The Fart Limit

  • Isaac Aren
    Isaac Aren

    It's the 1% that causes the problem in more things than just farts...

  • Sixintan

    I guess that’s why they say that it could sneak up on yuh.

  • The Shitter
    The Shitter

    Wait if I for some reason have 2000 thousand fart jars and I opened all of them in a room that is shut with no ventilation and I already got all the gases out of the room would somebody die if they were in it? But just Hypothetically

  • Just Your Normal Homie
    Just Your Normal Homie

    Wow, flatulence could theoretically cause someone to meet their untimely demise, who would have thought?

  • Cyborg King
    Cyborg King

    Mine are about 3% stanky

  • PLotuniumZ

    I farted while watching this XD

  • Pakistani tigers
    Pakistani tigers

    Farts can instant kill 🤣🤣🤔🤣🤣🤔🤔

  • Mattia Dininni
    Mattia Dininni

    I subconsciously farted watching this

  • Memonga

    why sometimes my fart and feet smell like cheetos or doritos? LAST TIME I ATE A DORITO/CHEETO WAS 2 YEARS AGO

  • MailKid

    Heh. Fart.

  • Anime girl not found
    Anime girl not found

    Fart science


    does this mean a special assassination on a highly value target that is protected by the entire US military can be killed by something that silent and unseeable, quite literally? a fart that is just EXTREMELY powerful?

  • Saga Sane
    Saga Sane


  • troll nation
    troll nation

    You make a lot of ghey videos, sup with that? Hope you dont mind me reporting this garbage.

  • • f r e n c h t o a s t •
    • f r e n c h t o a s t •

    im sorry im sorry WHAT-

  • Owen Hawkins
    Owen Hawkins

    So uh totally unrelated question how do I make my facts 100× stronger?

  • Jos3ph_Sta1in

    How do I raise my hydrogen sulfide ppm? Asking for a friend.

  • foxeh123

    I had a fart once that smelled like vanilla.

  • bob

    If 1000 people fart at 1 person at the same time would that persone die?

  • blukat

    chances of being killed by a farts are low but never zero

  • Boris Amar
    Boris Amar

    Vegan farts don't stink

  • Troy Nall
    Troy Nall

    This is my superpower controlling my farts PPM up to the deadly limit.

  • JaMaMaa1

    Oh so that’s why mine are sweet

  • j d
    j d

    don’t sleep on the description

  • yevi Coulson
    yevi Coulson

    Waiting for this to be added to hitman

  • Aryn Davidson
    Aryn Davidson

    I once saw a buddy of mine in the oil patch overload an H2S gas monitor by farting onto it.

  • Adrees Mukhtar
    Adrees Mukhtar

    Michael just won the internet! No one can top these surprising facts. OMG! The brilliance is scary. Love Vsauce!

  • K0PSTL

    Why are these all fart related. Is this what yt has devolved into?

  • Sebastian Garcia
    Sebastian Garcia

    Get ready for assassins to have deadly assholes, and they kill their targets by shutting their pants next to them. 3000 IQ plays

  • Arnie Calang
    Arnie Calang

    Why am I laughing 💀💀💀

  • Brandon Henderson
    Brandon Henderson

    H2S is very scary stuff

  • Demon._.Dream

    We’re really talking about farts now? 😂

  • Jelly Burgers Fries
    Jelly Burgers Fries

    babies are half souls

  • EvilKnight _Gr
    EvilKnight _Gr

    Me after eating beans with Tabasco:

  • Nawaf Tech
    Nawaf Tech

    Watching this while farting like a machine

  • Ermy

    “its the 1% that causes all the trouble” based vsauce

  • Corn0nTheCobb

    According to that chart, if your farts were a little stronger than the average 1ppm (at least 2 ppm) and you kept letting em rip, causing prolonged exposure, you could literally make someone's eyes water and/or give them a headache and trouble sleeping. As an added bonus - you could cause bronchial constriction in someone with asthma. The more you know! 🧎💨💨💨

  • DAG3223

    Going into the bathroom after your dad 💀

  • shubham kumar
    shubham kumar


  • Anaconda Complex
    Anaconda Complex

    "It's the 1% that causes problems" Religions, political parties, sports fans and hobbies gatekeepers; ....

  • Funky Fish
    Funky Fish

    Michael out of context

  • 1SEC

    If you sit on someones nose and fart would the person you are sitting on die?

  • НИЧЕГО из пластилина
    НИЧЕГО из пластилина

    Fart limit

  • Adric Wickenhagen
    Adric Wickenhagen

    “The one present”

  • Henjam 717
    Henjam 717

    "Nearly Instant Death"

  • Marcus Reed
    Marcus Reed

    So the Wario Waft is scientifically accurate. Beautiful.

  • yedija luhur
    yedija luhur

    Then will we instant death if 2000 people farting at us at the same time?

  • Legendoh pro
    Legendoh pro

    So in future, Psychos are gonna kill ppl with their Fart

  • D3AD MU$HR00M
    D3AD MU$HR00M

    How did he die Someone farted to hard next to them

  • EJ Martin
    EJ Martin

    Or does it?

  • I Must Be AMES
    I Must Be AMES

    You ever hear about a president that was so full of farts that his entire country ran out of toilet paper?

  • Stong4004

    Ah yes, now fart fetiches could make more sense

  • Andromeda R.
    Andromeda R.

    Hydrogen sulphide? You mean that same thing in brine pools? So Eels can suffer a toxic shock from the same thing that gives a fart its odour, good to know.

  • Cool_Cody

    Ok wow

  • afonyauk

    This man has an answer to every single midnight thought I have

  • Falconwings

    That's a proper short

  • Nemanja Ignjatović
    Nemanja Ignjatović

    For some reason this video was recommended to me for few weeks - i ignored it, thought it was cringe - but it ia actually pretty interesting 😀

  • Krystian Matyja
    Krystian Matyja

    You win internet

  • Some-Random-Coder_

    Oh my god it's the guy from dad

    • Some-Random-Coder_

      Jk I know who Michael is

  • Ackermanmanmanwoman

    imagine if 7billion people in the world farted at the same time

  • Rohan Kishibe
    Rohan Kishibe

    I don't know what to do with this information

  • Ata Deniz Orhan
    Ata Deniz Orhan

    now these are the real answers

  • Janko Micev
    Janko Micev i get poisoned to death ordoes the fart smell so bad you litterally die someone pls tell me im dumb

  • beeg pegin
    beeg pegin


  • dkserr

    Smells a fart Near death experience loll

  • Ananya_Badithe

    Saw this as soon as I farted, aha

  • Cold Person
    Cold Person

    Ppm more like fpm

  • Arsen Charly
    Arsen Charly

    I broke my fart limit years ago i’m literally god

  • blurp

    I need to be careful!

  • randel r
    randel r

    Thought of chatur's speech in '3 idiots'

  • CrazyMcChannel

    I just realized vsauce could've easily turned into just another one of those shitpost guys, thank god he became what he is now :P

  • CoZmiXs_BatZ

    Hes gone instans!

  • TheMelbournelad

    Flatulence is the word looking for 😝

  • Jonathan Ramirez
    Jonathan Ramirez

    This channel has come full circle has it not.

  • Numinous

    I'm so content rn

  • Sasmith G
    Sasmith G

    10000-2000 limit :- new way to kill and escape without evidence

  • Alan Wade
    Alan Wade

    Is vsauce back!?


    So if you fart hard enough it will kill someone

  • FlunkyGaming

    How do they know this

  • Abdullah Mahmood
    Abdullah Mahmood


  • Rahul Nair
    Rahul Nair

    Me after my protein shake: “50,000 People Used to Live Here. Now It's a Ghost Town”

  • Lord No No Square
    Lord No No Square

    When you run put of ammo and lost your knife but you picked up an instakill buff

  • Sid Perez
    Sid Perez

    Ok so 29.99x stronger is the limit *jots down

  • dalton yates
    dalton yates

    LOL I've always loved vsauce. I would like to hear him talk about his Ayahuasca experience now that he has had a lot of time to think about the experience.

  • Natanael Cunha
    Natanael Cunha

    🤣 I needed to know that!

  • iZackster

    Epic Boss Battle until the Boss releases 1000× Fart Attack

  • Lizard_Connor

    vsauce more like vsus

  • clever name
    clever name

    This has got to be my favorite short on the internet.

  • Akram Alhinnawi
    Akram Alhinnawi

    Uhaaa, the good old days when we studied fartology, the science we're all good at.🤣🤣🤣🤣🔥

  • jemme07

    So what if 100 prople farted in the same room

  • steven crocker
    steven crocker

    This guy is not taking into account the ppms of h2s reducing as it disperses in the room. Very disappointed in this video.

  • HE HE
    HE HE

    Fard limt 🥶🥶🥶

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez

    I hate this

  • Sarienn Horror Narrator
    Sarienn Horror Narrator

    The things you Learn on youtube just...

  • Daisy The Leafeon That Uses Too Many Characters
    Daisy The Leafeon That Uses Too Many Characters

    I swore he was naked in the thumbnail.

  • UnchartedSky

    If one thousand people all fart at once in a room that held exactly one thousand people, would someone have a slight chance of dying?

  • Dueling Glocks
    Dueling Glocks

    Ok that’s enough scrolling for me

  • Fantômas

    Everything fart related is green.

  • Joseph A
    Joseph A

    Why tf osha doing fart research