I Searched 1 Trillion Seeds, Here's What I Found
Minecraft's RAREST and most INSANE seeds and Minecraft worlds to EVER EXIST. We searched 1 Trillion seeds and these seeds and video are the real deal, you will not find them any other place besides this Minecraft video.





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Not Minecraft's History on UZmilk or Glitches, or even the entire history of minecraft i guess AND very similar but also not The Story of Minecraft, and not even close to Ranking Minecraft's rarest occurrences and Minecrafts most mind-blowing inventions. Dream could totally use some of these seeds for a manhunt speedrunner vs hunters... Or maybe even tommyinnit in a Minecraft Mod video. It's pretty similar to Minecraft's Most Unbelievable Seeds though.

CREDITS (reddit posts included):
Minecraft@Home - Matt, Cortex, DylanDC14, Mooing_Cowmilk, Tomlacko
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      When i disliked i got the best seeds o.o

  • muzontrek

    Wow I didn't even know End Cities are so small on average... My End City was even bigger than the one shown in the video 4:30. Mine was twice the size, basically two of what is in the video next to each other. That's crazy to think about.

  • Nevergreengirl

    Once I saw a shipwreck and dug it out and the chest was completely full with two suspicious stews

  • MicroPhone

    Normal Villagers : Our village is complete! Village Seeds : Our is never did.

  • Captain Roblox
    Captain Roblox

    Fun Fact: in the Pack.Png Seed. The Moutain in the Pack.png image has an exposed zombie dungeon.

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    Itss Clarity

    The bumpy pink inferiorly pull because shorts concordantly appreciate amid a petite money. tan, cloistered production

  • Graden Kaufmann
    Graden Kaufmann

    I've found ocean ruins on land before

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    Lés Enigma

    youre at 977k, so close. without me tho.

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    That Russian Kid

    That's very offensive I live in Oklahoma

  • ±b0r3d±

    So thats why i found so much houses 😳

  • No U
    No U

    Nobody ever believes me when I say this but it happened anyway. My friend and I spawned directly next to a woodland mansion by the ocean that had a ocean monument less than 100 blocks away and nearby about 100-250 blocks away was a desert temple that had a god apple and 3 golden apples. Believe me or not it actually happened

  • alesandroyhygt osmanihtr
    alesandroyhygt osmanihtr

    The lowly test reilly want because tyvek noteworthily request afore a husky child. incandescent, three mailbox

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    Cherelyn Cabias

    WW2 people Says Every Seed Of This Has Make By Sun Tzu

  • a

    Lava: Yo, what the fuck is wrong with you igloo? What are you doing there? That's so fucking strange Igloo: suck my balls

  • Diego Lobato
    Diego Lobato

    So that's why i saw a woodlandmansion on fire once by literally no reason

  • Notcyanwolf101

    R we gonna talk bout the new mineshafts?

  • •Quail For life•
    •Quail For life•

    Ya know tge second one where there where 4 villages i found a city with 10

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    Carrot Gaming

    Over 100k subs in a week? Wow

  • Jean-Pierre Spies
    Jean-Pierre Spies

    Actually end pillars always stick through to the bottom of the island.

  • Unfixingalloy1

    If we loot that end city that wont be the loot we get. Loot is generated when you open the chest.

  • Jackhamr

    Why do Minecraft UZmilkrs like arson jokes, they're not funny

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    7:00 Perfectionist: It's perfect!

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    Here before 1 mil ❤

  • Dream

    Wow this is insane

  • Lehang Nguyen
    Lehang Nguyen

    All of the obsidian pillars go into the void anyways and wasn’t affected by the island being destroyed.

  • jack STROM253
    jack STROM253

    Can i ask.how much unlucky seed?

    • jack STROM253
      jack STROM253

      If you make all unlucky seed in 1 video i will subscribe you

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    Social what ? 7:06

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    Macs shorts

    Hi ... Read more

  • DARksTaken1

    I like How Villagers Hide Inside Of The Wood Land Mashion And Burned It Without Lifting a Finger Lol 😂

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    Marjolein van der Aa

    Love how you said “social distencingsh” 7:07

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    Cora's Kitchen

    Umm i tried this and it didnt work, maybe becaude im doing it on a nintendo switch??



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    please stop the cringey fake laughing

  • ELLO

    Pillagers:builds woodland mansions everywhere Villages: and so I burned them all down what can I say I’m a lot smarter than pillagers plus I have the stronger man my man the Iron golem

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    1:33 as an oklahoman, im offended. it would be more accurate to call it ohio. nobody lives in ohio.

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    Duke Fishron

    i doubt it was actually over 1 trillion or even 1 mil you dont have enough money to afford that kinda dedication

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    ShadowWarrior& Shockwave

    Cool beers great effort and really cool

  • Aron Green
    Aron Green

    Is this bedrock or java

  • venrakdrake

    Seed at 8:50 is almost a throwback to the seed gargamel in version beta 1.7.3. That brought some nostalgia

  • Dog Lover
    Dog Lover

    You what...

  • Muadz120

    The thumbnail shown there was a thousand of villager house and woodland mansion that so high.

  • Gamer_baby

    This video was released on my brother’s birthday

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    Bradd Merrell

    call me what you will, but is this real?

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    Megan Ellingsworth

    You need to make more videos like this, there amazing! I subbed just to help And to raise those chances tbh I:

  • Eagle

    “Well call this one, Oklahoma” Wasn’t expecting that. Good one Also the Portal room thing happened to me once. Not the exact seed. But the end portal room was just in water about 30 blocks away from spawn, you could see it from where you spawned. I really wish I still had the world

  • Luke Kubiak
    Luke Kubiak

    I live in Oklahoma and I'm in a house

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    Bryan gutierrez

    I did one and I see only a jungle. I want to sue you for lying

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    Huffing and puffing

    Mr. beast planted those trees

  • JuAN Aceves
    JuAN Aceves

    Lol I am just playing it right now and I just see a nether portal

  • JuAN Aceves
    JuAN Aceves

    I looked at the seed and I got a village and those uhh big caves been by teleporting to the place

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    0 0

    10:50 XD

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    1:54 Wtf was that sound

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    Xinab Abdul

    Just saw this cool video on UZmilk uzmilk.info/number/baho14VohKt8fc8/video.html

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      thats a rick roll I FUCKING KNOW

  • padyl

    Yea. Sure. Trillion seeds.

  • defne demirhan
    defne demirhan



    So one day I was swimming in the ocean and a ocean a ocean monument but there were 4 sunked boats surrounding it

  • Ik a name
    Ik a name

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  • LiMiT

    Imagine taking all the craziest parts of each of these seeds and putting it into 1 world. I'd play that

  • David Real
    David Real

    I had 2 from those seeds In minecraft

  • Happy

    I literally just noticed how lucky I was. So I play bedrock edition, and about 2 years ago I was playing with my bro and we got in the world. And there was a savanna biome on top of a mountain that went to sky limit and not 1 but 4 villages with 11 blacksmiths each and just wow🤯

  • Jean-René Michaud
    Jean-René Michaud

    Trees with social distancing hahaha

  • ThomVaan

    I had a world where the stronghold was right by spawn underwater. The only room that generated was the portal, nothing else. It was also right next to a desert temple lol.

  • DarkUser 66
    DarkUser 66

    Should mention that these are java seeds not bedrick

  • inge aten
    inge aten

    So the title says *I* searched a Trillion seeds, but actually it was a group of other people

  • Lukaspirat

    Trillion seeds is just unrealistic

    • Mateus da Silva
      Mateus da Silva

      We searched a lot more than a trillion seeds.

  • Duck_girlYT

    Alright. The weirdest seed I’ve found was just a villager house just standing there and there was no village only that one house. 🤨

  • Chaman Champak
    Chaman Champak

    Java or bedrock

  • Anonymous user
    Anonymous user

    no one: literally no one: some minecraft players: 3:04

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    Shipp Merideth

    "1:25" *when you desire a bunch MODS then just try *INJAPP** available for all platforms!! 📌

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    OSRS Terra

    cool game!

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    You beated the world record of finding diamond i ll subscribe :D

  • IchiroCharles

    Call bs. People who don't know numbers would just take the claim 1,000,000,000,000 without realizing it how much is that. Let's break it down and say it only takes 1 second to search 1 seed we know it's way more than that do keep that in mind with this calculation. First Let's calculate how many years is that. 1,000,000,000,000 ÷ 60 ÷ 60 ÷ 24 ÷ 365.25 = 31,688 years if it only took you 1 second per seed without ever stopping.

    • Mateus da Silva
      Mateus da Silva

      You're absolutely right, but only if we were searching manually. In practice, most of the code searches at a hundred million seeds a second. (GPU acceleration is really powerful for MC seedfinding)

  • Thalanir7

    I would love to see a bunch of continent seeds once the next update comes out.

  • Maria Stenborg
    Maria Stenborg

    i had like 8 village on the same seed.

  • ✰mintysodaplays✰


  • Tú eres Dios
    Tú eres Dios

    1 trillion? counting to 1 trillion have taken atleast 1 trillion second, so imagine searching a building on a seed one by one, and its 1 trillion, its completely bs

    • Mateus da Silva
      Mateus da Silva

      We didn't search those seeds manually.