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  • Junious Griggs
    Junious Griggs

    2:54 to 3:25 im dying, then you hit me with that go-gurt line.... I am broken

  • connor perry
    connor perry

    Maybe your dad's just a bean... Collector...

  • Daan Houben
    Daan Houben

    Am I the only one who recognizes the song B*itches by Joost (from the Netherlands) in the intro?

  • Mark

    "do it." at 3:03 sounded like he was about to get shot by an executioner goddamn

  • Onni Heikkilä
    Onni Heikkilä

    Boi that hairline strong as shit

  • Marc Shoemaker
    Marc Shoemaker

    " get on all fours and show em your trick"

  • Joshua Chaney
    Joshua Chaney

    That taxidermy joke got me rolling.

  • Riya Varghese
    Riya Varghese

    WAS AJ TERMINAL??? i fuckin ascended 😭😭😭

  • Gage Bellinger
    Gage Bellinger

    11:30 wtf, is that me?

  • Sheri Davis
    Sheri Davis

    my dad's brother was actually taxidermized by his mom, so that they could take pictures and pretend that he was still alive

  • Teclinsoro

    “was aj terminal?” is giving me major “that’s why yo mama dead” vibes

  • astrofish

    3:39 for future reference, thank god i found this video again.

  • Dave David
    Dave David

    3:03 why tf she got no neck 💀💀

  • Maxwell Cook
    Maxwell Cook

    Ayoooo editor love the fuckin super Mario galaxy music brought me back

  • Evan Stuart
    Evan Stuart

    I need a part 3

  • Katharine

    I love how this video is full of people with disabilities just getting us, its payback for all the bullying. hell yeah!

  • Milis

    Didn't they taxi dermi lennin

  • thedogonegotmesrymyspacebarisbroke

  • Sophie Terry
    Sophie Terry

    8:05 triggered a very deeply buried memory I cease to exist now

  • Mohamed Ch
    Mohamed Ch

    how is his chain looks made out of gold and then silver ? im confused

  • Marcel Riedel
    Marcel Riedel

    4:59 I still don't know what this dude said

  • DragonHalo3D

    The taxidermy section got me nice one

  • Moki

    2:53 I laughed so damn hard at this.

  • Deborah Akran
    Deborah Akran

    What did that baseball guy say? I’ve replayed it so many times and I still don’t understand

  • Josh Boger
    Josh Boger

    What the hell did that guy who was crawling on the ground say I could not understand him

  • Babyham

    I was drinking water when he said," XOXO could have taxadermied AJ and louie wouldn't have gotten on him."

  • Brittany Woods
    Brittany Woods

    why was your first thought be 600 cans of beans?

  • brand young
    brand young

    ...? what is that music in the beginning bc it sounds so familiar

  • Flfu

    I worked at a Texas Roadhouse, I can confirm that kinda shit happens like everyday.

  • lil southy
    lil southy

    Can not believe how you pronounce Madame Tussaud’s good video though

  • Sebastian

    the ridge racer type 4 ost bangin


    If youre an adult laughing at your parents for cuddling on the couch and your dad tells you to get a boyfriend and move out you should probably just shut the fuck up.


    12:58 A server will probably do that solely because something like this is absolutely Fucking Weird but... You know, an extra couple dollars to mildly humiliate someone's kids and I can add guac to my bowl without having to think about it, so, that's nice.

  • ¡Juno Maguire!
    ¡Juno Maguire!

    aye as a teacher i can CONFIRM the classroom is FULL of this shit. kids talkin bout other kids lookin “submissive and breedable” i can’t take this shit no more

    • ¡Juno Maguire!
      ¡Juno Maguire!

      and yes, i am fighting my demons.

  • Amanda J
    Amanda J

    “You don’t get to scroll on your fyp, I get to do it for you” me literally beating my face for work while listening- 🙃

  • Amanda Kalei
    Amanda Kalei


  • Dedi Dedi
    Dedi Dedi

    I feel like I have a better understanding of what the jokes that cody bleeps are like

  • Hyper The Kappa
    Hyper The Kappa

    I'm disappointed Noel, there's no way you were got by the wheelchair bike video. The joke was coming from a mile away dog.

  • Mrs.Sanchez Budgetz
    Mrs.Sanchez Budgetz

    Omg wait that old lady taking her teeth out went completely over my head yall 😭

  • Jking802

    Does Noel chew tobacco or no? It always looks like he has a dip under his bottom lip.

  • Deancom

    I swear to god, I went to school with the guy at 5:50 it’s mental seeing him in a Noel video 🤣

  • Bully Maguire
    Bully Maguire

    The guy with the wheelchair and a bike got me so bad!

  • Katrin Baumgarten
    Katrin Baumgarten

    If meemaw died, no she didn't

  • Mpencett

    Hear me out imagine a museum of taxidermied relatives in your house dating back hundreds of years what would you do

    • Ari ana
      Ari ana

      Fr, Ask a Mortician on UZmilk has talked about how families in the Southern Hemisphere have commonly kept embalmed bodies of loved ones posed in the home. If not in a box somewhere, at the kitchen or standing in the living room.

  • Caitlin Kuykendall
    Caitlin Kuykendall

    the super mario galaxy music threw me off ngl

  • Jiana Williams
    Jiana Williams

    6:27 The evilest thing I’ve ever seen a sibling do to the other one

  • Manon Gros
    Manon Gros

    When Noel acted like a crying divorcee I weirdly loved it :))))

  • Mr. Purple
    Mr. Purple

    The mommys at YMH shoul have the toks Noel be looking for.

  • Kurt Jackson
    Kurt Jackson

    12:36 sounds like an Ari Aster movie

  • J. Jonah Jameson
    J. Jonah Jameson

    12:05 favorite part of the video


    You can taxidermy people but the face is so complicated that it would be very arduous to keep its exact shape

  • Viviana Cabrera
    Viviana Cabrera

    Waiter said fat tip is needed

  • loddydobbs

    I’m loving the disability representation here


    was aj terminal

  • Victoria Martinez
    Victoria Martinez

    Jesus nativity scene 💀💀

  • Dr. Top Hat
    Dr. Top Hat

    These came out of a pocket alright

  • Nova Alexandre
    Nova Alexandre

    Only way I can handle this app is thru the filter of this smooth voiced man

  • Dan the Dude
    Dan the Dude

    Can someone explain the Candice one?

  • Mute

    Fun fact: a bunch of regular substitutes that worked in my school quit last year because the freshman were THAT bad

  • Samantha Myers
    Samantha Myers

    Why did that background music instantly bring me back to when I was a kid playing Super Mario Galaxy and low key make me tear up a little? That was kinda out of pocket tbh.

  • AwfulMusik

    The whole time he was talking about stuff that you could taxidermy, I was wishing he would stop.

  • AwfulMusik

    5:14 I must have replayed it a hundred times and I still can't understand what he's saying.

  • nasim brown
    nasim brown

    Lmfao Noel you just something different such a great content creator

  • Abbi

    noel have you ever heard of mummies bro

  • Dhami Family
    Dhami Family

    Someone tell me where I can get that shirt Noel is wearing

  • cosmogrammar

    What does the baseball player say at 5:15? I can't tell lol

  • Milo Hill
    Milo Hill

    1:45 I for real thought he was setting up for the sponsor

  • Shameless LEGEND
    Shameless LEGEND

    Maybe it's just me, but I feel like taxidermying your dog is kinda disrespectful right? Like you ain't respecting the process of life, and you are turning your dog into a show piece. Idk I just really hate it

  • bertschwood


  • Jt Kornichuk
    Jt Kornichuk

    12 minutes 30 seconds in...the taxidermy bit. I've always joked to people that I want to be taxidermied when I die. Me standing there in the living room with an open Hawaiian shirt holding a beer, with Kanye glasses on with a thumbs up. A friend of mine's family owns a taxidermy shop and she said that would be possible 🤣 that would be so sick, I'd be down.

  • Lucas Chadwick
    Lucas Chadwick


  • simgal

    "that is the smile of a divorced man" -noel miller

  • Luna Wave
    Luna Wave

    These kids are demons 🤣I can’t ducking imagine

  • Lil Boer
    Lil Boer

    Has that girl never been in a bathroom before tf 😂😂, its like its her first time

  • Taylor Jay
    Taylor Jay

    I’m late as shiiitttttt, but you should do the Reddit 50/50 pages. You probably won’t be able to show a whole lot but they are WILD.

  • Dan Marinelli
    Dan Marinelli

    bad just bad lol

  • W3BZ

    Eh in pocket

  • coldwelk

    i just cried sparkiling water out my eyes becuase of the disabled person riding the bike and falling over

  • Nismo Gaming
    Nismo Gaming

    7:57 man really added the Naruto Soundtrack in the back 😭😂

  • Mel Rose
    Mel Rose

    I wish I knew what Noels necklace says because all i see is “trout” help

  • Sasha Skyy
    Sasha Skyy

    Omg the bicycle!!! I can’t!!!! Hahahahhagahhahahahhahhaha I literally can’t stop laughing!!

  • Bonky Dong
    Bonky Dong

    *slowly takes out teeth*

  • Jannie

    He is corpse husband. I called it

  • vcastik

    I like number two clip guy on a weelchar.😂😂😂

  • Madeline

    soft core animal death: i watched a baby bunny swim in circlers until it drowned.. i saw it last air bubbles rip

  • Z T
    Z T

    10:20 did anyone else think that he thought she was implying her parents could have a secret murdering room with torturing devices and or people that they have kidnapped or killed and that he was about to say that she was just overreacting and it could just be a sex room but instead It turns out he actually thought she was implying her parents could have a sex room and he said that it could just be filled with beans? Do you get what I’m saying and if you do did anyone else think that or have I just been watching too many murder documentaries, crime shows, and horror movies

  • Meowmii Gooberry
    Meowmii Gooberry

    just follow girl storage on insta. theyy always ruin my day with the shit they find

  • Allen Resendez
    Allen Resendez

    I’m working on nights and this video popped up, and your comments are funny, I busted out laughing at the end when you said “then the dad points to the 8 year old and says now get on all fours and show him your trick😂


    queefin' on all fours , who hasnt been there ?

  • Daniel Gadzimski
    Daniel Gadzimski

    oooh is that super a super mario galaxy soundtrack!!

  • Joshua Henely Thornhill
    Joshua Henely Thornhill

    i'm rewatching this wayyyy too much

  • zein obeid
    zein obeid

    A taxidermied human is just an advanced set doll

  • Devil__Trigger

    As soon as you’re taller than whichever parent you wanna rock in the jaw.

  • Destinee Legarda
    Destinee Legarda

    The Taxidermy thing got me like what lmfaooo

  • Kate Brumfield
    Kate Brumfield

    i work at texas roadhouse and i was told a “little boy” wanted all the pretty girls to say hi to him... it was a 17 year old, corn fed, man child

  • Emma Walter
    Emma Walter

    I'm convinced we are the same person. I've been saying why not taxidermy humans for YEARS. I'm getting my horse stuffed when he dies.

  • Duck_yuckington🦆

    I’m white and taxidermying your dog is not normal. What’s normal is to bury is in the backyard

  • S. M
    S. M

    I got GOT with that taxidermy AJ shit. My god

  • lillian

    as a camp counselor to 7-10 year olds rn, they are little monsters. some girl looked at me and told me she was a simp, mere HOURS after telling me she had a crush on her brother when she was 5

  • anna

    no because i was FINE until “if memaw dies? no she didn’t. she’s in the basement. next to a harry styles cut out poster” WHAT THE FUCK 😭😭