I Played the NEW Minecraft 1.17 Update! (#45)

  • Samuele Aghito
    Samuele Aghito

    guys, y'all need to try this, if you go on the vanilla tweaks texture pack page, there's an option where when you watch in the spyglass it says WHAT and plays the music of the meme

    • Samuele Aghito
      Samuele Aghito

      and same thing for the screaming goat, instead of the classic scream it plays the screaming boate meme sound

  • Spencer

    It’s a split update

  • Ather Flame
    Ather Flame

    10:52 *:0 DREAM*

  • AmazeRL

    Great vid!

  • Crab

    painful how he tryed to catch an axolotl with a bucket with no water

  • Aurora The Otter
    Aurora The Otter

    10:05 ahhh good ol 1.3.x I remember when this update was announced i was getting so hyped at school was like 11-12 years old

  • Aurora The Otter
    Aurora The Otter

    8:34 poor man quartz

  • Evan Kray
    Evan Kray

    I cackled when he saw the green parrot and said DREAM

  • Ryan Bradley
    Ryan Bradley

    Uhh they split the update.

  • {Candy_-_ Gacha}
    {Candy_-_ Gacha}

    I never gaged so hard on a DREAM joke ah my chest hurts from coughing

  • Nik Hig
    Nik Hig

    The really annoys me but we only got half the update 1.17 and we are gonna be getting the rest of it supposedly when we get 1,18

  • Yo soy Frank
    Yo soy Frank

    Tengo la poderosa y perrona *_Ñ_* También esto: ü

  • Hayden Hjorthegod
    Hayden Hjorthegod

    You can make rose gold armour you have to make gold armour fist then reinforce it with copper to make rosegolf armour

  • Lucky Gacha
    Lucky Gacha

    how did i end up watching this guy for more than 5 hours?

  • Almar13 TV
    Almar13 TV

    10:50 🥶Dream🥶 Chain ⬇️🥶 Drip🥵

  • Mylo Bucat
    Mylo Bucat

    oh no tuffs much worse than diorite

  • Παναγιωτης Παναγιωτης
    Παναγιωτης Παναγιωτης

    11:48 no wadzee you need get water in the bucket and then you can caght the axolotl

  • Παναγιωτης Παναγιωτης
    Παναγιωτης Παναγιωτης

    11:48 no wadzee you need get water in the bucket and then you can caght the axolotl

  • Mr_Bear_4873

    The 1.17 snapshots are so much more fun than 1.17

  • STM Starship
    STM Starship


  • spiros kompiliris
    spiros kompiliris

    Preety good video i love it yt

  • Joseph Kelley
    Joseph Kelley

    Finding diamonds at first: YEEEESSS!!!!! OP wadzee: oh come on!

  • Luke Larue-Buckley
    Luke Larue-Buckley

    Why are you reading this...or maybe not (mission passed)

  • Rohan Dhotre
    Rohan Dhotre

    Caves are coming in their part 2 update

  • Marya Zeplin
    Marya Zeplin

    Dream va rage elixir vs wadzee in a build house challenge i think it will be so cool

  • Marya Zeplin
    Marya Zeplin

    Wadzee is to insaneeeee

  • Brilliant Aldrich
    Brilliant Aldrich

    you dont need tropical fish tou need water bucket

  • Mya Welch
    Mya Welch

    He found a screaming goat!!!

  • Robert Barton
    Robert Barton


  • Mandy

    He went full Steve Irwin in the jungle 🤣

  • Vonix Art
    Vonix Art

    I feel so bad but the entire time I watched this I was like "PLEASE I BEG OF YOU SIR JUST READ THE CHANGE LOG AT THE VERY LEAST"

  • Lord Failure
    Lord Failure

    6:36 a taco bell bong for tuff how random lol

  • Bread kitty
    Bread kitty

    10:52 DREAM 👁️👄👁️

  • CaptainPiratePlayz

    U actuly just need water bucket

  • Jurda

    3:56 "OK. Hey, do you like weed?" :D

  • kmaniscool

    Think if they made bedrock deeper then if you find 1 chunk that you have loaded in 1.16 and 1 that you load in 1.17 so one will have bedrock higher than the other so if you go below y level 0 then 1 side there will be proper caves and 1 side will be just void

  • Justin And BladePlayz
    Justin And BladePlayz

    Bedrock Is now in -1 They Changed it.

  • Choi Xero
    Choi Xero

    why is his minecraft doesnt have shadow

  • Jayden and Joshua Williamson
    Jayden and Joshua Williamson

    The reason why are you finding them so ez is because they’re comin now

  • Satsara


  • anime weeb
    anime weeb

    Hey, i havent been getting notifications for your videos, youtube is doing you wrong

  • Kate Dyer
    Kate Dyer


  • Ewan Cockburn
    Ewan Cockburn

    the 1.17 the d,s they will ad the caves

  • Sukumaran Pallisheri
    Sukumaran Pallisheri

    Finally dreem review his face like bird 😂😂😂

  • Rita Haque
    Rita Haque

    ypu can put water in thr nether with the glow lichen first put down a lava bucket in the nether then put the glow lichen in the lava and there you have water in the nether

  • Sônia Patterson
    Sônia Patterson

    U suck at 1.17

    • zig zag
      zig zag

      Says the one with his mom's phone

  • Ryan Jagpal
    Ryan Jagpal

    Sadly Tuff is not in geodes anymore

  • Ryan Jagpal
    Ryan Jagpal

    Very lock in the nether is 8 blocks in the overworld? Almost all blocks are 1 by 1

  • ThePSNinjas

    That dream joke made me laugh out loud, whilst eating cereal

  • thegamer ash
    thegamer ash

    If u use fov and spy glass together u can do ultra zoom

  • Bucatariu Iliuta Razvan
    Bucatariu Iliuta Razvan

    10:50 phahahahahahaha Btw nice update

  • Super Fire 64 Gaming
    Super Fire 64 Gaming

    A good thing to remember: 1. Ask: did they add this? Answer: no Disclaimer: this will not be correct all or even most of the time, but it will save you much disappointment

  • Jonno Ruff
    Jonno Ruff

    Bruch you just saw a Blue one And like a few Episodes later

  • Ollie Benton
    Ollie Benton

    Rip epic kahoot music😔

  • EmeryGrey

    ah yes, caves and cliffs without the caves and cliffs

  • Marin Petruse
    Marin Petruse

    Îți trebuie un data peck să ai noile caveuri și se duce bedrocul m-ai jos

  • Chloe Cochrane
    Chloe Cochrane

    10:52 Wadzee: ‘surprised’ DREAM

  • Niobe Dragones¶∆°•~
    Niobe Dragones¶∆°•~

    You do realize the caves and cliffs update has been split in half right.

  • 5k Flex with no vid
    5k Flex with no vid

    10:51 Dream *Travis Scott Music*

  • Onespot34

    4:10 never heard wadzee swear before

    • zig zag
      zig zag

      Then ur a fake fan lmao

  • Connor Duffy
    Connor Duffy


  • MsCiamajdka

    |DREAM| | 10:51 | |DREAM|

  • MisterMister5

    11:46. No. It seems you need to use a bucket WITH WATER.

  • MisterMister5

    I read the Minecraft wiki for info about the update

  • Hi spinning studio
    Hi spinning studio

    the build limit and the new bioms and caves are in 1.18

  • HatDowg

    Kill wither with dripstones

  • Cybernetic Dino
    Cybernetic Dino

    Wadzee: So so, so this is just a glorified sheep then Me: THAT GLORIFIED SHEEP KILLED ME!!!

  • Troodonshmoodon

    Axolotls and glow squids can spawner anywhere even where it was 1.16

  • Sachit Patel
    Sachit Patel

    Support from India

  • James Vanderberg
    James Vanderberg

    I just typed that right before I realized he already knows

  • James Vanderberg
    James Vanderberg

    I hope you realize that the deeper world and higher world isn't being added until the week before Christmas if you want to learn more I suggest watching some videos on UZmilk by Mojang on their Minecraft Channel the past four videos talk about the one point 17 update there might be more

  • ɢᴏᴊᴏᴜBlxt帝 sᴇɴᴘᴀɪ
    ɢᴏᴊᴏᴜBlxt帝 sᴇɴᴘᴀɪ

    "DREAM" 2021-2021

  • DynoBros123

    Holy fuck its so hard to watch this

  • Binita Shrestha
    Binita Shrestha


  • ShadowFox 876
    ShadowFox 876

    In part 2 of the update.... you need to build a yetis cave in the new caves

  • PizzaPlays

    Wadzee sorry but u just need water in the bucket to get the axoltals smh

  • Mohammed Faizan
    Mohammed Faizan

    5:55 bruh you don't knew that that is for bedrock?

    • zig zag
      zig zag

      Bruv are you stupid

  • w0lfy sunfl0wers
    w0lfy sunfl0wers

    he is kinda stupid love him but he is reallystupid

    • zig zag
      zig zag

      Yea his stupid but he build the nether in the normal world, build the enderdragon but I guess he is stupid for building alot of nice stuff

  • Nate Jeisman
    Nate Jeisman


  • Nate Jeisman
    Nate Jeisman


  • Jagpagaco

    10:51 anyone knows where to find that SFX ?

  • NolanPlayz

    Wadzee:it doesn’t look like a useful block for builds Litterally next episode he uses it for his axolotl farm

  • Eva Bowman
    Eva Bowman

    You can milk the goats

  • Moist Boy
    Moist Boy

    Put the lightning rods on top of your buildings

  • Bee Boy
    Bee Boy

    2:30 chicken melon?

  • Green Pearl
    Green Pearl

    The big Caves are in 1.17 part two

  • Ink gang
    Ink gang

    great video WadKing! :3

  • lord nero
    lord nero

    I dont think the caves update is finish

  • 🍄Weird Dear🌲
    🍄Weird Dear🌲

    *Warden comes out wanzee's cave turns into the/a spawn room for the warden* oof

  • Zh3n_bg

    We need the update so we can see cave updates and new bedrock level and new boss

  • Zia & Zuhayr Ibraheem
    Zia & Zuhayr Ibraheem

    6:02 wadzee: *straight up mines bedrock* Game: *NETHERITE VS BEDROCK WHO WILL WIN* Me: bedrock will win for sure *NETHERITE WINS* Me: games broken

  • a

    6:24 It's pronounced "al jee" not "al gi"

  • WhyJust Why
    WhyJust Why

    Bro didnt he find like the rarest axolotl when he found it for the first time

  • hy chloe
    hy chloe

    10:51 DREAM

  • Alma Sofia Riemann-Andersen
    Alma Sofia Riemann-Andersen

    Can you make a giant chessboard

  • Mock mick mike LOL
    Mock mick mike LOL

    It’s a killer baby

  • tho truong
    tho truong

    Melon is wadzee lord

  • Blu Cpiny
    Blu Cpiny

    Wadzee mines for 30 minutes and unintentionally finds a mineshaft and almost a stack of diamonds I mine for 30 minutes and find 7 iron 🙃

  • ThatBassBeast :
    ThatBassBeast :

    Axelotles are so cute!

  • TheGamerIceCube

    finally an axolotol farm