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SIBLINGS vs ONLY CHILD ... Little siblings are the easiest to bribe into doing all your chores!

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Siblings are told to take out the trash by their mom, then the only child is asked by her mom to take out the trash.

  • YouTube

    The accuracy🤣

    • Zachu Ray Cabahug
      Zachu Ray Cabahug

      Lessssgooo I found youtube's comment, for the past many years I finally found it

    • Tricky Slayer
      Tricky Slayer

      Wow a comment from UZmilk. But for real the only child one is accurate af

    • LoopsTroopsThe2


    • Elisha

      Omg yt

    • TheJetMan750


  • SSDSharpshooters

    I’m an only child and I can confirm this is true. Also I don’t get it but my mom buys me the new iPhone every year but I don’t even ask then buys me gaming console when I never asked but in turn I help her out with everything else

  • David Smith
    David Smith

    My mum always says the same to the oldest (me)

  • JDog

    This is an only child three-year-old

  • John Phillips
    John Phillips

    I'm to lucky

    • John Phillips
      John Phillips

      I have siblings but also I'm the only kid my parents had

  • Alan S
    Alan S

    As an only child I can relate to that

  • •Itz_Gacha_Marie•

    Boi u exposed meh

  • wrld

    Since I'm an only child I say this is half true half false

  • Poppyjean Abbott
    Poppyjean Abbott

    I say I cant do it so I can watch your vids


    Brianna u and preston really should start playing genshin

  • Miami dolphins
    Miami dolphins

    Me an only child: in a world of pure imagination

  • olivia pehrsson
    olivia pehrsson

    It's not that ez to be the only shild

  • Celestine Loveria
    Celestine Loveria

    Me: *the only child* My half brother: I AM RIGHT HERE

  • memes-tastic

    I mean it's lucky I am an only child

  • Mother Fucger
    Mother Fucger

    I wish the only child was true but my mother is too strict

  • Priyanshu Mehrotra
    Priyanshu Mehrotra

    That does not happen when ur a single child 🙂 when u have siblings the scolding gets distributed 😭👍

  • ADN 30
    ADN 30

    Lmao, I am a only child

  • LE TAE
    LE TAE

    I am the middle and I can mostly relate to this

  • pastel paintbrush
    pastel paintbrush

    I guess I'm the unlucky only child then 😕

  • Sharon McCarthy
    Sharon McCarthy

    That's all not true

  • 恵みケイデンス

    Ok but like- 😩 I'm not an only child but they treat me as one-

  • Haste

    im glad to be the oldest

  • Dragon

    But for the older one the fact that you took a towel as well lmaoo

  • Purple jem
    Purple jem


  • Zink

    Wait... she got UZmilk commenting under her video 😭

  • •Zee_Glitches•

    I mean if your an only child as a 5-10 year old the only child one would be relatable I think-

  • Lahym_11

    The only child is a lie i’m an only child and my mom makes me do anything like shes sitting beside the fridge playing mobile legends and i was in my room she will call me and ask me to get water

  • Damontay Austin
    Damontay Austin

    I have 3 siblings and I'm the oldest and that's facts

  • AC Gaerlan
    AC Gaerlan

    The Only child is always the favorite

  • Tameem Zemanay
    Tameem Zemanay

    I'm telling u it is not always like that as a only child

  • --°· Tsuyu Asui ·°--
    --°· Tsuyu Asui ·°--

    My mom yells at me as an only child because I dont do anything :p

  • Kushi Bhimaya
    Kushi Bhimaya

    Me before seeing this video: takes trash out without complaining cause I don't want mom to take my phone away Me after seeing this : wishing I was the only child instead of having an older sibling and two younger ones

  • James Penosky
    James Penosky

    It’s youngest child

  • kirklangold062398

    Brianna i have a video for u can u prank. Preston 24 hours and unspeakable thx um sub

    • kirklangold062398

      I sub

  • Deluxo

    As the only child, this is not correct? Idk maybe its just because I'm Hispanic

  • Maral Katouzian
    Maral Katouzian

    I SAID I INSIST… and thats why kids u never make bri mad! 😃

  • Elliot Afton
    Elliot Afton

    As a only Child maybe it’s just me but that’s not true

  • PepperPants

    Bruh it's funny and all but why your floors in yo kitchen look like the Mojave Desert

  • Kath Krim
    Kath Krim

    Thw only child is me and my mom so accurateee

  • Elisarys Pomales
    Elisarys Pomales



    I don’t think this happens in a Mexican household🤣

  • O2672

    So I see you have learned from experience?

  • Redneck Crusader
    Redneck Crusader

    I was an only child and it wasn’t like that

  • Dragon TGG
    Dragon TGG


  • Rey Anthony Villaver
    Rey Anthony Villaver

    My oldest brother (21 years old) will actually do anything my parents tell him to do and my middle brother (18 years old) is VERY stubborn and me (9 years old) being the youngest my mom doesn't want me to take out the trash she makes me do things i can do

  • Hunter Kowalewski
    Hunter Kowalewski

    I am an only child it does not work like that

  • Bluegamer blue
    Bluegamer blue

    im the older sibling its pretty trash

  • LoserSuki

    Oml yes i will always pay my little sis to do the chore 😂

  • goat piece
    goat piece

    Fax but littlest do I free

  • Hugs AND Kisses
    Hugs AND Kisses

    Me: *looking at da floor*

  • Lucas Lageyre
    Lucas Lageyre

    This sort of stuff happens with me when my older brother “begs” me to do the dishes when he’s ask to so he can go play video games on 4 screens. It’s so annoying

  • _indica .Brown_
    _indica .Brown_

    The middle child is so correct

  • Rye Rye
    Rye Rye

    Bruh... I'm an only child and my mom is nothing like that 😢 she ask me to do things all the time

  • JCL’s World of Mischief and Mayhem
    JCL’s World of Mischief and Mayhem

    I’m the only child and I am so spoiled in the way that my mom give me so much

  • Noam Daniel
    Noam Daniel

    Not right sowy (im single child bruh)

  • AdrianYT Games
    AdrianYT Games

    I am very luck :)

  • Tyanna Edwards
    Tyanna Edwards

    I am a only child in the house cs all my other siblings are grown up and it is nothing like this

  • 김리은

    I have 3 siblings and none of us are asked to take the trash out.

  • Kim Jarvis a.k.a the caller
    Kim Jarvis a.k.a the caller

    Me as a middle sibling: "Yes, I literally do that... How'd you know?" 👀

  • Reid Roby
    Reid Roby

    Even though I am a sibling. I live with my parents and not others siblings. And I can say this is accurate.

  • Alanis Van Guilder
    Alanis Van Guilder

    I'm an only child XDD

  • mcwatcher8

    Me the youngest but is told to do everything: the hell this ain't true

  • Stella le frieee
    Stella le frieee

    That s me!

  • that_goth._.cosplayer

    So true with the only child

  • What’s the meaning
    What’s the meaning

    I’m the only child and I do almost everything only when I sleep I don’t do things or sick

  • ꧁xiao_ chan꧂
    ꧁xiao_ chan꧂

    Okay as the only child I would say this is true in a way

  • Joseph Correa
    Joseph Correa

    You don't have kids

  • Alisia Garica
    Alisia Garica

    Only child is a lie bc I am one and I do all the work and my mom just tells at me and hits me for leaving lil peices on the carpet

  • PandaSparklesSlime


  • PandaSparklesSlime


  • Evy Koepke
    Evy Koepke

    Only children I want to be them but also I dont

  • Loony er
    Loony er

    I'm the only child and my mom says good bitch go do it cuz I WAS just about to ask you too

  • Kawaii~Yandere wolf girl
    Kawaii~Yandere wolf girl

    Good thing im the only child i feel blessed 😌😌😌😌😌

  • Tianna Marlin
    Tianna Marlin

    No… I go to do something without asking and my mom yells as me because I should be helping in a different way. Or if I do the dishes she critics if I did it right.

  • Alberto Cruz
    Alberto Cruz

    Oh trust me it is not like that I'm an only child and I know how it feels like to be an only child and it sucks your mom does not treat you like that your mama's sweet treats you like your servant

  • Davida Graskamp
    Davida Graskamp

    Never been treated like that I'm the youngest of the family

  • JJ Orvik
    JJ Orvik

    As an only child- the last one ain't so true-

  • chigozirimu obi godwin
    chigozirimu obi godwin


  • Muhammad Junaid
    Muhammad Junaid

    I am the youngest child but I do most of the work in my house kinda

  • Aiden Dimasaca
    Aiden Dimasaca

    I’m the middle child I don’t act like that

  • Lily Church
    Lily Church

    I’m a only child and the only child thing isn’t that accurate but still really good

  • Fathima Shaik
    Fathima Shaik

    It don't work like that in SA mybe USA but not SA

  • broken wolf
    broken wolf

    Why doesnt theonly child one happen to me 😔

  • Elizabeth Veiga
    Elizabeth Veiga

    Its so true though being the middle child

  • Jayden Mc
    Jayden Mc

    She seem more fat now than the last 2 years ago I see her video

  • Edison Carranza
    Edison Carranza


  • The Jakepeanut Channel
    The Jakepeanut Channel

    I’m an only child and it’s more like: What are you doing Watching TV You have 30 minutes of TV left. After that do the dishes, take the trash out, and clean your room (After 3 hours)Okay it’s done now No you missed the third molecule to the left (Another 2 hours) It’s done now Okay now go read for an hour and then do this pointless task for school that starts in 6 weeks that’s going to take you 3 hours

  • TikTok_combos•••

    As an only child I’m forced to clean every square milameter of the house alone

    • Lila Rossi
      Lila Rossi

      You don’t have little siblings to mess it up as soon as you finish 😒

  • meenakshi mathur
    meenakshi mathur

    I'm the only child, this never happened with me -_-

  • Daking Pro
    Daking Pro

    im the middle child and i always trsh to pay my other siblings to do chores

  • Fade_ toxin
    Fade_ toxin

    Me being an only child knowing this is NOT true 😔😂

  • Mocha plays
    Mocha plays

    I’m only child and that’s how it always is

  • Ali Awan
    Ali Awan

    I'm an only child and I can confirm that this is not true

  • Eliza Garcia ( Student )
    Eliza Garcia ( Student )

    If only the part for the only child was true I’m an only child, and trust me, that’s definitely not what happens in my home

  • The gaming kid
    The gaming kid

    I’m the middle

  • Khin Way Hla
    Khin Way Hla

    I really can relate to the Siblings cuz I am the oldest 🙂

  • Nog ops Legend
    Nog ops Legend