This has been a dream of mine ever since I was a little boy! It has been a wild ride but I can finally say that I am an Olympic Champion!!!!!!

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  • Ak47digitan scan
    Ak47digitan scan


  • tahinde

    You didn't leave your mum with a tranquilizer for Lance.

  • Dilip seervi
    Dilip seervi


  • Mark Schmandt
    Mark Schmandt

    Lance sounds like Ned Flanders in the Simpsons episode where Bart thinks Ned killed his wife. A scream of joy. I'm so happy that Tom has achieved his lifetime ambition of being an Olympic champion gold medalist. Tom's diving now has limitless possibilities, He's already caught what he was chasing and I'm so happy for him.

  • Hazrd Rose NYC
    Hazrd Rose NYC

    Congrats on winning 🥇 the gold!! 🇬🇧 You & Matty’s hard work paid off!! Olympic Champions ♥️🇬🇧♥️🥂🍾♥️ Lance your reaction was everything!! I almost cried. The way you support each other is a blessing.

  • moiskithorn

    A household that has both an Oscar and an Olympic gold medal. *mic drop*

  • Avishek Mondal
    Avishek Mondal

    I'm Indian, still I feel so so proud of these boys... ♥

  • Masayo Kashiwagi
    Masayo Kashiwagi

    Lance…Lance😭❤️❤️ I can see true love ❤️

  • Brendon Borja
    Brendon Borja

    Hi Tom. I’m Brendon from New Zealand, a huge fan of yours. Can you make a knitted coin purse for me? happy to pay for it. 😊 would be great to have a remembrance from my idol Tom. 😁

  • KazamaDesigns

    omfg lance is so cuteeee. why am I crying im soo so so happy for u guys

  • Andrew hundley
    Andrew hundley

    He can drop the towel hehe

  • Andrew hundley
    Andrew hundley

    Looking at thoes guys shirtless I am so happy 😊

  • Mona H.
    Mona H.

    Lance’s reaction was EVERYTHING!

  • Britta D
    Britta D

    LANCE 0.39 min ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • Steve

    I hope I’m not broaching any sensitive subjects, but why don’t we ever seem to see Matty’s family and their reactions to his accomplishments? It would be nice to see some of that, from time to time.

  • Dan Christian Blance
    Dan Christian Blance

    Sana all

  • Kawaii Cloudz
    Kawaii Cloudz

    Time for Lance to jump off the 10 m her hehehehehe 😈😈

  • Ahan Kabir
    Ahan Kabir

    I love u


    Happy to share the joy, congratulations Tom & Matty!! Love you guys thanks for your hard work! It’s so exciting 😂😂❤️❤️

  • Mislan Hariyanto
    Mislan Hariyanto

    Wooow Tom daley good job

  • 0_

    It was all cute until he said Matty is his work husband... 😒

    • Nur Fatimah Amran
      Nur Fatimah Amran

      Why.....? 😅

  • Isaura Obando
    Isaura Obando

    I love the whole Work husband thing 😘


    The ring made me cry 🥺😭 Congratulations you both!

  • chuti panda
    chuti panda


  • Zola Veity
    Zola Veity

    Congratulations 👏

  • pastrana21

    not really my type face wise....but lee has such a nice body :*

  • Sebastian Berchtold
    Sebastian Berchtold

    Congrats 👏🏾

  • Samuel1127 Lee
    Samuel1127 Lee

    435 Chinese athletes disliked this video

  • Andrea Camino
    Andrea Camino

    Im so happy for you both!! Well deserved

  • Elizabeth Slick
    Elizabeth Slick

    Lance’s reaction is EVERYTHING!

  • Jane Wilson
    Jane Wilson

    I love their friendship! Probably why they are so in sync!

  • Victoria Myung
    Victoria Myung

    It was so exciting to watch to say the least, CONGRATULATIONS

  • Kelly Kavanaugh
    Kelly Kavanaugh

    Love the reactions from your mom and Lance

  • Creative Asian
    Creative Asian

    Mattttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! 😍🥵

  • Minh Tam Tran
    Minh Tam Tran

    Congrats! So happy for you guys 🎉🥰❤️😜👍

  • Allen Escape
    Allen Escape

    little robbie sleeping at the couch at back of lance. 😂😂😂😂

  • sansfau sansfau
    sansfau sansfau

    From Spain congratulations for your job after times covit!🥇🕊💪🏻💪🏻

  • JoshSheffield

    So so proud of you Tom!! Well done you two, we are all so proud of you, your dad would be indescribably proud. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Abul Garut - The splendid travel addict
    Abul Garut - The splendid travel addict

    Am I the only one who watch this video over and over again? Congratulations Tom and Matty. Absolutely well deserved, Champs 🎉🎉🎉

  • Dandie Abbott
    Dandie Abbott

    Lance’s reaction is absolutely priceless bless him. Love Him.

  • Zorojuro


  • Kitti Maesot
    Kitti Maesot


  • flankerPANG

    That little excited squeal from Matty 2:01 haha

  • Qween

    I love how he is posing in the background so cute

  • Proud PinoyTV
    Proud PinoyTV


  • Tú Nguyễn
    Tú Nguyễn

    Chắc mỗi t vietnam=))

    • khanh my
      khanh my

      Nhiều bà ơi mà toàn cmt tiếng Anh cho ổng hiểu với cho dân chúng đọc nữa =)))

  • Gillian Solomon
    Gillian Solomon

    I think Lance's reaction should grant him a pass on the diving challenge, Tom. Congratulations to you and Matty.

  • ShowHunter

    Love Lance’s reaction

  • Lenny Sadofsky
    Lenny Sadofsky

    Tom Daley and Matt’s Lee. The best!! Congrats

  • Sean Megan
    Sean Megan

    Amazing. So very very deserved! Congratulations from Germany ❤

  • rolqvist

    👏👏👏 showing LGBT can do it in sports 💪💪💪 I like ur hubby reaction.. 😂😂 hilarious!

  • Julien Fu
    Julien Fu

    Late Congrats to you! Love from China.

  • Ang Angkana
    Ang Angkana

    Congratulations! you guys deserved The GOLD.

  • juneer__

    Once again congratulations you guys 👏🏻

  • TMD

    Yey! Mates I can feel the happiness just watching you. Olympic ring is so sweet and nice gift to Matty. Congratulations to both of you!

  • Alex Pinzon
    Alex Pinzon

    I'm not crying, you're crying!

  • asioe kiou
    asioe kiou

    my mind after this video: okay, okay, oww kay

  • Segundo Pulgar
    Segundo Pulgar

    De Chile saludos té amó que todos los sueños sé cumplan

  • Dian Storm
    Dian Storm

    Lance screaming needs to be your ringtone 😂😂😂😂

  • theguyoutside


  • phoebe baines
    phoebe baines

    I love when matty got the ring you could hear "SHEEESH"

    • asioe kiou
      asioe kiou

      hello @Tom Daley I love your medals and your youtube videos, love you from India

  • catherine clinchard horiuchi
    catherine clinchard horiuchi

    honors and ...awe....how technically amazing fast and beautiful a win...bravo...

  • Charlix

    Lance screaming has me actually crying 😂🤣😂

  • Bình Lê
    Bình Lê

    Dữ ak. Great

  • wuoi zuiu
    wuoi zuiu

    Japanese people and the culture!! Best luck to you two and keep it up!!

  • Jenny J.
    Jenny J.

    I have watching you every single day , I don't know just make me feel good to do that

  • J C
    J C

    Well done lads! Amazing

  • Snow_Wolf

    You absolutely deserve that gold, that was an amazing dive.

  • Individualist Rapeā Iūnius Rapay
    Individualist Rapeā Iūnius Rapay

    I am gay as well and I wish I was also so accomplished and had a husband who won the Oscars for best screenplay 😔, one day I shall too :)

  • ぽよ

    Congrats 🎉 from Japan 🇯🇵 おめでとう〜!!!!!🎉


    It’s Great Move! Hundreds of low-rated people will have a pathetic life in the future

  • Laura Morales
    Laura Morales

    The screams of Lance make my eyes cry (like in a good way, when you're so happy for someone and can't hide it)

  • Tiara Jemez
    Tiara Jemez

    Matty..I have a crush on you..😍💘👄...

  • tavish koul
    tavish koul

    hello @Tom Daley I love your medals and your youtube videos, love you from India

  • Enter Sachan
    Enter Sachan

    Oh my god. Your knitting video is viral in India. I also saw that And now i have seen all your performances of Tokyo2020. So , now you guys are olympic champion. Congratulations!😍.

  • νικος ταβερναρακης
    νικος ταβερναρακης

    Can you please tell us the story of Olympics ??? I think you don’t know anything about ancient Olympics and it’s logical while we think that your nation has stolen our marbles and not to mention about Egypt….

    • Sequoia Sempervirens
      Sequoia Sempervirens

      I thought in ancient Greece the Olympics were held without politics? You don't seem to know much about it either.

  • ko tama
    ko tama

    Congratulations for the gold medals!! You two deserve it!! I’m Japanese and I’ve watched Tom’s video of his Japan trip and I was very impressed that he was so respectful to the Japanese people and the culture!! Best luck to you two and keep it up!!

  • Barry William Teske
    Barry William Teske

    Just a big heartfelt thank you, to you Mr Tom Daley, sir, and the outreach to various communities, sports related or not, that you publish here on UZmilk. It is truly a great thing that you do. BRAVO!

  • 南の島

    Congratulations 🥇㊗️🎉🎊👏🥳

  • john mark etang
    john mark etang

    Hi crush ❤❤

  • Daniel Merchan
    Daniel Merchan

    Hello Tom. Greetings from Ecuador I saw all your competitions in the Olympics and I have become your fan. Many successes ... Keep it up ...

  • Jennifer Torres
    Jennifer Torres


  • Corpo _Ethereal
    Corpo _Ethereal

    FInally! Love it.

  • Ana Junco Piñero
    Ana Junco Piñero

    Que bonito, que padre la reacción de tus seres queridos, y los detalles que tuviste con tu compañero. Muchas felicidades, un gran abrazo desde México.

  • Luv Britain Babes
    Luv Britain Babes


    • viiont eooiy
      viiont eooiy

      Big Congratulations Tom & Mat !!!

  • Asdf Mot
    Asdf Mot

    They just like a couple

  • Joana Miki Nakagawa
    Joana Miki Nakagawa

    Congratulations 🎉

  • Izani Ahmad Zafri
    Izani Ahmad Zafri

    Congrats Tom .....you've has always been a charmer

  • Rosie

    Congrats!! Tom and Matty! I'm from China and watch all the diving matches. You're amazing! You've also got lots of Chinese fans

  • Riz1

    Why are gay?😳

    • Michael Mertens
      Michael Mertens

      For the same reason you are not.

  • Angel Batol
    Angel Batol

    Congratulations 🎉👏💚

  • seeni gzty
    seeni gzty

    journey to 1 Million much deserved Tom!!! Much love & Pride in your yearsssss of hardwork . Hugs to Lance & Robbie:)❤️

  • ri

    かっこいいです! あらためて、おめでとうございます!

  • Then Known
    Then Known

    You are so adorable, I envy your husband

  • loreee

    I watched you on the olympics, didn't know you had a yt channel! Congrats on the win!

    • seeni gzty
      seeni gzty

      i am from thailand Congratulations to both of you. You deserve it. With love from us LGBTQ Thai

  • KakeAllDeWae

    Olympic lads sheeshing wow

  • Bích Ngọc Lê
    Bích Ngọc Lê

    I love you 😘 💑 ❤

  • ziqing

    ure soooo cute😩

  • Imperial Palace
    Imperial Palace

    Big Congratulations Tom & Mat !!!

  • eqsonx