I made a self correcting golf club
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I wanted to see if I could make myself a better golfer by combining robotic engineering and golf. The result is a robotic club that senses your swing and corrects your shot for distance. It should be possible to correct for slice and hook with some hardware and software upgrades. It also has a cool mode where it can be any iron so no need to carry eleven clubs.

All hail our our robot overlords. I'm looking forward to gen 2 and doing more science on how good a robot really can make you.

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I use a 13" iPad for all my technical drawing: amzn.to/2RKOnyL

Parts used in this build:
Practice green: amzn.to/374UnZL
Basement driving net: amzn.to/2MjWqQ1
This driver gave its life for the cause: amzn.to/2z0CDSC
Servo: amzn.to/3eLQD1U
Screen: amzn.to/3crVfZt
Knob: amzn.to/2BrgPAp
Battery pack: amzn.to/2U1jjfl

Books that I've read to learn many of the skills used in this project:
Real time collision detection: amzn.to/35iUr7i
Introduction to algorithims: amzn.to/2yUUSIN
Planning algorithims: amzn.to/2Smavj9
Statistics: amzn.to/2zIlywI
Computational geometry: amzn.to/3cZ7YmR

Other tools and things that I think are great:
Wera allen keys 1000x better than el cheapos: amzn.to/2KlCb36
Wera allen keys (english): amzn.to/2RQUxNG
The best marker ever. Marks everything. Always in my pocket: amzn.to/3ewHGtL
Import spot welder. Cheap bulletproof: amzn.to/2ypHmMU
Rivnuts + tool: amzn.to/3eJstWy
Digital angle gauge: amzn.to/2Vn6ZXL
Bench sheet metal brake: amzn.to/2XNfI7h
Vise brake (highly recommend): amzn.to/3akCkhZ
20 ton press brake: amzn.to/2xw4fhL
Cordless angle grinder - this thing will change your life: amzn.to/3cxrDdy
Dropped off ladder 20x and still going strong: amzn.to/2wO855g
Hypertherm powermax 45xp with machine torch: amzn.to/2zfoyAv
Hypertherm fine cut consumables (great for sheet metal) amzn.to/34SjMom

  • Martin

    I hope you have a patents specialist for this idea. At some point the technology will meet with expectations. Golf a $12 billion dollar industry. Remember Tesla? He had no head for finance or profit. Died dirt poor.

  • Loweko1170

    There's a Nero Wolfe novel where someone is murdered with one of these.

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    Todd P

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    Killerblue 1080

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    The lazy kid

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    This guy made a self correcting golf club.

  • WJS

    Regarding the angle the club is at when it hits the ball, could you assume that once you get to a certain part of the swing you're always just about to hit the ball and adjust accordingly? Would the system be fast enough to do that, or does it really need to have a margin of time to adjust?

  • WJS

    Spend an entire day writing a USB driver? I'd think it would be quicker and easier to just solder the pins you broke back on.

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    Design a grand Piano that tunes itself

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    Dimitar Petkanski

    That was actually one of the best videos, because the stuff made here is relatively simple (compared to thee other projects), but still effective. :) LOVE IT!

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    Shocking Developments

    These videos are amazing. Just one idea: As married engineer, I really appreciate the baseline level of crap my better half puts up with. It would be cool to see the help and support your wife offers, rather than cheap (albeit orchestrated) pranks.

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    Hi Shane - I believe that right handed golfers wear a glove on the left hand.

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    Martin Colvill

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  • Gas Masher
    Gas Masher

    It would be neat to have the head weight change based on the selected club. Maybe weights in the shaft. Move them closer to the head for a heavier club and up to the pivot point for a lighter club. Liquid in the shaft with an inflatable bladder in the center. A vent tube connecting the top and bottom around the bladder and the liquid near the head could be pumped and held in place.

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    Calder Wishne

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    Andrew Dillon

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    Gulf Divers

    I saw the Wera Stainless Allen key you were using at about 5:55. They are absolutely amazing tools. Wish they made more products in that “stainless” alloy. I’m a diver by trade so those are the only Allen keys that last.

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    Andy Nathan

    You did a bow that corrects your shot, but why not make the arrow do the same?

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    Big Jumbo

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    Big Jumbo

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    Chimera Photography

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    Big Jumbo

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    Rainer Buechse


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    noah jones

    Is there no kind of small electronic level-gauging device that you could attach to the shaft as opposed to trying to gage it purely based off of speed? Asking for a friend.

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    Tyler Furrison

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    Tom Young

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    Bill Zusner

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  • jimbobur

    4:10 The conclusions in this section about the shockwave not travelling very far up the club within the 500 microsecond contact time are incorrect. The speed of sound is not a fixed constant! It varies greatly depending on the material through which the sound is propagating. In most steels (and most other metals they make golf clubs from) it's of the order of 3000m/s, so the shockwave will easily travel the entire length of the club in 500 microseconds (in fact a quick calculation shows it'll travel more than 1.5m in steel in this time). From your rough indication with your hands along the club (looked like about 15 or 16ish cm) it looks like you were using the speed of sound in air (~330m/s) for your estimation and were thus out by about a factor of 10.

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    Jordan L

    Living the AvE way. "Make cool shit, put it on the internet"

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    hopefully just a guy

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    Keine Bühne für Grüne!

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    David Williams

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    Erick Allison

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  • Josh Young
    Josh Young

    The obvious next step is to give the head the freedom to rotate along the axis of the golf club (i.e. left/right) and make a putter aimbot. Unless you already did that and I missed it. Also I think the hack of assuming the club will whack the ball at the same angle that it's at when the swing starts could work as a legitimate technique if you brute forced it, running a bunch of trials and getting pairs of data points (angle at swing start, angle at swing end) to see if there actually is a difference and if it follows a clean function. Maybe even get a third or more data points (probably just the data from the bottom of each practice swing, just the angle they end at, because I predict the actual club trajectory of each practice swing will have the most variance of the whole thing and be the hardest to synthesize one answer from, while the stopping angle will have the cleanest correlation)) and see if a good relationship can be drawn from those.

  • Big Air Films
    Big Air Films

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    Josh Young

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  • Josh Young
    Josh Young

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