Flywheel Battery
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  • Steve

    very cool video

  • Tyrone Mathew
    Tyrone Mathew

    Get a little motor, get the flywheel to power the motor and the motor to power the flywheel so that it doesn't stop spinning

  • C YY
    C YY

    It's just a dynamo/generator with a floating armature. Putting a load on the output, will stop the flywheel rotations pretty quick.

  • King Envention
    King Envention

    very good

  • Eugene Minton
    Eugene Minton

    i had an idea years ago, that i do not have the tech savvy skills to manufacture or the money for the materials. but what my idea was, was to use an "uber" magnet assembly to spin a generator. what is an uber magnet? well the one i saw that the idea formed around was a magnet used to slow a world land speed record vehicle.... it costed by what they said, 25,000 dollars for one about the size of a deck of cards. but they also said in the show i saw it in, that uber magnets are the strongest magnets on the planet... the reason it worked for slowing the vehicle is that normal brakes for a vehicle traveling 600 mph would burn out in the span they'd need to be applied to stop the vehicle... salt beds are only so big..>LOL anyhow the idea i had i called the "independence generator" and the assembly basically kept that point between attraction and repulsion moving to keep the drive shaft in a constant rotating motion. then attach the shaft to a generator.... i talked to one engineer about funding and he thought i was trying to con him. after that i got disheartened... but i do feel the plans i drew up and the idea itself is sound... thou the magnets are very expensive, since i have limited knowledge about life expectancy, power distribution, and such i could never really scale the idea to a version to make a prototype. but after watching information about the flywheel battery and the tesla turbine.... somehow it would be interesting to combine them? eh i have to many ideas... peace.

  • Chris Stanford
    Chris Stanford


  • J Be
    J Be


  • MMG

    The fact you need to charge the capacitor in full to run 1 ampere rated motor... The project only produce 100-500 mAh. Use Tesla concept to maxOut this project potential.

  • Justwantahover

    And this one isn't fake like all the "self powered" ones ARE!

  • Gediminas

    Ball bearings are 99% when freshly lubricated?

  • Tim Fellabaum
    Tim Fellabaum

    I'd like to see this re-done to scale it to power an electric motor that continues to keep it spinning indefinitely. I feel this is the closet I've seen to an actual self perpetual motor setup do to the low friction on the flywheel. Just a thought.

  • Ontogeny

    If not for the inductive resistance imposed by eddy current upon a given load, this concept would make for a viable form of energy storage.

  • Thomas Gun
    Thomas Gun

    I’m new to this channel. I need a long break from world events. I met Joe Newman many years ago. I seen his generator that ran on the magnetic field of the planet ? I’m not sure I just happen to see your video and his name popped into my head. People called him crazy a fake a snake oil salesman. I was a young man and close to being sent to Saudi Arabia in a campaign to push saddam out of Kuwait. But I was watching scientists from big oil & gas leave his barn . They were mumbling we can’t debunk this and no one could. I wonder if he still alive? Anyway big oil & gas are running out of time. They should be checking all means of power clean hopefully. My wife here watching me write this. She from the Philippines she said there was a guy who invented a water fueled engine. She said he was killed for the motor. I read he sold the idea . It’s either destroyed or sitting on a shelf somewhere with thousands of other ideas people dreamed up. This is the first video I seen of yours . Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the rest of us.

  • NetizenZ

    Maybe you can build some kind of wind turbine linked to this ?

  • Hey I'm a Maker
    Hey I'm a Maker

    Interesting, so you could power the flywheel by wind using a clutch to keep the flywheel spinning when the wind stops.

  • Tim Robb
    Tim Robb

    Dude! This was _awesome!_ Building a mini maglev electric generator by hand has always been some dream sci-fi project of mine, but I'm more of a software guy than physical electronics, sadly. Thanks for making a dream project come to life in only a 15min video! LOVED IT! Insta-sub. Not sure how I hadn't found you before!

  • MayorMikes TnT
    MayorMikes TnT

    So why didn't you modify your flywheel to the motor, so when you spin it, the current provided would power the motor and maintain the speed of the flywheel? :)

  • giorgio alessandrini
    giorgio alessandrini

    what happen if you connect the propeller at the axis's wheel and put into wind?

  • sub k
    sub k

    keep it up with this good project....i hope u got succes on this..

  • King Florida Man
    King Florida Man


  • Santosh Parikh
    Santosh Parikh

    great effort ..., but as you increase the load on the electric generator the friction force become dominate and the spinning duration falls down

  • tapioco71

    This video shows your lack of knowledge of electrical machines theory. :)

  • Riley Courtier
    Riley Courtier

    Couldn't this be used to charge a capacitor that would pulse the magnets for more spin?

  • Roger S
    Roger S

    You're losing something like 0.6v through the diodes / rectifier due to the forward conduction drop. So at the lower voltage of the original version, you're efficiency is really low.

  • Jose Martinez
    Jose Martinez

    Dude, even with that axis not very well balanced, your toy worked perfectly. The idea of magnetic "bearings" is great for generators. Maybe in the future they will be used more often. The detail level you print to your videos is amazing. Keep them coming. Thanks!

  • David Joji
    David Joji

    What if put the flywheel on a fixed exercise bicycle will it create mor power?

  • dorkly morkly
    dorkly morkly

    My mom uses one of those drills in her bedroom, it's more compact tho. Anyway, this is a dynamo then with a flywheel?

  • Sat Singh
    Sat Singh

    Bru, where in the name of all that's rectified, is the flywheel drive shaft rectifier?!

  • Morgenstund

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I want this young man on my team when the zombies attack!

  • Michigan Marv
    Michigan Marv

    Can we get a parts list? Would love to build this with my son as an introduction into electrical engineering

  • Josue Rodriguez
    Josue Rodriguez

    The many armchair microregionally rock because pen geographically receive aboard a obnoxious pisces. nice, rebel gymnast

  • on the move with Fiifi
    on the move with Fiifi


  • SurferNorm

    You are wrong! a flywheel is not a battery. Batteries make electricity from chemical reactions. Flywheels store kinetic energy from what ever motion source but are not usefull for moving uses as they add to much weight. The same goes for his flywheel bike its the wrong application for the device.

  • Snoopy

    Why don't you use a thicker diameter axle to reduce the wobble? Wont that work?

  • Boris Hasarrived
    Boris Hasarrived

    So you can make free electricity?

  • Benjamin S.
    Benjamin S.

    Lovely project! ❤️

  • Bob Rohner
    Bob Rohner

    Why do you keep talking about Voltage which as so many like to rave about, is meaningless. You should be talking about power - Watts. Each LED you add on your generator circuit will increase the electrical energy draw and the potential energy you spun into the flywheel will dissipate faster.

  • Saroj Kumar Sahu
    Saroj Kumar Sahu


  • Emil Parker
    Emil Parker

    ..and then install between 2 axles on an electric vehicle....when braking...activate and let it recharge the battery while the vehicle is stopped! I've thinking about this for years!! Thank you soooo much

  • Kyle

    Try it with a much much shorter axle

  • mohawksniper79

    It was cool untill you need to spin it by hand don't see the purpose of it did on its own it would be impressive.

  • Martin Kreuz
    Martin Kreuz

    You could build a hand or foot pedal like on sewing machines with a free running mechanism on the flywheel shaft. That would be fun on the table. Love the project

  • Pichiticivita 423
    Pichiticivita 423

    Tesla turban

  • kahani sangrah
    kahani sangrah

    try to to make it with less friction

  • matthew givens
    matthew givens

    Take a bong hit every time he says the word aluminium

  • Евгений Караванский
    Евгений Караванский

    За магнитными двигателями будущее... .Я тоже над этим работаю))))

  • dragonman101

    this is essentially manual pulse width modulation lol

  • Ahura Mazda
    Ahura Mazda

    Intanto collega un Condensatore o una batteria in Uscita, per stabilizzare la frequenza.

  • CycloneFPV

    Tom, we just opened our 9-acre drone manufacturing, testing, and training center in Texas. Any chance we can fly you down for an awesome show for the students in junior high and high school?

  • Alfian Fahmi
    Alfian Fahmi

    I wonder what would happen if you add Beyblade spinner to jumpstart the spinning 🤔🤔🤔

  • Mystic Point Water Sports
    Mystic Point Water Sports

    you are wasting so much energy not having the pins fixed in convex ends

  • R Y
    R Y

    Why not attach magnates around flywheel? And bottom, that's give better push to flywheel, same idea to begin with.

  • amalawawaw 2
    amalawawaw 2

    Curious how much faster it would go if you use some gears to spin the shaft

  • FatiTank Eris
    FatiTank Eris

    An interesting wind turbine idea.

  • Jackie Gibson
    Jackie Gibson

    Hook the motor to the shaft boom infinite power

  • Jyle Gabel
    Jyle Gabel

    Very curious as to the amperage you were getting. 10V but ?A

  • Quy Phạm
    Quy Phạm

    Browser wars 1993 - 2021

  • MrGerdbrecht

    The nicest video in a long time. thx.

  • Tobias W
    Tobias W

    Hey, that's such a great idea! How many watts does this generate? Could you convert the output to stable 5V and dynamic current and then charge your phone with it? I would totally buy such a thing!

  • Grant McMeekin
    Grant McMeekin

    This is what I want to do with my life.

  • JT Chandler
    JT Chandler

    shorten the axle to lessen the runout

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    COVID 19 සමග ජිවත්වෙමු


  • kenny mcquinkiss
    kenny mcquinkiss

    So instead of having that Pivot Point at the end where it has slight friction why not mount a magnet on the end of the shaft and then another magnet on the end of the pivot joint so they oppose each other and the magnetic force keeps that you points from having any friction sideways. Hopefully I've asked that fairly clear

    • John Phillips
      John Phillips

      Because with nothing to hold it in place the magnet would push it off center.

  • Christian Eriksson
    Christian Eriksson

    The eddy currents and the friction at the tip of the shaft together with the bending and flexing of the axle probably provides twice the friction torque than roller bearings would.

  • Zendukai

    Bit of room there to add more coils and magnets there.

    • Zendukai

      Could you have added another set of coils on each end?

  • Amit Bhanushali
    Amit Bhanushali

    Can this be made for a bicycle connected to chain and work as a charger for lithium battery pack. Connected to brush motor. Would love to see that project if possible However there could be limitatiions to my thoughts But really think that if its possible then will make a revolution to ebike industry

  • BluFox_A

    and you didn't bother use a hand drill to spin it up. that would've been amazing to see how much power it could make, and for how long at those speeds

  • Exile Man
    Exile Man

    what if you make the flywheel bar thicker and hollow out the end of it with an end cap that has a larger chamber lined with magnets on the tail end wall with a small opening and then run a steel wire into the chamber anchored to a magnet of opposing side facing the end cap so that instead of a tip pressing and making contact on the front, you have a magnetic anchor pulling on the opposing side of the bar wants to move and eliminate all friction and function like a magnetic spring. You should be able to reach insane velocity with less contact. Let me know how it works out?

  • Exile Man
    Exile Man

    What happens if you twist the wire when you wrap the coil wire?

  • WeWereYoungandCrazy

    05:30 "we also need something to turn the alternating current into direct if we want to power something like a lightbulb or electric motor." Nick Tesla would argue this point.

    • Zendukai

      I was hoping he was going to spin it fast enough and put a motor to turn the flywheel, just need to work out what revs or geared turns it needs to keep itself going

  • Steve_I

    These aluminium bars really look like FischerTechnik, which I loved as a kid!


    Great video! Thanks for making it available!

  • galleon30000


  • Harold McBroom
    Harold McBroom

    How feasible would it be to send the output of what you have through a small transformer and from there into some capacitors to create a stored buffer? And instead of relying on magnetism to create a declining spin, use the power of water which would be more constant, and as well provide more spin. The theory is that water falls from a height creating velocity which hits a paddle, causing a spinning motion, the water is moved back upstream.

  • Carlos Araya
    Carlos Araya

    would powering a mini air compressor, and putting flaps on your wheel you could up your voltage enough to run the blower and a light source . You could also hook up more than 1 flywheel in series to amply your power .

  • William DeJeffrio
    William DeJeffrio

    Until this point, I never really understood how an alternator works. Excellent video!

  • Jim Charlton
    Jim Charlton

    Cool! Leds are current driven. White leds like between 3.6 and 4 volts. 20 -25 ma max. So 20 leds at 0.02 A=.0.4A-or 400 ma! I would wire a 7805 voltage regulator as a current regulator. Easy to do- just connect it differently. Have you tried a Supercapacitor? Say two 1farad caps wired -in series? That would result in a 500,000 farad capacitor actually rated for 5v. Also, silicon diodes have a 0.6 volt drop across the junction. Germanium diodes have 0.3 volt drop. But-Super hard- to find any with a high current rating. Mine only handle about 10 ma.(the old crystal radio diode- In34 in America) I have paralelled a bunch in solar projects. Efficency!

  • simsarabin

    13:10 Next step : fly the whole thing with propeller !

  • wookie0dud

    Interesting thing would be to settle it on wind power plant to make it spin longer :P

  • budget pond keeping
    budget pond keeping

    Awesome mate really enjoyed that thanks 👍

  • Craft Museum
    Craft Museum

    Bro add some gears for more volt

  • zenek duda
    zenek duda

    to ile strat energii jest na tym gownie

  • Andrew Calvert
    Andrew Calvert

    Magnets are a wonderful thing, we know what magnets do but just don’t know how or why they do what they do Keep doing real practical demonstrations, now that’s science

  • Petrezen1982

    Usless as it can be. Waste of materials.

  • kb be
    kb be

    connect wind vane to the edge of the motor and the output to charge battery and from that to dc to ac inverter

  • Ryan Lillie
    Ryan Lillie

    Do you member when yt was full of videos of people showing off this stuff as perpetual motion machines? I member..

  • 781 NoMeNaP
    781 NoMeNaP

    Put a well balanced permanent magnet 🧲 where you have the needle, and repell it with another magnet on the other side, and then put the device in a vacuum and I think it would last much longer.

  • Bill

    Oi, you need to get into air bearings mate.

  • Mr America
    Mr America

    Can you add gears 10,000/1

  • Fernando Illescas
    Fernando Illescas

    I think you are ready to dive in 'magnetic free energy motors', there is a lot of information on internet, much of which is trash, but you can do it

  • Shaik Kareem
    Shaik Kareem

    Can you please experiment on a flywheel connected to a spiral spring that eliminates the jerk completely and transmit the moving enegry created by inertia? It would be awesome. I can't try because I just have this idea but nothing.

  • Ganheso Laso
    Ganheso Laso

    what would happen if you put the flywheel on a motor, hooked the motor up to the output of the flywheel, then spun it up?

  • The drew
    The drew

    I learned something new! Thanks!

  • Andrew Nye
    Andrew Nye

    Dremmel time! Get that thing spinning FASTER !

  • Janko Šukljan
    Janko Šukljan

    you should build one upwards with coils on the flywheel and a little servo motor keeping it up to RPM with a automatic gearbox

  • Johnny B
    Johnny B

    Use a carbon fiber, plexi glass rod as a shaft - seems obvious

  • Kamrul Islam
    Kamrul Islam


  • Davit.G Dukart.M
    Davit.G Dukart.M

    You should add a transmition to kick the big wheel or a strap.

  • Boeing Betty 24 Jetton lousie
    Boeing Betty 24 Jetton lousie

    That battery looked like a spinning propeller or should I say "SPINNING PROPERTY"

  • Boeing Betty 24 Jetton lousie
    Boeing Betty 24 Jetton lousie

    That was good. Cause we made A DC motor (DC meaning "Direct current" or "District of Columbia" if you account Washington DC )