Thierry Henry discusses Daniel Ek's planned takeover of Arsenal | MNF
Speaking on Monday night football, Thierry Henry has confirmed to Sky Sports that Daniel Ek has "reached out" to the Kroenke family to present an offer to buy Arsenal.

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  • Blake Butler
    Blake Butler

    Daniel ek is from now on my favourite business owner lol...up the gunners

  • Alex Van
    Alex Van

    Leave the team for kronke and his family. Fans should stop going to the stadium. Period.

  • Big Boi11
    Big Boi11

    Imo this should be waaayyyy more public so the kronkes are pushed to do this I really want this to happen


    The guy who doesn't want money does not even use the money he has to make Arsenal a great football club again.... KROENKE SELL ARSENAL NOW, KROENKEOUT

  • David Younan
    David Younan

    We need to hit the Kronkes pockets if we want them out. We have to starve them out by boycotting all Arsenal merchandise... then believe me, they will sell

  • Mase

    Legend!!! I pray they take our club back 🙏🏼

  • DSN 1
    DSN 1

    Make Arsenal Great Again

  • Stanley Crampin
    Stanley Crampin

    I mean lets be honest, "transparency and honesty" isn't gonna win us anything - the only thing that seems to lead to success in football right now is an owner who's ownership is a vanity project rather than a business venture. Apparently you have to have someone who expects to lose money owning the club and is at least prepared to 'speculatively invest' in it (put money in with no guarantee that it will be paid back, only the hope that the club's value will rise enough to compensate you - note the difference between this and the LOAN the Kroenkes gave the club recently). Basically, if we want to win stuff any time soon, we need a shitload of money thrown at us by someone who doesnt need any guarantee of getting it back, and if we don't like that fact, then we need to be campaigning for some serious change in the finance that surrounds the game.

  • Suhail Mahomed
    Suhail Mahomed

    It's not going to happen.

  • Yogesh Mahtani
    Yogesh Mahtani

    Henry didn't answer Jamie's question. Interesting to know what sort of role they'd be playing.

  • Saul Ignacio Alcala
    Saul Ignacio Alcala

    i really want a man like Thierry"the King'Henry a real guner who want's save our footballistical institution. The only way to return at the days of happiness and good football it's this find a man like Daniel EK owner of Spotify working with Patrick Vieira Dennis"mr freeze"Bergkamp and Titi working together with mister EK:mister Stan Kroenke showed not love or be envolt and specially engaged witj our club. In my humble and respecteable opinion we need to make more pacífica protests and demand of the refuse of mister Kroenke at the presidence of our footballistical institution., mister Daniel EK hace ambitions hungry thirsty of glory him witj actions and attitudes want to bring at our club a new footballistical identity at our team for that reason only lack's the rejectment of mister Kroenke but this negative and toxic man refuse to do that. Being honest only mister Mikel Arteta deserve's our respect and support because envolt when another coaches don't want accept the charge working without money and inverssions for that reason mister EK have's a seryous projwct for our team Arsenal i want him like our new president

  • Thabiso

    Honestly the current owners of Arsenal do not care about the Legacy of the club, the success of the club and the fans opinions just do not matter. All they see is dollar and pound signs. We are tired of always watching a Arsenal derby match hoping. We want to watch a derby match knowing that Arsenal has a high probability of winning. When Arsenal was still in the Champions League, as fans I think there was always that thought at the back of our minds that history will repeat itself again. Either Arsenal gets knocked out in the last 16 or in the Quarter final and each year, it always happened that way,(I stand to be corrected). Thursday 6th May 2021 I hoped, and hoped, with no prevail. I was disappointed and as usual, history repeated itself, when it comes to the Cups that matter, we do not succeed. All I do now, is think back to the old days, the glory days.

  • Danny Collins
    Danny Collins

    I love Thierry best player we have ever had in our club great man and really wants to do what he can to help the club

  • Richard Davis
    Richard Davis

    First and Foremost

  • Daniel Leite
    Daniel Leite

    I'm 16years old, live in portugal, and a few weeks ago i didn't even knew Utd and Arsenal had owners.


    If Henry comes in Xhaka is DONE

  • Professor B
    Professor B

    After daniel ek takeover , Arsenal will continue to lose more games, Arsenal fans: Daniel ek out, am sick of this blud 🤣

  • David Lungu
    David Lungu

    If the takeover happens then I see the 3 being involved in some management positions meaning 2 in dugout and one as technical director though I would prefer ARTETA to continue as manager,,,,😱😱😱

  • FPL Money League
    FPL Money League

    unfollow arsenal page..

  • Vader

    bit rich fans whinging, didnt complain when game was sold out to EPL in 92, dont protest with players on ridiculous hundreds of throusands pounds a week, didnt protest when Arambrovich and other billionaire owners came in with practically an open cheque book, since that is where you want the game to be where would you be without billionaire owners, cant have it both ways FFS...where would money come from, on a money tree!... absolute hypocrisy and naivety everywhere, of course its a business investment to these billionaires, you think its a hobby to them lol!

  • 10.10 23.0
    10.10 23.0


  • Elijah Tchilembe-Mpovie
    Elijah Tchilembe-Mpovie

    So I work for KSE back here in the States, where he owns the Colorado Rapids in the MLS, Colorado Avalanche and St.Louis Blues in the NHL, the Los Angeles Rams formerly of St. Louis who now owns a 5 billion dollar stadium in SoFi Stadium which might host the World Cup Final in 2026, the Denver Nuggets of the NBA and a radio that attracts over 20 million plus listeners. And it blows my mind that no one has stood up to them until now and I credit all Arsenal fans for their passion and love for their club, and I think it’s time the London club gets new owners

  • oz ozturk
    oz ozturk

    First of all Gud Ebening

  • ike ike
    ike ike

    Kroenke is greedy. He'll refuse Ek and try to milk his fandom, that's the Kroenke business model. Ek therefore need just bide his time, Arsenal fans should stop buying merchandise and tickets to crater the earnings. Come on you gooners.

  • Feroze A.H
    Feroze A.H

    The explanation given by our legend is not convincing at all. Its all about money 💰, and if the new ownership takes place, he will be on the board and heap loads of money 💰.. We are fans, but we are not dumb ..

  • High speed chaser
    High speed chaser

    Kroenke will never sell this club mark my words 😂 and Wenger will not leave

  • neodymium

    Just downloaded Spotify and took a premium account. Hope this happens for my sake😁

  • d cat
    d cat

    The main reason as to why Football is now officially 💩...V.A.R killed the game, nobody can really blame the owners

  • Thiago

    Charragher just sitting there 😂😂

  • Bob Sagit
    Bob Sagit

    Money = cancer stop it now . We need to make money illegal or just fix the system so its fair .. and we arent all slaves to work and basic needs you sheep slaves ..

  • Craig Melville
    Craig Melville

    The price of Spotify goes up, around the same time as Daniel proposes to buy Arsenal. Now that he has made his plans public and rolled out this cash grab through his business now it's time for other fans to stop using Spotify?

  • Bob Sagit
    Bob Sagit

    You’re alllllllllllllllll sheep money is irrelevant to this world but you clueless sheep love money .

  • Charles Bloomer
    Charles Bloomer

    Will he Ek as like. lol

  • Olaf Weinzer
    Olaf Weinzer

    Arsenal ended when left Highbury Stadium. Fact.

  • BabaStiletto

    ...pointless discussion. It isn't difficult to see that Kroenke's definition of success at Arsenal is aligned to little or no investment and a rising share price. Why on earth would he want to sell now? As long as the share price appreciates, *everything* else remains incidental. And re: Daniel "Transparency" Ek, do any listeners sit on Spotify's board? Hmmm, thought not.🙄

  • Mo Vibes
    Mo Vibes

    Who’s here after we got knocked out of the Europa league and the club is in turmoil. The biggest pussies on planet earth are arsenal players. No leadership no passion no aggression. This team is headed down a dangerous path to the point where we might battle for relegation. Years of neglect and ignorance. Kroenke out Arteta out

    • Anthony Z Elias
      Anthony Z Elias

      @Mo Vibes I know man and the sad thing is I couldn’t even get angry that we went out yesterday. My only hope now is that Stan sells and we get new management.

    • Mo Vibes
      Mo Vibes

      @Anthony Z Elias So depressing watching this club bro

    • Anthony Z Elias
      Anthony Z Elias

      Took the words right out my mouth.

  • Olusa Charles
    Olusa Charles

    Now that arsenal its not getting Europe football next season that make arsenal arsenal fans should stage protest every week this coming season

  • SanShine H
    SanShine H

    This is the most exciting time for Arsenal in over a decade.

  • Manjit Panam
    Manjit Panam

    We want our old Arsenal back Thierry Henry please do something seriously, please please please please please please....

  • bufon63

    I emailed AFTV and suggested they set-up a worldwide petition on the lines of ' Do you want the Krone's out?'/ 'Do you want Daniel Ek and the invisibles in?’ (or words to that effect). A huge fan petition in Ek's favour will certainly spur him on. I further suggested that AFTV should request fans worldwide to boycott games/ refuse to buy new AFC merchandise etc. Only affecting Krone's profits and reputation negatively over time will work. I’m sure other AFC fans have more nous than me regarding the best way to hit the Kronke’s hard financially and AFTV could have a huge influence to this effect. There was not even a token copy and paste response from AFTV to the above.

  • Med Eight
    Med Eight

    i want daniel the owner.. arsene is director of football....

  • D'SCRYPT {Prod by Soun'Knox]
    D'SCRYPT {Prod by Soun'Knox]

    I know we Arsenal Fans, ❤️ the club

  • luis bronson
    luis bronson

    I wish we had more options.....feel like we moving from one business man problem to another. Hopefully Henry and the supports trust help him out in representing the club

  • ryan evans
    ryan evans

    My fav ever player phenomenal loved watching him and arsenal playing great passing football my fav premier team ever man c now great to watch

  • O O
    O O

    Henry we won’t forget your efforts

  • Tareq Shaban
    Tareq Shaban

    This might be most watched video today amongst Arsenal fans after that horrific display!!!

  • thedriftmc

    The question is: what are the consequences if they DON'T listen?

  • carl allcott
    carl allcott

    What about players wages Thierry?

  • Wagner Rocha
    Wagner Rocha

    51% is the thing we need.

  • Darren Mills
    Darren Mills

    Lean Ride out if it's beef Don't think we ain't gunner I got shooters in my team If she belongs to the streets That can't be mon ami Quand je tire je marque Come like Thierry Henry

  • damian smialek
    damian smialek

    its not kernoke fault that arsenal hired unai emery, and let him spend a lot of money on bad players,

  • Santumukherjee Mukherjee
    Santumukherjee Mukherjee

    Arsenal Fantv crying in corner

  • Pule Mothobi
    Pule Mothobi

    Utopic ideas 😒

  • Guardian Real Estate
    Guardian Real Estate

    King Henry IX

  • kjetil knyttnev
    kjetil knyttnev

    Now we want Elon Musk to take over United. I mean he has to see the fun part of maybe having the "Red Devils" as his team when he plans on colonizing Mars in the future!

  • Joe Mac
    Joe Mac

    Silent Stan will never sell Arsenal

  • SuKUnA PlayZ
    SuKUnA PlayZ

    I don't know why but I just love arsenal like this 😆

  • Julian Dicks
    Julian Dicks

    Thierry Henry pure lad!!

  • Byron Bredenhann
    Byron Bredenhann

    I would rather have an owner with no money that loves the club and does his best for the club then a super rich, silent, don't invest anything idiot if an owner

  • James Barralet
    James Barralet

    The ‘convenience’ of a music streaming service has come at the cost of hitting the incomes of low-middle income creative people - attacking the spirit of music. Now greed is attacking the spirit of football, yet again. One greed-fuelled plutocrat to another. It’s not a solution. The spirit of football is mainly about its community value. If you keep the focus on the financial value, the spirit will wither away. Winning and losing will feel like it means less, the ‘passion’ of football will feel fake and contrived. Greed attacks the spirit of every part of society. I hope that the people consumed by greed realise that the dreams they are chasing are delusions. Money is no factor in happiness or contentment, and when you have so much that it becomes an empire to defend, you won’t have time or energy for things that actually bring happiness and contentment like family, community and nature. The fans should buy the club. A force united and guided by their spirit, not by a leader. An example for the rest of society.

  • Fadzai Chirigo
    Fadzai Chirigo

    If someone owns something....its their own choice to sell.....i dont understand why people want to force the arsenal owners to sell their club

  • Joe Biden's Husband
    Joe Biden's Husband

    If Henry comes in, hopefully not as a manager but part of them operations I'd be happy. His experience will definitely help some young players.

  • Liam Deegan
    Liam Deegan

    ☘☘ this man was mad to leave arsenal to join Barcelona now his spent and jumping on the arsenal band wagon back in pl where the money is ☘☘

  • a tib
    a tib

    Fans would have to not go to games for the owners to be bothered by this. Sponsorship and revenue is the only way to get them to listen

  • rd raden
    rd raden

    i would like to see arsene wenger also among the board or maybe being an advisor to the club management including those 3 legends and daniel ek as a longlife arsenal fan and that would be a dream come true

  • timmyarsenal

    When Thierry mentioned ‘the Arsenal DNA’, did he mean Arsene Wenger’s DNA? Arsenal were boring Arsenal before Wenger arrived.

  • Dean Latimer
    Dean Latimer

    makes me laugh, as a Geordie we've been treated to the worst owner in the EPL. Hasn't spent a penny of his own money in 13 years. ect...yet we are the deluded ones !

    • GregPaxton

      As an Arsenal fan living near Newcastle ‘I feel you!’

  • Jason (Cordes85)
    Jason (Cordes85)

    Ek aint got enough Bread to buy the club, write off the debt and invest in the team. Stan is worth double what Eks got. The only way EK can do it, is the Glazer way, and leverage the club with debt to pay the interest and repayments. If he went halves with the Richest African, then they'd have enough money to invest.

  • Richard Cory
    Richard Cory

    Everyone calm down for a moment. If you think Kroenke is exploitative ask all musicians what kind of royalty deal they get from Ek's Spotify and you might come to the conclusion it is better to let Kroenke carry on until someone who is less ruthless than Ek turns up.

  • Vivek Maru
    Vivek Maru

    Arsenal story is like WCW!😁😉

  • Jim230176

    Why on Earth do people dunk biscuits in tea? It’s gross.

  • Daniel O'Connor
    Daniel O'Connor

    Daniel Ek must be music to Arsenal fans ears !!!

  • Dan Wma
    Dan Wma

    Everytime I see you Henry, and look my cureent Arsenal, I feel like crying

  • ernestkola0

    Another business man 💯 waste of time💯 ALL is about money 💰

  • Suvan Acharya
    Suvan Acharya

    Thierry “first and foremost” Henry

  • Peter Joosa
    Peter Joosa

    When you label greed power and money more important then winning trophies, I EMPHATIZE with all the Manchester united fans who are facing evil in the world of football sport

  • Aaron T
    Aaron T

    game changer

  • R H
    R H

    Ideal scenario. 1. Stan sell. Daniel buys. 2. Arteta goes, Wenger in for 1 season. 3. 300m investment in new players 4. We return back to the top

  • Roberto Nice
    Roberto Nice

    Wishful thinking Thierry! 🤔 Unfortunately the *Billionaire* Kroenke's will not be selling up anytime soon!💸🤑💲💵💰

  • Artorius Cinggis Qahan
    Artorius Cinggis Qahan

    Wake up guys 🤭 Premiere League nd clubs are just big buisness.. Nothing more.. Moneymoneymoney for the owners...

  • Jack

    I've never been a fan of Arsenal but if this happened it would be a win for football.

  • Jay J
    Jay J

    Patrick Viera, Henry and Bergkamp walks into the Arsenal's dressing room - Everyone ( current players) is silent. Viera - "Look at the badge on your jersey. Wear it with pride." Bergkamp - " If you can't control the ball with the first touch ... You will be practicing it every second. Every day. If you have to sleep at the Emirates stadium, then so be it." Henry - "Clean the damn dressing room! You're not slobs." Ladies and gentlemen ... The Untouchables are back.

  • Jide Olugunwa
    Jide Olugunwa

    While reversing, which is a process, what happens when there is a disagreement ? Yet another reversal, to what is about to be done, what has been done, oh yes, at Liverpool. Simple washing One hand with the other, and add water so it does look like we're shaking hands. Okay. The identity of a club, non-negotiable, but this was stunted, do we reverse while others have run ahead in class?? Create what was when Arsene isn't even there, variables are changed in short. No, Dig deep, personal work, what is this club now, and what is it meant to be when handed over to next guardianship. That simple. The club is more than the stadia, or evolving people, but the hearts we pass along, first game i went to is what i'll take my kids to, and what I'll keep going to, till the gunners return. NAMES are written on walls, and underneath chairs, chairs are taken home, this isn't about ownership. But heart, look in their heart, and yours. Is it right for Football? Are they right for football? Does he even understand it, where is the proof ?? Why not make a bid till now, as a fan so concerned. Valid questions going unanswered, unasked, behind closed doors offshore. Is that a reversal, look at this first step. Rushed while the shock is on.

  • Samuel Ngumii
    Samuel Ngumii

    6:23 "We know what we want to do." The most refreshing words since the Invicibles!

  • Michael Gray
    Michael Gray

    So one foreign millionaire is going to buy out another one. And throw thierry in the grandstands on match day and that's fixes everything.

  • Infinity Nexus Reviews
    Infinity Nexus Reviews

    I gotta be honest...I used to be an Arsenal fan but I just fell out of love with them once the owners decided Mediocracy was OK.When getting Into the top 4 was deemed a successful season. What happened to my beautiful club?

  • J7 9land
    J7 9land

    I’m a Liverpool fan but I admire how Thierry, Bergkamp and Viera really really care about Arsenal. You’ve gotta respect their love and passion for the club that embraced them for many years. Legends of football and also great human beings. Credit to Daniel aswell for what he’s driving towards for the club he loves. Sounds exciting for Arsenal fans, hopefully it works out for them because we need people like Daniel running football clubs

  • P JR
    P JR

    Premier league fans have really gone dillusional and sky are loving it, they put out the bait "Arsenal DNA" 🤣 and the fans lap it up. Sky (along with many other media outlets) are pushing a narrative that somehow the fans have this power to dictate who can own the business. Time fans get a grip and get over themselves. As for Henry.. didn't he leave Arsenal (the club he loves so much)

  • Michael Juska
    Michael Juska

    Check out the way musicians get treated by Spotify. You want this guy in charge of your football club. Out of the frying pan in to the fire!

  • Chumbucket

    Not a arsenal fan but the kronks have ruined that club! Hopefully the bid is accepted.

  • Paul S
    Paul S

    Just need a bid from Don Robbie and its sealed

  • Relaxing Builds
    Relaxing Builds

    the king wants his kingdom back

  • ken ikeda
    ken ikeda

    Need to bring the biggest legend/fan on board: Ian Wright 🤞🏻

  • ErvinErkia

    Fans make over emotional decisions and shouldn't run the club. Just saying.

  • Caramelg9

    Asking ex players who are disconnected from fans, what do the fans want… typical media

  • PAS 20
    PAS 20

    What do these fans think they are going to get from a new owner. A briefing every morning? I dont care who the new owner is, he wants what Kroenke wants which is a big business.

  • Jason

    We need someone who really cares about the club takes over the club. Please.

  • Warren Dredge
    Warren Dredge

    What does a big tech guy know about running a football club? This is just going to be the same old stuff. Nothing will change.

  • Cro

    As a Spurs fan I really hope this happens. I feel if it does it will set an important precedent and could be the start of other bigger clubs either changing ownership or involving supporters into decision making

  • Liam Nugent
    Liam Nugent

    Henry is a very intelligent wel spoken guy French president one day 👌

Dunkey's E3 2021
1.9 mln
Dunkey's E3 2021
1.9 mln