We Fed Five Cities in 30 Days!
For your chance to win two seats on one of the FIRST Virgin Galactic flights to space and support a great cause, enter at omaze.com/MrBeast .

Just wanted to update you guys on what the charity has been up to :) Thanks for watching, this literally isn't possible without you all!!

p.s. if you would like to sponsor our channel and help feed more people, email sponsorships@beastphilanthropy.org

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    my favourite part of every video is when the video randomly ends and it screams in my headphones: MRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR BEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSST PHILANTRAFFYFYWYWUQOSKWKKWKXKDK

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    Mr Beast you had a wonderful heart, I wish I can go big like do given old pp and kids in Christmas food and what they need, so far I been helping every Christmas in my country to a few amount of families, Hope one day a can cover more ppl God bless you and your team

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    Great initiative and with 53 Million going hungry including 17 Million Children a much needed Program

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    Hi mr.beast! My son who is 8 yrs old had been a long time one of your avid fan..he loves watchiing your video..especially if you share stuffs..he wishes that one day he can also received something..i hope you can grant his request..his birthday is on the 27th of december...we lived in the philippines and maybe someday we can meet you in person..Thanks mr beast for making my son so amazed with your video coz he also loves sharing..

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