Rare Look Inside A Nuclear Submarine, The USS Seawolf (SSN-21) | Super Structures | Spark
Seawolf provides a fascinating insider’s look at one of the world’s most remarkable structures. Called "the most complex military machine of the 20th Century," the $2.3 billion Seawolf submarine is a prototype for the U.S. Navy’s undersea future.

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  • رضا بهادری
    رضا بهادری


  • harold hahn
    harold hahn

    Was that rust I saw on the base of the sail, at 34:1?

  • JRT StrategiCapital
    JRT StrategiCapital

    Our Aussie friends will have some now 👍

  • mdb831

    8 tubes of death.

  • DeepSeadweller

    Our enemies appreciated this video

  • Roger Lloyd
    Roger Lloyd

    Didn't we just see this a moment ago?

  • Barry Whitehead
    Barry Whitehead

    Rare? Documetary from 1998 - LOL

  • Sugar Can
    Sugar Can

    I'm here in 2021

  • Russel Vega Neucleon PS4 PLAYSTATION4
    Russel Vega Neucleon PS4 PLAYSTATION4


  • Russel Vega Neucleon PS4 PLAYSTATION4
    Russel Vega Neucleon PS4 PLAYSTATION4

    u.i.o/ [[ _

  • TheMelbournelad

    Is that Luke skywalker ?

  • Ronnie EL
    Ronnie EL


  • jared green
    jared green

    You got to nuts to want to serve on a sub. Nope not for me.

  • Pendulous Testicularis
    Pendulous Testicularis

    A documentary literally from the last century.

    • Russel Vega Neucleon PS4 PLAYSTATION4
      Russel Vega Neucleon PS4 PLAYSTATION4


  • Don Ononeu
    Don Ononeu

    Should be called ss Mobydick

  • sohrab roshan
    sohrab roshan


  • ultima ratio regum
    ultima ratio regum

    nice propaganda ... but unfortunately American submarines do not have the quality of French nuclear submarines

  • jiff80

    I think The Cold War was one of the most volatile and dangerous times for the ENTIRE WORLD. Not just the United States.

  • Faris Farid
    Faris Farid

    I know that voice... "Narrated by Mark Hamill" I knew it!

  • Carlos LK
    Carlos LK

    11:26 a cigar to keep everything under control

  • Lamont Clark
    Lamont Clark

    We, as American's live in the greatest country in the world.🇺🇸

  • Donald FRAZIER
    Donald FRAZIER

    It’s an awesome sub I was privileged to have worked on this very sub at the Bremerton naval shipyard , the officers and crew are a serious group of dedicated professionals and should be proud of the essential services they preform!

  • William Grear
    William Grear

    We should build more of these!

  • X. Y.
    X. Y.

    28:49 - Max depth is classified? Well, pressure @ 100K lbs./square inch is how deep?


    Nothing new here, just the same old pasted footage.

  • Joao Portesantava
    Joao Portesantava

    Fascinating the engendering! And the where it’s built

  • NoChannelChannel

    That's nothing just wait till you see the new Australian lame Slugg submarine fleet that we will get in 50 years.

  • Dan Dotson
    Dan Dotson

    Tired of hearing how confine they are, make them bigger And give them names of fish like Tiger Shark!

  • sheridan thompson
    sheridan thompson

    I served on the uss Alexander Hamilton,this sub is amazing.

  • J. Frank Parnell
    J. Frank Parnell

    USS Seawolf and USS Connecticut are two of the biggest pieces of crap in the US Navy. The third is the Jimmy Carter, which supplies part for the other two boats.

  • Alex Fracyon
    Alex Fracyon

    Nuclear powered submarines are just steam powered submarines. The nuclear reactor serves only as a heater. Steam is what makes that submarine, aircraft carrier or ship go forward. It's a steam powered submarine. That's it

    • X. Y.
      X. Y.

      Can it go "Toot Toot"?

  • Alex Fracyon
    Alex Fracyon

    Let's pray that we can always get along with diplomacy. That won't be possible with conservative leadership. Power hungry war mongers they are

  • Josh B
    Josh B


  • Austin Russell
    Austin Russell

    By switching to CD ROM they saved 6 tons of paper on board. Like wtf.

  • Greenteac

    Wonder how many 1TB SSD it needs to fill all those data :P

  • Ben Quinney, III
    Ben Quinney, III

    One of the seawolfs?

  • William Wyckoff
    William Wyckoff

    I've never been in a sub at all I was navy 67- 69 but a sub is strange to me .

  • Vi Le
    Vi Le

    2019 SONY

  • First Last
    First Last

    Is Mark Hamill the narrator?

  • Raph Ael
    Raph Ael

    The Egyptians built pyramids, we build submarines... The narration at some points is trying to make things more dramatic than they have to be... Still a nice documentary.

  • Asking 4 A friend
    Asking 4 A friend


  • Darren Kamalu
    Darren Kamalu

    Really liked the construction info, but with regard to the Thresher: For reasons still unknown? Really?

    • Ni999

      This documentary aired in 1998 so for its day, yes, really. That was then, this is now.

  • Marduk: Son of Ea. Slayer of Tiamat.
    Marduk: Son of Ea. Slayer of Tiamat.

    Hot bunking with 140 other dudes under the ice for 2 months straight doesn't sound fun. Would be neat to visit for a day but living on one's gotta suck!

  • SSN-21


  • John C. Bojemski
    John C. Bojemski

    USS NAUTILUS now sits docked as a museum exhibit which the general public can visit ( If you can squeeze through the hatch?!!!).

  • John C. Bojemski
    John C. Bojemski

    The post "COLD WAR" era has only made the world situation MORE dangerous for ALL of us. PS: "RED" CHINA has now risen as THE biggest threat to "THE WEST" not that clown PUTIN and his new, corrupt, RUSSIAN oligarchy. This will be HIS undoing. When he CAN'T "PAY TO PLAY" he'll suddenly "retire" and run to Switzerland to live out his life in exile with his ill gotten gains LOOTED from the RUSSIAN people.

  • John C. Bojemski
    John C. Bojemski

    SEA WOLF is a truly SCARY weapon. Apparently only an "ATTACK" sub can track and if called upon, sink it.

  • Retro_Afterglow

    Republicans are now saying Russia stole this submarine from US left behind in the Afghan mountains.

  • John C. Bojemski
    John C. Bojemski

    So complex and expensive the USA only managed to build a fraction of the planned number of vessels. Practically outdated before it was finished because our old, traditional enemy, the USSR, had crumbled into history's "ash can" just as Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagen had predicted.

  • Bryster51

    Too many changes done while building caused numbers built to drop due to major cost overruns

  • Hans Ulrich Johner
    Hans Ulrich Johner

    Most advanced and lethal submarine in the US, not in the world!

  • Daisi Gray
    Daisi Gray

    Never seen this before…. How much cooler can a show be …. About the beautiful SSN-21…. Narrated by Luke Skywalker…. Even if it is getting ready to celebrate it’s silver anniversary.

  • Big Boi
    Big Boi

    36 min in and I think I only saw TTLs and no HWT lol

  • Justin Bake
    Justin Bake

    Lol you know this is dated when the analogy for data stored on bord starts with floppy stacking and ends with the stack being compared to the world trade center.

  • Ron Wilsontringue
    Ron Wilsontringue

    Fair at best but no match for the Krukreskvy fleet which is completely silent and travels faster than a rifle bullet.

    • Ni999

      What are you talking about?

  • Ben

    What’s flappy disco 💃?

  • Ddg1500

    Gosh, touch screen of the 80’s

  • Ddg1500

    Those are truly something sensitive, glad could get eyes of it

  • joshua taylor
    joshua taylor

    I thought Russia new 5 billion dollar sub was the most lethal in the world it defently can shoot a lot of nuclear war heads

  • Mike Taylor
    Mike Taylor

    Haha astute class scares Sea wolf out the water. Enjoy :)

  • Tan Thien Nguyen
    Tan Thien Nguyen

    Sorry, Taucher Lernen......

  • Tan Thien Nguyen
    Tan Thien Nguyen

    Wozu lernen Sie Medizin & Serum studieren........?

  • Jennie Brinker
    Jennie Brinker

    People are a liability

  • Jennie Brinker
    Jennie Brinker

    This is stupid all you need are swimmers Nukes and torpedoes that just sit under water until called upon

  • Jennie Brinker
    Jennie Brinker

    Subs like planes and cars will all be autonomous very quickly . Drones and it will happen exponentially

  • Joseph Contreras
    Joseph Contreras

    Incredible machine yet it still resembles a big corn dog with a propeller on it. Great video...

  • Geoff Walters
    Geoff Walters

    Kick ass video! Thank you!

  • Josh Jericho
    Josh Jericho

    Cool they got Luke Skywalker to narrate ⚓️

  • Hai Nguyen Trong
    Hai Nguyen Trong

    The usa navy are the best never second to none .it is very disturbing that our future navy are left in naked hulls when our forces are not ready to the challenge of the future.the french navies are like turtles compare to the usa seawolf . Nonetheless usa can be proud of their sleazies subs ......

  • Pauline Valley
    Pauline Valley


  • Melanie Taylor
    Melanie Taylor

    Love it

  • AdamD19D

    Wonder who would win in a race, one of our supercarriers or subs. I know the carriers can easily outrun all of their escort surface ships.

    • Zreknarf

      i'm thinking the carrier. submarines aren't designed to be fast, they're designed to be silent

  • 05Hogsrule

    a recent federal charge against one of the fabricators of the metal used for our USA sub's came back with a guilty verdict; falsification of tolerance documents and test results obtained during the trial periods. Corporations just don't care about sailors...they make money off of them.

  • ӿꞶhiɀɀßᵰnꬶӿ

    They talk about how highly advanced the Sea Wolf sub is in this video, and that was in the 80's. Imagine what they have now!

  • ӿꞶhiɀɀßᵰnꬶӿ

    Luke, I am your father!

  • D. Fras
    D. Fras

    If I were in charge I would not ever let anyone look inside.

  • Deb

    I don't understand why the Submarine is given the name seawolf? Sea wolves are predators found along the pacific coast of Canada. These sea wolves can swim across rivers between islands and go out to the sea. Submarines on the other hand are not hovercrafts but it can propel through water only. The name seawolf is not justified. It should be sea lions.

  • Paul Hurst
    Paul Hurst

    Too many adverts. I gave up.

  • Roberto Manalo
    Roberto Manalo

    Adimral.Ryman Rickover is a Polish American the first man invented Nuclear Powered Propulsion Submarine the USS NAUTILUS

  • RAEL

    Can a Seawolf fire different weapon systems at the same time. Could they fire multiple Tomahawks at the same time they ripple off three or four torpedoes?

  • Mr, Boo Boo 1972
    Mr, Boo Boo 1972

    I have a family member that builds The Worlds Most Powerful Submarines Known To Man. As much as I am against War., I understand that We need to Be Prepared for Any type of Threat to Our Place in the World. However... If we ever went head to head with The top global countries... Nobody not inside a Government type bunker, or aboard a Sub... Would Not Exist.

  • Mr, Boo Boo 1972
    Mr, Boo Boo 1972

    They don't mess around at Electric Boat , to have cameras in there ... just is Not a thing. If you work there... you cannot have a phone with a camera on it. They take this stuff Extremely Serious. And I totally understand why they do so.

  • Mr, Boo Boo 1972
    Mr, Boo Boo 1972

    This is Awesome. Third time I've watched this. Sea Wolf Baby.. "Hunter Killers". Not to be taken lightly.

  • joshua taylor
    joshua taylor

    The guy who invented the nuclear sub was an x nazi brought over by the states call operation paper clip to bring over top nazi scientist

  • Seven Karter
    Seven Karter

    Modern Warships sent me here LOL .. They ain't lying bout that 21 seawolf though!

  • Manny Bruce
    Manny Bruce

    The world is still powered by steam power or by hydro power ( pressured water turning dynamo blades at Dams ) . Oil or coal is used to heat up water to create steam pressure to turn dynamo blades to generate electricity . As much we boast about technology advancements our modern societies are still mainly beholden to the power of water . Solar and wind can generate electricity but not at the amount that water can . Water is truly the essence of sustaining life and civilizations on earth . Until the discovery of a new radical power source that is not generated by the natural elements of the earth then humans will never be deep space travelers . Solar batteries are only effective as long so it is close to a star's source of light but the further we travel in space away from a star's light source solar batteries becomes less effective . To Space travel is fascinating but maybe humans should be focusing on making earth the very best home as possible because it's apparently clear that human life will be tethered to mother earth for a very long time . Earth is the garden of Eden and not a place on earth . It was not the physical body of humans that were cast out of Paradise but instead their minds .


    I'm surprised Joe Biden didn't leave a submarine in Afghanistan for the Taliban.

  • Adrean tejeda
    Adrean tejeda

    The uncovered wash untypically present because pet nationally terrify inside a savory pruner. hideous high, mellow trouble

  • David Green
    David Green

    Surprise, surprise. a /commissioned/ info-doc about the (then) latest submarine; a video overly full of overused platitudes.

    • David Green
      David Green

      And no. I'm no leftie.

    • David Green
      David Green

      i.e. full of Propaganda, in general and re. nuclear destruction.

  • rushpuppy2

    This was when Americans were Americans! Today they are incompetent Socialists and Communists.

  • Weasel

    It's really annoying how professionals in the field still pronounce it nucular. It annoys me enough when actors do it I'm movies.

  • Mar Law
    Mar Law

    The. Sea wolf is one of many ho will sink commie ships in the scs.

  • jaime duenas
    jaime duenas

    I bet it is a very old wolf by this day and age! uncle sam must have a very nice new puppy wolf by know.

  • lincoln cwynar
    lincoln cwynar

    I remember this bad girl in Groton back in 1997.

  • orthniel Royal
    orthniel Royal

    Million of people all over the world, including America, is suffering and dieing from hunger and disease. While you are spending trillion of dollars on weapon of mass destruction, a bunch of evil demons. I so, so glad the God of justice is present and gradually bringing your evil world to a END. 🔥 FIRE FI YOU SATAN.

  • B Jones
    B Jones

    There is a "b" in the word "suBmarine". Use it.

  • S B
    S B

    These men don't know how brave they are. There is no way I'd trust a submarine run by computers.

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