8 Months of Stimulus Just Unraveled
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  • Economics Explained
    Economics Explained

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    • Jaques Studly
      Jaques Studly

      @Anthonyq Colosimo I don't really think anyone really knows the answer to that. We live in unprecedented times.

    • Anthonyq Colosimo
      Anthonyq Colosimo

      What do you think will happen? Will inflation push the Fed to raise rates within the next 2 years, Or will the Fed keep rates low for a longer period of time?

    • Jaques Studly
      Jaques Studly

      @Chris L Taxing the wealthy never works. They just pass the cost on to you and I by raising the prices of their goods and services or lobby for a tax loophole or outsource. There are a thousand things they can do to avoid taxes.

    • Jaques Studly
      Jaques Studly

      @name isn't dave There are also a lot of leftist economists who aren't interested in supporting the middle class and would be willing to tell lies to get rich. Rob Reich for example. You don't get to be a rich economist by playing for the middle class so it's really a matter of whom you trust.

    • name isn't dave
      name isn't dave

      @Benjamin Chen Because this dude doesn't know what he's talking about and gets dunked on over at r/badeconomics. There's a reason he makes UZmilk vids and not academic papers

  • Allan Bunting
    Allan Bunting

    For those labeled as vulnerable adults, the coronavirus and the inflation have been awful, and the way that such people have been treated and or not treated during these times shows both governments and societies actual colors 👎

  • Philip Aitken
    Philip Aitken

    Great explanation. But referring to the pandemic in the past tense in July of 2021?

  • Toby Goodguy
    Toby Goodguy

    Me thinks everyone needs to lift their bank account on a rack and get a brake job.

  • Spooky

    we live in a society etc etc

  • Blank Currency
    Blank Currency

    I love how banks are doing Cryptocurrency like JP Morgan and this video has no mention of Cryptocurrency at all/And it was relevant more than 5 days ago already.

  • Kickass Duke
    Kickass Duke

    Great top down view but what about from the ground up? American truck driver here. One of the things adding friction to the economy down here on the streets are these unemployment benefits. Many, MANY workers have qualified for these extra monies and now refuse to go back to work bc they are either: a. making AS much on unemployment(crazy enough) or b. making MORE than they were before lockdown! This is affecting almost every industry as workers sit at home refusing to return to work bc the governments(state and federal) don't have the manpower to track down everyone leeching off these checks that were meant to help but are now proving a hinderance. In my immediate perspective I can tell you all about warehouses down to less than skeleton crews for their forklift operators bc their usual guys are sitting pretty at home collecting by doing nothing while those of us that never stopped working are falling further and further behind bc our support system is disintegrating. More publicly there have been cases like the Burger King where the entire store's workforce quit leaving the sign saying, WE QUIT. The company I work for was, pre-covid, hiring these workers at around $15/hr but now are up to $20/hr just to get manpower up. This is a real struggle too as the replacement manpower is inexperienced and causing the same if not worse slowdowns due to a lack of experience. The scabs(think back to the 1987 NFL strike) are almost worse than no workers at all. There are bright spots here as workers are being able to claim higher wages and better quality of life but this revival of the working class needs to be addressed or it could get out of hand and really start to affect higher level GDP like consumer spending if anarchy reigns. Caveat: this is the first video I've seen from this channel and I haven't looked into the library to see if a topic like this has already been touched on so pardon if I'm just repeating what may already been discussed. Just had this thought brewing for awhile and it just came flowing out now! lol Best of luck to all in these unique times!

  • meemstar

    50% in 2 years is devastating ... Yugoslavia: what about 300 million % in a month?

  • Kyle E
    Kyle E

    I don't know if I understand more or if I am more confused...

  • Universe Rebel
    Universe Rebel

    Down thumbers are craptoids living without redeeming factors in mothers basements with nothing better to do.

  • John Talmage
    John Talmage

    That pump isn't pumping air.... ....you probably already know that though

  • Ahdtsjjjtdyhjryik

    lol 5:00 Dogecoin to the mooooooon!

  • Nathan C
    Nathan C

    False claims made to create arguments. Glaring omissions. This is very flawed. The bulk of the info is legitimate, but the crucial variables that the assumptions are made off of are flawed.

  • OneManWolfPack

    So, if I catch the general point of the video correctly then wanting to pretend the world is fine (economically) when it isn't fine, may in fact blow up in our face. Did I get that correctly or am I misunderstanding something?

    • Rethlitek

      @OneManWolfPack Not quite, the world is indeed more or less fine economically right now. However, it will not be fine in the future, leading to it blowing up in our face. (Due to people starting to spend the money they were not using and got more of from the stimulus packages.)

  • not_halfbad

    People will eventually go out and spend. Have you not paid any attention to the current state of the real estate market?

  • Oliver Taylor
    Oliver Taylor

    You are wrong,the government wasted more money proping up buinesses instead of creating new ones.But,with inflated prices comes inflated taxes,they get it all back and you got nothing.No customer means no buiness,no workers means no taxes comming in ,Killed off over 1 million with covid to save paying ss,ssdi,ssi ,to them.wrecked the economy and the medical system in this nation millions of people will die with the effects of covid in the future,,,This nation will end up with piles of cash and no people in empty houses,no food or water,nothing but cash money..usless cash money.nothing to buy,no value to nothing.no power,no oil,..Thats where your greed and technology got you.It is done.happy trails.

  • alphabarbs

    11:30 I am forming a posse to help me find these 'piles of money' that (according to this film) are hidden somewhere in my apartment...

  • Seitan Beats Your Meat
    Seitan Beats Your Meat

    And the money spent is just the beginning, since COVID denier idiots won’t just get vaccinated. Do they have polio? Small pox? No? Thank vaccines.... and where do they go when they get COVID and can’t breathe? They DEPEND ON SCIENCE, it’s called the ICU. No MFrs, you stay home and die alone, as “god” intended for you

  • DK The Red
    DK The Red

    It's already started biting us...

  • Angel Bank's Lopez
    Angel Bank's Lopez

    Stop spending trillion dollars on war equipment and spend those trillions of dollars on homeless low income on America. Get these old politicians out of their seats they're making millions and they don't want to relinquish power.

  • Ben Cano
    Ben Cano

    Why can't our taxes be qualitatively eased? Seriously... What would/could happen?

  • J

    For the love of God just say a crash is coming we all know it already

  • Kyle Alexander
    Kyle Alexander

    Not even close to the money spent in ww2. But yea lets ignore inflation to make a figure sound more extreme

  • Steven Luo
    Steven Luo

    12:13 ironically the only way I can understand this balloon analogy well enough is through math back to square one you go @Economics Explained

  • Hydrocarbon82

    "People are sitting on their piles of cash" lol Sorry to point out how out of touch you are with reality, but billionaires (including the 33% extra newly minted last year) are the ones with cash piles. The working class doesn't have that luxury. The government would have a bit more cash to avoid doing this with if billionares paid taxes and companies like Blue Cross didn't get >$1 billion in tax refunds (google it).

  • Blood Orange
    Blood Orange

    Yet we have a president that keeps spending money…like it grows on trees. Think we all know who’s going to end up paying their spending sprees.

    • Farkon

      Yea, Trump spent so much it's insane.

  • kebman

    If rates are already effectively 0 (or sometimes even less than 0), why not cut out the middle man completely, with programmable Fed Coins? You could set an expiry on them, you could program them with limits and demands. There would be no need for the middle man. People would instead be micro-managed by the Federal Reserve itself. :) It's not evil, it's just use of power, amirite?

  • kebman

    Biden, like all presidents before him, has also just increased the debt ceiling. :) It's ok guys. Nothing to see here.

  • Wyatt Brunow
    Wyatt Brunow

    Its the people with the little hats.

  • Eric Brandt
    Eric Brandt

    I think the Company was STUPID and used too much capital to purchase the machinery of they couldn't cover their wages....In other words....Hayek WAS RIGHT! and we will find this out....Enjoy your "Overbearing Draconian" Lockdowns Ozzie! Until China comes marching in! to take over from you lemmings who allowed yourselves to be disarmed by your EVIL leaders!

  • tasteslikeawesome

    We’re heading for a drop off of Mt. Everest without a parachute.

    • selohcin

      Did you watch the video? He just spent ten minutes explaining why that's probably not what's going to happen.

  • tasteslikeawesome

    It’s going to get much worse, and the next moves Congress makes will either barely slow the bleeding or cut much deeper.

  • Maskman Five
    Maskman Five

    The fall of the American Hagemony ..... But also the end of the world .... We should celebrate the rise of Skynet.

  • Slugga Tha Don
    Slugga Tha Don

    They started giving the money back to the fed to store it

  • Vincent Gray
    Vincent Gray

    Reminder, The Federal Reserve Bank of the United States is not federal, it has no reserves and is in no way of the United States. Follow the money through that lie and you might come out of the fog.

  • Bryon G.
    Bryon G.

    Pretty sad an Aussies knows more about the fed than most Americans including myself! Great video!

    • Inline

      Yeah in APUSH (Advanced Placement US History, I took this class last year) and the FED wasn't mentioned once in the entirety of the course.

  • Ebay Addicts
    Ebay Addicts


  • itdoesn't makeSense
    itdoesn't makeSense

    Lol I love the dogecoin to the moon sign 😂😂😂🤦🏼‍♂️

  • randomguy8196

    Velocity of money is low. Everyone is saving. So everyone is turning into Japan.

  • K. Ali Pardhan
    K. Ali Pardhan

    re: velocity of money, if you have inflation, wouldn't that make people delay spending because "I'm not paying extra" (yes I know people in Russia converted money to TVs in like 2016)

  • SAGHW Team
    SAGHW Team

    6:33, hey look, a matahari store I hold some shares of matahari, and let me tell you something, that company is getting absolutely decimated this pandemic

  • TheZacman2

    Hmmmm. Sounds a bit like what Peter Schiff has been saying for years...

  • prednosttrake

    Reverse repo will solve itself the moment the new stimulus bill hits the market (in the next month). $1.5T of repo funds will end up going into Treasuries. Then you'll see a substantial decline.

    • Yolind Strydom
      Yolind Strydom

      I don't understand? Surely the new stimulus will add to the huge money supply problem?

  • goawaygoogle

    SMH when two of the three examples for 'learn to speak aussie' are regional phrases and nation wide ones, i can for give you tho.

  • William Owen
    William Owen

    Caution isn't wrong here, but I'd be very perplexed to see a world which came back from the pandemic, increased the velocity of money, but didn't also have a rise in GDP - though I can imagine incidences where one region opens up long before the regions it relies on for its supply chain. So this could happen in the US for awhile, but not everywhere, and no longer than it takes to get the vaccine widely distributed.

  • Nick Volz
    Nick Volz

    Common sense it’s going to bite us. Duh! All part of the global order.

  • darter9000

    I wonder how staff shortages across the economy will affect your calculations. I see and hear of firms hemorrhaging staff and even some fast food locations losing everyone and being forced to close for at least a day. I’ve noticed that some chains have been offering benefits/perks that I haven’t seen before and there is some startup out there capitalizing on offering services in coordinating these benefits and perks for these large businesses. I can’t find a good way to place this in the wider formula of economics.

  • Frostman96

    I love the math! Keep it coming!

  • jereny powell
    jereny powell

    Im going to print out this for you it has n value but the guy wants it because rappers,....

  • sublimeade

    11:50 Infation

  • jon jon
    jon jon

    Slaves we are taking all of the cash back. The Fed Reserve is a private company. Not a Government organization. Go figure.

  • Cynthia Adams
    Cynthia Adams

    Greed never sleep

  • Nicelaris

    It's almost like Sound Money is a good idea or something. Who knew? What's that? The Austrians?

  • Sean Chauvin
    Sean Chauvin

    End the Fed.

  • Oh! Thank G-d for the bourgeoisie!
    Oh! Thank G-d for the bourgeoisie!

    I just heard an Aussie say, unironically, “Crikey!”

  • MrDjjustice24

    Everyone who is subscribed to this channel watched this video!!

  • Nicelaris

    0:05 - *Fighting the economic fallout of their own despicable, totalitarian policies that they forced on people and had virtually nothing to do with actually combatting a virus.* Fixed that for you

  • The Internetwanderer
    The Internetwanderer

    lost interest at the 1:46 mart.

  • Andrew Jenkinson
    Andrew Jenkinson

    You seem to think that governments WHICH PRINT THEIR OWN MONEY are like an ordinary company. They are not. They cannot go bankrupt as they can just print more money to pay off any debt. The deficit only matters IF it causes INFLATION. PRINTING money does not necessarily result in inflation. We could all spend money twice as fast without more money in circulation. It is the same money which simply circulates faster.

  • Ramesh Hansa Ravendra
    Ramesh Hansa Ravendra

    If they want to increase the velocity of money, lift the lockdowns.

  • f r e e b i r d
    f r e e b i r d

    this is basically a commercial by and for YOU!

  • Michael L
    Michael L

    Printing trillions and trillions.

  • Michael L
    Michael L

    6:49 - The Fed sure helped Obama....

  • mark pope
    mark pope

    I know you can’t help that you have a really thick accent but you could turn up the volume so that we can work while we’re listening because we are thick accent and the low volume I can’t work while I’m listening so I guess I won’t be listening

  • Shumaila Maqbool
    Shumaila Maqbool

    Make a video on the economy of wakanda

  • Bex Rutler
    Bex Rutler

    Nobody is really taking about Klous and the "NWO/ Great Reset 💯

  • redvolsung

    About the same thing happened just before 1929 crash.


    I don't see how prices can continue to rise. The markets are maxxed out.

  • Offline Pacifist Online Fussifist
    Offline Pacifist Online Fussifist

    May come back in the future is not "came unraveled". Reported, misleading title

  • Weird Flex
    Weird Flex

    Like how no one is talking about how this is Biden's economy and Democrat policy is driving the inflation.

  • Jonathan Steele
    Jonathan Steele

    Why is it that the thought of people having money is the problem? People don’t have only and this is why we can’t spend anything. The wealthy and corporations have the vast majority of the money that has been created. Money right now is stagnant at both the top and bottom but the majority of that money is held at the top

  • Jeffrey Kosmas
    Jeffrey Kosmas

    Sounds like a pawn shop except you get to keep your item.

  • John Moore
    John Moore

    i was having a hard time explaining or putting into context the explosion of overnight reverse repos and many other youtubers failed to help me with that. This video turned it around for me and now i kind of feel dumb that i didn't see it so clearly before. so thank you for that. (the clearing up, not the feeling dumb which is my fault)

    • Yolind Strydom
      Yolind Strydom

      Totally agree! Even the maths made sense and illustrated the magnitude

  • God of the Corn
    God of the Corn

    Love that my man is repping Dallas in all the stock footage he uses

  • david ouellette
    david ouellette

    they don't take peoples money out of the bank and lend it out they just print it out of nothingness and then charge you interest on it so this program is bull.

  • Pete

    I've been able to fool 100% of Australians by claiming I was born without an accent and sincerely crying at my life's struggle ever since. 100% of the time, everytime.


    Could you imagine if there was no longer room for the constantly expanding markets in our finite world that capitalism requires??? That would be insane! Like WWIII insane! You know, because capitalism's role in the previous two world wars? No more demand for office space? Smash office space. No more demand for cars? Smash cars. No more demand for skyscraper? Hold on... * dials phone number *..."Yoooo what's up Bush Jr! Long time no WMD's! Can you send some of those guys that were funded by the CIA back in the day to fight the USSR to take a quick 'joy ride'? Box cutters on me this time, bro. My treat." * Laughs in Jihad *


    Lol @ "free market" capitalism scrambling to correct its inherent contradictions. Imagine if you couldn't kick the can down the road next time...wait???

  • Gregred78

    And at the rate of inflation right now it's not looking good at the moment!!!!

  • Bill D
    Bill D

    Any inflation is not fine. Inflation = $$$ being stolen from us.

  • CommunistSpyware


  • fester225

    Deflation: What's the big deal? If I'm in the market for a house and I know housing prices will go down 20% next year, I'll wait until next year to buy a house. If I know housing prices will go down 2% next year, I might easily still buy the house now to be sure I get the house I want. If my gas gauge is on EMPTY and I know gas prices will go down 2% next week, I'm still buying the more expensive gas because I still need to get to work until the prices go down. If deflation were to become more or less permanent, there would be a reason to save money, money which would be pointless if it weren't eventually spent on something. However, I'm not going to hoard cash because it will be worth 2% more next year. If deflation were to rise to 1% or 2% for the next 50 years, maybe pennies would be worth something again. I can see keeping deflation at low levels, but maintaining low levels of inflation is just a way to increase taxes in societies with progressive tax schedules.

  • Keith LeBlanc
    Keith LeBlanc

    The most likely outcome, in my opinion, is a sudden fall in the money supply as the central banks do their jobs. This will deflate asset prices and cause significant disruption with foreign exchange. However, I would argue this isa better option (especially for the US) than uncontrollable inflation. I love getting back to the basics. You can't argue with the economic formulas.

  • Titzkarabit

    Banks made a lot of money like you said, but instead of increasing lending out money, they gave it to themselves as bonuses.

  • Titzkarabit

    8:30 that's a straight up lie "it's not their money so they are trying to be careful with it"(paraphrased). They GAMBLE with your money, always have, that's what caused the 2008 crash, that's what sent small businesses into bankruptcy and that's what's about to cause the biggest financial crisis next month (aug)

    • Nathan C
      Nathan C

      @StrokeMahEgo Banks want profits right? More profits are made on riskier investments right? Printed money makes it into society through loans primarily which have inherent risk, and according to this guy they don't want to lend out mortgages which are safe since they're attached to an asset... How does someone not see this as flawed logic? Those variables can not be consolidated. They don't make risky investments + They don't make safe investments. Good luck with that equation. This video is incredibly flawed.

    • StrokeMahEgo

      Some (but not many) restrictions were put in place after that though. In addition, the levels of financial uncertainty weren't as high going in then as they are now.

  • John Gorczyca
    John Gorczyca

    1:15 minutes in and he used the word may twice. I don't speculate anymore.

  • Titzkarabit

    Just 1 misleading point, RRP have not reached 1T$ yet, but it's very close. We are at about 880B$ everyday, and we did touch 900s, so we will get there soon enough.

  • Logan K
    Logan K

    I haven't noticed a price increase in anything but gas. Yep it's nice to be poor.

  • Alvydas Jokubauskas
    Alvydas Jokubauskas

    If pandemic for long time, than it will be cold money for long time, and if they don;t do stimulate anymore, than we will be fine, I guess. If pandemic disssapears fast, the bubble will explode into your faces... But maybe, inflation will find a way to burst itself other ways, like it will poke from inside bubble with a sharp edge of a dollar. Also physics, expect the unexpected, like a coin toss you know chances are 50. 50, but because heads are heaver its more like 51-49, and then if you know that coin can just stand on the edge, than mind blows, as you did not expect to do that, throw it in space and it will never land, so on and so on... We are limiting fantasy, and nobody know what will really happen, but I do know, that the road is very tight right now and anything could, happen: war, extinction, climate change, meteorite strike due to lack of warning systems, sun awakes, anything and everything at same time...

  • The Bunk Report
    The Bunk Report

    We are already seeing the fallout here in Arizona with record numbers of foreclosures and evictions. A lot of people are going to be in a very bad situation when the eviction moratorium expires on August 6.

  • Mark Murphy
    Mark Murphy

    It seems the most reliable inflation hedge is real estate.

  • jimbobbyrnes

    the American dollar is equivalent to a "i owe you". owning lots of American dollars means you owe lots of money.

    • Nathan C
      Nathan C

      When it's the primary reserve currency, what does that make all the currencies that are backed by the US dollar?

  • Laszlo Sokolai
    Laszlo Sokolai

    Just like just before the great depression, recall federal reserve notes. This will be devastating to everyone, especially millionaires, since there will be no place to hide from getting the same thing done to them like what happened to mussolini after world war 2.

  • Gustav Albericchi Du Rocher
    Gustav Albericchi Du Rocher

    some of those things COULD be a big problem IF: - the stimulus were given to many (MANY) people that never needed it and can either save or change their average monthly demands; - the stimulus were as high as Biden's (up to 80% of a minimum wage monthly, i guess) and took some 5, 7 months; - it happened in a country with a shitty currency; then, yeah... if they aren't getting inflation now, they will be getting it very soon. in Us's cases... i disagree with the possibility. read my full comment below

    • Gustav Albericchi Du Rocher
      Gustav Albericchi Du Rocher

      Oh and i forgot saying that this diminishing of demand into the average stimulED household and rise on concentration of wealth are the main responsibles for the lower VM. Edit: as unemployment lowers, it will stabilize.

    • Gustav Albericchi Du Rocher
      Gustav Albericchi Du Rocher

      and that "real gdp" formula is really anacronyc - and i'm saying this just because i don't want to say that every economist that ever thought of that is partially wrong but... for that particular usage - it can be a good overlook formula but there is a lot of room to improve - for starters, checking who is with the money of the money supply - but using it for calculating the real gdp of a past year, it pretty much does the trick

    • Gustav Albericchi Du Rocher
      Gustav Albericchi Du Rocher

      man i love your explanations, so up until 7:00 the video was lovely... but i think you are being short sighted about why the stimulus checks were given and foresighting what can come next depends on understanding it. - most stimulus was given directly to people that were poor and jobless - they spent this money on their rents, bills and of course, food; - economists expected this to create inflation - after all, money printing creates inflation, right? and yet there are better informed economists that understand that the equation is not so direct, simple and... dumb - most of the better informed (i don't know if that was your case) also thought their spending would make the supply lower and thus, prices rise... well it didn't happen! one can say that it can happen in the future but we have to keep in mind that this is ANOTHER argument, far away from the premise put. why it didn't happen? 1st of course, there's a point that most europeans, asian tigers and north americans have a hard time to acknowledge: as you are rich, the majority of your population already has high demands and most important, the other side: there will always be supply from devalued currency-countries. if your country needs more of something, it will get more and the poor country will have less of it - so it will, per say, export inflation (hahahhahah why i am laughing, that's a sad term to coin); but that wasn't ALL that necessary (though obviously necessary in some specific products one or other person can name), because of the 2nd point: they were getting an amount of money inferior of what they got in the past with their jobs lost. yes, i understand that there were unemployed people (of course there were few), people that were partly employed and comfort zoners that only worked some hours per week and also that at least with Biden's checks all those are getting much more money than they used to BUT, for the majority of the stimulED, they ran LOWER on cash and thus their demand shrinked. and again: most of the population already had high demands on most products. what is happening right now, despite the anomalities that are being seen here and there (in very few states, it must be highlighted) that companies are fighting for cheap workers (making them not so cheap anymore), taking in consideration the supposition some marketing (almost conspiracy) theorists are making that some of those companies are together in stunts to get good deals with the government soon and so that probably, by now (july) or next month this "problem" will probably have disappeared then... well, then we end up with a country with no problems to grow up again! labor costs are similar to what they were before. in that, inflation can be a fear of those that are not seeing the bigger picture but as the ones seeing it start investing heavily, they will follow. and no - i'm not talking about Biden's plans, which for sure will speed up this proccess. a good question would be... where is all that money that was lent to people, then? most is not as you said saved for an emergency... because they couldn't save anything! their money ended with the same rich people it usually is! that is why SO many people had became billionaires last year... their businesses were big enough to either survive some struggles OR to be able to get such big and good loans that they were actually able to profit from both loans almost (or truly) below inflation and also from what we can call "natural order money pyramid" - government prints for the poor and it ends up with the rich. if it ends up with people and businessess that yes, can have some demands that also account for inflation (like concrete, steel etc.) but very much less than if this money ended up on middle lower and lower classes... so the velocity of money can rise again pretty much comfortably. but Gustavo... can't all this money with the middle upper class and the rich create inflation too? they can... but it usually takes time... and in some countries, GENERATIONS! they will create new branches, stores and projects and for those new managers and new qualified workers (that might have been working in lower-end positions) will be hired and as those nurture ideas and get access to better credit, they also start new companies. of course this proccess is cyclic and eternal and not even the pandemic has stopped it but... it might have actually made it slow down a lot (a lot of smaller companies break and the risk of investing puts ideas back into vaults). and again, again, again, again: - IF only the "high-end society" is earning more money; - IF the demand of the majority of rest of the pop is stable for years; - IF your country has a valued currency, which makes it a go-to destination of exports from all over the world (which totally is US's case); then there's nothing to fear... nothing at all. i'd say a possible problem for the later future would be dollar valuation allowing China to let yuan value... but that's aaaalso another point! its only loosely related. what we can't argue, though, is that some of those things COULD be a big problem IF: - the stimulus were given to many (MANY) people that never needed it and can either save or change their average monthly demands; - the stimulus were as high as Biden's (up to 80% of a minimum wage monthly, i guess) and took some 5, 7 months; - it happened in a country with a shitty currency; then, yeah... if they aren't getting inflation now, they will be getting it very soon. in Us's cases... i disagree with the possibility.

  • Jacob Ray
    Jacob Ray

    This is jumping on the back of the report about inflation going up. What this person is purposely missing is that it’s tied to covid not stimulus. Used cars account for 1/3 of the inflation due to a shortage of semi conductors, new cars aren’t being made and used cars have shot up in value. Oil another major contributor was because OPEC just decided to increase production back to pre covid levels after the inflation report which can effect prices of everything. The major problems are globalism, not stimulus. This person is trying to blame on stimulus because they don’t want regular people getting help. Notice how they never mention how rich people storing money to avoid taxes hurts the economy. The have effectively removed billions from the economy if not more than a trillion because they refuse to pay taxes but regular people receiving like $2000 somehow crashes the economy. He also fails to mention the bailouts given to corporations where they looted the treasury before we got a penny. It didn’t raise the inflation rate but this person has an agenda not even being honest where most of the money went.