viisaus #shorts

  • theflasch

    the heavy breathing towards the end

  • JR. Beast
    JR. Beast

    Mans is wise

  • Sxhu Xhu
    Sxhu Xhu


  • Qwer Tyu
    Qwer Tyu


  • Kresto

    Theres a renowned norwegian author whose name is Tarjei Vesaas, look for your next coincidence there.

  • Aatsaboo


  • Maleo

    I'm in Finland and I dont see nothing about that?!

  • pooh

    this is why i hate talking about you

  • itzXylys

    it would have been more of a coincidence if u say Vsauce at the end of every video. so that way at the finish of the vid when u say Vsauce u mean wisdom

  • Ryan Vilson
    Ryan Vilson

    Has the channel died?


    Wisdom = vsause

  • Budget youtube channel
    Budget youtube channel

    as a Finn from adventure time I'm Finn

  • Jonathan Irwin
    Jonathan Irwin


  • Youtuber fan vlogs
    Youtuber fan vlogs

  • Youtuber fan vlogs
    Youtuber fan vlogs

  • SinappiQ

    Torilla tavataan.

    • Frosty


  • Andrew Taylor
    Andrew Taylor

    I rarely comment on videos but really need to say this. I know a few people have dropped out of the fundraiser that you and many other famous people are doing because they've actually listened to autistics, not sure if you've dropped out or not. The money is going to the wrong place, next for autism is an anti-autism hate group that wants to cure us and use eugenics to wipe us out, it's in there mission statements that they want to prevent autism and cure it, which is something autistics all over the world are saying we don't want. Autism is literally a difference in the structure of our brains, it's the core of who we are, like in the no brainer video you posted which I absolutely loved, I love your videos, the brain is at the center of everything we do, say, think, feel etc so even if it was possible to cure us we wouldn't want to be cured because it would cure us of everything we are as people. Next for autism advocates for the use of aba therapy which was invented by the people who invented conversion therapy, aba and conversion are practically the same therapy but targeted towards curing different groups of people. Gay and autistic people who have been through these therapies have been traumatised and have ptsd and other mental health issues because of how abusive the therapies are. companies like next for autism and autism speaks constantly silence autistic self advocates and talk over us and spread fear mongering and hate mongering towards autistics. I know that you and the others are wanting to do the right thing for autistics and that you are doing it to help us and I'm really grateful for that but giving money to an anti-autism hate group isn't a way to help us.

  • Tears of Boredom
    Tears of Boredom

    I feel obligated to say that I'm a fellow finn

  • Ranjith D
    Ranjith D

    Are you human

  • Professor Keroessa PhD in Bagelology
    Professor Keroessa PhD in Bagelology

    If you haven’t already, you should do an episode on the origin of names. Particularly, how last names arose.

  • the good guy
    the good guy

    you are the wisdom

  • trudimentions

    I see what you did there. 😉

  • Yash Ganar
    Yash Ganar


  • Jalapeño and Banana Productions
    Jalapeño and Banana Productions


  • Litespark

    Ayyy what the fuck. I'm Finnish and I've never even realized this. That's actually incredible.

  • nolluxx

    suomi mainittu

  • pelaajahacks

    Finns when someone not from finland says or mentions finnish/finland: OMG HE MENTIONED FINLAND WTFFFF

  • Ayşe Ekin Gümüş
    Ayşe Ekin Gümüş

    How did you find that?!

  • Jared Dato
    Jared Dato


  • SANG

    Vsauce on viisas ihminen

  • Roni m
    Roni m

    Pfft old news, you already tweeted this back in 2014. A Finn never forgets when Finland is mentioned.

  • arqanai

    i am preplexed. mindblown this is a sign from the universe

  • Cooking Kids
    Cooking Kids

    As a Finnish person, i have come here to see my fellow Finnish brothers comments.

  • Dimmy4

    im proud of my country

  • Janne Lehtinen
    Janne Lehtinen

    We have a saying in finnish "viisaus ja hiukset eivät kasva samassa päässä" (Wisdom and hair don't grow on the same head) so checks out

  • Fikri Fadhlurrahman
    Fikri Fadhlurrahman

    "There are no coincidences" -master oogway

  • Snake that likes tf2
    Snake that likes tf2

    as a finnish snake, i can confirm i am finnish

  • Sad guy
    Sad guy

    Hey wisdom, Michael here.

  • Orange Stick Figure
    Orange Stick Figure

    vsauce kinda sus

  • Taavi Metso
    Taavi Metso

    Omg this is so funny

  • moone the alien
    moone the alien

    Girlwantsboy would result in some VERY different videos

  • Mona the Rabbit
    Mona the Rabbit


  • Abhisar Rawat
    Abhisar Rawat

    Why didnt pewdiepie tell us about this???

  • Franco-Spanish Ball
    Franco-Spanish Ball

    Hmm that’s how you got your name from? Eh

  • Please no
    Please no

    why does she have a southern accent I'm so confused

  • Yummy Klown
    Yummy Klown


    • The Crypto GPS
      The Crypto GPS


  • minij hooi
    minij hooi

    How to get more finnish people to watch your videos Step 1: mention finland in the title Step 2: wait

  • Jakob Noll
    Jakob Noll

    the man is wise

  • Minan Minan
    Minan Minan

    O mean this is an education channel

  • Arcares

    Oh my dog, finally a real channel with actual content is showing up in these dumb UZmilk shorts!

  • ILMA MARTINEZ // Daniel Garcia
    ILMA MARTINEZ // Daniel Garcia

    Hey *viisaus* Michael here

  • Luke Brewer
    Luke Brewer

    Do you know Jim wilder

  • Upielips On Youtube
    Upielips On Youtube

    That definitely wasnt a coincidence

  • Drops Of Mars Archives
    Drops Of Mars Archives

    That's just 2010 pewdiepie saying "Vsauce" you can't fool me

  • aika_Ebin

    Whats a finland

    • Boeing AH-64 Apache
      Boeing AH-64 Apache

      @Sad guy Google translate is very bad for Finnish. When we speak, we use spoken language and spoken Finnish is all over the place - there's no such thing as "standard spoken Finnish" . We speak dialects that change all the time. The best thing Google translate gives is only an estimation as to what it might be but it fails most of the time.

    • Boeing AH-64 Apache
      Boeing AH-64 Apache

      @Sad guy Figures. He/She is Finnish judging by the account name and the profile pic lol

    • Sad guy
      Sad guy

      @Boeing AH-64 Apache I used the Google translate to see what you're saying

    • Sad guy
      Sad guy

      @Boeing AH-64 Apache yes I'm not lol

    • Boeing AH-64 Apache
      Boeing AH-64 Apache

      @Sad guy Guess you aren't Finnish

  • Talentless

    vsus 😭😭😭😭

  • Onskerous


  • XxMrNoNamexX

    This guy answers the question I don't even know how to ask

  • Kais Uusipere
    Kais Uusipere

    I thought you were not posting anymore and when I come and see there is an Easter egg thingy of your name or smth in my Suomi maa

  • Maxi Almås
    Maxi Almås


  • Viipuli

    We just hear Visaas no Vsauce and we think hmm it is viisas so viisas is smart

  • kotkahax

    i'm finnish

  • thereisanappforit


  • euro snuke
    euro snuke


  • Jonathan Lumsden
    Jonathan Lumsden

    We are in a simulation

  • Deivid

    I see, I have been sumoned, someone some where mentioned Finland! Torille!

  • ulu

    say whaaaat

  • G P 8
    G P 8

    May I ask what made him try that?

  • Jedi

    And when the world needed him the most, he returned


    As a Finn...I’m not surprised ;3

  • Dan Kusai
    Dan Kusai

    And another time there was evidence that the Finnish language doesn't exist

  • Aava Immonen
    Aava Immonen

    I am a Finland person and i dont think its comfusing like idk its just not confusing and i know in english theres not a letter like these (ä and ö) they are basically (ä = a and ö = o) so yeh you have deleter our 2 vowels

    • Aava Immonen
      Aava Immonen

      But thanks for telling me im wrong

    • Aava Immonen
      Aava Immonen

      Come on they mean the same thing

    • Sad guy
      Sad guy

      You're finnish not a "Finland person"

  • TaZah101

    vissaus in dutch also means fish juice

  • ReggieTheTurtle


  • turtleboy23

    suomi gang?

    • Budget youtube channel
      Budget youtube channel

      Ei me mikää gang olla

  • Tonttu Römppänen
    Tonttu Römppänen

    Jes ai riili laik viisaus. Idis mai feivrit juutuub tsännel.

  • HYpiucle

    Ive never noriced this before

  • MattheLord

    Michael man never replies or hearts any comments

  • Toyboat1000

    Video idea why are things funny

  • Karidu Animations
    Karidu Animations

    Ah yes

  • Gian Antonio Danga
    Gian Antonio Danga

    What will happen if you built a hollow sphere around the Earth? No support beams, nothing to keep it attached to the ground. Would it float? Or will it do something else?

  • Encrypted PG3D
    Encrypted PG3D

    Day 1 of asking for a liminal spaces video

  • Vincent Hermes
    Vincent Hermes

    As a finnish person I would say something fitting... But I aint. So I wont.

  • Kirnu Vee
    Kirnu Vee

    Vau, siistiä.

  • smartcarman1

    If you translate wise to Finnish it sounds more like vsauce than if you translate wisdom

  • FLOW The Otaku
    FLOW The Otaku

    Call me FLOW coz I be flowing in all of your SCIENTIFIC THEORIES

  • Elias Tanninen
    Elias Tanninen

    To the marketplace

  • xXjesperoXx

    Yes hi, did somebody say Finnish?

  • Forbidden Studios
    Forbidden Studios

    I won't even ask how you found this finnish coincidence

  • Kura kura kura kura TWICE!
    Kura kura kura kura TWICE!

    Because Vsauce channel is such wisdom to us

  • LogicalYT


  • FlyinC4T

    Hey, viisaus. Michael [jackson] here...

  • Dr. Universeman
    Dr. Universeman

    Vsauce found my easter egg for him! Its funny isnt it :)

  • Sami Metsinen
    Sami Metsinen

    Tämähän meinaa että olet viisas! (So this means you are wise!)

  • Haze

    Google hittin us with that deep south dirty dirty vee-saouss swag vibe

  • Froggy 2Ambitious Studio
    Froggy 2Ambitious Studio



    Coincidence? *I don't think so!* (seriously man, this guy is one of the wisest people I have ever seen in my life.)

  • Zeuch YT
    Zeuch YT

    If another planet had youtube ehy dont they see our videos or us theirs

  • Suburban Reaper Records
    Suburban Reaper Records

    Do dogs have a sense of humor?