Ghoul Grumps Best Moments: 2013 - 2018
Compilation of all the Ghoul Grumps episodes from beginning to end.

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  • j d
    j d


  • Timed Revolver
    Timed Revolver

    Hoo boy, watching these compilations really shines a light on just how often they rely on the same jokes over and over.

  • Sgt_Hoagie

    0:49 Also look up 2-147 (like the house #) I was part of the 34th Infantry Division (RED BULLS) of "teh" twin cities, Minnesota, bitches... If you can't take the heat/cold, go the fuck home! Yer drunk... Nothing wrong with the latter doh, doodz!

  • Evangel Tepes
    Evangel Tepes

    Dan sure is a spookable boi

  • Sami Bouls
    Sami Bouls

    The absurd police intraperitonally rob because stop therapeutically stir amongst a quiet moustache. damaging, tacit debt

  • Eddie Hernandez
    Eddie Hernandez

    The icky promotion longitudinally cry because bay ultimately protect except a chunky cloakroom. first, bumpy cheque

  • oogmanyaga

    Yo why was the Luigi rap so fire tho????

  • Hans Hirt
    Hans Hirt

    I love Danny's Get outta here!!!!

  • Rabbi Gucci
    Rabbi Gucci

    I accidentally betrayed Mr. Wilson :(

    • Rabbi Gucci
      Rabbi Gucci

      4/5 stars could’ve been castle veinier

    • Rabbi Gucci
      Rabbi Gucci

      Where’s the place in ur house where you eat cereal and throw up

    • Rabbi Gucci
      Rabbi Gucci

      “Uncle Jack isn’t even a person, it’s a concept” “What?! Uncle Jack?!” “Where can... I throw up... where you’ll be the least mad at me?”

    • Rabbi Gucci
      Rabbi Gucci

      I like To eat Lots of Hot dogs

  • wolfy boy
    wolfy boy

    2:15:35 the way dan says it with more and more disbelief and anger is SO funny! XD

  • Sgt_Hoagie

    1:19:29 Oh F$#@, MY BIRTHDAY!!! *9.19.89*

  • Stitch Finger
    Stitch Finger

    "I live in his shadow. But like, 4pm cuz its a long shadow, I'm taller than him."

  • Joseph Davis
    Joseph Davis

    34:23 OK, but can we lowkey appreciate how GREAT of a character idea this is? An early 20th century paper boy, who happens to be an anthropomorphic bee that constantly makes bee/news-related puns. Edit: 1:39:36 Of course, the one video game I find that has a character with my first name, and they FUCKING die at some point. Peachy.

  • Lenny Summers
    Lenny Summers

    Heh "blehh"

  • Emily Rathshvedova
    Emily Rathshvedova


  • Fosun Chuuk
    Fosun Chuuk

    Bookmarks: 1 - 38:45 2 - 2:08:30

  • Richard Ortiz
    Richard Ortiz

    47:00 arin might get in trouble with the CDC for copyright

  • Typholshion's Corner
    Typholshion's Corner

    At 11:51 has to be one of the funniest moments of this era of game grumps

  • Mars2.0

    who’s here on Halloween tho :)

  • Paul Evans
    Paul Evans

    Who likes the way Arin say what when he question something

  • I Speak 4 the Dead
    I Speak 4 the Dead

    Why is dan such a bitch for his age

  • Stormie Bubbles
    Stormie Bubbles

    When Dan calls us Lovlies❤︎❣︎♥︎

  • tomahzo

    1:35:01 : Arin keeps referring to Randall Stephenson... does he just think that's a funny name or is he aware that this is the former CEO and current chairman of the board of AT&T? I mean, I would assume not but the guy's been on the news quite a bit so I have to wonder ;D.

    • Rabbi Gucci
      Rabbi Gucci

      Oh my fucking god.

  • Devon Powell
    Devon Powell

    I watched so much botw I thought they said calamity Gannon

  • Karl Marx jr
    Karl Marx jr

    Me: *me using this as a sleep aid" The backwards message: "time to give this man a heart attack"

  • Ma`at

    People call cops the stank? I can't breathe 😄😆😆😆

  • ChampagneDuo


  • ChampagneDuo

    11:50 😂😂

  • Reuel Lucas
    Reuel Lucas

    Guess it’s that time of year again to watch Halloween stuff starting with this lol

  • The Saltyserpent
    The Saltyserpent

    45:40 really? no one said, "Autobots, roll up" and it saddens me lmao

  • Ricardo Maximillious Colombous
    Ricardo Maximillious Colombous

    I loved when they’re doing the skull health bar they used Skeletors voice! xD after the shimmy skeletons they gave him a ledger joker voice! xD

  • Roxas XIII The Key of Destiny
    Roxas XIII The Key of Destiny

    I woke up to this

  • Surfs Up Terry Gordy
    Surfs Up Terry Gordy

    1:43:02 shout out to Matt or Ryan for adding the "you bastards" after Dan and Arin said "they killed kenny!'

    • Fosun Chuuk
      Fosun Chuuk

      Didn't catch it, my first time thru!

  • Noskcaj Gaming
    Noskcaj Gaming

    anyone else want the game grumps to do a voice over for a book?

    • Rabbi Gucci
      Rabbi Gucci


  • StarFishHugger

    37:55 Dan had to fight to get the name out! Kills me every time!

  • Crysla Schlehuber
    Crysla Schlehuber

    Why do these compilations auto play I block all these stupid accounts

  • alZiiHardstylez

    3:09:07 - Jumpscare warning guys

  • C M
    C M

    Woah, calamity canyon sounds waaayyy too much like calamity ganon, tripping me out

  • Verticom

    I wish the luigis mansion playthrough got better views

    • Verticom

      You just dont get toad with a mouthful of d*ck anywhere else

  • Willowick 93
    Willowick 93

    2:48, 5:14, 8:56, 11:31, 11:51, 20:54, 47:31

  • Gallant Hartz
    Gallant Hartz

    It's crazy watching they're comedy evolve

  • Austin

    it is so funny watching Dan and Arin get scared by a black deer lol.

  • Alabaster1223

    26:25 I’m taking a sanitation class right now, and I just learned today that cut cantaloupe is a tcs food, meaning it needs Time and Temperature Control for Saftey! I’m not sure about the particular type of bacteria, but e.coli is one of the “big six” foodborne illnesses, so it’s very possible that if prepared in unsafe conditions or left in said conditions, you could easily get sick from a cantaloupe!

  • Code

    “The best class in Dungeons and Dragons is Cleric!” -Danny Never have I agreed with Danny more

    • Zachary Buffington
      Zachary Buffington

      Everything is scary in D&D until it gets a Blade Barrier dropped on its face.

  • Tkong 17
    Tkong 17

    @10:34 that was very humorous 😃

  • shaunthesheep24


  • Justabignerd

    1:35:40 Arin sounds like Shigaraki from bnha when he says that line. I can't un-hear it now. Have a lovely day.

  • PleasurePlanetDeathtrap

    Cursed Mountain Ep 2 stands the test of time as my favorite Ghoul Grumps episode, in the immortal words of Dan himself, "It's Real as Fuck Yoooooo!"

  • kiwi

    What was the name of the second game? I vaguely remember my brother playing this!

    • rinchxa

      Castlevania Dracula X

  • menslady125

    Danny's vampire voice FTW!

  • Sp00py

    1:03:02 when Arin does Toad's voice damn

  • Mefutaku Zukumime
    Mefutaku Zukumime

    36:00 scooby doo and the cyber chase was an Underrated gem on PS1 as well as an Underrated Movie

  • Elvin Mateo
    Elvin Mateo


    • Elvin Mateo
      Elvin Mateo

      plz never stop speaking japanese like that Arin LOL or should I say R-O-R

  • FrostGiant

    Hey good upload.very long time.nice.

  • Oscar Pines
    Oscar Pines

    Jesus, listening to arin freak out in Alien 3 is anxiety inducing.

  • Just a duck
    Just a duck




  • Cecelia Kittyface
    Cecelia Kittyface

    3:04:23 Genuinely screamed XD

    • Randomly Talented
      Randomly Talented

      Honestly, I nearly jumped out of my skin. I feel wrong now. lol.

  • Chemical_Hex_Beware

    11:50 I cannot be the only one who has rewatched this like 20 times.

    • Terratrin JD
      Terratrin JD


  • Matthew Pool
    Matthew Pool

    That HorrorLand game makes me sad. The HorrorLand books are great and they don't deserve this.

    • xxDIEGOxx

      i only like the game for nostalgia purposes and the soundtrack

  • Dat Artist Tho
    Dat Artist Tho

    Younger me: I'm going to dress up and trick-or-treat! Older me: I'm going to watch *Ghoul Grumps* while eating a bowl of Reese's cups!

    • Astrodisastro

      my dream night

    • Sanity's Edge
      Sanity's Edge

      This was my last 7 Halloweens

    • FrostGiant

      True true

  • Greg Light
    Greg Light

    I'm 56 years old and I thought I was finally too mature to laugh at fart sounds . Starting at 1:03:49 ... Still in tears from laughing . Fuck maturity !!!

  • Cowboy Grub
    Cowboy Grub

    Myself hurts.

  • pascal müller
    pascal müller

    " FUCK WITH THE FISH" Arin 6:40

    • Rabbi Gucci
      Rabbi Gucci

      Codex pls

  • Dante151

    I love they did a dethklok reference back then

  • Kristopher Huff
    Kristopher Huff

    53:05 preach

  • Madi Jacobson
    Madi Jacobson

    Thank you for this compilation, kept me sane during a long flight! 👍

    • Gallant Hartz
      Gallant Hartz

      Did you pay thirty bucks fur internet access? How'd you watch this on a flight?

  • Kingofcorrect


  • Adam Block
    Adam Block

    "Alucard is Dracula" he's not

    • Rabbi Gucci
      Rabbi Gucci

      “Alucard is Dracula” it depends which Alucard 1. “No that’s my son!” 2. “I am my own son and I did a bad job raising me.”

    • Zane Narramore
      Zane Narramore

      @Jason Cunningham who wouldn’t a stake to the heart kill?

    • Jason Cunningham
      Jason Cunningham

      Alucard in the OG "Son of Dracula" film with LCJ WAS Dracula. They did the whole "Alucard is Dracula backwards" thing and everything. It's not a good movie though because it doesn't bother to explain at all how Lugosi Dracula was able to survive being staked in the heart.

    • seth Appleton
      seth Appleton

      Yeah , you play as Trevor in 3 as well. Kinda convinces me that Arin just has no idea what the plot of Castlevania is

    • Adam Block
      Adam Block

      @Julian Becker lol yeah. No worries. But yeah. He's his son actually. In most myths and the Castlevania series as well. :).

  • Harlowe

    "I hate. Your Face. It's Dumb. I'm Gay" is literally a summary of my mood towards life

    • Ally M Manning
      Ally M Manning

      @alZiiHardstylez no

    • Jean S
      Jean S

      @Dante151 x8 x9

    • Jean S
      Jean S

      @Dante151 xix8

    • Jean S
      Jean S

      @Dante151 x

    • Jean S
      Jean S

      @Dante151 x8

  • AvengerNut2018

    14:45 *darin and arnold are vsco girls*

  • huhn7910

    Happy Halloween 🎃👻💀

  • Chris Hernandez
    Chris Hernandez

    You played the "backwards message" reversed so I can hear it, thank you so much!

    • maggs131

      @Brody Palmer eat activia yogurt every day and you'll be launching long hot stinky fudge rockets again

    • Randy Oviasogie
      Randy Oviasogie

      "Barry says the things im saying here are too long. Do you think so? Like, comment and subscribe." I laughed so hard at that one lol

    • Brody Palmer
      Brody Palmer

      I wish I could go back to pooping regularly

    • Leila Soutar
      Leila Soutar

      Kelsey Clifton o

  • don't subscribe to me
    don't subscribe to me

    I really hope there's a ghoul grumps this year.

    • Jason Cunningham
      Jason Cunningham

      They only did Pacify

    • Leslie M
      Leslie M

      they just announced it on their second channel if you haven't seen!! :D

  • Witty McHitty
    Witty McHitty

    It's never too early for spooktober 🎃💀🍫🍬

    • ForeverMasterless

      I literally started checking things off my spooktober list september 19th, when I started reading From Hell.

  • Stripes 6
    Stripes 6

    Yes, thank you