overpromise, sell, underdeliver Cyberpunk 2077
All gameplay footage is original, recorded on PC (high/ultra settings) and console (PS4 Slim).
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  • ProSilentGamer XRaP
    ProSilentGamer XRaP


  • Supermexican Man
    Supermexican Man

    That reminds me of Dying Light 2 and most likely it will be another Cyberpunk but with zombies, the worst thing is that there are people who still hype the game when its first trailer was published I think in 2017 or 2018, Dying Light 2 was delayed so much that even I already lost the hype and seriously that Techland will most likely end the same as CD Project Red

  • Joe Jaren
    Joe Jaren

    Hope they can find their prefabs

  • DemiGod-Of-Vita FTW
    DemiGod-Of-Vita FTW

    Game still fun

    • Tora Hibiki
      Tora Hibiki

      From a certain point of view

  • No Name
    No Name

    A frog in RDR2 has better AI than the entire population of Night City.

  • Meat IS RAWW
    Meat IS RAWW

    The Heir of Fallout 76

    • Tora Hibiki
      Tora Hibiki

      And the student surpassed the master.


    This is so sad

  • Mig her Kkene
    Mig her Kkene


  • Luqman Ghazi
    Luqman Ghazi

    The True meaning of OPEN WORLD RPG.

  • Harsh Dhanak
    Harsh Dhanak

    keanu reeves is still king

  • Wolf Wang
    Wolf Wang

    Crowbcat please make more videos

  • Snuggleumpawkis

    32:22 this is basically school

  • Snuggleumpawkis

    this is what happens when you only got 1 hour left to do the assignment

  • Sachin Suresh
    Sachin Suresh

    Night City and its ppl are pretty weird

  • Maxime M
    Maxime M

    28:45 is this a secret message for the people that bought this game ?

  • Khalid Ibnu Walid
    Khalid Ibnu Walid

    And i thoughts ubisoft was fucked up

  • Aleksander Klaas
    Aleksander Klaas

    Jesus, fallout 76 is more fun than this "game"

  • Margarida Coelho
    Margarida Coelho

    I completed the game a month ago and was left underwhelmed, but not severely disapointed. I wasn't that excited about it, I only watched a couple of trailers and some of the events to keep my bf company, so I didn't really participate in the hype, but I saw how he was looking forward to it. For him it was the biggest event of the year, I feel so bad. I think this is the best video I found that fully showcases the betrayal this game is.

  • whatachola

    Whoever was hype for this game is a clown. This game never looked cool or original, or even good. It looked so boring and weightless, and judging by the reality of what was delivered, I was more spot on than I hoped to be.

  • Termojard

    So, all youtubers are liars and cant be honest. Lesson learned :)

    • Aaron

      The voice of lies

  • Rico Chet
    Rico Chet


  • Aleksander Klaas
    Aleksander Klaas

    "this is gonna be a rpg, a very very deep and crunchy and very mechanical" Result: shallow as a puddle, wide as a sea. You can say its the Dead Sea, theres nothing alive in there.

  • CJ In World Of Gaming
    CJ In World Of Gaming

    I want to do the same thing but my version is about Gacha Community and 35 minutes

  • Noddy Alba
    Noddy Alba

    Game should be called CyberJunk

  • Tacocat04

    Why do people pre order stuff and get hyped so much over a game MONTHS, before it's release

  • Motivated Memer
    Motivated Memer

    Oh Gd that ending lmao

  • Kulrajveer Singh
    Kulrajveer Singh

    More like Cyberjunk 977

  • Mad Life
    Mad Life

    i begged my brother to buy this for me on ps4... after only 3 hours of gameplay.. my brother and father laughed at me.. i coudnt imagined how bad the bug was...

  • Joshua Estrada
    Joshua Estrada

    this is a statement from my self i personally never had a single problem with the game it runs perfectly on my ps4 and it’s a amazing game and i have proof too

    • Joshua Estrada
      Joshua Estrada

      @Shadow Knight man chill i love the game and well its my opinion

    • Shadow Knight
      Shadow Knight

      @Joshua Estrada lol Its not an amazing game, its a massive disappointment and the biggest let down in gaming history So many missing features and the city is shallow as a puddle and wide as an ocean It doesn't matter how good it looks, shill

    • Joshua Estrada
      Joshua Estrada

      @C B sorry dude I'm serious tho I've never had a problem with the game its a great game

    • C B
      C B

      False advertising

  • -: HáGën :-
    -: HáGën :-

    Cyberpunk have less feature than GTA Sa in terms of open world.

  • Kaslıata Pro
    Kaslıata Pro

    cyberbug 2077

  • edward ak levi
    edward ak levi

    What you are talking about. This game so amazing that they removed it from play store. Only elite deserved to play 🤣

  • Alex Kulik
    Alex Kulik

    Game needed another year or 2 of development

  • Jackson Willmot
    Jackson Willmot

    CDPR will never make another game.

  • MasterXRMemeZ

    13:35 car rko

  • Brian Mendoza
    Brian Mendoza

    39:50 Dennis from SpongeBob Movie

  • UpstairsSwimmer

    And people make fun of bethesda

  • Krisna Aditya
    Krisna Aditya

    Wow that it's deep

  • Ti Klim
    Ti Klim

    I hope Resident evil 8 isn't like this

  • Plisken X51mm
    Plisken X51mm

    I'm just glad I didn't get that heavily invested in this game. I had thought about getting it but now I'm glad I didn't LOL.

  • Sgt_ Deno
    Sgt_ Deno

    Man Fallout 3 was so nice and all the gta and all of that i really appreciate them more and more over the years

  • Sgt_ Deno
    Sgt_ Deno

    Just stick to gta guys soon we will get a new one

  • Sgt_ Deno
    Sgt_ Deno

    One of the worst and one of the best games that i ever played comes from CD project red Cyberpunk & Witcher 3

  • Opnare


  • Paul

    Funny how they think and focus on the game being problematic on console... The game is the same garbage on PC.

  • Zxwu Maximum
    Zxwu Maximum

    if a man told you he's a good preson then his not a good preson if a someone said there game is going to be game of the year then it's not going to be that but a paice of trash

  • Steven Holloway
    Steven Holloway

    waited 7 years for this trash :(

  • tulangkerangka

    I dont understand people who are saying 'yea im fine with the bugs but the game design is the problem' like no lmao if i spend my 60 dollar on a game i expect the game to be immaculate. Dont give leeway to big corpos thats how we get gaslighted and bamboozled like this dude.

    • Babba Yaaga
      Babba Yaaga

      Turns out the actual corpo youre fighting in the game is cd themselves

  • Justice Banks
    Justice Banks

    The biggest scam in video game history 🤯🤦🏿‍♂️


    It's you guys fault for hyping up first person open world game. Sucks to be you, never was interested in this shit hole.

  • airbus_boeing

    I don't want to know what it would've been like if it came out on the switch

  • mad gun
    mad gun

    So this guy made the Minecraft Gangsters song

  • Kendall Scrimshaw
    Kendall Scrimshaw

    The fact that this game had a higher score than Days Gone is sickening

    • Froncis Dreik
      Froncis Dreik

      I see so many people saying things like “haha days gone is a shit because is full of bugs” but the same people are enjoying cyberpunk like a masterpiece bruh

  • Bun bun Bro
    Bun bun Bro

    ayo cj where u at

  • Eli Pavlov
    Eli Pavlov

    idk boys, i wouldnt call it "failed" i really did enjoy the game

  • Mr. Night
    Mr. Night

    I like how when people tried to defend the game, when people gave proof and examples of the game being unfinished and rough, people said "If you want a realistic game go outside."

  • ASMR James
    ASMR James

    I never bought Cyberpunk or No Mans Sky. Like this comment if you're also smart enough to make your own decisions!

    • ASMR James
      ASMR James

      @doggodiggin i might buy it when it goes on sale now adays. I heard its actually good now

    • doggodiggin

      no mans sky was fun

  • Chris Mills
    Chris Mills

    honestly if u pre order something without seeing real footage you shouldn’t be offered a refund, that’s like video game natural selection lmao

  • Gush 35z
    Gush 35z

    Why couldn't they have just announced the game when it was fully ready to be released, then release it a year later. Why'd they have to tease us for 8 years.

  • Gush 35z
    Gush 35z

    why would they release it like this? 😂😂

  • Estefferson Torres
    Estefferson Torres

    Overpromising has become such a cliche... I would like to see devs underpromising a game for a change.

  • salong Jamir
    salong Jamir

    It really is funny ain't it?🤣


    Its the many millions of peoples fault who fell for the marketing hype

  • Saptaswa Das
    Saptaswa Das

    Even gta vice city was better than cyberpunk. Hahahaha.

    • Yuri's Cynicism
      Yuri's Cynicism


  • Leonard Trent
    Leonard Trent

    2003 Fall of Tomb raider: Angel of darkness 2004 fall of silent hill 2011 fall of Rage 2012Fall of assasin's creed 3 2013 fall of Resident evil 6 and Tomb raider 2014 fall of silent hill P. T. 2015 Fall of Evolve 2016 Fall of No man's sky 2017 Fall of mass effect and star wars Battle front II 2018 fall of Fallout 76 2019 Fall of payday 2(Finally) and Anthem and Rage 2 Early 2020 Fall of resident evil 3make and Anthem Late 2020 Fall of Serious sam 4 and cyberpunk 2077

  • Azalea Adair
    Azalea Adair

    Also the driving is genuinely the worst. The controls are terrible and the glare is really bad

  • Arafat Sifat • 69 years ago
    Arafat Sifat • 69 years ago

    Despite the bugs, Cyberpunk 2077 is still a mediocre game. *garbage first person melee combat *terrible driving *choices that don't matter *disjointed narrative *obvious cuts shoehorned into the opening cutscene montage. *broken ai *dead open world Still some people will say it's good past the bugs, that's bullshit.

    • Leonard Trent
      Leonard Trent

      @Arafat Sifat • 69 years ago They might as well lie to themselves after making a big mistake(Buying and getting hyped on cyberpunk), I suppose*

    • Arafat Sifat • 69 years ago
      Arafat Sifat • 69 years ago

      @Leonard Trent huh?

    • Leonard Trent
      Leonard Trent

      Might as well lie to yourself after making a bad mistake, I guess.

  • ScorchrDoesMinecraft

    Why did they even announce the game? RDR2 might have been delayed twice, but they still knew they were delivering all their promises and then beyond. “Next gen of open world games,” I’m sorry but Witcher 3 and RDR2 look like they’re always gonna be the top of the line for open worlds

    • Leonard Trent
      Leonard Trent

      Thats Just tells me how bad open world genre really is. Sure, witcher 3 is good, I guess, Even despite the fact its the Third game trying to do the exact thing, But red dead redemption? Really?

  • MrBratkenSolov

    imagine announcing this POS game in 2012 and launching development in 2017 rofl

  • johnluis 76
    johnluis 76

    Idk why but I hate seeing this shit

  • Mr. Sebru
    Mr. Sebru

    They were calm and brave enough to give us a buggy game and say “we did not experience major bugs like what you all experienced”, even if those bugs where happening all the time like overtime, not once or done manually

  • Big Bovy
    Big Bovy

    And to think there was a huge blowback when they removed wallrunning as a feature.


    amazing marketing, got to give them that

  • Ishowedyouthat

    This video is art 🎨

  • Immersive Comics
    Immersive Comics

    God as an RPG nerd, god it was a bad rpg

  • Ty A
    Ty A

    "People were saying The Witcher 3 story was too long." When I finished the main story in The Witcher 3 I was literally sad that it came to an end and wished it had 50 more hours of the main story. This game on the other hand felt like I had to push myself through the story and wished it came to an end sooner.

  • Jasdeep Singh
    Jasdeep Singh

    Meanwhile GTA IV laughs in a corner

    • Leonard Trent
      Leonard Trent

      @Jasdeep Singh Oh, sorry. I thought you meant VI...

    • Jasdeep Singh
      Jasdeep Singh

      @Leonard Trent no shit I meant gta 4 cause the physics are really heavens level

    • Leonard Trent
      Leonard Trent

      Gta VI? You mean GTA V remaster XXDL

  • Simmers

    420K likes on 4-20

  • Raymond Santos
    Raymond Santos

    The consumers and the investors shouldve given the developers more time

    • Leonard Trent
      Leonard Trent

      If 8 years and 300+ million dollars isn't enough, you are incompetent beyond messure

    • Hans Alanson
      Hans Alanson

      No, no, just no... The consumers didn't have any power over their operations , and you can't just run away with investors money for 8 years and not expect them barking at your door. That's your responsibility to be sensibly punctual as a party who promised results in exchange of fundings, this applies down to indie scale, imagine a kickstarter dev being quiet for 2 years after receiving 5 digits worth of support; the *idea* that you *might* deliver a better game is not more important than the need of people who financially back you up to feel safe about their spending, so the best thing to do is to *NOT* overpromise.

  • Michael Ramirez
    Michael Ramirez

    Todo esto sucede mientras Neo y Smith tienen su batalla final.

  • KyOs 84
    KyOs 84

    It wasn't terrible, just nowhere near advertised which rarely happens anyways.But no game has ever came close to this many game breaking bugs and just bland play. Hearing of this game my senior year the excitement was crazy. The disaster given was even crazier. Knew there would be bugs lol not this though

  • Israel castillo
    Israel castillo

    Why would u make a 41min video review ,why ?

    • Hans Alanson
      Hans Alanson

      It's not a review, it's video chronicle addressing not only how the game is a far cry from its supposed glory, but also how mislead in retrospect, the people behind it.

  • Red Jacket
    Red Jacket

    lololo that ending priceless XD

  • MarceloOmegaAGDM

    The end of this video was better than 60 hours of this game.

  • Spoony Jeff UK
    Spoony Jeff UK

    when these bitches were saying "anyone whose not doing cyberpunk this Christmas is an idiot" i said to that specifc twitch streamer i bet money it falls on its face.. just like the last 5 games that the business rushed for money. good job.

  • H E R O gAmEr
    H E R O gAmEr

    Most Overhyped game of the dacade...

  • Estevez Halivud
    Estevez Halivud

    2078 will be better.

  • Nick Хромов
    Nick Хромов

    13:49 This is how Cyberpunk feels is reality after all that pre-release bla bla. Dull gameplay Dull open world Dull NPC Dull game in the end *Where is my Deus Ex from 2000s CDPR?!*

  • Lonely_ Gamer
    Lonely_ Gamer

    This game should be a course of study of how a well known studio can manipulate the review process and sales and your video should be attached to that course as a documentary proof.

  • Juan Manuel Manzano
    Juan Manuel Manzano

    My first try just after buy it: not enough hardware requirements, game crashing and slow. Unplayable. Second time with new Gaming laptop: not bad creation character interface. After that, horrible and useless dialogues. Non interesting characters and mediocre combat. Its not a shooter. Ok. Give up after 1 hour of playing. My third try after 2 months: it took me 15 min to give up again. Overall: you can see a lot of effort invested but sadly they terrible fail in the basics. Just give me characters i fell in love with (fail) and a good action shooter ( fail). Terrible talent tree. Complex with no reason and useless since you end fighting with no cover at alll. Maybe its i just dont like RPG. But sorry about them. They did not get it right. You dont need this complexity to make a good game. Focus on the basics first!

  • FratinandMadrik

    3:36 It's like playing Rollercoaster Tycoon and not finishing a path to a ride. People just turn up and turn around


    40% Keanu Reeves 30% Customizable genitals 10% Lies 20% Effort in making the actual game


    Imagine 1899 beating 2077

    • Cj De quatro pernas
      Cj De quatro pernas

      @Leonard Trent i agree but for me red dead is amazing

    • Leonard Trent
      Leonard Trent

      @Cj De quatro pernas No game is a master piece.

    • Cj De quatro pernas
      Cj De quatro pernas

      Well red dead is from 1899 than well red dead is a masterpiece

  • Jaydee 8652
    Jaydee 8652

    37:26, Massive red flag

  • EpicJafeth13

    The Return of the King

  • Aurum TheBrave
    Aurum TheBrave

    I wonder what the next video will be about. Any guesses?

    • Hans Alanson
      Hans Alanson

      Trust me, when the next candidate of Crowbcat feature comes up, you'd know it. It takes a special degree of disappointment to summon Crowbcat back.

    • The Role Playing Gamer
      The Role Playing Gamer

      Either Anthem or Balan Wonderworld

  • KMD X
    KMD X

    Maybe this is really will happen in 2077

  • Racc

    *420k likes* Nice.