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    • Beiiinx H
      Beiiinx H

      I wanna see this w Khabib

    • matt benson
      matt benson

      This was so good.

    • Ray gang Yt
      Ray gang Yt

      L Nn

    • Johnny G
      Johnny G

      Great video great class shown by both athletes

    • Tim Esparsen,jr
      Tim Esparsen,jr

      And he was already a giant in preschool

  • The Captain
    The Captain

    pro fighter kicking full force. Brian: "yeah that's really interesting"

  • Timothy Oertel
    Timothy Oertel

    Brian: And then I squeeze? Dustin: I mean...yeah...

  • Super Bean
    Super Bean

    This was cool

  • Tommy Forton
    Tommy Forton

    this is the equivalent of khabib wrestling with a bear

  • XplosiveMMA

    Title should be more former Interim UFC World Champion chokes out a World's Strongest man !

  • Jack fruit
    Jack fruit

    He literally put Shaw in a figure 4 ARM lock!

  • YpmuJ


  • MattIsLoling

    dustin gasping for air after they wrestled was hilarious lmao

  • jon dorr
    jon dorr

    Lol big for nothing

  • JustFeelGood

    Great Video , 2 amazing athletes !

  • Paul Bevan
    Paul Bevan

    I rolled with a 300lber couldn't breathe or do anything dp must be strong af to even be able to move under 400lb like that

  • Joshua

    Dustin really should of been in orthodox so it’s easier for Brian to follow along

  • Ante Karamatić
    Ante Karamatić

    size difference is freaky... Cooll vid as every time... :)

  • Jose Daniel Gemy Vargas
    Jose Daniel Gemy Vargas

    meanwhile mcgregor training wrestling against a 65kg young man hahahahaha McGregor out, your end is near

  • shahrukh hasib
    shahrukh hasib

    when Dustin is referred to as just a UFC fighter.

  • blitzkrieg459

    Brian looks like a father playing with his son.

  • Jarmo Jauhiainen
    Jarmo Jauhiainen

    that sleeperhold did not even come clse to reaching around Brians neck lol so there is no way he could have made him sleep

  • Jarmo Jauhiainen
    Jarmo Jauhiainen

    shaw was toying with him lol

    • Jarmo Jauhiainen
      Jarmo Jauhiainen

      imagine Shaw pulling on his head when he had his arm areound his neck the neck would have cracked

  • Ann Otten
    Ann Otten

    I laughed way to hard at Brian kicking this guy. I wonder what would have happened if he would have kicked him with full power. Brain should go into coaching after his competitive career in strongman is over. He is just such a people person and as have many people already committed we are greatful that he has a gentle heart

  • Ye et
    Ye et

    bruh if u put me on side control Imma tap

  • Gato Thug life
    Gato Thug life

    Imagine if a guy as big as that could actually fight, that would be damn scary

  • NickCasciani

    This was awesome to watch! 👍

  • Twerk team
    Twerk team

    Khabib got everybody training with bears

  • Nick Noe
    Nick Noe

    I had a huge smile watching Brian in top position hold Dustin down haha. What a great video, good luck to both of you guys in your events!

  • Papa Bear
    Papa Bear

    To simulate a calf kick he should probably just kick Brian’s forearm.

  • malvin Ginger
    malvin Ginger

    if Brian was to do an episode like this but with Francis Ngannou that would be exciting

  • Hunter Derugo
    Hunter Derugo

    I want to this guy lift with big show

  • Greg Pickett
    Greg Pickett

    So what we are learning in the first minute is that Brian has no understanding of centrifugal force, lmao.

  • Doozay G
    Doozay G

    Fuckin love Dustin man ,, hopefully he’ll knock Conor again 🤌🏾🤌🏾

  • Sean Healy
    Sean Healy

    Great video, great idea too!

  • Максим Филиппенко
    Максим Филиппенко

    This man looks like and have voice like a Dana

  • jimmy chen
    jimmy chen

    Brian is so hot. It‘s my dream to be wrestling/cuddling with him

  • Zoo Kee
    Zoo Kee

    Talk no jutsu -Naruto

  • Joseph McDaniel
    Joseph McDaniel

    Now Dustin too can say he wrestled a bear.

  • Joseph McDaniel
    Joseph McDaniel

    I swear this feels like I'm watching Captain America and Hulk

  • TheBrown1

    This is the American version of Khabib vs the Bear 😁

  • Daknee

    Brian please could u do some BJJ beginner classes. Would love to see how your size makes everything impossible for your opponent 😂

  • Miodrag Stanisavljevic
    Miodrag Stanisavljevic

    DUSTIN POIRIER should do movies like Jean-Claude Van Damme

  • Vijay Krishna A K
    Vijay Krishna A K

    Tougher than wrestling khabib. 😂.

  • monster101470

    That was an awesome video!!

  • ray embick
    ray embick

    i miss open weight fights thats when ufc was the best imagine francis vs dustin i would pay 60 or a 400 dollar ticket to watch francis hurt dustin in rd 1

  • Troy Flaro
    Troy Flaro

    Dustin Prober

  • Peter Teal
    Peter Teal

    The Diamond buried under a mountain 😂😂

  • Stocks Heim
    Stocks Heim

    If you and Hafthor get into the octagon that would be the biggest show on television

  • Hersh

    How much you were able to recognize of what goes into Martial arts and Mixed Martial Arts was astonishing. You’re very perceptive and it shows you really get the mechanics of how his body moves. Incredible job 🙏🏽

  • Farrukh Iftikhar
    Farrukh Iftikhar

    3:01 you can see Dustin’s discipline

  • FLalthanliana Junior
    FLalthanliana Junior

    For shaw the best submision is triangle,because he is strong

  • FightWorld

    Brian should do this with Francis Ngannou that would be interesting.

  • raztubes

    "You need to turn your body to generate strength". Brian: Nah...

  • MrZega

    Woa See how the bag is already swinging So much without a proper stance from Brian 💪💪

  • Jake Wood
    Jake Wood

    Gentle giant

  • Jonathan Dunne
    Jonathan Dunne

    Connor watch out he's Goin for that injured leg.. Blow it up like a balloon again.. 🇮🇪

  • Randall Radke
    Randall Radke

    Martins Licis did some brazilian Ju-Jitsu with a world class dude and it was the same thing. Sometimes extreme strength and size do overpower form. Hell the muscles get in the way most of the time for the other dude

  • Joshua

    With a bit MMA training porier would have zero chance

  • Zain Shah
    Zain Shah

    so you're telling me brian shaw has a better ground game than conor? sweet

  • mradamariff


  • Bautista Powerslam
    Bautista Powerslam

    Brian says 'Gotcha' and 'definitely' = I ain't clue, someone get me a cheeseburger!

  • Bryan Campos
    Bryan Campos

    Now all Conor has to do is gain 300 pounds on the rehydration stage and he good money 💰🤣👍🏽

  • Pablo Lotta
    Pablo Lotta

    This was so wholesome

  • Dwmoneyman 24
    Dwmoneyman 24

    They should put u and a super hero movie 🤔

  • Darren Taylor
    Darren Taylor

    With some training Brian Shaw could become a pro MMA fighter, his shear strength would let him dominate in the ring!!

  • Tommy Warisnaked
    Tommy Warisnaked

    11:21 Shaw have muscles in the head

  • Goblins and Unicorns
    Goblins and Unicorns

    That’s not Mark Henry

  • A A
    A A

    no matter how good you are there is a reason for a weight class...lol

  • Chris Wong
    Chris Wong

    Dustin has no interest in making a video he just wanted to train you and your trying so hard to get good content other than him training 🤣

  • Johnny Gallardo
    Johnny Gallardo

    two so special and cool guys... very nice to watch

  • Yogranny Bae
    Yogranny Bae

    Brian Shaw could have just dropped on his back when Dustin had him in the choker and ended his career

  • Double- V
    Double- V

    It’s funny to see how un athletic Brian is at fighting but can probably take on everyone in the gym at the same time

  • Michael Wingender
    Michael Wingender

    This had me smiling the whole time

  • el raes
    el raes

    Jajaja 😂

  • Necronaut

    As a man I am disappointed on how little Brian punched that punching bag, I mean wtf lol I wanna see him hammer that thing!

  • Douglas Harley
    Douglas Harley

    in a fight, SIZE is very important. even though dustin poirer is infinitely more skilled than brian shaw, he'd stand little chance against him in a fight...lol, brian shaw could just crush him in his arms, and no matter how hard he hit him it would have little effect other than being painful.

  • Ackerman Merc
    Ackerman Merc

    Just body weight too much😅

  • ya boi huck
    ya boi huck

    I'd love to see Brian's movement after a solid month or 2 or kickboxing. If he learned how to use that weight it would be phenomenal to see

  • Braldey Briggs
    Braldey Briggs

    Brian, when your head turned purple you looked like thanos!

  • TheKmaru

    When Shaw said 'Oh, Yea!' I thought to myself...Oh, no! He is going to enter him!

  • maxime cohen
    maxime cohen

    Daaaaamn hell of a video !

  • Aristides Gonzalez
    Aristides Gonzalez

    Brian Shaw looks like an over grown Dana White with a beard


    Francis nagannou would beat him very easily. He’s big slow and clumsy

  • Paul Schweissbrenner
    Paul Schweissbrenner

    I was smiling the whole video.

  • Isaiah Silva
    Isaiah Silva

    Mad respect to this guy for humbling himself in front of Brian shaw

  • Kyle Gregory
    Kyle Gregory

    Two incredibly nice dudes

    • Isaiah Silva
      Isaiah Silva

      So very true. I really like what I see.

  • Pritpal Singh
    Pritpal Singh

    Dustin could submit this guy but not Khabib 😀

  • Olivér Varga
    Olivér Varga

    Strange the pink gloves onto the trainer, but the video is good. Such as enormous man, with less of tecnique could be win.

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    motu patlu games world

    Love from PAKISTAN

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    motu patlu games world

    Be aware of Enemies

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    motu patlu games world

    Awesome content

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    motu patlu games world

    Awesome game playing

  • motu patlu games world
    motu patlu games world

    Well done

  • motu patlu games world
    motu patlu games world

    One of the best moment of sports history

  • iyadart

    10:11 UFC 1 in a nutshell...

  • Flying Legfist
    Flying Legfist

    If Brian learnt how to put real pressure from side control people would die.

    • The forehead of doom
      The forehead of doom

      If learned some basic jiu jitsu and wrestling he would be crazy

    • Isaiah Silva
      Isaiah Silva

      Their organs would prob burst lmaooo

  • DillyPickle

    Imagine brian in a slapping tournament, shockwave from the slap would be felt across the room

  • jay71512

    I can feel feel what you're trying to do here but... pmsl

  • Joel387 suzuki
    Joel387 suzuki

    No not 100% 🤣🤣🤣

  • Joel387 suzuki
    Joel387 suzuki

    Dustin diamond 💎

  • Brushogun

    Can you imagine your opponent being brian jesus

  • Clay Lespool
    Clay Lespool

    "I can feel what you're trying to do but...it's not working" This is also what Eddie's wife says on a regular basis.

  • Leon DH
    Leon DH

    Deam the technique of Dustin it's sharp!