Gary Neville & Jamie Carragher react to latest ESL news | City withdrawal, Woodward resigning & more
Gary Neville, Jamie Carrager, Graeme Souness and Glen Johnson go in depth on the withdrawal of Manchester City from the proposed European Super League, the impact on the club owners of the remaining teams, possible sanctions against the teams still planning to take part and Ed Woodward announcing his resignation from his role at Manchester United.
This video was recorded shortly before news broke of Spurs, Arsenal, Man Utd and Liverpool leaving the proposed league.

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  • Sky Sports Football
    Sky Sports Football

    This video was recorded shortly before Arsenal, Spurs, Liverpool and Man Utd announced plans to withdraw from the ESL agreement ⚽

    • Jason William Cooley
      Jason William Cooley

      @sam conway sorry to say this but with out all the six clubs no fans would watch the Premier league and Liverpool Manchester City arsenal spurs Chelsea and united are the only clubs that are making money for sky sports and bt sports and the only reason fans watch the Premier league in the frist place and it about time all ye brain 🧠 dead fans got that into ye heads

    • Jason William Cooley
      Jason William Cooley

      @yippee kiyay if football was for fans y are we paying to watch some matches when Liverpool Manchester united Chelsea have the own channel but sky sports and bt sports won't let them clubs show they matches and to save money i have the Premier league app on phone and to watch all the games I just wait for BBC to show match of the day or wait for fans to put up results on Facebook and twitter

    • Jason William Cooley
      Jason William Cooley

      @BobLeeSwagger u hit the nail on the head sky sports and bt sports are the real greedy bastards of football not clubs when the Premier league has run it course and got boring 😴 to watch

    • Jason William Cooley
      Jason William Cooley

      @Rikhi Kang u must be a idiot cause sky sports are the cartel of football

    • Jason William Cooley
      Jason William Cooley

      @Cliff Bastin Premier league is so boring and it after running it course

  • Khumbuya Tsako
    Khumbuya Tsako

    Thank you for liverpool

  • Givanpes

    If I didn't know better and just listened to these guys I might have thought this Super League only concerned Liverpool and Man United.

  • Redneck Rebel aka raregoodguy
    Redneck Rebel aka raregoodguy

    You already have the two Uefa competitions for European competition.

  • Giannis Ppdpoulos
    Giannis Ppdpoulos

    Gary Neville looks 27 yo

  • Darren Douglas
    Darren Douglas

    This is about greed and arrogance ,football snobbery .I'm surprised wasn't a leak.

  • Rene Portillo
    Rene Portillo

    Corey Reynolds

  • Rene Portillo
    Rene Portillo

    Corey Reynolds

  • Stephen Robertson (Geordie Boy)
    Stephen Robertson (Geordie Boy)

    couldn't care less, there's more serious issues going on in the world than to concentrate on this crap

  • Andrew W
    Andrew W

    Hi as a big fan at the club with everything going on in football Gary Neville asking football club owners to leave due to their behaviour is he going to ask Ryan Giggs to leave Salford City FC if found guilty in Court with his behaviour I hope something gets done about this as it will be going on Twitter and Facebook if found guilty and us women will make sure we push this all the way because us women have gone through a lot over lockdown with domestic violence at its highest it’s ever been would much appreciate it if I get a email back please many thanks


    Everything about Gary summed up by “Must work harder” painting above his head. We must all work harder as fans to save the game we love.

  • Don Master
    Don Master

    People are always afraid of change m. It’s human nature to be fearful of the unknown. I’ve actually heard people say there afraid of flying and they haven’t even flown before! No one wanted British teams to enter the European Cup either in the past years.

  • Bar1

    Errrrrmmmm errm thanks for that Jamie

  • DuderinoDeux

    At least this Neville didn't appease.

  • DuderinoDeux

    Neville in his student digs. Che? maybe O'Shea! Fair dues for speaking out.

  • Tom Smith
    Tom Smith

    The owners think football is just a business but it is more than that, it is a religion.

  • greatwarwalk

    European Super League: Clubs 'cannot leave', says Real Madrid president Florentino Perez. --- HEY PEREZ.. YES THEY CAN.. NOW GO AWAY !!!

  • Edward Hennessy
    Edward Hennessy

    Whats the common denominator folks ?

  • Martin McGrath
    Martin McGrath

    Kenny and all the players KNEW the club were withdrawing before they gave their opinion.

  • asioe kiou
    asioe kiou

    Gary Neville just became footballs biggest G 💪

  • Stephen Booth
    Stephen Booth

    Gary has been fantastic but I think they should be heavily punished, lots of fans, players and manager of teams in the past have been punished by point deductions where they have done nothing wrong but their owners have ignored rules and regulations and this should be no exception no matter how big the clubs are

    • asioe kiou
      asioe kiou

      So no Americans can own a team again? Y’all are finally getting a taste of the very top of the 1%. The very top.

  • hawdehaw

    All fuelled by the EPL and their ridiculous tv deal.

  • hawdehaw

    Will they have same out cry about the CL 2024??

  • Craig Broderick
    Craig Broderick

    It’s quite clear that the ESL was doomed from the beginning because of the anti competitiveness nature of no relegation and ring fencing income etc. but it just highlights how anti competitive the existing Champions League is already. I’m all for reforming the champions league but in the exact opposite way from how the ESL was proposed. We talk about the fairytale of the FA Cup and how amazing the unpredictability of it is. The Champions League should be the winners of each European country qualifying & knockout football all the way through. Let’s see real distribution of wealth in football.

  • Iso

    I'm an accountant and I hated this idea from the start.

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon

    I'm convinced Gary Neville is the Ironman of the football world.

  • Razor Lufc
    Razor Lufc

    As a leeds fan I never thought I would like Gary Neville but he it’s spot on with everything he says and I would love to have a beer with the guy 😂

  • paulmaking1980

    Gary Neville on Sunday launched a nuclear attack on the rebel 6 and the European Super League and brought down the European Super League, well done Gary! I have even more respect for you, you have saved football!

  • dan Stmy
    dan Stmy


  • Black Rose
    Black Rose

    Lol.. sky sports now speak for the common man, while charging 30 plus quid a month. Never heard such tripe. If you fall for this nonsense you need to get in to the real world

  • The Little Signpost Pointing the way
    The Little Signpost Pointing the way

    Whoever would have thought that kicking a little round football could make so much profit for the Oligarchs of the game? Too much money spoils the sport, it becomes a for-profit enterprise with greed being the motivator! The sickness of today's world, all popular sport is the same!

  • Anthony Johnson
    Anthony Johnson

    Dumb footballer's and supporters mindsets. There has never been a pandemic and yet you all go insane with this. Embarrassing.

  • Kevin Porter
    Kevin Porter

    They were trying to franchise football. That's ok in a country like the US that has no culture, no tradition and no values! Doesn't work in Europe! They don't understand people or culture, just money and unfettered greed!

  • Aakash Suryi
    Aakash Suryi

    The clubs are directly responsible for the situation they're in. It's them who've allowed player wages to sky-rocket. It's them who've allowed transfer fees to sky rocket. Most of them have no Financial Discipline or Diligence. How are players allowed to earn 300,000€\£ every week as direct Salary?!? Regardless of whether they play good or bad?!?? How?!? In what world is that ok?!? Bear in mind I'm not talking about Messi/Ronaldo/Suarez here. We as fans need to have this conversation because it's the elephant in the room. Let's consider Liverpool as an example simply because they have players who "arguably" have had the highest work-rate/output in the last 3/4 years under Klopp in terms of distance run per game and other statistics. Who in Liverpool gets paid above 250k directly as Salary? Only VvD and Salah. The rest them earn very reasonably when compared to other clubs. There was a study done on this comparing the salaries of players at different clubs. Imo, Liverpool is one of the most financially disciplined clubs in Europe. Let's put aside the fact that Jon Henry was one of the main party to initiate this ESL. The rising Players Wages and Salaries is the main underlying issue that's at heart of this ESL that nobody wants to address. Cristiano makes about 100 million because of sponsorships every year. Who decided to give Messi 500 million as a direct component of Salary?!? Who was the donkey who made this decision?!?? Now that Barca is in fukin Debt they are planning to monopolize the competition along with other Idiots. Believe me as football fans (not club fans) this is a conversation that NEEDS to be had. Players need to be paid a fixed component of Salary, and a Variable Bonus Component based on their performance output ( Goals, Saves, Clean Sheets, Assists, Pre-Assists, Chances/Opportunities Created, Key Passes, etc) This Conversation needs to be had sooner or later. Those fuking owners and executives are fuking incompetent who dress up in fancy suits. Dortmund, Liverpool, Leister, Athletico Madrid are some of the most Financially Disciplined and Well -run clubs. You don't have divas & Super-models like Neymar, Pogba, Ozil, etc. I'm not even going to address Rmadrid and Barca because they're a disaster. That Bartameo idiot gave Messi half a Billion as Direct Salary.

  • pisstakecentral

    This is really cool to see

  • Boyce Mark
    Boyce Mark

    Gary needs to spark up that joint and find some more cushions for that couch... That said, as a Liverpool fan, he has gone up in my estimation. Top bloke in fairness, pure football passion.

  • Sai Pawiroredjo
    Sai Pawiroredjo

    Do we know inside ESL? We need more information about ESL.

  • John Gallacher
    John Gallacher

    Wrong Graham punish the elites

  • John Gallacher
    John Gallacher

    Clean the swamp

  • John Gallacher
    John Gallacher

    That's it jamie

  • John Gallacher
    John Gallacher

    Its billionaires Garry DEMOCRATS

  • John Gallacher
    John Gallacher

    It's the PEOPLES decison who goes

  • John Gallacher
    John Gallacher

    Glazer must go and watch his replacement

  • John Gallacher
    John Gallacher

    Gary so proud and I am Scottish dont think that any country in the world are not behind you accept anerican BILLIONAIRES

  • harey harey
    harey harey

    UEFA is gready . Uefa got 70% club 30%. No money for big club to buy big players ! Stupid fan

  • John Gallacher
    John Gallacher

    No this is were our country has to stand the GERMANS have it sorted but they will be back its power more than money the man United boys have the right idea get him out but watch who is stepping in his place

  • Gail Thorpe
    Gail Thorpe

    Night hoods for Jamie c and Gary n for there fight to save the greatest game in the world football

  • rael1999

    Just need to tackle the greedy players and their greedy agents now hey lads !! You know the GREED in football you were all talking about !!

  • Satar U.K.
    Satar U.K.

    Gary deserves a Nobel

  • 666BMW666 -  Registeredtrademark
    666BMW666 - Registeredtrademark

    Who's crack den Gary at

  • John Owen
    John Owen

    Surely it's now time for the government to outlaw foreign ownership of British sports clubs

  • Eric Wickman
    Eric Wickman

    These owners fear relegation period. Relegate these club ASAP. If they are so great, they'll be back up in no time.

  • Bellamy Drake
    Bellamy Drake

    Are there billionaires in the UK standing in line to buy these big clubs? If so why so much foreign ownership?

  • Bellamy Drake
    Bellamy Drake

    So football clubs in the UK and Europe aren't allowed to make money?

  • Ice

    What Jamie said is right on the owners should be punished hard how about forced sales at a penny on the pound Or how about a stock for every season ticket holder

  • Danny Davies
    Danny Davies

    This will happen, sooner or later

  • Ice

    Probably the best thing to happen to football in generations The reaction the big bois being whipped into place by the fans and importantly players and managers is a great thing there about to be fucked

  • billybob kingston
    billybob kingston

    like the Hendrix picture

  • Jay The 2nd
    Jay The 2nd

    Gary Neville should run the FA.

  • Frank Sorry
    Frank Sorry

    Gary Neville for President. Jamie as vice... obviously 🥲

  • adrian collings
    adrian collings

    Following this story on various media outlets and lots of fans and pundits agree football in the UK sold its soul in 92 and Sky TV.

  • The Bizness
    The Bizness

    Gary Neville not letting his foot go of these scumbags necks and so he shouldn’t. Half the battle is won for Man Utd fans. Getting glazers out will be winning the war. We will buy no tickets, no merchandise, no nothing until the Glazers sell the club to rightful owners who aren’t debt ridden and actually love the game. It’s been too long and enough is enough!

  • Fred Adams
    Fred Adams

    Get the yanks out of our sport

  • Fred Adams
    Fred Adams

    Don’t support a yank company

  • Kathy Flegg
    Kathy Flegg

    It’s ok now we have the people we can trust. Fifa uefa. Prem league. Sky. Ha ha.

  • Tartan Tam
    Tartan Tam

    Souness actually summed it up best in my opinion

  • Bobby Kay
    Bobby Kay


  • Big Cheese TV
    Big Cheese TV

    Gary neville is an absolute legend , he didn't take a step back and think it over he went guns blazing straight after these greedy lowlifes and lead the charge. What a guy.

  • D.O.O.M

    Graeme Souness: ''Pogba must be punish for this''

  • JMH

    Brings up some very interesting questions about "ownership"... exactly WHO does (or should) own these brands?

  • Jay

    I've honestly not felt so excited about coming back to engage with football after 10 plus years after loosing interest for it becoming commodified. PLEASE Gary & Jamie & everyone with a noticeable position, follow up to create a petition and other ways for us to collectivise to enable the 51% rule or at least heavy regulation on commodification of football as a start. This is a massively important moment, because it shows what can be achieved in many facets of society by just saying 'NO!' Very happy to spend time contributing where I can as many will be. Many thanks to these guys for having the balls and heart to stand up for this on live tv, keep up the good work and don't take your foot off the pedal whatever you do!!! Thank you so much!

  • Mr Kipling
    Mr Kipling

    From what I’ve heard it was going to be a world super league, not just a European one. Whatever it was going to be it’s not going to happen. Thankfully. Closed shop football would be the end of the game. It’s all about competition. The dreams of the smaller clubs getting to the premier league, getting European football or getting promoted to the football league from the conference. Whatever it is, the super league puts an end to it. Money, money, money. I think some of it happening now was down to the pandemic. The big clubs are losing money and they thought how can we get it back?? No pandemic and I don’t think it would have been proposed.

  • Minute Repeater
    Minute Repeater

    Carragher is right that the owners are mainly to blame, but they are the owners of the clubs and their for legally speaking "are" the club. Removing some commite seats is the same kind cheap symbolism UEFA and politicians love to use. It does suck for supporters but I think the clubs should banned atleast for one season from the Champions League/Europa League.

  • Tej Gill
    Tej Gill

    Everyone scared from the powers that be who could sack his broadcast job. He was like brave heart then everyone followed him. Now he is hopefully unsackable and his stock has gone up.

  • Kamiel Zeegers
    Kamiel Zeegers

    I don't see on what basis clubs should be punished other than people's feelings. Besides, it'd punish the staff & players who weren't involved in this rubbish just as much, as well as exacerbate the financial conditions that lead these non-football businessmen to come up with this shambles of a plan.

  • Keith Powell
    Keith Powell

    Not the end of it tho' Gary. !! They haven't worked on this for 2/3 years for it to fail at the first hurdle. Don't think City were really up for the idea from the start to be honest. Within 5/6 years don't be suprised that a Global League isn't top of the priority list for half of them at least. This would involve UAE, Japan, USA too. The EGO's at the top table of this group are on another scale....Meglomaniac's gallore. and a lot of them in financial trouble too. Not ended here.

  • Ela J
    Ela J

    Just a friendly message not related to this video☺️God loves you, no matter who you are, where you’re from or what you’ve done. He’s waiting with open arms for you to accept Him into your lives. Please repent of your sins and ask God for forgiveness. He loves and cares for you. Jesus has already paid the price for all of our sins, you just need to believe in Him that he’s our saviour and begin to live right with God. I love you and hope you have a lovely day. God Bless You☁️🙌

  • Ela Speaks
    Ela Speaks

    Just a friendly message not related to this video☺️ God loves you, no matter who you are, where you’re from or what you’ve done. He’s waiting with open arms for you to accept Him into your lives. Please repent of your sins and ask God for forgiveness. He loves and cares for you. Jesus has already paid the price for all of our sins, you just need to believe in Him that he’s our saviour and begin to live right with God. I love you and hope you have a lovely day. God Bless You☁️🙌

  • Agent Ninja
    Agent Ninja

    Why do you worship these heathens? Why do you not see that these devils do not care about you, they only want your money! They are treated like gods while the avenge man/woman is treated like dirt. They don’t care about you.

  • John Parr
    John Parr

    Who cares

  • Benjamin Davies
    Benjamin Davies

    Even though ALL BIG 6 teams have left the European Super League, they need to be absolutely penalised now this needs to be FINES for ALL big six teams; RELEGATION for ALL big six teams and deduction of a MILLION pounds from ALL big six teams

  • Chris Patterson
    Chris Patterson

    I think it's so disappointing about the whole project collapsing. Those poor guys who made all that effort setting it up. We all wanted this to happen deep down, as it would have been such a great exciting thrilling competition with such big teams involved. The Chelsea fans were only complaining as they knew they would finish bottom of the league each season.

  • Adam P
    Adam P

    Is Gary talking from a youth club?

  • Edun Suredun
    Edun Suredun

    That Jimi Hendrix poster tho, Gary has a good taste in music 👍👍

  • Kobe Ewusi
    Kobe Ewusi

    Football won!

  • dharma luiz
    dharma luiz

    Please think of the greater good, football club especially big clubs cannot live without large amount of money, and they can buy good players with expensive price in order for the club to be competitive.. european super league initiative is a slaps for uefa and fifa to be more transparant and give more prize in ucl competition

  • mad harry the maniac
    mad harry the maniac

    Should have let them go and reap what they sowed, it might be good for a year or two not that the owners would have cared if Manchester whoever played liverpool and their wasn't a scouse or a manc in the stadium 🤔they couldn't care less, after the interest wore off they clubs would have went under so I couldn't care less what they done because people are bored with the champions league as it is because the same teams reach the knock out stages every season, the europa league is the most interesting european competition out there every season for the last 10 years so aye something needs to happen pronto and making the champions league for the champions would be a great start because liverpool haven't won a champions league while champions of england so it's a 🇪🇺 cup not a champions cup only champions of their domestic league that have won the champions league are the real champions league winners and I can only think of b Munich and Barcelona probably real madrid aswell so when liverpool won the champions league they weren't the best team in europe and the season people thought they were the best team in europe they couldn't win the champions league. The tournament was doomed from the start because the best league in the world didn't even acknowledge the tournament and Bundesliga clubs would have benifited as much as anyone the next best league's which is debatable between la liga and the english Premiership were all for it and the next best league also debatable between French leugua 1 and seria A only the italians and psg were interested so without the teams from the best league interested it would have only been english la liga and seria A and the amount of people that support they teams are minuet compared to the rest of the clubs and supporters

    • mad harry the maniac
      mad harry the maniac

      Morale of the story all the clubs who entered it would be in the bottom tier of their domestic league's in 10years when it inevitably failed and the owners would have walk away when the league peaked which could have been 2 years 5 years or 10years but it would ultimately have failed and no disrespect to arsenal or spurs Leicester or Chelsea but rangers have more trophies and more domestic supporters than all they clubs combined so all the big clubs like the Munichs dortmunds benficas portos oldfirm and so on could have produced a tournament aired the games on the same time as the breakaway teams and the breakaway teams would have been playing in the b league of football with the other European teams taking most of the revenue because of the bigger audience's so wasn't a well thought through plan from billionaires who are supposed to be clever 🤔not jews or lucky lol

  • Ivan Amassivedump
    Ivan Amassivedump

    Garygher...Like jedward

  • Drumoak garage
    Drumoak garage

    We all love our league, above the money and above the competition between each other’s teams. We are all alike and are United

  • Peter Smith
    Peter Smith

    Who's gonna buy a club? Answer, another multi millionaire.

  • J V
    J V

    Gary: 'were in the midst of a pandemic😢' Sky try charge 15 quid to watch Sheffield vs Burnley 🤣

  • Anthony Watson
    Anthony Watson

    the best way to enact change was hinted at here. we as fans need to start putting pressure on the SPONSORS of these teams. make them a toxic brand that no other brand will be associated with. this is the way we can really hurt them

  • Anthony Watson
    Anthony Watson

    these clubs haven't come to their senses, they was being hauled in front of a firing squad and are now on their hands and knees pleading innocence. they have absolutely no remorse and are unable to see anything other than their pile of gold from their ivory towers

  • Luca Menato
    Luca Menato

    These guys demand a profit cap for investors but do not imagine a salary cap for players. Can't have one without the other. Anyone who argues that Messi "deserves" €132million does not want to fix things.


    Is that one of the Cottingley fairies looking into Jamies head ??????

  • mcmcnair97

    Continuous growth is not sustainable!! Some of the things raised by those clubs like TV money shrinking, massive debts, wages/transfer fees are huge issues for the game... but the solution has to be the fans in control!

  • mcmcnair97

    We need Gary to keep going. He's helped unite so many people in the last few days and could really lead us to a point of proper fan representation, ownership, regulation - whatever is best! They cannot be allowed go go back to normal like nothing happened!

  • Andy Andy
    Andy Andy

    Where's the FA ? 😂

  • Jake

    Big shout out to Graeme Souness for talking a lot of sense there at the end as well

  • David Whittaker
    David Whittaker

    Neville with a painting saying MUST WORK 😂