Life update

  • Lucian Malkin
    Lucian Malkin

    It’s so good seeing him with his son and how happy he is he deserves it

  • Ashley Barnes
    Ashley Barnes

    What a little man!

  • Pilot bubby
    Pilot bubby

    Masons head:dad can I eat the chicken

  • Sibonelo Klaas
    Sibonelo Klaas

    Since when did you have a son this guy has a son 😂 jey is so different in real life

  • winter.lee李

    I stopped watching Kubz Scouts AKA Jay for like 2 years now, i'm so shock to get the news about him already being a father, i'm so proud of him

  • Pickle Caustic
    Pickle Caustic

    Little Chungus( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Jake Garland
    Jake Garland


  • kpop simp
    kpop simp

    this made me tear up fr 😭

  • dino_nuggiez.

    omg you look like my really chill teacher that bought the whole class toco bell 😭✋🏻 ur such an amazing dad

  • emma

    ur such an amazing father jay 😭😭

  • ytr0bl0x

    Hes the luckiest

  • kuronotfound

    181 of you are a disappointment to society, he is a great dad and is happy to see his son! You better click the like button!

  • safin lol
    safin lol




  • Meranda Jacob
    Meranda Jacob


  • Aubrey Gagarra
    Aubrey Gagarra

    Wow you actually have a kid! Jay you are full of surprises! I love the channel btw

  • Kevin Lozano
    Kevin Lozano


  • tictacfun XD 😎🥸
    tictacfun XD 😎🥸

    Mason is so adorable!

  • tictacfun XD 😎🥸
    tictacfun XD 😎🥸

    Jay wins coolest dad of the year award!

  • the little one kai :)
    the little one kai :)

    Watching Jay be so happy with Mason (sorry if I spelt it wrongly) almost made me cry. Seeing that made me happy.

  • coke

    this made me smile bro this is so wholesome

  • cult !!
    cult !!

    pls ive watched this man for so long and to see his whole life changing positively is so heartwarming to me🌬

  • LilMatilda


  • LilMatilda

    I have never seen you this happy

  • Queen of Waifus
    Queen of Waifus

    Mason will grow up to be the next THAT DUDE

  • Milkie_miss

    It makes me so happy to see jay in a fatherly state of mind. ✨💗

  • kirishima's right toe
    kirishima's right toe

    This is actually making me emotional

  • Darsstuff

    I am very proud of you jay 😄✌

  • david yoder
    david yoder

    mason is so beuatiful

  • Mother of my friend group
    Mother of my friend group

    This is so wholesome

  • Mikayda Powell
    Mikayda Powell

    As I saw the thumb nail my....heart-

  • Breeze

    Jay: I’m gonna keep this video short, simple, and sweet. Video: 10:42

  • Carlisah _vroom vroom
    Carlisah _vroom vroom

    I want a husband just like jay and i want my children want a good father😭❤️

  • Xx Midnight xX💖
    Xx Midnight xX💖

    Jay your such a amazing person! You play with your son, make content for us, workout, and take care of yourself! Your the best dad, youtuber, and person in general!

  • Erica Garcia
    Erica Garcia

    Mason and daddy it’s so heart warming ❤️ Keep pushing forward Jay, you got this! Proud of you 👏

  • Nora Saechao
    Nora Saechao

    Your son is so cute

  • hi

    I know its late but this was posted on my birthday 😖💕💕

  • Analiza lagahit
    Analiza lagahit

    Jay I’ve been watching you for YEARS. When I say years, I really mean it. Since 200k in 2016 type of old! I have not once ever seen your house lmao 😂😂😂

  • Analiza lagahit
    Analiza lagahit

    Mason looks so much like nini!!, so cute

  • Arkin Paguyo
    Arkin Paguyo

    this is so cuteee

  • auro1100 auro1100
    auro1100 auro1100

    jay is the best dad ever!

  • ImDaEdgar

    take any days off your the best i think all of us would understand if you missed a upload life has been going very bad for me but your vids make it better and your the best dad -Edgar P.S. love you

  • Trixe Domingo
    Trixe Domingo

    I'm crying this video is too wholesome ! Jay I'm so happy for you. You are such a great dad. Take care of that lil mason always

  • lina xhemaili
    lina xhemaili

    I was just looking at some jays videos like i always do and then this video came to my recomendet so i clicked on it and seeing 120k likes... I was in Shock

  • Margaret yeboaa
    Margaret yeboaa

    Your such a good Dad

  • Lai Kwan
    Lai Kwan

    wait 10minutes is short?

  • vernice p.
    vernice p.

    i love how he is really open about what is happening in his life... love ya jay! we are always gonna be here to support you and your journey ♡

  • Black Coffee
    Black Coffee


  • Ashtynn Geans
    Ashtynn Geans

    i know this is late, but you truly are the father i've never had

  • sophanator

    “Can I get a high five?” **hugs** this melted my heart awebsnjdkrkdjsjsn

  • Bea Grace
    Bea Grace

    hes alr walking...damn wasnt mason born like just yesterday (pwera usog)


    I actually cried a lil bit , this is precious🥺😭

  • Yourstruly

    What is the music in the background

  • Avaa Andradeacvacake23
    Avaa Andradeacvacake23

    i didnt know mans lived in san diego i live in escondido


    you guys are so cute and amazing

  • Fellow Sinner
    Fellow Sinner

    Mason really out here choosing violence

  • §isabella.chan§

    Everyone-he’s such a great father . Me-he is but that height thooooooo

  • sad :'(
    sad :'(

    Honestly this is very heartwarming. When I adopt a child, I want to be like Jay. I think he would like that. I would like to make everyone in my life proud by doing what I love. I really want to have a life but it's hard, but I'm not stopping just yet. And the person reading this shouldn't either. Don't. Give. Up. Signed, Random person :)

  • anna smith
    anna smith

    this video made me so happy im gonna cry bro. im so proud of you jay!!

  • Da DUDE
    Da DUDE

    Did he say family?

    • Elodie

      dom toretto ⁉️😦

  • TotallyNotAMythologyNerd


  • FittedJake

    bro im crying with what you do for your kid man, i love you guys i hope mason will continue your legacy

  • Kerrise Watt
    Kerrise Watt

    Your that dad 😁

  • Bryan V.
    Bryan V.

    Bro i miss your content so much. I haven't watched you in a while, but it's nice to see you're doing well. I hope to get on the fitness grind soon, just need some weights so I can make good progress. Been a long-time fan of your's, for several years now. You were a big part of my childhood and I'm almost a legal adult now :') crazy how time flies.

  • Kira

    He's such a good dad omg😭😭😭😭😭❤❤

  • Chelsea Allen
    Chelsea Allen

    So cute 😆💜

  • fuckmothershit

    Your a great father 🥲

  • ErronxBlack

    this dude is like cory i cried when he retired dont quit on me jay

  • Evie-Rose Jenner Dassanayake
    Evie-Rose Jenner Dassanayake

    Omg hes so cute

  • Haleigh Crosby
    Haleigh Crosby

    Cool father

  • 𝔹𝕥𝕤_𝕒𝕟𝕚𝕞𝕖 :3
    𝔹𝕥𝕤_𝕒𝕟𝕚𝕞𝕖 :3

    Awwww your son is soooooooo cute 🥺🥺🥺

  • A chicken Nugget
    A chicken Nugget

    THIS MELTED MY HEART i cried 😭❤️

  • Katie Freeman
    Katie Freeman

    Ur such a good father on God on god

  • Beep- Boop
    Beep- Boop

    This video had motivated me to keep going! im in a really dark place atm and this has made me realise i could probably achieve a lot! its not given me much to go on but its enough to keep me going for a bit i feel like i could make it to the end of this month. thank you Jay! ur a really good father btw

  • Mary Thorpe
    Mary Thorpe

    And a troll

  • Mary Thorpe
    Mary Thorpe

    The baby is cute

  • Mary Thorpe
    Mary Thorpe

    Sometimes he post is cringe But All the time He's funny And try not to laugh And it's face looks like a tomato

  • Mary Thorpe
    Mary Thorpe

    Jay From the cub scouts He's a good father and has a good heart A good heart

  • Mary Thorpe
    Mary Thorpe

    Cause I do Play watch dogs 2

  • Mary Thorpe
    Mary Thorpe

    Does anyone play watch dogs 2

  • Christelle Mandisodza
    Christelle Mandisodza

    # I wanna be like JAY

  • Anxioty. exe
    Anxioty. exe

    jay you should do a reaction video of you listening to motionless in white when you get the chance

  • Gladys Rosa
    Gladys Rosa

    you have a beautiful son god bless him. your fans should understand if you take some time to see your family and freinds. Enjoy yourself we will be here when you get back. love ya dude. Stay safe and god bless.

  • Some Cat Lookin at you
    Some Cat Lookin at you

    I want a dad like jay funny as hell,makes youtube content.but im grateful with mandad

  • vellichxrr

    His son is as handsome as his father-

  • ukiyo

    it makes me so happy seeing my favorite youtuber is doing well, we love you jay

  • XxAriBxichxX

    Mason is a savage 😭

  • yaslene

    That kid is so damn cute

  • A N X I O U S
    A N X I O U S

    Honestly, you're my life inspiration. My life isn't the best, but i really wanna have at least a decent future. I wanna be the best parent for any future kids. I wanna be successful. and I wanna be inspiration for others. so thank you for being THE BEST content creator. 😁🤞🤞🤞🤞

  • Enrico Pucci
    Enrico Pucci

    Man this comment section is literally “I have such a shit life my parents hate me I wish jay was my dad”

  • Playboi Zion
    Playboi Zion

    Is Jay like Ryan razooky's cousin?

  • Monster Puppet
    Monster Puppet

    When I watched this I couldn't help but just smile

  • Slogo Slogo
    Slogo Slogo

    “Can i have a hug?” Mason:*throws bottel on floor*

  • Gaming Lizard
    Gaming Lizard

    Bro. This is so wholesome

  • Briana Santiago
    Briana Santiago

    I love this video so much ❤️

  • NoU

    I know that im like late but Jay continue your journey man I'm get back in shape after like 2 years from not working out and man your a great dad man Ps your that dude

  • Najla Osman
    Najla Osman

    This is adorable

  • jake

    is it just me or does his kid look like ryan from ryan's toy review

  • zero

    we love u jayyyyy

  • ConfusedRetro

    Man... Time sure flies, I was just watching his yandere series, try not to laugh, reaction to random videos, free random games gameplay, horror games and now, look at him being a father. I love Jay, as well as the screams hahaha and now that he's a father, I don't mind if he takes a break my man needs to spend time with his family and friends as well and Mason, he cutie, he's gonna grow up like his dad. Anyways, Jay from the Kubz Scouts, is still THAT DUDE.