looks up in the videos it has new pig 100 days me:OMG WOW

  • Justin Huang
    Justin Huang

    Ryan: AHHHHH OWWWWW His Health: I Take No Damage

  • Beth Tuttass
    Beth Tuttass

    Can you not make videos 59.35

  • Richard Elliott
    Richard Elliott

    That’s disgusting you’re eating your own Kind

  • liran kasa
    liran kasa

    man jojo got me off gurd XD

  • Titan Hawkins
    Titan Hawkins

    he has steak in his hand at one point

  • Glump

    So… you’re a vegetarian?

  • aqaman1212

    New subscriber!

  • Isabelle Brush
    Isabelle Brush


  • Pecareca

    1st day: a cow 100th day: a coward

  • Zachary Burdick
    Zachary Burdick


  • Rugly Juice Recipes
    Rugly Juice Recipes

    When you have time

  • Rugly Juice Recipes
    Rugly Juice Recipes


  • Eemeli Hänninen
    Eemeli Hänninen

    Dog farm

    • Eemeli Hänninen
      Eemeli Hänninen

      Or cat farm

  • Diana Frierson
    Diana Frierson

    Do a axolotl farm roll play please

  • Dawson Stevens
    Dawson Stevens

    hay can you mak e100 days as a crepper with farmer jo pleaas

  • •cinder-paw°

    Me irl:don't kill animals Me in minecraft:unicorn

  • Marcus Brister
    Marcus Brister

    So he not noticing how Ryan just watching him and moving weird

  • Korben Falls
    Korben Falls

    are you noi?

  • Todoroki

    Uni:I’m gonna name you tinker bell Me:bruh if he’s tinker bell you must be Peter Pan😎

  • ASAP Yt
    ASAP Yt

    Wait a minute.. at 28:56 he had steak..

  • hexn gm
    hexn gm

    39:39 canibalisme

  • Ruijia Zhang
    Ruijia Zhang

    47:43 JOJO?

  • Cozmin Ioachimciuc
    Cozmin Ioachimciuc

    100 days as a dragon in a dragon jail try to distroy the jail

  • Dachiana Barajas
    Dachiana Barajas

    Sheep do sheep

  • Dalton

    sheep owo


    What is the resource pack that you used?

  • Mason Miller
    Mason Miller

    Um when he’s breaking his first tree the symbol looks familiar

  • Fridge_in_End

    What resource pack do you use? It looks great.

  • Chad Law
    Chad Law


  • Jameric Sanchez
    Jameric Sanchez

    Cap 🧢

  • Adamplayz


  • Retro Gaming
    Retro Gaming

    Alternate title: A cow named tinkerbelle escapes and ruins a farmers farm for 52 minutes and 22 seconds

  • BrownyHunter


  • Eri Reversed
    Eri Reversed

    vegan teacher approves

  • April Brummitt
    April Brummitt

    I think sheep sells wool and a restaurant for the mutton

  • RichCreeper 27
    RichCreeper 27

    SO FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RichCreeper 27
    RichCreeper 27

    This was so rigged and they were using a script and there was no way he could lose!

  • The Ultamate Umbreon
    The Ultamate Umbreon

    do 100 days as a pig or do 100 days as a sheep

  • Gayle Caldwell
    Gayle Caldwell

    On day 26 he cooked cow

  • Edi Edi
    Edi Edi

    47:41 starplatinum

  • LJ Kommer
    LJ Kommer

    44:49 made me laugh so much

    • LJ Kommer
      LJ Kommer

      45:04 "I eat steak." made me laugh

  • Yug Rp
    Yug Rp

    He has cooked food of his own kind

  • Kenz 55
    Kenz 55

    His poor freinds they worked so hard on the farm

  • Random Sensei QSD
    Random Sensei QSD

    47:40 it scares the heck outta me lol

  • Patricia Jones
    Patricia Jones

    You do a sheep at Pig one

  • Adam E.
    Adam E.

    Next time unicorn will serve pigs

  • CHARLIE Hollifield III
    CHARLIE Hollifield III

    Nooooo why

  • Johannekie Schnetler
    Johannekie Schnetler


  • Javier Herrera
    Javier Herrera

    I think it's a sheep

  • Amanda Whitmer
    Amanda Whitmer

    I love the chicken video

  • Sw Geemen
    Sw Geemen

    Scheep farm

  • Aiden Snead
    Aiden Snead

    Go tinker bell !!!!!!!

  • Naves Karalis
    Naves Karalis

    He is eating his own kind what Why on day 26

  • Aritouch Thammapitakporn
    Aritouch Thammapitakporn

    He will do sheep next