Best World Cup Match That Science Cannot Explain
Best World Cup Match That Science Cannot Explain

  • Rajib Sarkar
    Rajib Sarkar

    Remember Germans, Its in Mother Russia

  • paul a
    paul a

    the commentator should be sacked ...."ha fa yard of side" when everyone can see it wasn`t.

  • Al_xz

    Why tf did Germany give the chances to Werner? He misses all the fricking time

  • Al_xz

    South Korea did like Faroe Islands against Denmark this year, only care about defence, and be a try harder when you have the ball

  • Akun Bisnis
    Akun Bisnis


  • Rudi Rumi Yansa
    Rudi Rumi Yansa

    Wow,,, I Don't believe, it's like magec

  • Nam Nguyễn Hải
    Nam Nguyễn Hải

    Ozil was so good, but Germans was bad.

  • Renato Costa
    Renato Costa

    Eu amo a Coreia do sul, sinto pena dos da norte

  • Renato Costa
    Renato Costa

    Melhor do campeonato mundial? É brasil pae.


    Sayang banget Jerman

  • 3 Ronald
    3 Ronald

    Corea rezó el arco :v

  • Гани Мамбеталиев
    Гани Мамбеталиев

    Красавчик ю кор

  • Rahat_Arham

    Wtf! Just for unluck.


    Porque la ciencia no lo puede explicar? Es un tema del esfuerzo físico y juego táctico...Pero en si fue un excelente partido.

  • The August Child
    The August Child

    Science cannot explain? Wow! You guys would do anything to buy attention! Have a class! Views are less important!!

  • Nek0

    Great game! Awesome plays by both teams ❤️

  • Gaspar Rodrigues
    Gaspar Rodrigues

    Congratulations Korea !

  • bat glin
    bat glin

    Shit match and too many slopes on the pitch


    This match all credit goes to goal keeper....

  • Linh Đan 400K Vào Timbanvn xyz
    Linh Đan 400K Vào Timbanvn xyz

    04:52 Giá có em người yêu để cùng đi du lịch nhỉ? 🛤

  • Joker C.
    Joker C.

    Korea, The 'AXIS' Slayer. 2002 Italia, 2004&2018 Germany, and every Japan.

  • Николай Николаевич
    Николай Николаевич

    Хорошо помню тот матч,особенно тот момент,когда перед самым матчем Нойер не пожал руку маленькой девочке.До сих пор помню это высокомерие с его стороны,а Нойер,думаю, вспоминает все это как страшный сон!!!😆😆😆

  • Iman Haji
    Iman Haji

    Dumbest title that science cannot explain

  • Zero Two
    Zero Two

    Gracias a ese partido paso México porque los suecos dieron un golpe de autoridad y contra Brazil nos fue igual

  • Спартак Алиев
    Спартак Алиев

    Смешно было когда Нойер выбежал из ворот забивать гол

  • Никита Елохов
    Никита Елохов

    Вернер когда увидел себя в топ 10 не забитых мячей в пустые ворота

  • Sena Rayzen
    Sena Rayzen

    nah bro korea 2 vs 1 italy 2002 more epik 🥴

  • chẹp chẹp
    chẹp chẹp

    Wc 2002 giải thích dc k😆😆

  • صـوفـّـي فـّـٱقّـدّঊ
    صـوفـّـي فـّـٱقّـدّঊ

    يالها من مباره لتاريخ ياكوريا الجنوبية..❤🤞

  • Andy Choo
    Andy Choo

    timo werner was still bad shooter back then

  • Andy Choo
    Andy Choo

    From this point, Germany became shit. And also rip to the No 2. Korean. Man gaved his balls for the country

  • NeoKailthas

    This is why I only watch world cup matches.

  • kaspforeva

    4:40 how was that a yellow card!

  • Ivan Bagnasco
    Ivan Bagnasco

    Germans: "Ok.. now we will beat the shit out of Brazil"

    • Frank Diodati
      Frank Diodati

      That happened 4 years before this

  • dario reyes
    dario reyes

    años mas tarde como le ganaron a alemania festejaron y comieron sopa de murcielago jaja xd

  • Max Silva
    Max Silva

    O never perdendo a bola no ataque é hilário kkkkkkk

  • Max Silva
    Max Silva

    Quem se acha se perde A Alemanha se achou e perdeu kkkkk

  • Lautaro Quiroga
    Lautaro Quiroga

    8:56 el Scocco alemán

  • Jay

    Shouldn't of been a goal, was quite clearly offside, even the people talking over the game said it was off side, the goal was disallowed to begin with then aswell but they gave it for some odd reason, whats the point in having var if you look at it, say its off side as it is but then chance your mind, so retarded, they got lucky as Germany was legit all over them, lucky illegal goal.

  • Hijima Sofas
    Hijima Sofas

    เกาหลี ขี้โกง

  • Efato Siqqo7
    Efato Siqqo7

    The dangerous anthropology empirically heat because carrot interspecifically rain atop a swanky bugle. literate, military law

  • an jai
    an jai


  • Santi 890
    Santi 890

    mal yo lo vi con 5 o 6 años y el mejor partido

    • Santi 890
      Santi 890

      grite mucho los goles

  • Seksi Shraddha Kapoor
    Seksi Shraddha Kapoor

    Very sweet ❤️


    Love Korean coach from Indonesia 🇮🇩🇮🇩

  • Hady

    tf is this caption

  • Dinusha Athulathmudali
    Dinusha Athulathmudali

    Not Science. Is Match Referee a North Korean? or he hates Spurs.. at 4:40 How come Heung-min Son got a yellow card there?

  • MrZZooh

    I never watched this back in 2018 but it's pretty obvious Germany controlled the ball a lot more. But they were sloppy and their headers were awful. They were also desperate. A mix of arrogance, desperation and sloppiness was this bitter result for Germany.

  • 새하마노

    6:48 eng~~~ ? kkkk

  • Bitzy Bit
    Bitzy Bit

    The cuddly bangle suprisingly turn because competitor distally rock failing a determined europe. obeisant, prickly parcel

  • Martín Coronel
    Martín Coronel


  • Agus Cal
    Agus Cal

    I love to watch Japan and Korea games in WC; hope they reach quarterfinals again someday (like Korea semifinals in WC 2002).

    • BestJungleAOV

      In a fair way actually

  • Антоха Игорев
    Антоха Игорев

    На 6:42минуте смотрите на момент одного из топового защитника современности и почувствуйте разницу между КриРо и другими игроками вместе взятыми

    • Engne Theyen Yonel Fabian Pillar
      Engne Theyen Yonel Fabian Pillar


  • Антоха Игорев
    Антоха Игорев

    Вроде бы Немцы более умелые в футболе и генетически более рослые чем карликовые Корейцы играют на ЧМ и что в итоге мы наблюдаем... Футбол Топ-1 игра все таки 🔥🔥🔥

  • Сергей Рабченюк
    Сергей Рабченюк

    Не розумію назву відео.... До чого тут наука ? Це футбол , завжди є команда яка програє , і команда яка виграє. Хтось скаже фортуна!!! Ні , людські помилки, ось і все. Автору відео за назву 👎

  • Mod Mine
    Mod Mine

    Alemania se descuido y le dieron vuelta la tortilla 🤣🤣

  • Mỹ Linh 300K Vào Henho24h xyz
    Mỹ Linh 300K Vào Henho24h xyz

    06:55 Phía dưới là cái ảnh 3 nghìn 6 trăm độ, mặt che hết 96% diện tích khuôn hình…. 🚩

  • jasper budiono
    jasper budiono

    7:46 it looks like offside.

  • Rakyat Malaysia RM
    Rakyat Malaysia RM

    Science cannot explain???

  • Ngan Nguyễn
    Ngan Nguyễn

    Tâm lý do trọng tài cả thôi

  • Arifin Sinaga
    Arifin Sinaga

    No 14 itu Japan bagus merusak serangan jerman

  • Gamer bantai
    Gamer bantai

    That's the beauty of sports.... unscripted ❣️

  • Максим О
    Максим О

    Посмотрите игру ТАм Кореецев тянут за уши

  • Akshansh Rawat
    Akshansh Rawat

    Nuer was in hurry to leave the pitch that he was in the middle before final whistle

  • kc1 chan
    kc1 chan

    SOUTH KOREA should have been given at least 3 PENALTIES. biased referees, biased organisers wanting germany to get thru the group stage AT ANY COST ! SHAME, SHAME, SHAME !


    Gak ada hubungannya sama ilmu pengetahuan cok🤦🤦🤦

  • espumita

    2:16 F

  • Broccoli

    If lewandowski was German, it literally would’ve been bayern Munich vs the world.

  • Jarly Tapay Collana
    Jarly Tapay Collana

    Pinche arquero koreano

  • Jarly Tapay Collana
    Jarly Tapay Collana

    ALV aq solo hay personas que hablan Taka Taka

  • Jarly Tapay Collana
    Jarly Tapay Collana


  • Kawa


  • Haikrisna

    Werner is still missing the shot today 👀

  • LETRO REAL 228
    LETRO REAL 228

    Ahí arqerooo señorees🎶 en corea VeNOMAS

  • Michael Egan
    Michael Egan


  • wawan732

    Kuat nih dukun pawang nya hahaha



  • お茶

    Italy vs Corea

  • Splinter_El_Maestro_Rata

    Coloquialmente en sudamerica se le llama pechearla.

  • Jon Sam
    Jon Sam

    hay mi mexico tenia que ganar para que corea pasara y perdio .....

  • เสือฝ้าย ครับ
    เสือฝ้าย ครับ


  • sheshd

    The best thing about this game is the reaction from the Mexicans after. I was lucky enough to be in Russia at the time. They literally took over Moscow, it was INSANE.

  • Yours Truly
    Yours Truly

    I have so much respect for sk goalkeeper.

  • hello child Dele
    hello child Dele

    Alemania posible habría ganado Pero los tiros eran todos en blanco Korea demostró mucho ímpetu en ese mundial de 🇷🇺 2018 !!

  • Muslim Alhamdulillah
    Muslim Alhamdulillah

    Просто Китайцев и на поле было больше количество игроков и не кто это не заметил а вратару респект

  • Kimi_ F1R Игровой Канал.
    Kimi_ F1R Игровой Канал.

    Молодцы Корейцы!!

  • wintersnoob

    Hum, yeah. This sort of thing only happens... weekly in football.

  • Ang key On Akbar
    Ang key On Akbar

    Why the strikers werner

  • Cip Pay
    Cip Pay

    Nonton th 2021 Masi merinding co,, permainan terbaik Korea repoblick ❤️

  • Diego A
    Diego A

    7:15 Auch justo en el chisito

  • 류신뢰

    semua dunia tercengang ngang ngang hahaha

  • Alan Ojeda
    Alan Ojeda

    No faltará el mexicano afirmando que el mejor partido de la historia fue México VS fulano y que el clásico del mundo es México VS Alemania.

  • Danny Altamira
    Danny Altamira


  • Kailenhao Haokip
    Kailenhao Haokip

    Science need to watch premier League to understand this game

  • Ashwin sreedhar
    Ashwin sreedhar

    Power of Asia 🔥🔥❤️

  • pereira

    Pra falar a verdade,a Alemanha tremeu pra não pegar Brasil nas oitavas de final daquela copa e resolveu ir mais cedo e preferiu passar vexame pra Coreia do Sul mas eu estava torcendo pra Alemanha ganhar esse jogo pra se livrarmos dos 7 x 1 da copa de 14.....por que la na Rússia, a Alemanha não saiu distribuindo dinheiro pra ninguém não, como fez aqui no brasil

  • Alan Harlow
    Alan Harlow

    Son is a fantastic player... and this was a great game for both, Korea and Mexico (who needed Germany to lose)

  • Mohd Fadli
    Mohd Fadli

    Face goal keeper south korea macam face man single badminton malaysia (LEE CHONG WEI)....

  • Studio By888
    Studio By888

    เป็นไงละเยอรมันอย่าอวดเกงว่าตัวเองเกงกลัวคนเอเชีย เป็นฝีตีนคนเอเชียสอนให้รู้

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