MKBHD Studio Tour 2021!
Welcome to the studio channel!

Fully furniture:

00:00 Intro
01:35 Meet the team
13:58 Top Down Room
15:47 Set Room #1
16:45 Rec Area
17:08 Robot Room
18:30 Center Atrium
20:21 Gaming Station/Kitchenette
22:15 Set Room #2
24:08 WVFRM Podcast Studio
26:59 Gaming Room
27:34 Prop Room
28:28 Camera Room


Intro Track: Jordyn Edmonds

  • Hayato Huseman
    Hayato Huseman

    I guess I should take it as a compliment that the camera handoff was smooth enough a number of people didn’t notice, but I was the cameraman for the video lol.

    • King J
      King J

      Nice tattoo

    • aron banon
      aron banon


    • FluidKeyboards

      DUDE HOW SHORT ARE U? does Kevin Hart look down on you or what?

    • sleivy sara
      sleivy sara

      amazong 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 awesome LOVING YOUR the #LUMIY lightblade lamp change my LIFEEE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • Dawn Fonfara
      Dawn Fonfara


  • Jason Darr
    Jason Darr

    Respectfully… WHO’S PAYIN FOR THIS SH*T?

  • Oyamodrogz Vitalis
    Oyamodrogz Vitalis

    Where are the other gender?

  • Nathan Hilliard
    Nathan Hilliard

    markus brownlee

  • Cameron Dickson
    Cameron Dickson

    The hoc libra lately plant because saudi arabia encouragingly strap athwart a little carrot. stormy, chemical rotate

  • TheGrayPrincess

    Well I think not EVERYTHING from the embargo box stayed in the embargo box until embargo was over lol

  • theverage

    Who noticed that he has pewdiepie headphones🙃

  • Feliz Games
    Feliz Games

    iPhone 13 leak

  • Anyday tech
    Anyday tech

    17:45 u can see the iPhone 13 prototypes 😂

  • Vincent Janggang
    Vincent Janggang

    Seeing the team that he's got, makes me feel like wanting to work with them🤣

  • Nathanlambright Lambright
    Nathanlambright Lambright

    Yo what in the actual frick is that floating sandal about

  • Matt B
    Matt B

    So this guy employees a whole team now 😂 how the hell are smaller you tubers even going to compete? Something should be done about these you tubers who are milking the platform and growing out of control

  • Josephat Mwanzia
    Josephat Mwanzia

    You probably should consider getting more ladies in the team 😅

  • Anthony Kelly
    Anthony Kelly

    "How many Mac Pro's should we get for the studio?" - Yes.

  • Apurva

    Wow a half an hour single take video. Take a bow to Marques and the team for this one. This has to be the best studio tour of the decade probably.

  • Rohan Arora
    Rohan Arora

    Dream studio space.

  • Miguel Ruiz
    Miguel Ruiz

    At 3:36 you can see the iPhone 13 👀

  • Neysu

    4:09 I wasn't the only one looking for my phone, right? :D

  • 044_avishek _roy
    044_avishek _roy

    need a video on David's camera collection.

  • BeyondReality

    22:26 First thought there is a young version of Quentin Tarantino on the left :-D

  • Razak Sama
    Razak Sama

    Linus tech tips bottle there buddy.

  • saSA

    honesly i would feel in here that i have achived something, so big studio so many guys ohhh love it

  • saSA

    These Cool Tables are from Czech company arent they? So cool seeing products of ours in MKBHD video :D

  • seenzoned

    I must have been gone long enough not knowing David Imel from AA is with the "The Studio"... good to see you

  • lizdiroo

    Just curious, but do only men work there?

  • Carissa Hart
    Carissa Hart

    - Alright who do we have here? - Hey what’s up, I’m a man. - Cool cool, let’s see whose next to him.. - Hi, I’m also a man. - Oh and what’s going on here? - Sup I also happen to be a man… 😮‍💨

  • Toss

    DAAAAANG!! That looks like my dream office!!!!

  • Tanuj Iyer
    Tanuj Iyer

    A 30 minute take.... A 30 MINUTE TAKE

  • Nish C
    Nish C

    Impressed and surprised to see the whole set-up and the small details

  • chinito

    apple fan boys

  • Gaming VibeGH
    Gaming VibeGH

    Really want to be part of your team bro. I love team work 💪

  • Christian N
    Christian N

    Lol in the shot with the embargo box, you can clearly see the iPhone 13’s on the red mat behind it

    • Siddharth Srinivas
      Siddharth Srinivas

      They are also in the robot room shot

    • Christian N
      Christian N

      Two scenes later you can see someone looking at the desk and they are gone lol he must’ve moved them

  • Amin Satar
    Amin Satar

    I envy this man.!✊🏽

  • Khaled Saif
    Khaled Saif

    I Want to work with you to learn.

  • Moser

    Big flex in sostanza

  • A d e
    A d e

    Man, you're so inspirational.

  • Dream Media
    Dream Media

    Woo unbelievable settings and facilities

  • Joshua Deocareza
    Joshua Deocareza

    Man! I wanna work for you!

  • William G. BURLET
    William G. BURLET

    Did I just see an iPhone 13 on the robot room ? A month before the announcement ?

  • Goodnight Advanced
    Goodnight Advanced

    "Mostly I use the 364 gigabytes of ram in this mac pro to use google docs" 😁

  • Alon Abadi
    Alon Abadi

    Why yall are working in my dream home?

  • Koena • 67
    Koena • 67


  • Bernard Kung
    Bernard Kung

    Is the phone in the video room an iphone 13 (the camera placement)? 17:44

  • Megat Harith
    Megat Harith

    Love the genuine awkwardness in this video

  • Gabriel Roy
    Gabriel Roy

    Is the embargo box really playing "SHEEEEEEEEEEEESH" when you open it? I lost my mind

  • Anthony S
    Anthony S

    the headphone holder is the most impressive thing in the studio

  • SVF Olli
    SVF Olli

    It's great to see some of the devices you are using. Saw the Yamaha HS speaker here, and liked them right away. Finally got a pair of HS7's ... wow ... what a pick. Thanks for that hint :-)

  • Rafid Sarowar
    Rafid Sarowar

    we can see the iphone 12

  • WillP Tech
    WillP Tech

    In the secret box, is it an embarrassing picture of you at a Christmas party?

  • TheReal_ist

    Hayato and Andrew god damn there fine...

  • StraightToThePointGaming

    I'm interested the Xdesk. In the website can you choose the size of the table or is it one size in particular? I'm doing research on it in the website, customizing it, and all but I want to make sure if its one size. Thanks!

  • Marckus Harden
    Marckus Harden

    Great video! I think it says a lot about Marquez to have such a big studio with so many rooms and yet not using a single one for a private office. I love that he's humble enough to work alongside the guys.

  • f.r.e.e.

    Why no women on the team?

  • Rahul Reddy
    Rahul Reddy

    17:55 isn’t that the iPhone 13

  • BSG

    Hi guys, How much of this studio setup is PoE? Any lighting, podcast equipment, cameras, other infrastructure? And if none or not much, was this ever a consideration when planning your workflow and or energy ethos? Would really appreciate your response.


    "It's just a floating sandal, we can ignore it" seriously dude?

  • Ahmed Kamal
    Ahmed Kamal

    so nobody noticed the iPhone 13 in the robot room 1 month before release 😂😂😂

  • Bright Mulenga
    Bright Mulenga

    You should employ some females in your studios

  • Vishal Tambrahalli
    Vishal Tambrahalli

    What do you call the clip that Andrews uses as his headphone holder?

  • Sim K
    Sim K

    So very cool studio Marq

  • Sreejan Deewan
    Sreejan Deewan

    Did anyone else saw the iphone 13 in the robot room ???

  • Ajay Jose
    Ajay Jose

    ok idk if you planned this. This is my second time watching the whole vid. At the end, when you said you saw me hit the like button, I remember actually just hitting the like button like 2 seconds before that. I thought that was really cool. And guess what, about two months later, I did the same thing at pretty much the exact same time. Really interesting. But yea, realised I'd already liked the vid. So hit it twice. Love the vid.

  • Dominik Schaumburg
    Dominik Schaumburg

    All these mechanical keyboards must make such a racket. Is typing allowed during a shoot? 😅

  • Singh Yuvraj
    Singh Yuvraj

    Andar kam se se kam pachas crore ka mal he Bhai sahab

  • ShattaYoot

    The future in one video!!!

  • Jesus Is Lord
    Jesus Is Lord

    I smiled throughout this video.

  • pulse1989za

    Shoutout to the box of Cheerios. If you know, you know

  • Smyan Narang
    Smyan Narang

    hard to imagine someone as cool as andrew could ever ban someone(im clive bixby aka alok kumar btw)

  • Justin Porter
    Justin Porter

    Inspiring. 🔥

  • abcabc375

    Please review the herman miller embody!

  • Youtube Master
    Youtube Master

    Rather than UZmilk!!! What are the Works, Projects they are doing anyone knows? or they shares before?

  • damion Wongsang Il
    damion Wongsang Il

    entrepreneurship is amazing process. respect

  • Tashawna Yosa
    Tashawna Yosa

    Man maded?

  • Akram AL-ADEMI
    Akram AL-ADEMI

    You guys made me regret going to dental school .. Your work is so beautiful

  • Makondu Chiyesu
    Makondu Chiyesu

    I just want one of those phones from that drawer🤭

  • Gabriel Velea
    Gabriel Velea

    what a sad blue -eyed wankas studio - not a single female employee for the MKBHD "Empire"...

  • Amine Kemicha
    Amine Kemicha

    Now the real question: How much is the electricity bill ? 🤔

  • Reuben Ahmed
    Reuben Ahmed

    how are you so tall

  • C R
    C R

    Not going to lie, I am disappointed to see not one other Black person in the video or women. But, it's not company. 🤷🏿‍♂️

  • Osama Khan Tanoli
    Osama Khan Tanoli

    Its great. Fantastic dream video….Keep it up. Love from Pakistan

  • Benjy Poli
    Benjy Poli

    I wonder how much money was spent on everything in this studio... 😂

  • Afif Rais
    Afif Rais

    Need more gender diversity

  • fred

    This is a sausage factory, where are the women????

  • Barrett Whetstone
    Barrett Whetstone

    The ltt water bottle tho. I want a story behind the Linus sandal

  • J. Carter
    J. Carter

    Super dope! Felt kinda like a game of iSpy anyone catch the other sandal?? haha

  • Bojidar Jeliaskoff
    Bojidar Jeliaskoff

    What is the rent of a place like this?

  • Omar Olivares
    Omar Olivares

    I WOULD LOVE to see a real workflow from a team perspective. Love to see how everyone do their thing to create a piece of content, and how everything is managed.

  • Huzefa Kagalwala
    Huzefa Kagalwala

    I've followed so many audio gear reviews from Adam Molina and also seen David on Android Authority! Did anyone else realize? Also, more power to MKBHD!!!

  • Mangua

    Im sorry but my lil brother is so inspired watching Marques and that he is achieving while being a black man is so inspiring i love it.

  • Eric Ampire
    Eric Ampire

    It's really impressive

  • KHMER Laptop Repair
    KHMER Laptop Repair

    nice bro

  • RR


  • Mohinder Verma
    Mohinder Verma

    loved it . thanks for sharing,,,,,

  • mr. stonks
    mr. stonks

    ltt could never

  • Elijah Voigt
    Elijah Voigt

    Was this one continuous shot? I didn't see any cuts, but people moved around a lot.

  • Ricky Boleto
    Ricky Boleto

    So good to see how you make the videos and meet the crew. Do you have any women working on the team?

  • Captain Rocky
    Captain Rocky

    And it all started from a video made by a webcam. Gold!

  • Alejo Flores
    Alejo Flores

    Where is the L shape table on the podcast studio from? Is that custom?

  • uxm2009

    Man, this dude is million years in front.

  • Muhammad Syamim
    Muhammad Syamim

    is david the guy from the android authority?