Best Laughter Moments - Pokemon FireRed - Game Grumps Compilation [UNOFFICIAL]
This Game Grumps compilation features all my favorite laughter moments from Danny and Arin's epic playthrough of Pokemon Firered. It's such a wonderful series, and even though this comp is over 3 hours, the full series has even more awesome moments... well-worth a watch from start to finish if you haven't yet!!

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    Complete Table of Contents for sharing the Grump memories: Start - Badge 1 (Ep 1 - 10) 0:00 Intro: Professor Oak shit his pants + bonus goof: Nidoran & Naming their character:"I never" 0:50 Technology is incredible (ft. Westworld) 1:02 WAIT! 1:14 Choosing charmander & Charmander use screchtch! 1:23 "I never" will get tired of this joke 1:27 Olfaction and time metaphysics (ft. Claarff) 1:48 Cleansing the Pallet, oui oui je suis 2:00 Daniel Reacts #1: panicked Rattata & Chain-smoking noir charmander & The reveal shot (ft. Arin slurring) 2:28 Arin and Dan gettin' stupid in a hot room 2:41 Friendly Nurse Joy appreciation turns to referencing obscene cartoon "Pokemon Spread" by Spazkidin3D 3:03 Dan's roach roommate/RIP Knurtt 3:59 Can't hold a pikachu down 4:13 The most unattractive name for a vajeen? 4:38 SPLAAART!!! dies (sad) 4:55 Heavy pot smoking (ft. botched high-five) 5:08 Scrotum fondling 5:18 Daniel Avidan: Jewish one-liner comic & Arin Hanson: horrible joke guy 5:46 William-Henry Howard-Henry Theodore-Deleanor Simon-Theodore Howard-Henry Henry-Howard William-Howard William-Henry-Howard-Henry Greg William-Henry Howard-Henry-Howard Howard-Henry William-Howard William-Henry Henry-Howard Taft (ft. oatmeal) 7:48 Chris Christie is a fat girl 8:07 Brock's vow of blindness & Battling Brock (ft. painful ineptitude) 9:18 New Couch v Old Couch: Dawn of Justice (ft. a weedle) 10:01 Haiku for Barry 10:31 Green double-helix ouroboros poopy 11:16 Creme eggz (The People of Good Taste vs Arin Hanson) 12:42 Which sense would you lose? (ft. some bad science) 13:43 Cat er pie? & Thunder wave? & Watching pikachu rule 34? 14:28 The worst high-five I've ever heard in my fucking life 14:42 Combining team names (ft. starting line-up of the Oaklahenver City Thunder Nuggets) Badge 1 - Badge 2 (Ep 11 - 20) 15:22 Brock Tomb & The Pewter City NAT 15:49 JO Crystal Hijinks #1: The JO Crystal Ad 16:18 Sick of rattata & "If I had a $million" 17:07 Zubat echolocation 17:14 Mickey Mousecapade Guy Returns (ft. premier animal capybara) 17:57 Charmander evolves (ft. asian babies) 18:13 Dan's pregnancy anxiety (ft. wick dipper) & Sounds of love/sex 19:39 Milton's Milton Factory (what even is this) 21:01 WHAT IS THAT!?!? 21:14 Intelligent design & Zubat expression 22:00 Grimer says "heyyyyyyyyyyy" & "This doesn't look good, Arin" 22:15 "Don't walk away from me you fucking asshole" (brief ASMR) & Open mic poetry 23:00 JO Crystal Hijinks #2: Slowbro -> SlowJO & Avionics/"Why must you lie to me?" 24:11 Dan falls in love with Misty & A War of Attrition (ft. an even worse high-five) Badge 2 - Badge 3 (Ep 20 - 36) 25:07 Long-gasp Ekans 25:40 Dan's Alzheimer's + bonus goof: Daniel Reacts #2: Bellsprout 26:43 N.D. in Naturology & Bicep contest 27:18 Donion Rings 28:14 Scotty, beam me up (ft. Kakuna) 29:10 Nidoran has a special message for the kids 29:18 Hiker Nob (ft. Hiker Nob) 29:41 Dan endorses bullying and theft & Time to schine 30:40 Arin pitches a remake of David Cronenberg's "The Fly" starring Bill 30:52 Arin Hanson: A man inverted 31:51 Daniel Reacts #3: Drowzee 32:02 Dan's epistemological war crime 32:41 What's the deal with DQ? 33:17 Avi's Extremely Jewish Voicemails #1 - 5 Million Hits 34:38 Anti-pencil bigotry (trigger warning) & Old man loses track of time 35:08 Daniel Reacts #4: Diglett 35:17 Conspiracy Grumps: Who dug the Qumran Caves? & Wikipedia goofs 36:10 Arin's got a good episode opener 36:29 DUDE IT'S DUGTRIO 36:38 How many digletts does it take to drive a man to madness? (ft. reindeer games) 37:45 Arin caught dementia diglett cave and brings it aboard the S.S. Anne 38:18 Daniel Reacts #5: Snorlax 38:31 good_one.exe & dan_confirmed_racist.mp3 39:58 Tanzany antics (ft. growlithe, gotta ___ 'em all, cereal altruism, more) 41:12 Virgin game grumps, Chad letsplayers 41:28 Slap fight over Mark's ass 41:48 Arin selectively listens to Dan 42:24 JO Crystal Hijinks #3: The Museum Sesh 43:19 Rob Zombie 43:59 Genius lyrics: "I Choose You to Die" by Star Bomb 44:35 Old gamer plays retro three cup game 44:59 Umami science lecture 45:43 Dan's U-Haul Story (ft. embarrassing stupidity) 47:34 BBC (18+) [animation by Linzb0t] Badge 3 - Badge 4 (Ep 36 - 48) 48:01 Old man recalls horrific memories of war & Grizzled veteran pikachu [animation by Linzb0t] 49:03 Does God have a soulmate for you? [animation by Linzb0t] 49:31 THX (TurntSNACO Has Xvolved) 49:53 D-Society code of conduct (ft. the brontosaurus) & D-Charity 51:43 "Who's Line is it Anyway?" auditions 52:02 Brink of insanity #42 AKA what happens when you record Game Grumps at 3 in the morning 53:34 Avi's Extremely Jewish Voicemails #2 - eeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhh bye 54:01 Mrs. Avidan drug tales 54:33 Post-intercourse Relaxation Flatulence 55:11 Yeah, no, yeah, no. Yeah! No. 56:01 Fucked up: ex-friend gropes sleeping girl over Arin's body 56:28 Jewish Man, 40, flops magnum dong onto amateur teen microphone 56:55 Dan's eating ice, not ready for work (as usual) 57:29 Arin vilifies smell-o-vision 58:57 Arin's farts: the perpetual 6-D sensory experience 1:00:18 Kickstarter Crap: Dan and Barry's gold leopard pit 1:01:17 The Rank Stank (ft. Arin) 1:01:46 Zubat uncovers his son's drug-dealing 1:02:29 Gambling addiction 1:02:37 God Jesus Franklin & Clifford the Bitter Egg Dog (ft. slurring) 1:03:22 PUSSY UP 1:04:01 Daniel Reacts #6: Victreebel (ft. Arin's fake laugh) + Daniel Reacts #7: Tangela 1:05:19 A quick "DEW IT" Badge 4 - Badge 5 (Ep 49 - 72) 1:05:32 Arin snorts coke and uses Giga Drain & Dan horrified by abusive TM industry 1:06:30 Kramer vs. Kramer from Seinfeld & Polite koffing & London, France, Insertion 1:07:05 ! 1:07:20 Crotchety old grumps & A Mistake is Born (2018) 1:08:27 Arin admits this playthrough is boring 1:08:39 Competitive hangman championship (ft. lung cancer) & Dan rudely patronizes Arin with his computer 1:09:06 ! part 2 1:09:20 Face fart foreplay (18+) 1:09:41 Asiatic Linguistics and Telecommunications 101 1:09:53 Boner foley (ft. magnum dong) 1:10:53 Dan and Arin grew up in rough neighbourhoods where they contended with enole lizard gangbangers 1:11:55 Dan doxes Arin's parents 1:12:29 Verbal "quotation marks" 1:12:52 Arin's easy-access pajama hole 1:13:26 Shiny ass-balls 1:13:48 Dan's trip to New Zealand (ft. Ass-ly) 1:15:12 Dan endures an unimaginable heartbreak (sad) & Translating "lavender" to Japanese 1:15:52 Murai Ah-Carey & G.H.A.S.T.L.Y. 1:16:50 Time metaphysics breakdown (ft. Arin and Dan's disregard for their circadian rhythms) + bonus goof: golbat 1:18:22 The grumps wish for the sweet release of death 1:18:44 Animator gives slippery handjob to 40-year-old twink (18+) & Surprise gas-passage 1:19:38 Dan shares an emBarryassing story 1:20:37 Fuck King's backstory 1:20:54 Steppin' on kitty cats 1:21:21 Two minds... IN-SYNC 1:21:45 Teleological coffee (ft. racism) 1:22:33 Life advice: fuck that guy (no, not fuck that guy, fuck that guy!) 1:22:58 Arin and Dan name the denizens of their ballsacks & Releasing a trapper from the trapper keeper 1:23:56 Reading an angry fan letter (ft. Khan from Star Wars) 1:24:52 A down-on-his-luck beekeeper receives a second chance 1:25:14 Dan leaves speech-to-text on 1:26:14 Dan gets loopy off of goblin tea 1:26:31 Puns that make you want to drop everything and start over (skip) & Fifth of all! 1:27:06 Pokemon master Arin Hanson forgets what is super-effective against poison (answer: grass, fairy) 1:27:22 The E. in "Chuck E. Cheese" stands for Escobar 1:28:20 boredom 1:28:42 Exploding whale penis (not clickbait) 1:29:13 Dan slices his entire fucking hand off in high school (very not clickbait) 1:29:53 Stanky flower AKA Fuck King evolves & Daniel Reacts #8: Paras 1:30:09 brtrsnr 1:30:50 Eevee existential nightmare (ft. gamsmash) 1:31:20 Morgan Freeman reveals Batman's secret identity (ft. a person who has never played pokemon in his life) 1:35:31 Flashman, Crashman, and the Hamburglar 1:36:35 "The Cloud of Unknowing" not by Gorillaz, but by Arin's Asshole 1:37:04 Riddles in the Dark (of early morning) & Naming some 'mons 1:38:58 TurntSNACO, M.D. Badge 5 - Articuno (Ep 73 - 76) 1:39:26 Arin fucks up & Arin fucks up again 1:39:54 Psyduck and the Rockin' Cock 1:40:21 Introducing the grumps' new editor, Larry (rip old-school Barry edits) 1:41:22 Arin tries to leave work early, gets reprimanded 1:41:54 Arin gets absolutely fucking wrecked by a wild-ass golbat 1:42:09 Political jeans (sponsored ad: Old Navy) 1:42:29 Arin's Elite Beat Agents brokerage scam 1:44:08 Dan admits to first-degree murder (#lockhimup) 1:44:25 *more psyduck* & Dan's squirty sister 1:45:29 Young Arin v The Blob: Dawn of Justice & "Bring Him Back" by Young Arin ft. Dr. Dre (CONT'd in reply)

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      I loved this series from start to finish which makes me want them to play another Pokémon game.

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    Watch the first minuet of this and then skip all the way to the end to hear the difference in mic quality

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    I listened to this during work and people were probably wondering why I thought washing dishes was so funny

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    17:35 "I bArFeD a LiTtLe BiT. bUt ThAt'S oKaY, mY MoThEr WiLl cLeAn It uP---- MOMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!" The first time I heard that I was in my bed at 2am playing Binding of Isaac on my nintendo switch, listening to GG firered on my ipod and I DIED. It took everything not to burst out laughing and waking everyone in my house.

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    If xmas and xmas were xmas and xmas xmas would have a great xmas.

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    10:31 Wait, Lucky Charms can make your shit green?

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    You have no idea how valuable these compilations are for my anxiety issues, especially when it comes to sleep aid.

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    Oh Danny. Your dad sounds awesome!!

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    I was multitasking while watching this and when he encountered the caterpie, it looked shiny and I got out of my seat instinctively

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    I will never get over how Arin got Howard Henry Taft's name correct at first XD

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    13:17 this is one of dans funniest improv and it made me tear up the first time i heard it and i’m not the biggest dan fan but that shit was funny

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    "I totally would. You know what I mean? Wait, how old is she?" "She's like 12" "I would not" Respect

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    29:35 I’m not even a quarter in this video and I’m already bursting in tears 😭😂

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    Clifford the Bitter Egg Dog still f**kin gets me every time. Ah, these guys make me so happy.

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    2:15:38 "I roll the dice and always land on tails" -arnold henson

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    Arin: *losing it after deleting Flamethrower* Me: .... But that's not even the best fire move Charizard learns

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    1:17:23 why do i feel like fry from futurama would say something like that

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    2:47:39 is my favorite

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    If Arin and Dan made a sex Ed video, it would be mike and Molly.

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    I totally just simped (Shit In My Pants)


    Don't compare my boy teddy the baddest president to walk the earth to...... Ugh taft.... .

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    1:47:19 Dans awkwardness kills me everytime

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    2:56:50 I would’ve laughed if the response to this was, “I spent it all on gamblin’-”

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    Sabrina is the best gym leader in this game

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      @sapphire that's true

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      She's way better in the show tho

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    13:07 i never scurried to the pokemon center... Me: suuuuurrree

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    1.3k people have shit their pants.

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    Hey Billy what was your favourite episode of game grumps? It was the episode where is was the start of the episode for a loooooooonnnnnggggg time

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    schrödinger's hand

    "alright here we go" *BOOWP* *BOOP*

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    in before the allegations spread. I dont want another Projared situation where we destroy Danny's reputation with no proof, so i'm reserving judgment until there is solid evidence other than some rando's tweets

    • sapphire

      @Arlynne Cumberbatch literally yeah- she very briefly talked with him before she was 18 and people on twitter went 'CLEARLY HE WAS USING HIS POWER AGAINST HER TO MANIPULATE HER INTO HAVING SEX WITH HIM YEARS LATER'

    • Arlynne Cumberbatch
      Arlynne Cumberbatch

      @sapphire so apparently society thinks an adult is a pedo just from talking to a kid. I hate humans

    • sapphire

      Yeah it was all a complete lie with all the grooming and manipulating stuff- Literally just a normal relationship that ended quickly, and the person decided to pretend that they were groomed by Dan just because they started speaking a few years earlier

    • Arlynne Cumberbatch
      Arlynne Cumberbatch

      Preach! The carson thing makes a ton of sense, with evidence being leaked by a victim, confirming he groomed not only a minor, but his follower. But for dan, he is safe. Well for now until we get a clear answer to stop this issue. Twitter is a mess

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    "Generations from now, truth babies are going to be born deformed with truth" -- LMFAO. God-dammit Dan, I nearly choked to death XD

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    sometimes i wish theyd play thru another pokemon game lmao. they would have such good commentary thru emerald

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    2:05:45 The future is, indeed, terrible!

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    i'm trying to use this as sleep aid but i keep cracking the fuck up

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    If JO crystal guy has the confidence to JO with random people from Craigslist.... the hell does he need a confidence boosting crystal for? I guess for JO-ing with random people from Craigslist.

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    Down with extrismism!

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    game grumps hasnt been the same since the new couch...

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    2:40:08 I’ll talk to you later I’m dead. It got me again after all these years😂

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    2:47:41 Just putting one of my favorite moments. Not very funny, but it just makes me chuckle.

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    What's that small Dooodii

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    19:39 milton is my new icon

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    Little did arin know he could buy Flamethrower from the Celedon Prize Corner

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    Dan trying to guess "I NEVER" as Arin is typing it, and not knowing until the second to last letter, always makes me think of his Wheele of Fortune guesses that are almost never even close

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    I can’t believe you left out the clip where Dan sees Jigglypuff for the first time...

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    49:42 that sync was amazing

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    The chaotic energy throughout this whole playthrough is so perfect. I want them to get into these kind of weird moods more often, it feels like it's been so long since they've gone this off the rails.

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    Ya think nob is short for nobbert

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    Arin: *sees Dugtrio* There's fucking three Digletts. A n d t h e y ' r e a l l a n g r y.

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    I can't stop rewinding to Arin acting all offended for Dan's reaction to drowzee

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    D. Red

    Arin confidently saying “Fuck King is the bastard” is one of my absolute favorite GG moments 1:20:37

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    Dane Cook; an unfunny "gaylord"

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    Watching this 2 years after its creation Me: YES FINALLY ANOTHER STRAIGHT MAN LIKES JASON MOMOA!!!!

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    2:06:40 we had tcap and csap

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    Don’t worry it doesn’t smell **sniff** *AWWWW FUUUUUCK!*

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    One of my favorite moments out of all of this is Arin getting pissed at the woman who teaches the elemental beam moves because she won't teach Blast Burn to Charizard. She'll only do it if your starter is at max happiness. By this point in the game, Arin has let more than half his team faint in nearly every battle he's fought. I have no doubt that all of Arin's Pokémon hate his guts 😆

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    nearly 6 years later and I only just realized that when Dan asked what Taft's first name was, Arin literally answered correctly the FIRST TIME......

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    watching this to break in the year

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    God these jokes did not hold up

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    Your taking damage from bind~

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    Hearing the "Mac Compatible" comment, and what followed, but not the lead in made it so much funnier when I went back and actually heard what made Dan say that, and realized how entirely off it was.

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    Love u guys. Dont ever forget these days. Life was much simplier. Thsnk you for the laughter.

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    I wonder if Pewds knows about Pewiedeedee

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    I cannot find the line where arin is like "eh you know if you want riches you gotta come into my tent" that shit killed me when I first heard it. I'm confident its from a pokemon episode

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    Man, I keep forgetting these two awesome dorks are a top selling album seller and a renown animator and voice actor.

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    Nick Name

    They should have an episode with Dan and Arins siblings

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    just caught a shiny weedle in pokemon go!

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    Can someone make a rom hack of firered in which all of the dialog is just references to their playthrough

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