Kelly Clarkson's Stirring Rendition Of "The Dance" Honors Garth Brooks At The 43rd Annual Kennedy…

  • Stan Wilson (Highway 211 Band)
    Stan Wilson (Highway 211 Band)

    Can’t stop listening. Just perfect. She is a goddess.

  • Alvaro Morales
    Alvaro Morales

    Of course Garth Brooks is gonna have a giant picture of himself hanging directly in the background and that's why he's getting emotional. He just really, really, likes that picture of himself.

  • Tonia Burns
    Tonia Burns

    She is ABSOLUTELY the best female vocalist I have ever heard

  • Teresa Conner
    Teresa Conner

    Great performance, but really, are we going to celebrate a man who doesn't give a damn about this country. He lost many fans when it became clear that he is a freakin' democRAT. Enjoy that money Garth, when millions have lost their job because of YOUR president.

    • Kathy KB
      Kathy KB

      Oh please. 🙄

  • Billy Hill
    Billy Hill

    Kelly I love your singing what you ain't no Garth Brooks

    • Kathy KB
      Kathy KB


  • White Stone - God a Minute Team
    White Stone - God a Minute Team

    Why is he wearing a rainbow flag around his neck? And stop celebrating yourselves. It’s all detestable to God. Wake up people! Jesus is coming back!

    • White Stone - God a Minute Team
      White Stone - God a Minute Team

      @Kathy KB You’re actually the nutcase for being ignorant and asleep in your lost, self-centered worldly life that you’re in love with. You’re about to be thrust into the Tribulation and you don’t even know it! Wake UP! Run to Jesus and repent before it’s too late! And YOURE the dummy for NOT EVEN knowing that google is run by gays! Duhhhhh!

    • Kathy KB
      Kathy KB

      You're a nut. Google why he is wearing that. Don't spout your hatred when you know absolutely nothing about it. 🙄

  • Jada Beth 6 cna 1
    Jada Beth 6 cna 1


  • Vegas052209


  • Peter Csigo
    Peter Csigo

    There's no question about she did a great job however the song the dance is only shines truly when Garth Brooks sings it.

    • Kathy KB
      Kathy KB


  • dana mathews
    dana mathews

    Clarkson is SHEAR talent......every performance is incredible. Moving and powerful as always.

  • Kathy Long
    Kathy Long

    Absolutely Beautiful 🙏 Heartbreaking to watch Garth's face🙏

  • Tara Michele Manning
    Tara Michele Manning

    KELLY CLARKSON!!!!!!! Amazing woman...look how GARTH BROOKS was tearing up, OMG..."A Moment Like This" is truly a moment of a lifetime here!!!

  • Karen Shurley
    Karen Shurley

    This. Is. Crazy. Ridiculous. Absolutely stunning. This must be released! There aren’t enough words to describe Kelly’s phenomenal version.

  • Steph

    How in the absolute hell do you deliver such a beautifully executed cover with such passion without breaking down?? What an angel of an artist.

  • bryan carter
    bryan carter

    Truly an Amazing cover of an iconic song she stayed true to the medley yet still made it her own the emotion was so real. This will.find it's way into a lot of my playlist

  • Jason Scott
    Jason Scott

    Wow Kelly....WOW!!! Garths face says it ALL!!!

  • Jeffrey Logan
    Jeffrey Logan

    Best female singer alive

  • Linda Las Vegas
    Linda Las Vegas

    This song makes me think of my husband.

  • shelly hill
    shelly hill

    She sings so beautifully! I love Garth’s reaction. 💓

  • No Comment
    No Comment

    Shove it in our face. Goodness Garth you too?

    • Kathy KB
      Kathy KB

      I assume you're talking about the ribbon he's wearing. Your pea brain could google it & then you might have a clue about why he's wearing it. 🙄

  • grilledpickles

    Absolute chills through the whole performance. Amazing. Bravo Kelly! 👏🏼

  • Maria G
    Maria G

    My dad told me this is the song about my relationship with my grandma who passed when i was 9. She was my best friend.

  • Sherry Qaiser
    Sherry Qaiser

    The fat faulty racing recurrently crawl because ease early meddle next a classy panty. rainy, forgetful air

  • Tomeika Martinez
    Tomeika Martinez

    She so awesome love it

  • Justen

    Amazing Kelly 💛

  • Erin Rotter
    Erin Rotter

    She could sing the damn phone book and I’d still be ugly crying lol

    • Robin Hughes
      Robin Hughes

      Same here!

  • Pam McCall
    Pam McCall

    Simply beautiful and her dress equally as beautiful

  • Pamela Macha
    Pamela Macha

    What a lovely lovely voice she has! I just love to hear her sing.

  • Bonnie Roggensees
    Bonnie Roggensees

    What an amazing performance. This is an incredibly hard song to sing really I mean that's why it's not done very much because it's just incredibly hard and she nailed it. Seeing garth's emotions and how much he loved it I bet that meant the world to her and I'm just glad she was able to do that for him. It's got to be amazing being a songwriter and being able to hear people perform your work and do amazing things with it that's just got to be so cool.

  • j gipson
    j gipson

    Why am I crying five seconds in ..

  • Nichole Brown
    Nichole Brown

    Incredible!!! My favorite version I’ve ever heard ❤️❤️❤️

  • Doug Wilbur
    Doug Wilbur

    This has always been my favorite Garth Brooks song, and Kelly knocked it out of the park.

  • Jeanine F.
    Jeanine F.


    • ppats59

      Yep also

    • Kathy KB
      Kathy KB


  • savache27

    Anyone else watch this like 500 times??

  • Tiffany Holden
    Tiffany Holden

    I always cry at this song Everytime, I hear it.

  • bobo4848

    The words to this song are so true. You could miss out of pain in your life, but you would miss out on the dance. I lost my father 5 years ago and everytime I hear this song, I am so glad that I spent as much as time with him as I did. I could have missed the pain, but I would have missed the dance.

  • Patrice A Roth
    Patrice A Roth what a singer she is!

  • Todd Vaught
    Todd Vaught

    Did barney the purple blob...get invited too? 1 min..55sec.

  • Todd Vaught
    Todd Vaught

    Amazing performance.

  • Brian Rose
    Brian Rose

    That voice wow. The power and the emotion Kelly has in this song is unreal. It was as close to a perfect performance your going to get.

  • Felicity

    Pure GOLD

  • The Four R R R R's Thrifting
    The Four R R R R's Thrifting

    Very beautiful half voice is very angelic

  • kristin moore
    kristin moore

    How can Tricia NOT be crying? I’ve watched this a dozen times and still get teary eyed. 🤣

  • Cynthia VanVoorhis
    Cynthia VanVoorhis


  • William Lott
    William Lott

    Holy smokes that was something special. I can’t imagine the pressure of singing that in front of the man himself.

  • hornsandahalo1

    I might have just had to deal with some allergies. Wow!

  • Christina Skiles
    Christina Skiles

    She can hypnotize anyone with that voice. She is number 1 to me in my whole life. That’s saying a lot. I love music and I been around for a lot of it 👍👍👍. No i can’t sing. Ppl run! Still doesn’t stop me 😂

  • Dianne Killian
    Dianne Killian

    This song expresses the feelings my husband and I both feel after the lose of our daughter at age 26. We both cry when we hear it. Kelly Clarkson did a beautiful job with her performance.

    • Robbie Williams
      Robbie Williams

      So sorry for your loss. My heart and prayers are with you 2! 🙏💜

  • Courtney Rogers
    Courtney Rogers

    She moved Garth. You can tell.

  • Krissy Bartlett
    Krissy Bartlett

    LOVE HER!! 😭❤😍

  • CARL Echevarria
    CARL Echevarria

    I hope these Goosebumps go down sometime soon. Oh well.

  • Ivory House Media
    Ivory House Media

    Wasn’t Kelly’s ex husband Trisha’s son? If that’s true then this performance and their reaction just hit a whole new level of feels 😭

    • Judy Smith
      Judy Smith

      Trisha has no children. (Well, she has stepchildren.) Kelly’s ex is Reba’s ex’s son. (Reba’s stepson.) So Reba was kinda sorta Kelly’s stepmother-in-law. 🤔 Wow- does this sound like a soap opera or what?😂😂

  • Judy Smith
    Judy Smith

    Kelly, PLEASE release an album of your covers. You can sing ANYTHING!!

  • Vegas Slot Stars
    Vegas Slot Stars

    Garth Rocks 🎸 4 Ever!


    So BEAUTIFUL 😍 💖 🐸🌈✨💖💕

  • Jane Moore
    Jane Moore

    Fantastic song, great version. I still prefer Garth on this one.

  • Charles Sixkiller
    Charles Sixkiller

    Love Kelly Clarkson s voice and that’s my favorite Garth song awesome job Kelly

  • dragon in winter
    dragon in winter

    Painful. 😖

  • gypsyqueen70

    So perfect. She can sing anything. Garth's reaction is everything!

  • F B
    F B

    Where are the bodies, G?!?!

  • Amanda B
    Amanda B


  • Brian Francis
    Brian Francis

    And Garth Brooks cried...

  • Michael Bright
    Michael Bright

    Absolutely Amazing 😭😭😭, How Could You Listening To This, And NOT Have Shed One Tear. 😍❤️💓

  • Allan Leidholm
    Allan Leidholm

    This girl can sing, and only gets better with age. Stellar performance...

  • Larry Chapel
    Larry Chapel

    Unbelievable…. Wonderful..

  • Jason Delarosa 2000
    Jason Delarosa 2000

    She needs to do this on HER show!

  • Jim Trantham
    Jim Trantham

    WOW !!!! If you need to go somewhere in your heart with a song, Kelly will Take You there. ❤❤❤

  • Tzan Parker
    Tzan Parker

    Beautiful! Just beautiful! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • Chelle Dawn
    Chelle Dawn

    Beautiful ❤️

  • Becca Scarborough
    Becca Scarborough

    No one interprets a song like Kelly.


    So clean. My favorite is the woman trying to sing along in the background. Lol

    • Kathy KB
      Kathy KB

      That's Norah O'Donnell. CBS news anchor.

  • Lucas Levon
    Lucas Levon

    Garth’s reaction and my reaction were the same reaction.

  • Jordan Hasch
    Jordan Hasch

    Kelly has THE VOICE. No one can compare. Not Gaga, not Demi, not Ariana. Not Adele. Certainly not Beyonce. Kelly has the kind of voice that makes you feel, every time she opens her mouth, the pain she sings about. Every note is sung with maximum gut-wrenching soul and passion; she digs into your heart for the things you want to say, but are too afraid to. Her plainspoken appeal is what has endeared her to millions, and will continue, for time immemorial, to do so. May she break our hearts over and over again.

    • 7 Rings
      7 Rings

      Well said. She is the best we have in this generation. No doubt

  • Beautiful Flowers
    Beautiful Flowers

    What an amazing voice

  • j h
    j h

    Kelly can sing anything and it's great; thank you for that

  • Jeanne D'Amour
    Jeanne D'Amour

    Baby you made me cry and you touched my soul.

  • Mike Tobias
    Mike Tobias

    Holy.... she looks healthy lol. And garth is wearing that rainbow crap.... oh man everyone is just bending over to make people happy.

    • David D
      David D

      Why do people get so upset when they ignorantly think that “rainbow thing” is something for the lgbtq community? I wonder if they feel a little stupid when they find out what it really is.

    • Kathy KB
      Kathy KB

      @Mike Tobias Hahahahahaha! Damn you're so funny! 🙄

    • Mike Tobias
      Mike Tobias

      @Kathy KB karen

    • Kathy KB
      Kathy KB

      @Mike Tobias Lmao! Whatever, dude. Your ignorance is showing.

    • Mike Tobias
      Mike Tobias

      @Kathy KB okay Karen. I love this keep going karen I like how this bothers you and you keep replying.

  • Ne0n0r3o

    Damn. Damn. Damn. This is CHILLINGLY beautiful!!!!

  • Jolliebearfor Christ
    Jolliebearfor Christ


  • Jolliebearfor Christ
    Jolliebearfor Christ


  • todd black
    todd black

    Kelly's voice is silk...

    • todd black
      todd black

      @j gipson yeh, amazing voice

    • j gipson
      j gipson

      Every time I hear her, I get chills. Her voice feels like it's on the edge of something and she could lose control of it, but she never does.

  • Donna Dow
    Donna Dow


  • Christy Fielding
    Christy Fielding

    Kelly is the original american idol and the best period.

  • Kaylee Aldridge
    Kaylee Aldridge

    Kelly just hits so different its indescribable

  • james BONNELL
    james BONNELL

    Nice singing but no where near as good and beautiful as Garths version, he did song fantastic songs that anyone else couldn't do with the same music

    • james BONNELL
      james BONNELL

      @Kathy KB Kathy KB if anyone is blathering it's you, you obviously don't know what you are talking about

    • Kathy KB
      Kathy KB

      @james BONNELL Omg are you still blathering? Stfu. Jesus...

    • james BONNELL
      james BONNELL

      @Kathy KB You are the one who is clueless Kathy KB, you are afraid to use your full real name because all you do spread fake knowledge about who knows what!!!!!!!!!! I'm not afraid to use my real name because I tell the truth

    • Kathy KB
      Kathy KB

      @james BONNELL Blah blah. Bye now, clueless.

    • james BONNELL
      james BONNELL

      @Kathy KB I didn't deny anything and I would stand up and debate with you any day of the week, stand nose to nose and make you look silly 😜

  • Tina Staniscia
    Tina Staniscia

    Absolutely breathtaking. I SO needed this today!

  • The Match
    The Match

    She sings it so good it should be a Crime.

  • Terra Dionne
    Terra Dionne

    She is always just so amazing and moving I really connect with Kelly every time

  • Irish Claddagh
    Irish Claddagh

    STILL one of this centuries most spectacular voices 💜

  • Greg Hess
    Greg Hess

    Buy that girl another Twinkie

    • Kathy KB
      Kathy KB

      Buy yourself a brain.

  • -

    miss piggy to much oink alk i hear is nothin but annoying noise

    • Kathy KB
      Kathy KB

      That's what anybody says who has to listen to you on a regular basis.

  • Doreen Luedtke
    Doreen Luedtke

    Beautiful as always, Kelly is amazing! I wonder if the lady lip syncing (along with Kelly) in the audience was a huge distraction, funny when Kelly changed the end of the song and the woman messed up! Who is she anyway looks familiar! Would have made a good video without her trying to grab attention! :(

    • Kathy KB
      Kathy KB

      Norah O'Donnell.

  • rharmann

    She needs to sing this song. Garth let her her sing this one

  • Ashley Bengtson
    Ashley Bengtson

    Beautiful...brought me to tears the 30 times I've watched it! Always love Kelly, she's amazing! And Garth..he is such a classic!😁

  • Keith Purdue
    Keith Purdue

    She won every contest when she was competing. She does not compete now, just watches others try to get close to the land she has discovered and claimed.

  • 007 Bond
    007 Bond

    Garth still sucks ! So does country music.

    • Kathy KB
      Kathy KB

      Oh ok. 🙄

  • Nikkiboss7

    Wow! Gorgeous! ❤️

  • Dana Nowack
    Dana Nowack

    Sheer perfection. 🎶❤️

  • Debra Lupinski
    Debra Lupinski

    Remember the First dance me And John Henry Suyak had I 'll Real always treasure it love you!