Explosive axe is seriously cool
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I needed to find out if my explosive bat would make a good golf club, wood splitter, and how much it would hurt if it went off in my hand...

This video is a different style from my previous one and is a bit of an experiment. Hopefully you enjoy it and give my wife a big thanks for putting up with me!


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  • Stuff Made Here
    Stuff Made Here

    We had a bit of fun with a different format paying tribute to mythbusters. It was a lot of fun :) give my wife kudos for putting up with me. Hopefully you enjoy it! Also don't worry the narrator is just for this video to go all in on the mythbusters gag.

    • Benjamin Burgamy
      Benjamin Burgamy

      Put that thing on trackman. Get that 10.5 smash factor going

    • MCBawanG yakuz nouxman
      MCBawanG yakuz nouxman

      If you need a perfectionist in the job, you need more than a major technician! What I would suggest is that you make a prototype from " electronical triggering " release hammer or button execute trigger! In that way, as you go along, when you've done the perfection part on the auto button, you can later reverse the prototype to manuall! ( Trigger )

    • MCBawanG yakuz nouxman
      MCBawanG yakuz nouxman

      @Jakob Borghus you mean.. loading in nuclear with an idiot?

    • MCBawanG yakuz nouxman
      MCBawanG yakuz nouxman

      @Myroslav Plakhotnyk yup, looks like a bat idea!

    • MCBawanG yakuz nouxman
      MCBawanG yakuz nouxman

      @Poliish when you could loose a bone 0r a finger.. what was there In the Fun?

  • coty hall
    coty hall

    The axe would be cool splitting wood

  • Liam Live
    Liam Live

    get some pork with bone not fruit

  • jalen8r

    Bruh he made it easier to detonate while attempting to test its safety he coulda just made it a little harder to detonate on accident

    • jalen8r

      Doesn’t mean the build isn’t fuckin dope tho lmao

  • Martin

    FLOUR? Where is your white shame? 👁👁

  • Rewi Bracey
    Rewi Bracey

    You two are such a hoot, thanks for such entertaining vids!

  • Francisco Alejandre
    Francisco Alejandre

    The first guy you called for the golf place sounded like a dick

  • Rie Leon
    Rie Leon

    Mark Rober made a rocket powered golf club already

  • CWolf20

    A lot of speed is lost between the bat and where the pitcher throws the ball from, but it would still absolutely destroy you. The fastest exit velocities of a MLB player are 120 mph. I think this exceeds that by quite a bit.

  • Claus Skøtt
    Claus Skøtt

    "Doing things the right way is just The Worst." I felt that in my soul.

  • Andrew Knott
    Andrew Knott

    Put a magazine on the axe design and chop down a tree! 🎄! I'd watch that for sure lol. Should be enough time to design by Christmas? 🤗😃

  • Bob Coco
    Bob Coco

    So I learnt smthg new today... Yes, Men have emotion. WoW :O

  • Freelancer

    Real talk though in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse where some zombies are really tough to kill (ala Left 4 dead) this bat would be insanely useful.

  • Zach Newton
    Zach Newton

    Next level Negan bat.

  • Game: What should you choose: Ranged Weapons or Melee Me: both

  • Philip Crean
    Philip Crean

    Just realized you’re in triangle! Super cool this is happening in my area!

  • Kevin Ray
    Kevin Ray

    Rationalization intenfifies?

  • Pesok

    it was handed directly to a skeleton - nice touch. Did you put that in or did it come like that from amazon?

  • Jacob10000

    See how large of a log you can split (vertical chop), with a single strike.

  • AstoXoC RoLi
    AstoXoC RoLi

    maybe try and do the oposite with that bat, instead of hitting things with it throw something on to it really hard

  • Detalink35

    Your sister is so nice!

  • trace richmond
    trace richmond

    Raw chicken parts will simulate damage to a hand much better than banannas

  • Yerson Ortiz
    Yerson Ortiz

    Love love love these videos but the wife has the personality of a potato and brings the flow to a dead stop..


    Gyro Gearloose !!

  • Ericmyrs

    This needs to be magazine fed.

  • Ericmyrs

    Explosives + flour dust is a big risk. If you got unlucky you could have fireballed yourself.

  • Bob Stevenson
    Bob Stevenson

    The golf club reminds me of the one Rodney dangerfield uses in caddyshack

  • Aswin Bhusal
    Aswin Bhusal

    what about if you made a push button firing mechanism on the handle?

  • roy grohler
    roy grohler

    Use black powder 12 Guage blanks you will love them!!

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith

    Hmmm yeah, you can already make a golf radar with just the stuff on your bench. Be nice and make it open hardware. Also make the software well enough that we can use it as an anything radar ?

  • Alex

    Hit a raw chicken lol

  • Alex Li
    Alex Li

    Do it! Do it!

  • Jonnah McCrae
    Jonnah McCrae

    You also wouldn’t get hit the ball from 4 inches away

  • Jonnah McCrae
    Jonnah McCrae

    Their lack of emotion makes me cringe. With that being said my girl and i could never make things this cool

  • StonyBologner

    Makes log splitting a breeze, you might have to weight the end, so it dosnt push back into your face while attempting to split wood

  • Aperture science guy
    Aperture science guy

    This seems like a toned down version of a legendary weapon in a video game. Just thwack someone with an axe and it explodes

  • Botond Sipos
    Botond Sipos

    Is it for the show or is she really that troll? Amazing video by the way! And I love the fact that you are both engineers :)

  • Irish Ninja
    Irish Ninja

    imagine being friends with this guy during the zombie apocalypse 😂

  • Wetopie

    You should have a professional baseball use it

  • Max Likhtar
    Max Likhtar


  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki

    Hmm I think I’ll order Dogcercise for my dog.

  • jonny utah
    jonny utah

    Ok I’m all for the revision of the axe in wood at a later date, but I’d say just make a firing axe!

  • Ben Lewis
    Ben Lewis

    "Oh cool looking golf course." *googles* "Ah North Carolina." *Zooms out* Realises that North Carolina is bigger than all of England. *spends next five minutes gibbering in faint terror* "It just keeps on going, it just keeps on going."

  • Kyle Chalupa
    Kyle Chalupa

    Is that Natalie from Studio C?

  • Ben Eichinger
    Ben Eichinger

    Mrs. Stuff is awesome!

  • Austin Mcclenney
    Austin Mcclenney

    You are living my dream

  • Sono

    Bakugo axe, nice!

  • Brett

    I can see axes being more like this in 100 years lol

  • Brett

    Carrots are said to have the same or close to the same density to human fingers lol give that a try

  • Alexander Sjöström
    Alexander Sjöström

    Hi! Why haven't you made the first part out of solid steel? I mean you don't need to swing it werry fast and it would allow you to utilise more of the energy in to the ball. And the stopping roads, can't you just make them longer? Really enjoyed watching this! Hope you smash that record!👍😀

  • FruitNinjaBro

    firearm golf club was created Joels in there area: "Chuckles, i'm in danger now"

  • Thomas Schwartzman
    Thomas Schwartzman

    Maybe my science is wrong, but wouldn't this hit with the same energy as a regular swing? Equal and opposite reaction, so the energy driving the Pistons forward, drives the bat back in an equal amount, correct?

  • Michael Holsapple
    Michael Holsapple

    When will the watermelon show up

  • Christopher Rowell
    Christopher Rowell

    Imagine neegan had this bat in the walking dead Lucille 😳 💀

  • j P
    j P

    If you reduce size (baton or ASP size), weight, and fire power to non-lethal force and create ability for quick reload or automatic reload, then this could be a nice home protection device for us seniors who don’t want to kill but want to protect our life partners and out self.

  • CalOFduty9000

    hit a tree please.

  • Phantasma

    tree pls

  • Mountain man
    Mountain man

    She's awesome lol cool ideas. I wondered this as a kid, I'm glad to see you brought it to life.

  • snoogans 1984
    snoogans 1984

    Take the club to top golf. They might go for it because of the advertising opportunity .

  • snoogans 1984
    snoogans 1984

    That would be an excellent weapon in walking dead.

  • Steven

    You should make a single edged sword that has thrusters at the back!

  • Ryan Hansen
    Ryan Hansen

    not sure about the bag of sugar equaling a human head...thinking the bag surrounding the sugar is thinner than a skull...digging up a corpse is the only way to know for sure...

  • Jeff M
    Jeff M

    For better tracking on the golf ball, @toptracer would be happy to help you at a partner range in your area.

  • MikMack

    I love you guys. With each video, that feeling "INTEFIFIES"!

  • Patrick schmidt
    Patrick schmidt

    Hope it deosnt hit my balls

  • Eduardo Torres
    Eduardo Torres

    I've got a serious crush on that girl

  • Pro

    Next level Land Mine, Everything step on it bhoooom

  • Vincent Bussiere
    Vincent Bussiere

    oh yes! The same idea of a small trigger could be applied to the axe's head! It has to chop stuff up, and no cheating!! Extra point if you mount it on an actual axe and chop big logs with it!! now that would be dope haha.

  • Antoates76

    Things that happen when a genius gets bored.

  • Jimmy iKoN
    Jimmy iKoN

    Make the bat axe work!

  • Joseph Flores
    Joseph Flores

    I would love to see this bat in a zombie movie that would be amazing

  • lizardjoe's reptiles
    lizardjoe's reptiles

    You should put a clip or magazine on it to fire it more than once

  • skypieper

    Make pitching machine that throws every kind of pitch... better than a human.

  • Daniel Awesome
    Daniel Awesome

    "My Lord, is this-?" "Yes, and for kriff's sake stop asking me if this is _legal!"_

  • Daiji-san

    This would be crazy (and almost impossible) but I think I'd be a great addition for a post-apocalyptic version of this bat. What if you made the bat multi-shot. So you can for example hit 4 baseballs one after the other. It would be using 1 shell per "shot" but it would still be pretty cool to see the bat make multiple shots in a short amount of time

  • YT Throwaway
    YT Throwaway

    is your surname Dynamite?

  • Lewisonhower Connery
    Lewisonhower Connery

    Can this bat activate just from swinging reaallly hard pushing the piston down

  • BobbyDuke

    you need to email them a picture of the club!

  • AMIR arshad
    AMIR arshad

    Zombie apocalypse weapon yaaaas

  • bro gaming
    bro gaming

    Mr tourge from Borderlands 2 would be proud

  • Joao Francisco
    Joao Francisco

    vtf leon

  • Augustya Pali
    Augustya Pali

    his wife is God Mode . . . in everything she do

  • James Chu
    James Chu

    It will "kiell" -asian dude in forged in fire.

  • 3 Braincelled - SpAcE bOsS
    3 Braincelled - SpAcE bOsS

    This is the first man you'll go to if a zombie apocalpse happen

  • Asher Hennig
    Asher Hennig

    Spot on myth busters impressions. Kinda wish his wife would have worn a giant walrus style mustache.

  • GabrielTheGamer

    Hey, try breaking down a door with "The Boom Bat"!

  • IUseThisName ForMyGoogleAccount
    IUseThisName ForMyGoogleAccount

    Expecting a baseball launched by this thing to *not* penetrate a human body is honestly the *way* weirder expectation. It runs on bullets. If one of those can put a nail through concrete, four can put any object strong enough to not shatter against your skin out through your spine.

  • Mad Jester
    Mad Jester

    "You kids wunna see me chop the world oldest tree in one swing with my 50.CAL AXE?!" *Roar in background* "YEAHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"

  • mpy dragon
    mpy dragon

    You should put it on a soccer shoe

  • Goldfish

    “If your good at engineering, your good at everything” -Mark Rober

  • zachary burns
    zachary burns

    not me at 4 am watching random vids

  • ivan esparza
    ivan esparza

    Axe bat plz

  • Built At_the_beach
    Built At_the_beach

    Idk what it is about ur wife but I think I'm in love

  • Pandaguan

    What's next, RWBY wepons?

  • Christopher Goebel
    Christopher Goebel

    put a trigger on it!

  • Bluze

    Top Golf has a golf radar I think

  • Daniel Totsky
    Daniel Totsky

    You know this might be our greatest creation. "You know we have a daughter." made me die.

  • tc4i Stalke
    tc4i Stalke

    Explosive chainsaw or pool cue

  • Darshan Deshmukh
    Darshan Deshmukh

    Everything is just so awesome..I cant stop watching your videos......but a kind request just plz don't waste fruits plz

  • twiddlerat

    just lock it in a safe for 200 years until some post apocalypse survivor finds it

1.1 mln
1.1 mln