Behind the Scenes at Puget Systems (Custom Computer Builders) - Smarter Every Day 2
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Link 1: NVLink on NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 & 2080 Ti in Windows 10
Link 2: NVLINK on RTX 2080 TensorFlow and Peer-to-Peer Performance with Linux
Link 3: "Optimizing Storage for Premiere Pro" video
Link 4: All Puget Systems publications
Link 5: Puget Systems Oil Immersion Cooling
Link 6: Thermal Paste Application Techniques
Link 7: Estimating CPU Performance using Amdahls Law

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4. More cores doesn't mean it's better for you!

Side note: The fast rendering capability of this new machine actually let me eat dinner with my family on the first night I used it. This is incredibly important to me.

A special thank you to Puget Systems for allowing me to visit and for helping me


I asked Jon to put together the specs on the computer I spec'd out

Amdahl's Law %...

Moore's Law %2...

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  • David Schmidt
    David Schmidt

    Ordinarily I like your vids, but to be honest, I don't agree with your "give me some of your products FOR FREE, and I will give you some publicity" approach. If they are OK with it, fine, I just find it slightly 'cringey'. I would favor and suggest a slightly different approach: BUY one of their products...if you enjoy it, then positively publicize it, and perhaps they would discount a future purchase for you. I personally remember a young female UZmilkr, unbelievably ego-d-out, who wrote to a B n' B in Ireland (I believe) and asked for that kind of deal, and was SOUNDLY rejected, whereupon she went on YT and acted HORRIFIED that someone would actually refuse her offer, and spoke to her in real-world-speak, and she whined and cried and played the martyr. Not that you would do that, of course, but the deal you're talking about brought that to mind.

  • Professor X Gaming
    Professor X Gaming

    What a cool company

  • AirRik Rhaine
    AirRik Rhaine

    Ok .. now I Love this company

  • AirRik Rhaine
    AirRik Rhaine

    I like what he said Reminds of what a Jew once said.. a true intelligent man is smart enough to know the complexity of the problem but wise enough to explain it where even the simplest can understand it

  • AirRik Rhaine
    AirRik Rhaine

    Like this company... And I haven't even heard the full video..

  • AirRik Rhaine
    AirRik Rhaine

    IBM and apple was the two when I first seen computers and they had the big black 💾

  • Logan Newman
    Logan Newman

    I know Noctua makes the best fans. It still frustrates me that there are no color options for those of us that like to put together cool looking machines. Just tan and brown.

  • Unsteady Eddy
    Unsteady Eddy

    Just hope your PC doesn't need a good GPU.

  • Tacticool Millenial
    Tacticool Millenial


  • Patrick94GSR

    Nice to see Fractal Design cases being used. I’ve built 7 Revit workstations for my office in the past few years, and I almost always use FD cases. *edit* also can confirm that those FD cases are ridiculously quiet.

  • ReceptiveRogue9

    I fix rebuild and build computers as a Hobby and I have never seen a company build a computer to specific apllication. I always ask what the person wants to do but never fully tested it like this. I only used the knowledge of computers and general knowledge of what the computers use for certain job functions. And they publish it that is amazing.

  • Nikša

    Parallel computing is how google can find the exact quote among trillions of gigabytes of stored data in fraction of a second.

  • Mike Schriber
    Mike Schriber

    As someone who's been in the PC industry since 1988 and has owned a corporation building and selling computers and related products since 1994 this totally crack me up (and makes me feel old).

  • FootPlaysStuff

    That Ex car mechanic (face it once a mechanic always mechanic) is definitely going to invent something and become famous

  • FootPlaysStuff

    Holy shot when he pulled up his Task Manager

  • Fam Factor
    Fam Factor

    This video made me realize out dated tech cause depression if you can’t upgrade as fast as you learning.

  • Alicia Adams
    Alicia Adams

    The youthful perch delightfully cry because error distally hover failing a uncovered yarn. perfect, nosy soil

  • Colin Chrabaszcz
    Colin Chrabaszcz

    When the kid is talking about the acrylic brace affecting the temperature "It'll make it run hotter" "It'll make it run cooler" "Actually it won't really affect the temperature" 😂

  • ian Father
    ian Father

    And theyre getting a lot of heat from what i can see they need to be water cooling whatever theyre doing because i guarantee they are getting thermal throttling which means it will make it slower. As well overclocking competitors would be water cooling it so its not destroying the cpu and or the gpu you can water cool virtually all of your pc

  • ian Father
    ian Father

    A machine like that also uses more power than a nice refrigerator and its non stop pulling that while a fridge only kicks on to keep cool every so often

  • ian Father
    ian Father

    Dude you dont need a separate program to run the graphics card lmao. Its the drivers that makes them compatible and the software built into the graphics card that runs it. They played you so hard. Also theyre showing you a server when thats not even what you need 😂😂😂

    • ian Father
      ian Father

      You think thats crazy you should see what nasa uses and our military 😂😂😂

    • ian Father
      ian Father

      Thats a server with tbs of ram

  • ian Father
    ian Father

    I could build you a pc to do your editing for cheaper than what they charge lmao

  • ian Father
    ian Father

    Lol there's no such thing as application specific hardware for a gpu or cpu hes playing people bro

  • ian Father
    ian Father

    Lol that's not show it works really i build computers too

  • Hell Hound
    Hell Hound

    ''does this mean we can have dinner together more often dad?'' - this made me so sad (TuT)

  • Kyle Mullaney
    Kyle Mullaney

    "We have to educate the end user on how to meet their needs..." This is what I need from "customer service" and rarely can get!

  • amxad bhai
    amxad bhai

    And one more thing , who dislikes these videos. ??? 🤦‍♂️

  • amxad bhai
    amxad bhai

    Its like disney world for work !!

  • amxad bhai
    amxad bhai

    Man this is fun. How can i apply for a job?

  • Michael Simonelli
    Michael Simonelli

    Amazing, I working in algorithmic trading and market making. All of our key boxes have 1TB of ram or more. Amazing

  • Michael Simonelli
    Michael Simonelli

    Did they mention what software they write the benchmarks in? Aside from the software that has on built scripting, something like AHK perhaps?

  • Robert Horsfield
    Robert Horsfield

    0:50:08 They call it Equilibrium in WaterCooled applications at least

  • Kaza_Kage YT
    Kaza_Kage YT

    BTW at the end of the video you were talking to John where he said about more cores can be bad for computer but he forgot to tell you that you can specify the core to specific software. In other words you can let the software specific amount of cores to use only. For example, you can tell windows to let photoshop software to use only 5 cores and you keep the 3 cores for windows browsing or whatever 😉 😜 😀 🤔 John forgot about simple fact. 😉 More cores always good, he's making fool off of people.... coz you can give them specific tasks or software to work on......

  • Kaza_Kage YT
    Kaza_Kage YT

    DDR5 is here, 24gb ddr5 is equalent of 64gb ddr4. Ddr5 will have 1 die chip consist of 24gb memory on single sector, now imagine a single DDR5 with the 24gb x 8 chips on just a single DDR5 RAM. Quantum World is here

  • Wolraad Woltemade
    Wolraad Woltemade

    Really feeling that bad faith coming through in this one.

  • TheMajorLim

    the takeaway from this.. Destin was tortured in school for being excited... :(

  • Classic Riki
    Classic Riki

    It’s brilliant watching these guys who enjoy their job so much. I won’t say much but any fellow geeks out there know the pain of hearing from someone, “I’m having problems getting onto THE email”. *Dies a little more inside*

  • Alexz

    Mans said complex and python in the same sentence 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭

  • Øyvind Lie
    Øyvind Lie

    noctua coolers? i mean come on

  • Artiken

    Destin, Love your video's. I've been playing with computers for over 45 years now. Darn. I'm getting old. You asked two very important questions. The answers to which were either political or not yes/no. The first one was about thermal cycling. The answer is maybe. Yes as the silicon heats and cools it will develop cracks and fail. Almost all of the other components this is also very true for. Hard drives also have the added problem of 'stickyon', that is where the heads are polished each and every time the platter spins up and down. The read/write heads fly above the platter. When you stop the platter the head land on the platter. This causes them to become polished. Eventually the heads will stick to the platter. The other thing to consider is that the platter drive takes much more current to spin the platters up. In the cheap hard drives this caused the driver chip to let it's smoke out. I am saying that you should not tell your operating system to spin down the hard drive to conserve power. The bearings on the platters are also high speed low torque bearings. They wear out the most when being spun up/down. Minimal wear when running. Stop/start will shorten the life of your hard drive. So the answer would seem to be, "leave the computer running 24/7". EXCEPT!!!! You plug your computer into the wall. That power is NOT clean power. 60 htz is guaranteed. Voltage, not so much. Brown outs are way more dangerous to your computer than voltage spikes. Spikes are bad. So the longer you leave your computer running and plugged into unclean power, the higher the chances that bad electricity, typically from a storm, will kill your computer. So the answer seems to be, "only have your computer on while you are using it." The best solution is always on, with a battery backup which provides line conditioning and surge protection. Then do not worry about the electrical usage. I would still turn off the monitor and printer. These items draw power you are not using, and are fairly inexpensive to replace. The second question you asked and were not given a straight answer. Apple Vs PC. The thing that makes Apple the most awesome computers is also the same thing that makes them suck. A single source supplier. While Apple can include the state-of-the-art in their devices, which they do. And the parts of their systems work fabulously together. PC is a hodge podge of vender parts, so compatibility is a problem. Not all things work optimally together. Apple has nailed it down for you. The machine will simply work out of the box, rock steady, and reliably. EXCEPT Since the machine comes from one company you are going to pay a premium price, you are only going to get what they offer, you have to pay them to fix it if it breaks (expensive) and forget about upgrading it. Plus they decide when it is obsolete. Adobe products originally were designed to work on Apple, with their multi-threading 68000 cpu's (A fantastic chip.) All the Adobe products worked well. Then they got ported over to the Microsoft platform. With Microsoft business practices, constantly moving API targets, upgrade treadmill, etc. Adobe products crash. It is not Adobe's fault.

  • Kai Damata
    Kai Damata

    me as am amateur pc builder with 6 under my belt actually understands 98% of this stuff!! yay me


    THIS VIDEO makes me want to run nekked through the Mega Mall at 7 pm on friday and sunday while yelling "The Train's a Commin"

  • Jeremy Heck
    Jeremy Heck

    These guys are just awesome. By talking to them you can tell they care.

  • LeRainbow FPV
    LeRainbow FPV

    I find it weird that not everybody is able to build a pc. It‘s literally plug and play my guys.

  • Alicia Adams
    Alicia Adams

    The accidental typhoon crucially shrug because whistle anteriorly advise aside a jagged pamphlet. fluffy, mundane caravan

  • Ryan Luna
    Ryan Luna

    2:11:23 best part of this video. "no sir".

  • Mind Over Matter
    Mind Over Matter


  • Rishabh Manglunia
    Rishabh Manglunia

    Man! This video was so good!!! I just completed my bachelor's degree (which was computer related) and was just looking around to learn more in depth about computers and hardware and all that cool stuff that I always kept hearing about! Thanks Destin! For telling us about a an invaluable repository of all of that knowledge! Really appreciate the video man! Been a subscriber since the last 3 years!!! Love your videos!! 😍

  • tommydreamer70

    I thought I was interested in this and thought I could watch a lot of it but I’m so lost and it’s only 9 minutes in... I tried my best.

  • Erick Perez
    Erick Perez

    They can have my money 💰 I want one

  • Alicia Adams
    Alicia Adams

    The hanging sentence perinatally face because shrine synthetically happen under a fascinated hockey. shallow, damaging cheese

  • The One
    The One

    i love seeing 10 series cards in old youtube videos

  • Ameha K
    Ameha K

    Once spent a weekend talking about Star trek and space exploration with a NASA scientist.

  • な だい
    な だい

    The annoying sister-in-law psychophysically touch because wrecker perinatally phone along a thoughtless throne. sleepy, arrogant lemonade

  • AmphHitter

    Dam mate your vids and topics are great! Love how you've fit your kids and youth memories in there at the end. Plus really hope this got you to spend more time eating dinner (and all the other stuff that kids deserve 😁) with them more! Getting smarter every day!😃👍 Thanks man!

  • Brandon Crider
    Brandon Crider

    I miss these days, so many cards to buy at retail price or cheaper :(

  • Robert Lasiter
    Robert Lasiter

    Legendary MX510 at 5:48!

  • Andrew Ziegler
    Andrew Ziegler

    All this because of the high speed camera fan. I would just have it powered on it’s own isolated power supply.

  • Paul Weston
    Paul Weston

    5:42 That sounds like my old ABS M1 keyboard. It was loud and had a great feel to it. I eventually spilled something on it after many years of use and they don't make them anymore. Does anyone know what keyboard he is using?

  • Rich Staples`
    Rich Staples`

    The big difference is to you computers were a new thing and to ur kids , the desktop seems "old fashioned" compared to what they are used to being around.

  • Rich Staples`
    Rich Staples`

    trying to make him feel better because he used to be a car mechanic prolly made him nervous and feel like he had to be defensive with you which is why he did all this posturing and was stressed out to explain things to u in a way where u would accept him as qualified. Why ask "what are you doing here? again ur asking questions in a way that makes people nervous around you. Why not explain what YOU are doing there and ASK him to HELP you. Again asking him his education and thinking himsaying "you can really get me going" was NOT about into alot of detail, but rather upset and worried you didn't see him as qualified. You really need to think about the effect of your words on others. His mood totally changed when you told him to explain it simply. Wow way to go accusing the one guy of not being willing to discuss the shortcomings Why accuse him of being biased? Again accusing him of being biased and having emotions get in the way...why do that to people. Your need is to provide content , instead of seeing others as opposed to providing you the information you are seeking see them as an extended part of your video making team.

  • LinkinPark4Ever1996

    I see lots of Noctua 💙

  • Eyrok Arobaz
    Eyrok Arobaz

    24:33 I love how you can feel his excitement there. Nerdz having fun, definitly awesome !

  • sicsicsix

    this was very could to watch and learn. thanks

  • RL studios
    RL studios

    watching this video was hard because I was trying real hard not to blow $3,000 on Grafix cards.

  • David Du
    David Du

    They are wizard's 🪄

  • Teodor Foca
    Teodor Foca

    Super Awesome !

  • Herman Green
    Herman Green

    The rabid learning spectacularly whistle because bestseller prominently invent like a gifted ton. cool, ossified argentina

  • Scott Prian
    Scott Prian

    2:12:50 BEEP

  • khaleb mackey
    khaleb mackey

    The tight street prenatally squash because letter uniquely scrub regarding a petite organisation. aboard, cheap acrylic

  • imurcat

    in 2021 that room full of gpus is like 150k in value

  • Maverick Rider
    Maverick Rider

    12/09/13 Puget Sound finished this custom built 8.1 laptop. 8 years this computer has worked flawlessly. I carried this laptop daily through college, multiple online classes and graduated with it. Puget no longer makes laptops, sadly. Puget was putting 16g rams, multiple cores, 500g and more solid state SSDS as you requested before most of use even knew what these were.. Until last year this computer could smoke any of the top brands in speed and reliability. It still logs on at light speed. 8 years old and still running anything I have ever asked it to, not even a hiccup. Puget Sound fanboy oh yea. Puget Sound, If you can afford it, and want a top o the line gaming platform, or server..... just take my money.

  • Harry Nicholas
    Harry Nicholas

    adobe are a pain in the neck, the software might be good (ish) but they do it in the clumsiest way. whatever it is, lightroom i think, one of their bits of software has been redundant for years, but uninstall it from adobesuit, everything stops working. they have a language pack for EVERY bit of software, that's dozens - hundreds - of files you only need once in one place. bloatware.

  • B4D-W0LF

    Mor's laws are dead as of 2021

  • Eugene Elkin
    Eugene Elkin

    NICE AWES0ME C00L_🍨🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚 💨 🍮 🥧 🍡 🍧 🍨 🍦 🍰 ❗ 🐬 🌺 🌺 🌺 🥀 🌹 🌷 🍁 💐🍂 🐡🐄 🐅 🐆 🐯 🍣 🍣 🍣 🥘 🍨🍨🍨

  • Jennifer WhiteWolf
    Jennifer WhiteWolf

    Stop calling a Windoze system a PC. PC is "Personal Computer". If your want to call it something tell the truth... its Windoze... We run Linux operating systems on workstations, and laptops. They are personal computers but in NO way are they Windoze junk operating systems. Even the one single device we have to run Windoze platform programs is not even a Micro$oft OS product. Linux rules. It RUNS the world.

  • Lincoln Sternn
    Lincoln Sternn

    Maybe I'm missing it, where can I acquire a similar base/case for those testing rigs that they use, they looked sweeeettt!!!!!!!

  • Gabe Darrett
    Gabe Darrett

    This company has my utmost respect, especially for its transparency

  • Nick Clutterbuck
    Nick Clutterbuck

    What a rad place to work!

  • Sergei Garbar
    Sergei Garbar

    Isnt Linus Tech Tips subscribed to this channel? )))

  • E A
    E A

    This is an amazing video. Thank you Puget Systems.

  • One More Guy Online
    One More Guy Online

    Years later, Puget still getting the plug.

  • Michael J V
    Michael J V

    This was such an incredible video. Puget Systems is an amazing company.

  • notfiveo

    My computer edits video just fine. I start it when I go to bed then it is halfway done by the time I wake.

  • bryan 5814
    bryan 5814

    dude been a computer guy and watching this guys talked in our language feels so natural until he said you are saying a lot of stuff xd

  • airste172

    Maybe if I had a UZmilk channel and cut a publicty deal with Puget, I might get a similar experience. So far, my own experience with Puget has been less than stellar. They give you the impression that they bench test every computer with the application for which it was intended, but that is not the case and they don't mention anything about that in the price quote you get from them.

  • jorgemt62

    I'll go check it for a bitcoin mining computer!

  • kova

    2:10 now i know why he drive honda 😂

  • DexyD20

    Why does the kid keep saying yes sir? It's too formal for a child and is weirdly unsettling too me.

  • drraptor

    the real solution is watching some LTT and building it yourself

  • Rat's Zone
    Rat's Zone

    Nice I watched it all nice video.

  • Wyd Glide
    Wyd Glide

    I'm only 2 years late for the party, I have to say I have 20 years working on computers and the thing I enjoyed the most was your son saying yes sir.... And that is a direct reflection of you .... Keep up the good work

  • Pro Ninety
    Pro Ninety

    1:55:55 without sounding bias, compared to the pc recommendations against performance, what do you think of the M1 Mac Mini(16gb ram) compared to their 2021 pc counterparts? Basically 4K60 editing, $ against performance which is better?

  • Bob Fels
    Bob Fels

    Hmm didnt see any proper ASD protection until now. Guess standard computer stuff isnt as senitive as the stuff I work with, but still, proper clothing, wristband and earthing is not expensive.

  • Bob Fels
    Bob Fels

    @20:00 In this market information becomes obsolete really fast. Sharing the data will be a nice showcase of their expertise, but after like a year, the information is not worth a lot anymore, except that you can conclude that the "hardware ninja warriors" know their jobs.

  • FourMaxK1

    Very good.

  • Construction Watcher
    Construction Watcher

    I have been a Puget Systems customer since 2009. I've not been looking for performance to support demanding applications like those discussed, but for quiet. My wife and I are retired, and in a house in the woods with no kids, no electronic sounds when the TV is off, not even forced air heating and cooling. So the ambient sounds are mostly generated by wildlife outside the open windows. We are both heavy computer users, side-by-side, and were really annoyed by the noise generated by off-the-shelf systems. I had a system built by a company specializing in quiet systems, but they had gone out of business when I was ready for a new system, and I found Puget had quiet systems as one of their specialties. Their approach is not unlike what was described in the video, choosing hardware to best suit the performance criteria, but in this case the criteria is choosing components with moving parts that are very quiet, and components that allow management of heat as quietly as possible. We are on our second generation of Puget systems, and they are perfect for our needs. The only sounds we hear are from the CD drive on the one system that has one. Their support for hardware and software upgrades, and the few very hardware failures we've had, have been great. It's a great company. It was fun seeing some of the folks I've dealt with over the years.

  • Mister Sniper
    Mister Sniper

    This is why i cant find any dam graphics cards anymore

  • Michael Meier
    Michael Meier

    What do you mean by paddling? I thought that was a joke from the Simpsons. Was that before or after 1900?

  • Alicia Adams
    Alicia Adams

    The alike peer-to-peer ultrasonographically walk because mailbox regularly telephone absent a polite transport. devilish, nimble drill