We add a CHEF Imposter in Among Us

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    Gia bảo Trần


  • Nonsense Roblox
    Nonsense Roblox

    Whoa, powers... I didn't know I had one.

  • Cristian Sancen
    Cristian Sancen

    No i am a 1 hour old new born baby I have not eaten food yet

  • Debra Dingess
    Debra Dingess

    Make a mode with a ant

  • Alltomatoe 22
    Alltomatoe 22

    Um problem when I click the like button it turns hwhite

  • Shweta Jinkala
    Shweta Jinkala

    I’m a little kid I’m 7

  • Shweta Jinkala
    Shweta Jinkala

    I’ve never eaten food

  • dawnrhines1

    i love your videos😘🥰😍😇🖖👻🤩

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    Saif Patel


  • Charlie Satchwell
    Charlie Satchwell

    You should do a marvel mod

  • Jessica Gillet
    Jessica Gillet

    No ehhhhhhhhhhh

    • Jessica Gillet
      Jessica Gillet


  • Chung Wan qi (Rosythsch)
    Chung Wan qi (Rosythsch)

    Mod idea: Cat vs Evil Dog OBJECTIVE: The crew must finish their tasks so that the cat can get the ultimate weapon to kill the evil dog Evil Dog's ability: the dog can kill when it bits the crew with the mouth the dog can also kill when it stomps on the crew the dog can also tempt the crew to follow them when the dog wags its tail. it's a 50/50 chance for the crew to follow the imp the dog can also blind the crew for 7sec with big ears ------------------------------------------------------ Cat's abilities: The cat can stun the imp when it stomps the cat can throw the crew with it's tail can blind the imp for 7sec with ears ------------------------------------------------------- mini-game: the crew take care of the dog. like they must feed it, shower it and groom it and the last one to finish dies.

  • Not Nothing0102
    Not Nothing0102

    0:17 I am eating

  • Anas Alsalihi
    Anas Alsalihi

    I eat food once a year

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    Muhammad Bin Munir


  • Rachel Anne Jocson
    Rachel Anne Jocson


  • JonCarlYT

    How do you make that happen.?????????????????

  • XicozoelUploads

    sundenee linguenee

  • William Richards
    William Richards


  • Barbara Sheppard
    Barbara Sheppard

    Hey chef and I have some lasagna

  • Pee Pee
    Pee Pee

    You are lying The like button Will turn to black

  • Szymon Kk
    Szymon Kk

    mine turned black and i eated food before i think its broken

  • Cat_reaper

    How does ssundee not see VENTS

  • Hammad Family
    Hammad Family

    dude im a girl can you do a barbie mode please pretty please i will do anithing

  • Edward Furlong
    Edward Furlong

    mickey mouse among us

  • Mason Shackelford
    Mason Shackelford

    U.s. Sushi one

  • HaRMz WaY
    HaRMz WaY

    Why is every mod made by loaf

  • Gabriel Olverson
    Gabriel Olverson

    I do I want leguni

  • TVOkids


  • Kenzie's channel
    Kenzie's channel

    now that's what i call a... back- fire ( pun intended).

    • TheGreen_Gamer

      I get it back-FIRE🔥

  • Etzle Days*
    Etzle Days*

    I like how this is not clickbait

  • GemXGenius

    me: its not the fat mod the vid:

  • Amanda Mohammed
    Amanda Mohammed

    I love you

  • Saber gaming
    Saber gaming

    Fire man mod Skid what a lot and I don’t sell like saying my idea sooooo yeah

    • Saber gaming
      Saber gaming

      Opps I meant idk not skid

  • Yahya Bagdadi
    Yahya Bagdadi

    Obviously everyone eat food

  • shina hosaka
    shina hosaka


  • Troy Knight
    Troy Knight

    Your video's are so good 👍

  • Hannah McWilliams
    Hannah McWilliams

    Mod idea # tornado

  • Babycookie242

    A food mod?😁🤨

  • farhanthegamer321x

    please do the Ratatouille MOD please


    I just noticed sigils is literally the only one who got rolled over the most. Just his luck lol

    • phils computers
      phils computers

      I know right

  • Amber del Pozo
    Amber del Pozo

    I have a idea grandpa imposter

  • Sithorder66

    This is fun.

  • Jia Li
    Jia Li

    Eh 🍆🥑🥦🥬🥒🌶🍅🥔🍠🥯🍞🥖🥚🧈🥞🧇🥓🥩🍗🍖🌭🍔🍟🍕🫓🥪🥙🧆🌮🌯🫔🥗🥘🫕🍱🥟🦪🍤🍙🍚🍘🍥🥮🍢🍡🍧🥧🌰🥜🍼🥛🍯🧋🥂🍷🥃

  • amn


  • amn


  • Ronald Xavier
    Ronald Xavier

    ship mod

  • Noah Manin
    Noah Manin

    I like when you were a chef

  • Julie Thuot
    Julie Thuot

    mods suspect

  • Abby Bacon
    Abby Bacon

    does anybody want some weinnie

  • Mexorcist

    Guess that I haven’t eaten food

  • Creep

    T-the like botton turned gray

  • Martin Cebo
    Martin Cebo

    my like button got black .-.

  • KilAcid

    My like button turned white somehow

  • Noun Phalla
    Noun Phalla

    Everyone need to eat

  • Michael Coffey
    Michael Coffey

    i do not need food

  • 「Shuba_Duck_Yen」

    " that is not how you act in a 5 star restaurant. This is how you act in 5 star restaurant **farts** "

  • GJH

    On my phone the like button turns white and on my laptop it turns black

  • Afnan Hanis
    Afnan Hanis

    SSundee: who wants some ssundinis? Me: MEE

  • Jax Hammonds
    Jax Hammonds

    The like button turned white when I pressed it

  • RyanV your basketball guy
    RyanV your basketball guy

    it turned white 😐

  • Rasha El Koussy
    Rasha El Koussy

    mod idea you shod do the time lord vs glith

  • Terri Dustin
    Terri Dustin


  • Güneş kralı
    Güneş kralı

    they killed ımposter with ımposters power XD

  • i am sammie
    i am sammie

    The like button turned white wth??

  • Nidia Gomez
    Nidia Gomez

    Sundee always do that face wend he got imposter

  • Shadow diva
    Shadow diva

    Lookumz: mr. Chef feeney can I eat some spaghetti Henwy: Wait lookumz great job now look what you done now look what you've done now were both flat This had me dying I watch that part 4 time and can't help but laugh😂😂😂😂

  • Vaparion :3
    Vaparion :3

    Mine was black😭👍

  • Josiah


  • Josiah


  • Lisa Butterfield
    Lisa Butterfield

    I want the linguini

  • Hùng Đào Quốc
    Hùng Đào Quốc


  • JabhariHQ

    sundee ask's the dumest things at the start of his videos

  • Walid khadhraoui
    Walid khadhraoui

    Ssundee there is an attack on titan mod can you play it. Ty

  • ROBLoX VS Real Life Games
    ROBLoX VS Real Life Games

    I am a kid but I still learnd how to make cake

  • Athena Bhullar
    Athena Bhullar

    lol my like botton turn black

  • Rajkumar Kamdar
    Rajkumar Kamdar

    Can you do zoo keeper mode

  • ✨Rae the Roblox player✨
    ✨Rae the Roblox player✨

    McDonald’s mod

  • Jonathan Edstrom
    Jonathan Edstrom

    fnf mod

  • S.T.C Widodo’s
    S.T.C Widodo’s

    Can u do chef vs doctor or dentist pls pls ❤️

  • ima weirdo
    ima weirdo

    Me likes: (Like button turns white) Me: How am I alive...

  • ረዐዐሠልሃጊ

    Half the prene

  • Rick

    well my like button turn white:(

  • minceraft


  • Moony Gamer Robloxen
    Moony Gamer Robloxen

    Hmm yes "ROTTEN GARBAGE."

  • PotBucketMan

    I like how he says if you have ever eaten food then I'm like don't we all

  • FiiiS


  • 𝓪𝓼𝓳

    my like button turned white...

  • Gacha_xx Tuber
    Gacha_xx Tuber

    Get off the table!!! Me: fEeT oFf ThE tAbLeeEeEeEeE!!!!

  • Gacha_xx Tuber
    Gacha_xx Tuber

    This is disturbing... but it’s funny 😂😂😂

  • Kadynmeowmeow REEE
    Kadynmeowmeow REEE

    Five thousand people never ate food!?!?!?!

  • üñknøwn bëæt
    üñknøwn bëæt

    My like button turns black :p

  • Alpha Gamer
    Alpha Gamer

    i didn’t know there was a thing called rotten garbage

  • Boso


  • Jasmine Kershaw
    Jasmine Kershaw


  • Jasmine Kershaw
    Jasmine Kershaw

    Imposter mod: hermit crab. Hermit crab can do: You choose

  • ILiekTomatoes

    Uh my like button is white idk what that means

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    michael quizon


  • Alfie

    Hiii ok

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    Beanie_Duck Plays

    my like buttons black when i clicked it