My love life as a trans woman

  • TheNoodle Dragon
    TheNoodle Dragon

    Shes super pretty

  • Emmie

    Wait so god still loves and will let people go to heaven if they are gay trans or bi

  • amanda williams
    amanda williams

    I don't know who this person is ..but iam also trans I have an Adams apple and I sound like a boy ...I didn't like it but people complimented me about how my voice was pretty and how my Adams apple looked really nice ..made me so happy and I hope that she's happy too cause girl u are beautiful af and ur really a wonderful and kind person

  • Tamara Carter
    Tamara Carter

    This was so cute!


    Im keeping it for now lol

  • Whats up Dude Dude
    Whats up Dude Dude

    i don't think god made people lgbtq+

  • 🦋Toca&Roblox🦋

    So your a boy in real life or are you girl I support you if you are actually 👉🏽🏳️‍⚧️trans


      She's a girl.

  • N Sta
    N Sta

    Is he a boy or girl

  • Jessie Terpstra
    Jessie Terpstra

    Love this 🥺♥️

  • Galaxy_Demon_Draak YT
    Galaxy_Demon_Draak YT

    Aw I love this

  • ✨I don't have think?✨
    ✨I don't have think?✨

    **God making me a Demisexual asexual bisexual weird BTS fan** God: *ok take care luv u bye*

  • Bandito STFU
    Bandito STFU


  • °F I S H C L°
    °F I S H C L°

    Your Trans? I support you ❤

  • Yeet Master82
    Yeet Master82

    Hey no one cares about your trans gen flag so get of of the internet no one cares

  • Kalin Duncan
    Kalin Duncan

    Was waiting for the part that she you know offs herselfe


    Damn that first partner was a bit like an overprotective mom 😂

  • Leon Dull
    Leon Dull

    :) im always here for you!

  • Tia Hughes
    Tia Hughes

    I support you!

  • Holy crusader
    Holy crusader

    What country is that?


      @Holy crusader sure lmfao

    • Holy crusader
      Holy crusader

      So a county named trans


      It's a trans flag bruh

  • Xenogale

    Why do I keep getting these gay/trans ticktocks like damn I'm straight chill out ._.

  • God

    lol sorry about that

  • Jade Jenkins
    Jade Jenkins

    No god would never give u a heart like that

  • Cat_MHA

    You look so beautiful 😍

  • N.J. Lewis
    N.J. Lewis

    Partner 2🥰 so sweet

  • ToastㆍSnek

    Damn the transphobes are here


      Yeah seriously



  • Estelle Smith
    Estelle Smith

    My best friend is transgender. I love him to the moon and back. He’s been there for me when no one else was, and when no one else cared. He has my heart. 💕


    I do not care about the lgbt cuz they can care about them selves like lol

  • Croco_ X10
    Croco_ X10

    💙💜💖 👑☺️

  • F8less9

    Aw. She's so pretty!

  • Flory Torres
    Flory Torres

    Whyyyy i hate pride

  • Krappa

    don't bring god into this please god made you the way you were born he didn't make you a girl in a man's body


      Yeah but genetics did. People don't choose to be trans, you know

  • Ant_On_The_Hill

    Lowkey she's so fkn beautiful

  • Rainpop

    Partner 2 wasn't bad, it just didnt work out.

  • Ish327

    Don’t hide this beauty to the world. If anyone puts you down just look in a mirror.

  • Londyn Lawrence
    Londyn Lawrence

    And a beautiful woman you are

    • That's unfortunate
      That's unfortunate


  • Hailey Johnston
    Hailey Johnston

    What the heck is demisexual

    • That's unfortunate
      That's unfortunate

      It's not a thing

  • storytimemashups

    Ngl thats a really good yt short. Ive never watched one thats so meaningful. Honestly gurl, keep doing what ur doing!❤❤

  • CatherineTheFifth

    It’s just what we have to deal with, I’m non binary and it’s been hard

  • Maria Hoque
    Maria Hoque

    I'm demisexual too!

    • That's unfortunate
      That's unfortunate


  • YuriShibo

    God did not do that read ur Bible in the bible where did it say that he male lesbian hearts

    • That's unfortunate
      That's unfortunate

      Yes brother

  • Adrianna Young
    Adrianna Young

    Your so pretty

  • ♡Humaira Akter♡
    ♡Humaira Akter♡

    She's so prettttttyyyyyyy

  • Ryuññuallÿ

    The second guy... The timing wasn't right I guess.. :(...also you're so freaking beautiful!! And I'm a demi too!! 💕

    • That's unfortunate
      That's unfortunate


  • Magenit

    I’m not trans and I’m barely associated with the lgbtq+ community, because I’m dating a trans male. Even so I don’t know why in hell I’m getting these kinds of videos in my recommended.

  • The phone gamer
    The phone gamer


  • EX0CT1C

    Keep up don’t give a fuck what people says about u being trans

  • aniket marko
    aniket marko


  • Reddogmoe

    Why would god give you the heart if he is against lgbtq

  • Thanos af
    Thanos af

    Except the partner 2 , its exactly depicting my life 😿

  • dan soloski
    dan soloski

    Jesus, these alphabet folks are annoying.

    • Wholesome Toast
      Wholesome Toast

      @dan soloski you think you're the first 🤨

    • dan soloski
      dan soloski

      @Wholesome Toast if I didn't say it someone else would. Lmao

    • Wholesome Toast
      Wholesome Toast

      I bet you thought that was an amazing insult. Man don't you look silly

  • adlan minecraft
    adlan minecraft

    you dont look like trans

  • Willow Murdock
    Willow Murdock

    Concrete proof that, at HEART, ALL of US Women are the same - coz we’ve all been stepped on through some similar shit. Ladies, let’s embrace, bond with, lock arms with, and PROTECT our fellow Ladies (AAAALLLL the kinds of “ladies!!!”) because we are all a Precious Gift and DESERVE NOTHING LESS!! 🥰🦾💪🏿💪🏾💪🏽💪💪🏼💪🏻🥰

  • Tammy's World
    Tammy's World


  • Hattie Patterson
    Hattie Patterson

    God doesn’t except people like you

    • Wholesome Toast
      Wholesome Toast

      Learn how to spell and maybe he'll accept you

    • hey josh
      hey josh


  • Ray Dude
    Ray Dude

    Me trying to discover who I was, was like making it rain with different heart flags until i slapped a huge trans one. Bf stayed supportive and he still loves me!

  • KittyGamer X
    KittyGamer X

    Id take it 100% if we were the same age. You are beautiful and you seem to be such a nice person! :) gender doesn't matter to me if you have a good heart ^-^

  • Khushnuma Chaturvedi
    Khushnuma Chaturvedi

    I'm the sams

  • void of the end
    void of the end

    I WNT GOOD CONTENT NOT LGBTQ STUFF ON MY HOME PAGE Srry I've been craving content

  • Tracy Eveland
    Tracy Eveland

    Are u trans? Cuz if- i am!

  • Mohammed Shaji.M
    Mohammed Shaji.M

    There is no difference between woman and trans woman Everybody likes you

    • Accurate Gamer
      Accurate Gamer

      Yes there is, they are trans

  • 𝕘𝕒𝕔𝕙𝕒𝕘𝕚𝕣𝕝559♥︎

    God *give me a bisexual heart* and now go to find your true love Me hey you want to be my lover A boy no ew.. Me oh ok.. A girl have a crush me can I be a lover? 🤗 Me oh sure *blushes* The girl hehe now i m your girlfriend Me what!? This is not a true story

  • Emma

    God really said to me: hmm.. your pan here you go Me:bu- God: no buts take it bc THE LINE IS WAITING

  • Karlie Chase
    Karlie Chase

    So much love for this

  • Karlie Chase
    Karlie Chase

    Soooo perfect.

  • Scorching animation Studios
    Scorching animation Studios

    God * gives pansexual heart * Me "aw thank you why are they these color-" God * gives me asexual heart but also for some reason a Kink Drive * Me "uh I don't think these two things mix very well-" God * Gives me confusion for my sexuality for many years * Me "uh wha-" God * makes me like witches * Me " wait don't you hate these things?" God * makes me-🔥 Me * makes me atheist * " now will you kindly shut the f****** up?" God * smacks me with an identity crisis where I question my gender that ends with me using she/they pronouns * Me "KO"

  • •Çûddle Rōbløx¿
    •Çûddle Rōbløx¿

    Trans woman means you became woman from man? Right?

  • TheRandom.

    Bruh if ur a guy trying to be a girl and I'm a guy I'm not gonna date u cause u still a guy.Also god doesn't make u trans

    • hey josh
      hey josh

      Nah she a girl u just stupid

  • A loaf of doge
    A loaf of doge

    Oi oi oiiii... Why are you give your heart an average human heart is worth 300k sell it

  • Bybee Pitts
    Bybee Pitts


  • D Williams
    D Williams

    Well to be correct I’m pretty sure god didn’t make you trans he made you a girl in the Bible it says boy is meant for girl and girl is meant for boy but still a funny video and also who knows if any of anything in the Bible is true we will just have to wait and see

  • Tyairra Pearson
    Tyairra Pearson

    She got the same colors as her flag in her room

  • Master Cap
    Master Cap

    Well Why tf is this shit in my recomendations

  • Logan Jones
    Logan Jones


  • The Fowles Family
    The Fowles Family

    God did non make you gay it’s you Choice not gods


      There's a difference between straight, gay, and everything else. People in NO WAY choose to be lgbtq+. Learn some english mate.

    • Andy Gonzalez
      Andy Gonzalez

      God ain't even real and homosexuality isn't even a choice by definition

  • milkydollface x
    milkydollface x


  • Insert username here
    Insert username here

    Was not expecting them to try and eat it

  • dusk

    the demisexual part- lmao

  • Shin Godzilla
    Shin Godzilla

    I hate this being god rp pls stop

  • Not xzchea
    Not xzchea

    God never made you transgender u picked noob


      People don't even choose to be trans noob

  • Susie Ballard
    Susie Ballard

    You seem so sweet and you are very beautiful. So much class in such a little video.

  • Koshrob

    What is a demisexual?? Are you Maui Now??? Tf

  • Ducky Yes
    Ducky Yes

    Honestly i like that color because in a weird way it kinda reminds me of a cotton candy

  • Ioanna a Vazi
    Ioanna a Vazi

    God doesnt respect these types of people like you

  • Lil Latte Gaming
    Lil Latte Gaming

    This is stupid

  • Lil Latte Gaming
    Lil Latte Gaming


  • Emil F
    Emil F

    As a trans. This makes me cry. Especially when the scene where you talking to god. ❤️❤️

    • Emil F
      Emil F

      @Reaper i don't understand. And please leave me alone

    • Reaper

      @Emil F the fact that you’re “trans” and that you think God actually gave you a literal male body (I think you’re a male) just for you to say “iM a gIrL”

    • Emil F
      Emil F

      @Reaper whats wrong for being cringe :/

    • Reaper

      Ew cringe