Christian Eriksen sends a message to fans

  • Fonze Bronze
    Fonze Bronze

    I guess it’s time to announce retirement

  • Priscilla Camacho
    Priscilla Camacho

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  • Benjamin Christensen
    Benjamin Christensen


  • IamMR carter
    IamMR carter

    I hope they start teaching footballers or athletes CPR and how to address someone who needs medical attention

  • England 2021 and international football
    England 2021 and international football


  • sport tac
    sport tac


  • Wayne Ferrier
    Wayne Ferrier

    Thank God he's alright. Never know what's happening in your own body. That's the problem.

  • Siya Kwitshana
    Siya Kwitshana

    This is great to see!

  • Carl jones
    Carl jones

    Great to see he's on the mend, I suffered a cardiac arrest 4 years ago 40 minutes of CPR 6 difbralator shocks and 2 shots of adrenaline learn CPR it saves lives

  • christagi man
    christagi man

    Brilliant Christian you had the whole world worried for twenty minutes there.glad to see your ok 👌 👍 🙂

  • Cal97g

    Emergency CPR? Is that different to just bang average CPR?

  • Awang Safri Safri
    Awang Safri Safri

    God bless you 🇲🇾

  • Tyrone Williams
    Tyrone Williams

    Thank God he survived, such a brilliant footballer and nice person.

  • Künstlerin-DAB1995

    My very best wishes to Christian Eriksen for a full recovery. Best wishes to his family, friends, team mates, and his fans.

  • Margaret Neveu
    Margaret Neveu

    The tiny jeep concordantly rhyme because mary cephalometrically dare an a tight fiction. weary, bouncy c-clamp

  • Der Beisser
    Der Beisser

    Now he can get his third vaccination... 💉👍

  • Knights Templar
    Knights Templar

    Did you have the vaccine??? Its fact that it causes heart inflammatory and blood clots.

  • TheMetalMouse

    You love to see it. I was crying when I saw him fall like that. Hope he recovers fully.

  • kyed

    he took the devils vaccine, that's why he collapsed

  • Stuart Cambell-Frazer
    Stuart Cambell-Frazer

    I am so delighted to hear of Christians recovery. It's all down to the professionalism of the medics and their immediate response. Had it not been for their incredible speed in helping Christian, heaven forbid he wouldn't be with us today. All my love to Christian and his family, team mates and all his friends. Christian, although I don't know you, I have always been a great admirer of you. I was heartbroken to see you like that, and was in tears when I heard that you were going to make a full recovery. Tears of extreme joy that is. All the best to you. Keep fighting the good fight. Hope to see you on the pitch again someday soon.

  • GameBase

    Why do they call it “Euro 2020” when it is taking place in 2021

  • Dave Clark
    Dave Clark

    When you’re a football fan… you spend so much time watching games, following the sport and talking about it with your friends. So much time and attention goes into it. So these footballers become a part of your life, so, especially with Eriksen having played in England for so long, it was like watching somebody you know collapse. Was awful to watch.

    • Künstlerin-DAB1995

      I only learned about the news on social media, and I had not heard of him beforehand. However, I found it extremely upsetting. Just thanking God that he has recovered.

  • Ced Col
    Ced Col

    Uefa still made the players play the game. Football profits matter the most to uefa

  • gelle81

    so happy he is doing good (and the health of him, and everyone physical and mentally are the most important thing) but horrible by uefa so looked trough some rules Can games be called off or postponed at Euro 2020? Teams must fulfil their Euro fixtures as long as they have a minimum of 13 players available. If more than half of their 26-man squad are isolating, then there are two possible outcomes. A game may be postponed and rescheduled within 48 hours if it allows a team to reach the 13-man threshold. If a team is so widely affected by Covid-19 at Euro 2020 that there is no immediate prospect of playing then they will forfeit the match and their opponents will be awarded a 3-0 win. so covid cases can get 48 hrs postponed but a player that dies and are brought back to life. the team gets 2 horrible options to choose between by Uefa... either play the game now, or go home and come back tomorrow and play at noon ...where the players cant get any sleep due to state of mind after what they saw... so no wonder they choosed to play then. you could clearly see the result on the field was due to it. . Uefa really need to learn from this. and not go out after and say well the players choosed to play....doo

  • Mohammed Awais
    Mohammed Awais

    Good to see him well. God bless, rest up champ.

  • Rick White
    Rick White


  • Ahmad Hassan
    Ahmad Hassan

    Thank god he is ok

  • Akh MunRaa
    Akh MunRaa

    Who in the World of 9 idiots clicked that 'unlike' button. Makes me sad, Seriously Guys...

  • Prateek Checker
    Prateek Checker

    So happy for him and his family can only imagine ehat his team and girlfriend went through on the pitch.

  • Tilak R
    Tilak R

    Respect The Medics.

  • Mark Gibbins
    Mark Gibbins

    All the best Christian. Hope you have a full recovery.

  • Golden Boys
    Golden Boys

    Glad to see hes recovering ⚪🔴⚪🔴

  • bassman 2008
    bassman 2008

    🇪🇸 🇮🇹 🇲🇽 🇵🇹 🇳🇱 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🇦🇷 🇺🇾 🇳🇬 🇳🇫 🇵🇰 🇧🇩 🇦🇫 🇱🇾 🇹🇷 🇧🇦 🇿🇼 🇯🇲 🇸🇴 🇨🇮 🇬🇦 🇬🇾 🇨🇭 🇦🇱 🇫🇮 🇨🇾 🇩🇴 🇹🇭 🇵🇦 🇻🇳 🇼🇸 🍁 🇨🇦 🇵🇪 🇦🇺 🇵🇹 🇯🇵 🇬🇷 🇵🇱 🇲🇴

  • Tasty

    Best news I’ve heard today.

  • Crazy Saveet Gaming
    Crazy Saveet Gaming

    JAY JAGANATH JAY SHREE RAM bless u quick well

  • Brendon McKenna
    Brendon McKenna

    Eriksen is the player of the tournament 👏

  • Ryan Surgison
    Ryan Surgison

    That's exactly what happened to my nan 7 years ago fell forward on her face with a cardiac arrest. She's still alive so you don't need to send condolences reader. She has complications but is alright. Lucky it didn't happen to Eriksen when he was on his own like James Gandolfini or he might of died. Even though it was terrible to watch at least other people will know how to respond if they see that happen to someone else so some good can come from it.

    • Ryan Surgison
      Ryan Surgison

      @Shambhav Gautam cardiac. Her face is fine had a couple of bruises from it at the time but she fell on carpet floor so you know softened the fall. She takes about 6 or 7 different tablets a day but she's 72 so not young and energetic like Eriksen.

    • Shambhav Gautam
      Shambhav Gautam

      Are the complications cardiac-related or skull-related from the face down falling?

  • Vasilijs Rjabcuns
    Vasilijs Rjabcuns

    Get well soon 😊

  • Elvin Olin
    Elvin Olin


  • JayXJ

    Nice to see him in good spirits

  • Frankie Fontecchio
    Frankie Fontecchio

    That medical staff who ran on the field are the team of the tournament

  • Kong Sun Chan
    Kong Sun Chan

    Godspeed for health. Stay strong Chris

  • Mbah Wagiman Untouchable
    Mbah Wagiman Untouchable

    Grande eriksen🖤💙

  • Stine Modin
    Stine Modin

    Vi elsker dig Eriksen... og vi elsker hele teamet for deres fuldstændig vanvittige unikke måde at reagere på, og ikke mindst så hurtigt du fik hjælp... We love you Eriksen ... and we love the whole team for their completely insanely unique way of reacting, and not least how quickly you got help ... You guys are Winners No matter what anyway❤️⚽️❤️ I’ll never forget this day. to see our Boys (Denmark) showed that we are more than professional players on the national team. we saw some of the strongest unity and bravery ever. It was powerful... nothing Else mattered.... only YOU. ❤️⚽️❤️ The whole team was amazing, but Simon Kjær is my hero for his Way of react so fast from fare away on the field.🙏 SENDING YOU AND FAMILY MUCH LOVE. 💕⚽️

  • Republic of England
    Republic of England

    What morons have hit the 👎?

  • Syed Hasan
    Syed Hasan

    I'm a positive outlook person but even then I thought it was over seeing him lifeless the other day. Great to see him recovering. Just wanted to say, it is a great reminder that our life will be over any moment and whether you believe in afterlife or not, it's time to take acquiring knowledge seriously. Investigate in the concept of God in the major religions and find yourself the right path to salvation. It's the investment you won't regret and ask God to lead you to the correct path. I'm not telling you here which religion to follow to avoid a war of comments below, but you yourself pls start Investigating with open heart and mind.

  • Avinish McIntyre
    Avinish McIntyre

    Thank god he's okay he's in good hands 🙏🏿💯❤💪

  • Md Jaweedpashaf
    Md Jaweedpashaf

    Wish u a speedy recover our pray r with u

  • Khin David
    Khin David

    Thank god. His okay. Will this be his final appearance as a pro footballer?

  • Phil Mahlahla
    Phil Mahlahla

    Christian 💯💯💯

  • kun mwas
    kun mwas


  • Jithu Pateth
    Jithu Pateth

    ദൈവമേ നന്ദി 🙌🙌🙌 മലയാളി ഫുട്ബോൾ പ്രേമികളുടെ വക സന്തോഷം

  • ZIZO


  • samuel muhehe
    samuel muhehe

    Thanks , praise to the Almighty Who save life.Thanks also to the Doctors .May You be blessed for the good work you are doing for millions of people around the World.

  • True Blue
    True Blue

    This brought people together in mass unity all over the world, a falling player a human being struck down in front our every eyes this image had me crying my eyes out as his colleagues formed a curtain around him to maintain Christian's dignity and to protect his wife and family. This is what brings people together it's called "LOVE", not empty gestures. Get well soon Christian and god bless you, your family and your team mates for their actions and compassion true heroes.

  • Sucukluev GTO
    Sucukluev GTO

    Worth 65 seconds of my life

  • David Butler
    David Butler

    When he plays in Lillywhite he makes Ozil look shite

    • Scott Maher
      Scott Maher

      @Alex Gallagher Thanks

    • Alex Gallagher
      Alex Gallagher

      @Scott Maher Tottenham nickname

    • Scott Maher
      Scott Maher


  • 2TrillDCena30

    The whole world was a Denmark fan that day. Saludos de Mexico 🇲🇽

    • Benjamin Christensen
      Benjamin Christensen

      @Bill Billy I guess you would like it if people come and party when you mother dies? Not to be over dramatic, just give her a salute and a farewell and for all the men to come and say how tight/loose she was?

    • Benjamin Christensen
      Benjamin Christensen

      Thanks.. Keep cheering, Gracias..

    • the slash
      the slash

      Delgado Ambodre Yamha

    • Ben Smith
      Ben Smith

      @2TrillDCena30 he's right . You are over dramatic. I care

    • Ben Smith
      Ben Smith

      I wasn't

  • x D3G3N3R8 NATION x
    x D3G3N3R8 NATION x

    Get well soon, Christian

  • Robert Collins
    Robert Collins

    Great to see! Get well soon, Christian! 🤞❤️⚪

  • banana tree gamer
    banana tree gamer

    I'm glad hes ok in a sense will be long ride keep well eriksen

  • Neway Dereje
    Neway Dereje

    Thanks to God chris

  • Wilderness And Me
    Wilderness And Me

    I hope he can play again like Daley Blind after collapsing.

    • mata Hari
      mata Hari

      @MoseiTV Minecraft Stuff cardiomyopathy, heart muscle inflammation, it is reverseable, compared to cardiac arrest.

    • MoseiTV Minecraft Stuff
      MoseiTV Minecraft Stuff

      @mata Hari what happened to Blind?

    • mata Hari
      mata Hari

      There's differences between the two daley blind isn't cardiac arrest

  • Aidan Griffiths
    Aidan Griffiths

    Who dislikes this news ?

  • Amjed, moe amer
    Amjed, moe amer

    Wonderful news. Happy for him and his family and teammates, and football.

  • Ross Coupland
    Ross Coupland

    Do people think e will play again ???is he young enough to come back ?or should he retire?

    • Mie Gravgaard
      Mie Gravgaard

      It is possible he can still play, it’s up to the doctors to figure it out though.

    • mata Hari
      mata Hari

      It's already a miracle that he survived, the likes of tiote had died on the pitch because this kind of stuff. He have to retire.

  • Lucas Mathew
    Lucas Mathew

    It's amazing that we have the ability to bring people back to life. Sending best wishes

    • Nadya Karpova edits
      Nadya Karpova edits

      @Justin De Souza Ah, ok. Then there just was a miss understanding by my side. 👍🤓

    • Justin De Souza
      Justin De Souza

      @Lucas Mathew what I meant was we can do it for a short period of time. that's why I said 'not exactly'

    • Justin De Souza
      Justin De Souza

      @Nadya Karpova edits what I meant was we can do it for a short period of time. that's why I said 'not exactly'

    • Justin De Souza
      Justin De Souza

      @sum ting wong what I meant was we can do it for a short period of time. that's why I said 'not exactly'

    • Nadya Karpova edits
      Nadya Karpova edits

      @Justin De Souza you now when you suffer a cardiac arrest and become unresponsive, you are basically dead until they can get your heart going again.

  • Shaunagh Roberts
    Shaunagh Roberts

    Bless Him 😄 So happy for him & his family 💕

  • Charlotte Raven
    Charlotte Raven

    The romantic key explicitly clear because yard neuropathologically thaw about a fancy snake. old-fashioned, incompetent stocking

  • Yuvraj Gill
    Yuvraj Gill

    Thank god that Christian is ok speedy recovery to him

  • Raidr_05

    Wish you a quick recovery Christian, godspeed 🙏

  • johnny frandsen
    johnny frandsen

    4 dislikes?!?!?! WTF??????????

  • ih8mcfly

    Will be make it back for next match?

  • aspebb

    Thank the medical staff he's okay

    • Rexter

      @Rehan j is silent Kuh hair is how to pronounce

    • Rehan

      @Ellis Deakin how to pronounce his name? Share?

    • Ellis Deakin
      Ellis Deakin

      No thank kjear the doctors even said if it wasn’t from him he wouldn’t have lived

  • China Man
    China Man

    if he had died, Inter would've been fncking pissed.

  • William Ghimire
    William Ghimire

    Tnx for all medical teams .. Good to hear good news.

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne

    Christian Eriksen is a Real Hero❤❤

    • Stine Modin
      Stine Modin

      And Simon Kjær. His fast reaction i’ll never forget. 💕⚽️💕

  • Rahid Alam
    Rahid Alam

    ‘Its enough to make a grown man cry’

    • Rehan

      @Jack Savory yes

    • Jack Savory
      Jack Savory

      And that’s okay

  • SampTube


  • Lloyd George
    Lloyd George

    So so happy to see him again 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Meche Atisele
    Meche Atisele

    Eriksen just retire from football it's the best option

  • Steve Northall
    Steve Northall

    Hope he recovers quickly , best wishes

  • Biju Sengupta
    Biju Sengupta

    big relief Thank God

  • Chisha Zela
    Chisha Zela

    It's the vaccine

    • Graham Taylor
      Graham Taylor

      @Dez To push his dumb anti vax agenda..

    • Dez

      Seriously, like what was the point in that comment?

    • fensterfred

      You should be ashamed of yourself. No, it has nothing to do with the vaccine(s) -- according to Eriksen's club and the Danish FA Eriksen has yet to be vaccinated.

  • Communist Bandito
    Communist Bandito

    Im shocked, I though he was brown bread.

  • Samuel Mason
    Samuel Mason

    Thank the Lord

  • Brazilian Sigma
    Brazilian Sigma

    Arrest pessi 😡😡😡

  • Arnold Rono
    Arnold Rono

    COMPLETELY UNRELATED, but what's her name or IG? 🙂🍉😂😂 I'm serious yeah. 💯💯

    • Dez

      Haha, her name's Bela Shah - @missbelashah 😉

    • Rehan


  • fensterfred

    So far the tests haven't showed anything but normal cardiovascular activity. The former chief medical officer of the Danish national team and current chief medical officer of Parken, Mogens Kreutzfeldt, said he doubts they'll ever find the reason he collapsed and had cardiac arrest but that there's a good chance Eriksen won't be affected by it going forth. Keep in mind, though, he isn't part of the medical team at Rigshospitalet who are in charge of Eriksen's examinations.

  • PES Play & Beats
    PES Play & Beats

    This image was days ago wasn't it?

  • Palkia King
    Palkia King

    Glad to hear he is doing fine, I was she’ll shocked like everyone was when I watched that game live. I expected the game to be postponed but they came back and restarted the game. They may have lost the game but despite of the shock and heavy hearts those Danish players was in, the result wasn’t that bad.

  • True Blue
    True Blue

    Yay, Christian Erikson life matters God bless.🙂👍🙏

    • Matthew Segaya
      Matthew Segaya

      What about the medical team that treated him on the pitch?

  • dazt66

    She said he was giving emergency CPR, was she being pedantic? As the last time I checked gaming anyone CPR is an emergency

  • Duncan Self
    Duncan Self

    He'll never play competitive football again, poor bloke, but I'm sure he's just grateful to be alive right now

    • Duncan Self
      Duncan Self

      Oh right, well I hope he can still play, he's a great player

    • fensterfred

      Far form certain. So far the tests haven't showed anything but normal cardiovascular activity. The former chief medical officer of the Danish national team and current chief medical officer of Parken, Mogens Kreutzfeldt, said he doubts they'll ever find the reason he collapsed and had cardiac arrest but that there's a good chance Eriksen won't be affected by it going forth. Keep in mind, though, he isn't part of the medical team at Rigshospitalet who are in charge of Eriksen's examinations.

    • Jei Marbañiang
      Jei Marbañiang

      That's the positive we have to take from this. However there is a slim chance that he can still play again. If the cardiac arrest was due to covid related inflammation of the heart then it's temporary

  • Dioco Maglinte
    Dioco Maglinte

    Always remember him in SPURS. Fast recovery for you Christian

    • proto

      @Debarshi Pandit if it is safe for him, yes.. I would love to see him return.

    • Debarshi Pandit
      Debarshi Pandit

      Do you want Eriksen to come back to N17??? complete the 'unfinished business'

  • Sandor Bako
    Sandor Bako

    The guy is 29, looks 40. Who knows what kind of drugs they given to him in the last decade. Of course they gonna say he born with a heart disorder, they always say that. Well I am happy that he survived, hope he can live an easy life.

  • Gaz

    Legend, even thinking about his nation and teammates as he’s in a hospital bed. Hope he can make a full recovery or to near how he was 👍

  • Daniel Tarau
    Daniel Tarau

    Get well maestro

  • The Doctor
    The Doctor

    Wonder if he will play again

  • Pystol pete 77
    Pystol pete 77

    In Christ We Live.