Rocket Powered Golf Club at 100,000 FPS
My golf game has improved.

ALSO, see how I make all my builds:


0:03 Arrow - Andrew Applepie
0:51 Kalimba Jam - Blue Wednesday (this was made just for me so you won't find it :)
1:36 Faidherbe Square - Proleter
2:35 New Shoes - Blue Wednesday
4:37 Marimba Idea - Blue Wednesday
7:08 Cereal Killa - Blue Wednesday
14:19 Q - Blue Wednesday
15:22 - Too Happy to be cool by Notebreak-

Summary: We made a rocket powered golf club that can swing at 150mph. Instead of just showing the final build I wanted to walk through the engineering design process. We failed in 6 different ways before eventually getting it just right. My friend Destin came and helped out and shot some amazing high speed shots on his nice Phantom camera.

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  • Dave AMADEUS
    Dave AMADEUS

    150mph? Kyle berkshire: hold my 🍺

  • Foot Lord
    Foot Lord

    You should turn the golf balls into basically tracer rounds so you can see where they go.


    Tiger Woods: Im the best golfer Mark Rober: Hol up, gimme a sec...

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    Je Ko

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  • Guest

    This is kinda like than happy Gilmore

  • Chillin

    Someone's window is just gone

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  • Myth Music
    Myth Music

    But how high did the club go when you launched it? 8:54


    Dude mark would be the literal best science teacher ever

  • Harry Portsmouth
    Harry Portsmouth

    happy gilmore is jelous of that

  • 4b1sh4n7h

    The cow’s were the highlight

  • Glen Ryan
    Glen Ryan

    Maybe to find the long balls during the tests, you could've put a tracker in them.

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  • RefreezeBurrr

    Do it again with 4 rockets

  • Dan Lupfer
    Dan Lupfer

    1:16 Just a "small vibration"

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    Flashy yt

    My teacher what are you doing me in sience how i watching mark rober

  • Austin Washeleski
    Austin Washeleski

    I would love to know how far that ball went

  • Gent Onix
    Gent Onix

    If i had you my physics professor I would be studying it now😁

  • ZombiePrepper

    Fun, but wasted energy without measuring the impact and distance vs say a pga pro and a long drive champ. Do it again team

  • Nicholas Ortiz
    Nicholas Ortiz


  • Nicholas Ortiz
    Nicholas Ortiz


  • Nicholas Ortiz
    Nicholas Ortiz


  • Nicholas Ortiz
    Nicholas Ortiz


  • Nicholas Ortiz
    Nicholas Ortiz


  • Nicholas Ortiz
    Nicholas Ortiz


  • Nicholas Ortiz
    Nicholas Ortiz


  • Nicholas Ortiz
    Nicholas Ortiz


  • Nicholas Ortiz
    Nicholas Ortiz


  • Nicholas Ortiz
    Nicholas Ortiz


  • Nicholas Ortiz
    Nicholas Ortiz


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    nathanial merwin

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    Валерий Жмышенко

    10:50 what is that OHHHH YEAH

  • Abhiram Sundaran
    Abhiram Sundaran

    You didnt count safety while doing the experiment. Thats is so unprofessional!

  • Jonathan P
    Jonathan P

    Main thing I want to know is how far did the balls travel?

  • Ralph Meltsner
    Ralph Meltsner

    “Now your golf club doesn’t exist!” IQ reference.

  • Lynne Mcintyre
    Lynne Mcintyre

    You guys should have put a tracker on them! 🙂

  • Peter Lee
    Peter Lee

    It’s the fact that people swing faster than this

  • Miles McCue
    Miles McCue

    8:25 that footage couldn’t have been any better 😂

  • Taco Demon
    Taco Demon

    10:25 imagine standing on the mountain, enjoying a hike. Out of nowhere a mach 10 golf ball conks you in the head.

  • Tim Smalls
    Tim Smalls

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  • auzzie kids channel
    auzzie kids channel

    you should use that to get astronauts across the solar system ( the fail 6) lol🤣

  • Amber

    This is like what Ido uses in Battle Angel Alita. Super cool.

  • Bruce Sees all
    Bruce Sees all

    You have an amazing channel Mark.

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    Наталья Кондратенко

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  • Coach Wilson
    Coach Wilson

    Wait ! What ? Mark and Destin on the same crazy video? And Destin brings the Phanton ??? So fun. Well done guys.

  • Jill Stuart
    Jill Stuart

    Mark is it hard to build these things??

  • TTV_kaiッ

    Lol he said fps

  • Belinda Burke
    Belinda Burke

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  • PopCorn Moments
    PopCorn Moments


  • Potato808

    Mark looks like he is part of aot

  • Flahg Doe
    Flahg Doe

    Should’ve gotten a launch monitor!

  • Flahg Doe
    Flahg Doe

    Whoa! The club went further than the ball!

  • Juanita Cognito
    Juanita Cognito

    Don't disrespect golf ever again

  • Mayank Patel
    Mayank Patel

    I wanted to know the distance that golf ball cleared.

  • KV-2 Menacing
    KV-2 Menacing

    Lol this is an April fools joke lol

  • Tosh_is_me

    Only fail was not using fluorescent pink balls

  • Ellie L
    Ellie L

    3:15 WHAT THE- you know what I'm not even going to question it.

  • Kiwi

    That golf ball hit my window and broke it

  • Sharon Wieler
    Sharon Wieler

    Someone: what happened to the golf club? Mark: is that tree on fire? 😂😂😂

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    Annie Cicero

    Is easy worth only 32 subscribers

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    Isaac Helms

    Have you ever tried fusion 360?

  • John Paul
    John Paul

    you can't help but laugh ... # too funny

  • Da PeNciL ShiNoBi
    Da PeNciL ShiNoBi

    11:28 “ I can hit the ball 280 yards” 😬😶 ……uhm ……with a swing like that?

  • Damian Raya Alvarez
    Damian Raya Alvarez

    When you leave your dryer on for 5 days 1:17

  • Double Nikkel
    Double Nikkel

    Explain 3:36, flat earthers!

  • Foutje 11
    Foutje 11

    Cow's are the best crowd

  • Karthikeya Mydukuru
    Karthikeya Mydukuru

    Pre Production Mark : Learning opportunities Post Production Mark: Epic Fails

  • Darkmega5

    Just do this to a hammer and you got the dedede down special

  • NebulaMagePlays

    Now to make a rocket-propelled warhammer to crush my enemies.

  • lcaponpon 1342
    lcaponpon 1342

    Fallout golf club mod rocket golf

  • Dr. Doote
    Dr. Doote

    Now we need rocket powered shoes for soccer

  • Chris Cruz
    Chris Cruz

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  • Biohazard

    It’s like the super sledge from fallout 4


    you guys should use a top golf ball so you can track it

  • Marc Vincent A. Dellomes
    Marc Vincent A. Dellomes

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  • a square
    a square

    Nerf pls

  • MyDogJef

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  • Chocolateblocks Babobaegchi
    Chocolateblocks Babobaegchi

    "I don't usually tell you the process of the whole thing" me: what are you on about

  • OIC Comm Sqn BAF PKP
    OIC Comm Sqn BAF PKP

    Great & fun experience! Liked it! Can you try cannon throw of a ball having GPS tracker/ RF transmitter like ELT inside so that we get its trajectory and final location without visual?

  • Dhruv Aneja
    Dhruv Aneja

    9:00-9:03 that laugh

  • nolan soe htike oo
    nolan soe htike oo

    You know with the fail three you can make it as are rocket

  • Subhan Adeel
    Subhan Adeel

    The Laugh at 8:59

  • Charles Gian Baldonasa
    Charles Gian Baldonasa

    bro its cool put a tracker on it

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    Daniel Perry

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    Captain Apollo

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  • Iain Burgess
    Iain Burgess

    Revisit this, but try a custom ball W micro RFID/GPS/Airtag embedded...

  • Proyolo /ks1
    Proyolo /ks1

    4:44 dirt :D

  • Trace Sheehan
    Trace Sheehan

    Seems distance calculation would have been one of the easiest parts of this whole process… Can’t you get ball speed from the slo mo cameras? Also, lost a little distance due to hitting it on the toe, ie not optimizing smash factor.

  • the Revanchist
    the Revanchist

    You should have put a gps on the ball... That would have epic to see the numbers.

  • Luke Mann
    Luke Mann

    I live for the edits and smashing watermelons in his videos

  • Michelle Berry
    Michelle Berry

    If Happy Gilmore was a robot......

  • Blue Dog
    Blue Dog

    Golf club gravity hammer from Halo lol

  • Comrade Cola
    Comrade Cola

    Nasa scientist: how did a golf ball get on Mars? Mark: oh yeah that was me sorry

  • Andy Wang
    Andy Wang

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  • Justin

    Fail #7: Not using any safety gear and nearly maming your cameraman??

  • Jason White
    Jason White

    aparently you guys owe a window to the guys in the ISS.. But also get too claim first Low earth orbit golfball

  • Chase Evans
    Chase Evans

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  • Josiah Witheford
    Josiah Witheford

    I think you should retest this with GPS locators in the balls!

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