Manchester United 3-1 Chelsea (2010 Community Shield) | Goals & Highlights
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FATV - Official match highlights from the The FA Community Shield 2010 with Premier League runners-up Manchester United defeating Premier League Champions Chelsea 3-1.

Sir Alex Ferguson was pleased to see a number of key players get match practice at Wembley and said his side deserved to beat Chelsea 3-1 to lift The FA Community Shield sponsored by McDonald's.

United made it a record 14th Shield success as goals from Antonio Valencia, new signing Javier Hernandez (Chicharito the Little Pea) and Dimitar Berbatov were enough to see of Carlo Ancelotti's Blues.

Salomon Kalou did pull a goal back for Chelsea to make it 2-1, but United were more clinical where it mattered. But it wasn't just the result that made Ferguson happy.

Chelsea: Hilario, Paulo Ferreira (Bruma 79), Ivanovic, Terry, Cole (Zhirkov 79), Essien, Lampard, Mikel (Drogba 60), Kalou, Anelka (Sturridge 60), Malouda (Benayoun 72).

Subs Not Used: Turnbull, Van Aanholt.

Goals: Kalou 83.

Man Utd: Van der Sar, O'Shea, Jonathan Evans, Vidic, Fabio Da Silva (Smalling 71), Valencia, Scholes (Fletcher 80), Carrick (Giggs 79), Park (Nani 46), Owen (Hernandez 46), Rooney (Berbatov 46).

Goals: Valencia 41, Hernandez 76, Berbatov 90.

Att: 84,623

Ref: Andre Marriner (W Midlands).
Soccer Stadium: Wembley
Result: Man united 3 Chelsea 1

  • thatisme3 thatisme3
    thatisme3 thatisme3

    Berbatovs goal is a beauty

  • محمد الكامل
    محمد الكامل

    اللهم صلي وسلم وبارك على نبينا محمد

  • Rohaizad Aziz
    Rohaizad Aziz

    Berbatov such simple forwards.. doesnt run much.. no dribble.. no shooting.. but i dont know why he is dangerous..

  • Sankhanil Saha
    Sankhanil Saha

    Chicharito 🤣🤣

  • Kobby Hunt
    Kobby Hunt

    Nobody is talking about the pass from Micheal Essien to Sturbridge 💥💥

  • Milanov Čarapoa
    Milanov Čarapoa

    Nostalgia.. those were the days ❤️

  • Damar Fadlan
    Damar Fadlan

    2021 still remembered this a lot. Especially Chicharito.

  • Aguzz 2019
    Aguzz 2019

    Hurt but happy chicharito goal😁😁😁

  • Purwanti Allan
    Purwanti Allan

    2021 rewatching this.

  • Mickhail Scott
    Mickhail Scott

    Chicharito assist himself lol 😆😂🤣

  • Jermaine Russell
    Jermaine Russell

    Man u rob ever team 😡😡

  • Aditya nurfitra
    Aditya nurfitra

    Chicarito goal 🤣

  • Kirk Orlando
    Kirk Orlando

    Van der saar underrated

  • Alexey Simchenko
    Alexey Simchenko

    so low resolution..

  • Jibran Jassim
    Jibran Jassim

    Sir Alex Ferguson those old days s

  • Dannyzuco TV
    Dannyzuco TV

    Man of the match... Van der sar

  • Hype fn Ψ
    Hype fn Ψ


  • Asa Yagami
    Asa Yagami

    Ahhh, 360p we meet again

  • Adebayo Tosin
    Adebayo Tosin

    The result could have been so different if VAR existed then....

  • Wahid Nur
    Wahid Nur

    Nongol di may 2021 😂😂😂 nostalgia

  • he1ar1

    i had completely forgotten that owen played for ManU

  • Kolkata Knight Riders -- Fan 💜💜
    Kolkata Knight Riders -- Fan 💜💜

    UZmilk recommended this video after 10 years later

  • L King
    L King

    One of my first Man Utd matches and my favourite players score🔥🔥

  • kassim Hussein
    kassim Hussein

    Was that goal recorded as a header

  • Edeh James
    Edeh James

    That's a beautiful finish and Chelsea are finished

  • Garkata_YT👻


  • Sir Spenc Comedy
    Sir Spenc Comedy

    Glory days

  • Bruno Soares
    Bruno Soares

    2021 from to Brasil 🇧🇷

  • nccamsc

    When creative players like Nani and Berbatov link up they make their opponents look like children.

  • Cal

    When 2010 highlights look like 2000 highlights lol 😂

  • ClappedNiran

    Some of the football I watched as a kid was ridiculous

  • Badman No.1
    Badman No.1

    The tackle on essein was a clear penalty...

  • Ahmed Bensaada
    Ahmed Bensaada

    Sir Alix big manager fotbal the world

  • BakaOuji

    03:33 XD

  • Hygge

    Rooney's pass tho holy moly

  • Korea Jowo
    Korea Jowo

    hello im corona sh#t

  • Dandung Wicaksono
    Dandung Wicaksono

    Datang sebagai pemula pergi sebagai legenda Dandung wicaksono 2021

  • c.Diz

    Rooney assist was underrated

  • Tom Wriggley
    Tom Wriggley

    Chitaro gave him self the assist to

  • G Kus
    G Kus

    Chicharito completely planned that!

  • Rafael Bouet Gabriel
    Rafael Bouet Gabriel

    Berbatov was always effortless. It was just a relaxing no pressure dynamic everytime he played.

  • henry hinga
    henry hinga

    That's a beautiful FINISH.......And Chelsea are FINISHED. ..........Current; Sums up Lampard's Career at Chelsea....

  • Muhammad Rifqi Alhisyam
    Muhammad Rifqi Alhisyam

    Passing from rooney is super class

  • Riki Suhargooke
    Riki Suhargooke

    Chicharito before famous

  • marshandhy

    Chicharito should be offside cause he pass ball on his face before make a goal.

  • Elaine Kerslake
    Elaine Kerslake

    O'Shea such a donkey

    • Elaine Kerslake
      Elaine Kerslake

      O'Shea looked like a bloke who got in the dressing room by mistake and the team said go on put a strip on and have a game. At Sunderland he played like someone's grandad.

    • Ryan Barnes
      Ryan Barnes


  • hnq hnq
    hnq hnq

    Berbatov 🌹😎

  • Aloyce Junior
    Aloyce Junior

    And Chelsea are finished indeed 😂😂

  • Paket CJS
    Paket CJS

    22 desember 2020 #GGMU from indonesia

  • Info Nation
    Info Nation

    Chicharito just assisted himself to score that header lol 😃

  • Dirty James
    Dirty James

    What are those things in the background in the stands???

  • Keven Thomas
    Keven Thomas

    Chelsea’s back up keep was terrible... like no one was better than him in the academy lol


    Scholsea 💖

  • Set Pul
    Set Pul

    3:38 Hernandez assist himself lol Assist by him and scored by him -

  • Jorge Langa
    Jorge Langa

    UZmilk recommended this video 10 years ago

  • The Adongo
    The Adongo

    I watched this game in some local video show room while going back to school for August tuition for form 3s and 4s those from Kenya understand

  • Christopher's Music
    Christopher's Music

    That Berbatov finish marked the beginning of his best ever season in a Man. Utd shirt

  • vajarr27

    Imagine if chicarito celebrating with bleeding nose 🤣🤣

  • Mohammad sapian Ibrahim
    Mohammad sapian Ibrahim

    Now i know why. 😂😅😆

  • Jorge Rodriguez
    Jorge Rodriguez

    El chanflerito👏👏

  • someone

    aahhh the days when United were seen as a threat. I miss those days 🙁

  • Death Note
    Death Note

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    When you are so late that even the comments are 3-4 years old (-_-)

  • Saijan

    What is hilario doing for berbatov’s goal

  • Hhv Mmm
    Hhv Mmm

    Rooney's assist🔥🔥

  • Shawn Ongley
    Shawn Ongley

    Chicharito had a kick and a header goal.

  • Pandu Atisar Rahman
    Pandu Atisar Rahman

    When MU and Chelsea were dominating the peak of the league, when MU was Nike, and Chelsea was Adidas. Everything's been flipped

  • Tapan Kumar Bhandary
    Tapan Kumar Bhandary

    Chicharito was too interested to score a goal with a header....

  • Pradana

    van der sar the best gk in the world

  • DMT

    Funny chicharito amazing valencia

  • Shushil Kabir
    Shushil Kabir

    The irony of UZmilk recommending me this now is just illegal.

  • b tech sway
    b tech sway

    The youtube algorithm works in many strange ways ..............

  • The Fourth Chairman
    The Fourth Chairman

    this match will always be remembered for that bizarre finish by chicarito

  • psy che
    psy che

    Ngakak gua gol nya hernandes

  • Furtive Pygmy
    Furtive Pygmy

    Hernandez was a great poacher for united.

  • Ibrahim.s. Kargbo
    Ibrahim.s. Kargbo

    Chicharito is so sweet

  • 이민규

    Chicharito's goal is self-cross assist goal hahaha

  • Nikola Kozhuharov
    Nikola Kozhuharov

    Chicharito scores - "never mind how they go in" Berba be like: you sure 'bout that?

  • Kenny Cameron
    Kenny Cameron

    When you can hear the players over a packed Wembley you know it's dead.

  • Ricardo Andrango
    Ricardo Andrango

    Chi Charito jajajajajajajja

  • reza F
    reza F

    technically chicharito assisted to himself

  • Abdul Hamid
    Abdul Hamid

    Chachirito tings🤣❤💪🏿

  • AbuBakar

    Scholes during lifting the trophy Well just another trophy

  • Thanaphat Tangjaiyen
    Thanaphat Tangjaiyen


  • JoviaTris MayWest MadelineWhittier YvaineHippolyta
    JoviaTris MayWest MadelineWhittier YvaineHippolyta

    And this is the best of Berbatov

  • duhawma

    One of the funniest goals I have ever seen.

  • The Don
    The Don

    I like the way hernandez set himself up for the header lol

  • Shaban Alifo
    Shaban Alifo

    Valencia the legend

  • Jackly Lam
    Jackly Lam


  • uut boy
    uut boy

    Kini pemain asal belanda sudah tidak ad lg pemain prancis kni tinggal 2 am9.pp6

  • Socman2020

    wayne rooney was the best striker in europe back then

  • Nathan de Jongh
    Nathan de Jongh

    Bulgarian man 👏

  • Genge Tone Lyrics
    Genge Tone Lyrics

    Hernandez scores on his United Début A story that would see Chicharito score in almost all occasions against Chelsea

  • Tinashe Mungani
    Tinashe Mungani

    And Chelsea are finished

  • thuc nguyen
    thuc nguyen

    má ... nhìn bàn của chicharito hài vãi

  • Wamulunji Wabukhonyi
    Wamulunji Wabukhonyi

    Nani- Berbatov- when class meets class,such goals happen! How Chicha's goals relationship with Chelsea began!

  • M K
    M K

    That FA TV logo though...

  • Bright Olofinsao
    Bright Olofinsao

    Hernandez was gonna kick that ball over uno😂😂😂

  • Khanh Chau
    Khanh Chau


  • Been Diesel
    Been Diesel

    지성이형이 저기 있네