Automatic pool stick vs. strangers
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An automatic pool playing robot - how hard could it be? Turns out harder than I thought. It took me quite a while to work through all the difficulties of this project but when it all finally came together is so worth it. To my surprise the most interesting aspect of this project is using the cue to play real games of pool over the internet. Let me know if you think twitch plays billiards would be worthwhile...

  • SmarterEveryDay

    Meat servo cheats... (By the way you should totally support Shane on Patreon, like I do: )

    • Zwieback Glockenspiel
      Zwieback Glockenspiel

      I'm getting Smarter Everyday by watching Stuff Made Here. 😉

    • Pierre Ledeme
      Pierre Ledeme

      i know you

    • awoken V
      awoken V

      When you gonna replicate stan myer salt water hydrogen engine ?

    • Josh is a Jedi
      Josh is a Jedi

      Have these two made a video together before?

    • kasi viswanadh sripada
      kasi viswanadh sripada

      Snatch Blocks guy

  • Tailspin80

    I have been writing database software for the last 20 years. I’m really paranoid about leaving bits of test code around, for instance an instruction to break when a particular record id occurs in a dataset. Great for testing but very risky if left in by mistake. Amazing project - it shows how the UZmilk financial model can get people to do the most absurd, pointless and time consuming tasks if there are millions of people who are happy to spend twenty minutes watching the results.

  • Learning Intellectual
    Learning Intellectual

    Cheap table... u need a true table

  • Ryan Schwartz
    Ryan Schwartz

    Random guy.. I challenge u to a game of pool..... Engineer.. Yeah ok as long as we play on my table. 😂 lol

  • s44uny

    Awesome job!

  • MadhouseMayhem

    You should basically make another pool cue that is clamped to the table

  • Jonathan Schillace
    Jonathan Schillace

    When you were looking for the best shot to take you are thinking of the present which is fun and all but is there a way for the pool stick to think ahead? By that I mean make it so that the next time it is your turn it will be the last turn of the game and you (technically) win. This will give you the best shot and what the pool table will look like after that shot. If you could that then the "Super Cue" will be able to line up the best shot of the game rather than your turn. It will turn it into a game of chess rather than pool though and if you invent a second one then it will be super challenging.


    Good vibes

  • Sergi Blanch Motenai
    Sergi Blanch Motenai

    I discovered this guy because of the lockpicking lawyer and OMG what a discovery has been. Keep it up, mate. Your stuff is really amazing.

  • Bronx Roman
    Bronx Roman

    Has anyone asked what your IQ is? lol I feel like I'm watching a secret genius invent stuff left and right and I've only watched two videos so far.


    I'm pretty sure him and his wife were made in the same facility

  • dhihfirvcirfvrifvrifbrifbrifbrfirbfirbbirbfribfkrf

    *Shoots off the table*

  • Good Game Guy
    Good Game Guy

    I want to play the game of pool the way it’s meant to be played

  • Venkatesh JK
    Venkatesh JK

    Why isn’t he working for NASA?

  • Donald Deblieux
    Donald Deblieux

    Is it just me or are these videos so unfulfilling with this guy? I've only seen 3 now and they're long and at the end I feel like I wasted my time because nothing ever really works the way it should. He should work on a show like MythBusters with other people or something anyway fool me once shame on me excetera.... he's obviously a genius at machining, engineering and coming up with these concepts but I just wish I could watch one video were it actually works in the end

  • FasNuf Garage
    FasNuf Garage

    12:31 Scratch!

  • FasNuf Garage
    FasNuf Garage

    7:18 LOL! Says the guy with the bionic pool stick

  • TristanS Schulte
    TristanS Schulte

    Felt resistance, momentum loss from ball on ball and ball on rail contact, English positioning for next shot, all of those will be a pain in the ass to code. The outcome would be amazing though. I’m amazed that you got it to work, but then again you’re a hardware and software engineer that helps.

  • Parker Vaughan
    Parker Vaughan

    “If your kid wins, do you win?” “Yes.” “Then I won.” “The robot is not your kid, we’ve talked about this.” Oh gosh xD

  • sparaz

    I wish I had a cnc mill that accessible for use. Just saw this and it's pretty great. Love it

  • David Morgan
    David Morgan

    Shane, you are incredibly smart and yet you walk us thru the creative process in terms that most of us can understand. Fascinating and satisfying. Subscribed!

  • Scott Schnalzer
    Scott Schnalzer

    How tony stark plays pool

  • deepfriedavocado

    I redeemed the flash drive a couple weeks ago 👍🏻 glad I could help

  • Laakso Design
    Laakso Design

    Now mount the cue on the robotic arm so you don't have to bother your wife.

  • Emmanuel Williams
    Emmanuel Williams

    The invincible step-mother emphatically decide because barbara regretfully detect against a steep drop. beautiful, lively male

  • Tyler

    my friend said you should do a valorant one

  • John Peralta
    John Peralta

    Hope it can do trick shots our very own Efren 'bata'8 Reyes of the Phils....Legendary...

  • Klingberg Wing MkII
    Klingberg Wing MkII

    "From there it's easy!" = "The final solution is left as an exercise for the student"

  • Jaap Jonker
    Jaap Jonker

    This is perfect for practicing normal pool

  • Curtis King
    Curtis King

    The chess engine idea is cool but I also think you should see how many balls you can pot in a single shot

  • Dawn Nightinger
    Dawn Nightinger

    As hard as labor? I'd love to see him experience it. He will never compare anything to labor again.

  • RGP Homes
    RGP Homes


  • Stig Weird
    Stig Weird

    I kinda hope that this guy has a whole set of backroom staff working to aid him. Otherwise we have someone who is one bad day from being a super villain

  • Life Is Better When You Relax
    Life Is Better When You Relax

    You make Tony Stark look like an amateur. Do you have, like, 5 PhDs from MIT or something? Mind-blowing talent, man.

  • Cryu

    7:18 "I want to enjoy the game of pool the way it was MEANT to be played" *while using robotics to play pool*

  • David McKendrick
    David McKendrick

    Wonderful video. You've got great content!

  • Cole Elseser
    Cole Elseser

    " I want to play pool as it is meant to be played" well he has a robot

  • Florian Cupsan
    Florian Cupsan

    The program on the iPad ,he uses to sketch ??? How is it called , help!

  • mopartopy

    That looks cool , I wish my brain worked 25% as well as yours. When you were calculating all the combinations of shots, it seemed like you did not take in consideration the FULL path of the cue ball after it strikes the intended ball. I am glad there are people out there that we can make thing vicariously through. peace

  • Juan Carlos Abad
    Juan Carlos Abad

    amazing! congratulations....the only technical advice i can give you: change your long-faced wife!

  • Jack Hildebrand
    Jack Hildebrand

    daedalus reincarnated

  • David Schmidt
    David Schmidt

    For some reason, hearing well-educated and intelligent people speak, (you know, those who don't use, like, delaying utterances, like, uhh, "you know" and "like", and "uh" or its cousin "uhh" or its incestuously-drived idiot 1stcousin and son "uuhhhhhh"...) is so absorbing that it is actually relaxing. Great channel.


    Nice project. Consider that as I play my ball striking varies in height for certain shots. Also the amount of follow through varies in order to apply different amounts and types of English. There are also many times when in order to achieve the desired position play, it is necessary for the cue ball to strike a second, third or more balls or rails. There are many other fine points, masse, caromming, jump shots, and more. As you said the potential for an entertaining game. Al

  • Горан Гулески
    Горан Гулески


  • Jett Goddard
    Jett Goddard

    i want to play the game with him

  • Mirralis Dias
    Mirralis Dias

    0:30 Efren Bata Reyes: "Let me introduce myself"

  • Sleepy Doctor
    Sleepy Doctor

    friend: hey wanna play some pool? Him: sure give me a few weeks

  • Thom K
    Thom K

    All of my impressed and dumbfounded thoughts/feelings aside, seeing you struggle over 5 days and not give up when figuring out the flaws in your system was simply inspirational. I feel like I throw in the towel a little too easy these days, worried about my how much of my time is something worth figuring out versus just simply digging in and working to push through. Thank you for this.

  • mehmud

    It is nice , innovative, and incredible, but it is useless , and too complicated for having "fun", so overall it was a waste of your time and you just made a useless thing. You are having fun because you built it yourself so that fun is biased and doesn't count, and other people don't wanna offend you, but I am not like others, I tell the truth. Now you will say who I am to judge you, it is your wish, your brain, your pool, and bla bla bla, well same here, it is my keyboard, I have right to criticize you if you want to keep comment section enabled. I do appreciate your hardwork for the useless thing you made though.

  • ivan dunr
    ivan dunr

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  • Devin Chandula Rajapakse
    Devin Chandula Rajapakse


  • Clancy O'Neill
    Clancy O'Neill

    I love your videos. But at the end of every one I have this cloud of inadequacy loom over me, knowing I'll never be this intelligent.

  • Ich D
    Ich D


  • Dakota Hughes
    Dakota Hughes

    I wish this video was longer I love this stuff

  • Risk Master
    Risk Master

    Yep practice would have been a good way 2 say some time and money on the game but has 2 up his wife so he builds a robot stick 2 win the game 4 him lol nice the things shame will bring in 2 pass

  • Casey Ryan
    Casey Ryan

    You are a genius. I love the channel

  • Duane HP
    Duane HP

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  • ankit vashishtha
    ankit vashishtha

    Amazing 👏 I am just awestruck😱

  • RManPT

    AI power this cue! MAke it play against itself and master pool

  • Michael Overholser
    Michael Overholser

    I'm not scrolling through almost 29K comments to see if this has been said or not yet, but a couple of ideas for v2: 1. Have the software be aware that a scratch is bad (especially with the 8 ball) 2. Make sure that it knows not to go after the 8 ball until the remaining respective balls are already off the playing field (this may already be there)

  • Cameron McCormick
    Cameron McCormick

    love it

  • Travis Evans
    Travis Evans

    5:47 " garbage in garbage out, this also applies to raising children" possibly the greatest dad joke of all time

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe

    The wife is the best character on this show.

  • DmonHiro

    Did this guy just build a reverse VR game? He's controlling the VR with the real world.

  • Patrick Saring
    Patrick Saring

    I do hvac and I gotta ask, what's up with your duct work at the 0:07 mark?

  • Sam Singh
    Sam Singh

    Wow and he still said "I am an idiot". nah bro you are a hell of dedicated engineer 😉 and great person.

  • White Shark Production
    White Shark Production

    Really impressive. Keep doing crazy things like that !! ;-) You've got a new follower. Thank's a lot.

  • yy jtjytj
    yy jtjytj

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  • I go by Benny
    I go by Benny

    I can’t tell if this guy is average intelligence and I’m just an ape, or if he’s incredibly smart and I’m just an ape.

  • DJ Zander303
    DJ Zander303

    What drawing app is that

  • Da Joco
    Da Joco

    COOL!! On one of the scenes where you had the table and network of paths for the balls I thought the direction this was taking was one shot and all balls down. Maybe that's version 10.0, lol. Keep it going. Cheers, Dan.

  • Andy

    playing pool remotely, that's some big brain futuristic business idea right there

  • Vintar

    MadeStuffHere: I found some math issues that may be causing problems. *** MISSES SHOT ****** MadeStuffHere: You know what ....... ... .. math is useless. I love this guys' comedy

  • Nathan O'Keefe
    Nathan O'Keefe

    Can we talk about how Florida man has his own Wikipedia article

  • joefrau

    What if you fuse your chainsaw robot with this pool robot ? I mean this days with social distance, could be fun

  • Redoneteron593

    I guess Skynet will now be able to play pool instead of just a virtual facsimile.

  • BlueStar

    omfg u work so hard. well done!!!

  • Tosiek

    what kind of man would leave a dislike ? Amish ? :O

  • Tom M
    Tom M

    This demonstration reaffirms my faith that there are still a handful of humans on the planet that are brilliant.

  • SobaSaiyan

    He makes projects in months that most people work for a lifetime to complete.

  • Jon Gomez
    Jon Gomez

    Tutor elon musk to save money from explosion

  • Jay Beam
    Jay Beam

    Who downvotes videos like this? I don't get it. Some folks must be super angry inside.

  • tone monkerud
    tone monkerud

    go to 9:10 and look at your stupid ass UI xD. your program assumes the qball has 0 radius. how on earth did you not spot that before your started building it? XD

  • Steven Cox
    Steven Cox

    8 ball into the side pocket, huh? Lol.

  • Ahmed Sahari
    Ahmed Sahari

    Can you share this software so we can use it on 8 ball games online, it seems so interesting

  • Frisbee

    Albert Einstein of 21st century!!!

  • jackhong1981

    You are amazing. I wonder what types of courses you took to get where you are now.

  • Spare Account
    Spare Account

    Stuff made here in 2030 be like: I made a soccer ball the kicks for you and you cant miss!

  • Thebluefus

    If someone sees this guy on the street they would think he’s just another guy… which he is but also a fricken genius

  • AGNI

    Attach the stick on robo arm and play human vs Robot

  • SA

    You should do an automated sail for a Hobie Cat or something of the sort!

  • viktor the big doi
    viktor the big doi

    What art software is he using?

  • Olly_Steel 15
    Olly_Steel 15

    The guy just said he is an idiot bro I don’t even know what you doin. Keep it up

  • Владимир Онегин
    Владимир Онегин

    основное правило при игре в автоматы - ищите только с лицензией, как вариант найти можно по хештегу #кaзино

    • Likù Tafolfskiy
      Likù Tafolfskiy

      Why did it get so many likes?

  • Seumas Reel
    Seumas Reel

    Should have tried this on a snooker table American pool tables could be cleared by a blind man, still very impressive I’m sure it would still work

  • Roger Bard
    Roger Bard

    You should two glasses mounted cameras, one on each side, then you coulld take the system anywhere! You wouldnt be able to put the markers on the corners of the table, so you would have to compensate for the perspective. Might require walking around the table a bit before each shot. Put a laser pointer on the cue to train you where to hit with a normal cue. Then you need an algorithm to drink the beer and trash talk the opponent until they cave. You glossed over how you controlled the force with which the cue hit the ball. How was that calculated and accomplished?

  • Athenkosi Mahlahla
    Athenkosi Mahlahla

    Whenever I watch your videos, I pretend like I'm you


    11:28 Look at the article open in Top Monitor

  • TheGeorgeForce

    maybe time for an upgrade: is your System able to work if you move the table?

  • Quantum Immortality
    Quantum Immortality

    hey man what table are you using?