The Legend of the Voices of The Legend of Vox Machina
In the fourth part of our behind-the-scenes documentary series, the Critical Role cast step into the recording booth to bring new life to Vox Machina with the guidance of The Legend of Vox Machina's voice director, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn! Catch a glimpse of their fantastic collaboration throughout this winding journey!

A very special thanks to our animation partner, Titmouse, our partners at Amazon Studios and Amazon Prime Video, and of course the 88,887 Kickstarter backers that made this dream a reality. We love you!

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  • Belinda Luna
    Belinda Luna

    Matt: "I still want to hold on to some characters that I have a connection with." Hmm...sounds like that could've come right after him saying he's not voicing a certain shopkeep. So y'all prepare yourself for that possiblity.

  • S1LANC

    So i think Matt will definetly voice Sylas, Gilmore and the crazy gunpowder seller. Maybe he will voice thordak.

  • Matthew Kerr-Cowan
    Matthew Kerr-Cowan

    I PRAY they didnt give gilmore a voice actor and matts doing him still lmao

    • Etho the Creative
      Etho the Creative

      Someone: Oh hey, Gilmore still needs a voice actor, should we try to find someone? Matt, standing up and pushing people aside: *My time has come*

  • efugee

    This is gonna come out when Hytale does. Amazon isn't even advertising the damn thing. I think it is a secret train wreck.

  • Elijah Neal
    Elijah Neal


  • Tuiteyfruity

    “Very good directors” is a choice of terms to refer to group that includes Emmy winning ones XD

  • darkmistress1980

    i was soooo chuffed when i heard my voice acting waifu was voice directing. love Mary in everything she does.

  • JayKat7_

    Judging by recent tabletops they’ve done, I’m thinking they can start recording together again. They just gotta stay 6 feet apart! 😸

  • Dusey Van Dusen
    Dusey Van Dusen

    Why am I crying!?!?!?

  • Archie The RedCat
    Archie The RedCat

    I don't have prime, I don't even know what it is, (i become critters after the kickstarter campaign is done ) but I'm ready to spill my pocket to watch the epic animation when its on..

  • Darrel Forney
    Darrel Forney

    I found Crit Roll a few months before the pandemic, I've only got a few episodes left of campaign 2 at this point and am so excited to see this coming together

  • Sean Smithee
    Sean Smithee

    I’m so glad I got into Crit Role in the last month and a half. I’ve found The Mighty Nein easier to get into purely bc the campaign started at the very beginning, but I’m super looking forward to this bc I really want to understand VM

  • Sono_Chi_No_Sodium_Chloride

    *Orion crying in the corner*

  • Kiapet 2
    Kiapet 2

    Cast: So we had to find a voice director... Me: It's Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, right? Cast: ...and at the start of our very short list was Mary Elizabeth McGlynn Me: yesssss

  • Brantly C
    Brantly C

    I don't know how I feel about this casting. I think they could have gotten people that embodied the characters a little better. It just seems like these guys don't really understand the characters that well.

  • Azemion

    Will it be subtitled in other languages?

  • Vonda Cook
    Vonda Cook

    Of course Zara is telling Vox Machina what to do. ❤️❤️

  • A Little Antidote
    A Little Antidote


  • Game girl cz
    Game girl cz


  • Salvatore Marcik
    Salvatore Marcik

    Why was this in "MrFeast"s youtube videos in that one dhar mann video???

  • MindMage Methin
    MindMage Methin

    Am I the only one who cringed when Travis said because of "reasons" they had to hire other voice actors for Matt's characters...sometimes I forget they are all in LA.

    • Belinda Luna
      Belinda Luna


  • just another swm
    just another swm

    I wander what things could have gone different if Orion never left

    • Belinda Luna
      Belinda Luna

      The show never would've made it this far.

  • slepi

    why sylas gotta be so HOT

  • François Perreault
    François Perreault

    I already miss the cast...

  • Erin Gauthier
    Erin Gauthier

    Is there a release date yet???

  • Nick Fortin
    Nick Fortin

    I'm really sad they redid the voices.. you'll NEVER capture the same emotion or weight to any of the events, from the little bit that's been shown(from the c2 recaps) the humor won't be natural and will sound fake..... idk... if fans can make animations using the existing audio surely they could've done something...

    • Belinda Luna
      Belinda Luna

      Yeah, we totally want the worse audio quality and the performers talking over each other. And the performers totally want that too. Like, dude, no.

  • Lauren Wainwright
    Lauren Wainwright

    Give me a date, ya'll. Put and ending on my suffering.

  • Dunidane

    2:56 Just mentioning that it was 9 of them at the point of this footage and they have perfectly edited it to avoid showing Orion. Not blaming them seems like he wasn't good for the group but he was part of the pre stream game and I think it would be a shame to not at least admit it.

    • Belinda Luna
      Belinda Luna

      A lot of fans started with Campaign 2. Explaining Orion's whole situation to people who never saw him play would take too much time and oxygen away from what they want to talk about.

  • Undermanned

    6:43 matpats curse

  • Derek Wilcock
    Derek Wilcock

    THIS IS FREAKING AMAZING, I AM SO EXCITED!!! I am positive that this will turn out well, keep up the good work guys! It's been many years coming!

  • sonic dean
    sonic dean

    I hope they also show this on UZmilk and we get a trailer and release date soon

  • Starsaber

    So, what characters other than Silas do we think Matt will be voicing? Victor is the only must-have for me, but Sovereign Uriel would make a lot of sense too.

  • J. C. Dickleg Productions
    J. C. Dickleg Productions


  • Chrownox

    "only on prime video" sad to say but i guess it's gotta be by the ol' avantika way

  • Mad World
    Mad World

    This is so glorious. It makes me so happy.. i cant wait for it to come out :)

  • Slifer Briz
    Slifer Briz


  • Thunder 6917 B17
    Thunder 6917 B17

    My grandfather told me if you find something you love to do. You’ll never work a day in your life. In this group of people have proved it

  • Dexterioz

    Honestly the wait is killing me 😩😩

  • Llama Flash
    Llama Flash

    So, I teared up and wept 3 separate times during this 12min video ;_; Anyone else?

  • aola wili
    aola wili

    I didn't realize how much I missed seeing Marisha, Laura, Travis, and Talesin before this video 😅

  • John Willis
    John Willis

    2:53 HAIL HYDRA!!!

  • Boat Float
    Boat Float

    For everyone wondering when the show will come out, I think the fact they released two of these "Legend of" videos in the span of a month should be some comfort. Even more than that though, at the end of the Vox Machina vs Mighty Nein video Matt said it's coming soon. I don't think he would say it that with that amount of excitement if it was still 9 months off from the recording of that episode back in June. My guess is late 2021

  • MrJechgo

    On a brighter note, if the Mighty Nein gets an adaptation, which arc should be considered ;) ?

  • SirAuronPD

    I wonder if Orion Acaba would be back for anything....

  • Harrison W
    Harrison W

    It's sad to me that (I'm pretty sure) Matt won't be voicing Gilmore, but I get that he's uncomfortable voicing a person of color.

  • yuoop noke
    yuoop noke

    EVERY time I hear that theme music, no matter how my day is going, I am immediately pushed to a happy place and feel a surge of excitement for what's to come!!!!

  • R Gorel
    R Gorel

    This was absolute gold. It makes me so happy.

    • yuoop noke
      yuoop noke

      show to come out.

  • Shaun Does Voices
    Shaun Does Voices

    Seeing these guys recording from their home made booths made me feel so much more confident in doing the same

  • anisqueak

    Stoked. Thats all. Stoked.

  • Silent Warrior
    Silent Warrior

    Critical Role aren’t friends, they’re family 😩

  • Vicente Vidal
    Vicente Vidal

    Hi! if i wanted to translate the subtitles to spanish, how could i do it?

    • Evgeniya B.
      Evgeniya B.

      There's a volunteer group called Critical Role Translate. UZmilk doesn't let me add a comment with the link, but you can google us and find the link to a Discord server

  • Erik Miller
    Erik Miller

    We can’t wait!

  • Joshua Nastasi
    Joshua Nastasi

    I hope they release some of this videos of them recording the voices. Especially the big one with all of them together. I’d love a big bts of that!

  • Brandon Uniewski
    Brandon Uniewski

    I cannot wait to get to watch this, own it, rewatch it, get behind the scene moments, and then watch it again. Its crazy how hungry I am to support this and for it to come out. I just wish i had more friends to get excited about it and watch it together :/

  • NinjaMonkey774

    I’m so excited for this! Honestly when they announced this was gonna be on Amazon Prime Video that was my motivation to get a subscription. I’ve found other things I enjoy watching on there, but this is what it’s all building up to!

  • Tre Wilder
    Tre Wilder

    I put off on Critical Roll when it first started, because I wasn't into DnD then. But my first thought was that I knew how amazing it would be, with so many talented voice actors I grew up hearing all playing this improv-styled game with each other.. Last year I started my first DnD campaign with some friends over Discord, and it's been FANTASTIC. Imagine my surprise when I found out that their was a Cleric Gnome in VM, just like my first character! I'm now 44 parts into Vox Machina, and I'm totally on board for a series of these loveable idiots together! I hope I finish binging before the show comes out!

  • Jedskee

    Gilmore for Matt!

  • Jedskee

    How many times did Sam say they were 8 friends?

    • MrJechgo

      Enough to hammer down that they don't want to think about Orion anymore...

  • ClayBCtime

    I know we can’t have Matt play every NPC for obvious reasons, but I think it would be hilarious if they did some type of episode where he did

  • LazySketcher

    These guys are living the dream - and deservedly so :’)

  • Niko D
    Niko D

    Maaaan, if Matt doesnt do Gilmore I might cry

  • Sammy

    Brian W Foster to voice Craven Edge please and thank you!

  • Matthew Price
    Matthew Price

    \o/!!! ✌️💛

  • Of all the behind the scenes videos released so far, this one BY FAR got me the most excited. Seeing them all working together just made my heart happy. I'm so excited for this show to come out.

  • Mark William Diano
    Mark William Diano

    When is the release date??????

  • Guy Sutton
    Guy Sutton

    IMO the most entertaining and impressive component of the Podcast is the voice work but the incredible improvisation (Sam, Travis + NPC = gold...). Not sure how this magic translates to a scripted animated series, but I am hoping for the best.

  • Dustin Pageloff
    Dustin Pageloff

    Please, please have the old man gun powder shop keep NPC in this! He was one of my favorite NPC's!!

  • sokin jon
    sokin jon

    If this has bloopers, they will be LEGENDARY.

  • Clay Grisetti
    Clay Grisetti


  • Scorpio 17
    Scorpio 17

    So frickin stoked for this!

  • Liran Yaniv
    Liran Yaniv

    Seeing these snippets of videos from the OG home game makes me think of Orion Acaba. I wonder what he's thinking when he sees the success of something that he help start but is no longer a part of.

    • sokin jon
      sokin jon

      form of media... I can't wait to experience this in a different form... And share with friends who may e aren't prepared to go watch 100+ 4 hours stream shows 🤣

  • DJ Steamy Pete
    DJ Steamy Pete

    This is absolutely incredible. You guys managed to make a nice simple short documentary out of bts of the voice actors. Simply amazing.

  • Fabio Cingolani
    Fabio Cingolani

    Please stop...for the love of god...i can't handle my hype anymore

  • Flannsyn

    Mary Elizabeth McGlynn. Of course it's her. I've hoped it would be her, now I'm overjoyed at the thought all over again. I love her works!

  • Jessica James
    Jessica James

    Why do I feel like crying? Im so excited.

  • GT V
    GT V

    I am going to expect just an okay show. If it turns out to be more than just okay, then awesome. "I must not be overhyped. Overhype is the joy-killer." - Paul Atreides, probably

  • John Wright
    John Wright

    I know this would have been a: impractical and b: clashing with the more traditional format of a TV show, but it would have been wonderful and hilarious if Matt was still voicing all of the NPCs.

  • Dollar Bill
    Dollar Bill

    I'm really hoping this turns out as good as it's building up ❤️

  • Mikhail Chelpon
    Mikhail Chelpon

    So who's playing gilmour???

  • ephedianroyalty

    i would lowkey watch the full show of just them in a booth voice acting through it.

  • Skits and Bits
    Skits and Bits

    How soon tho😭😭

  • Michbert

    I´ll bet its better then anything Hollywood of the last 4 years ?

  • Timo Fluit
    Timo Fluit

    9:24 oh Sam, please never change

  • adam letterly
    adam letterly

    MM needs to voice Victor, no two ways to it, that NPC was too iconic

  • Rickie155

    It's not even been THAT long since the end of campaign 2, and I'm missing these guys so much already!

  • xMrxWhitexRabbitx

    Honestly.... I think the wait is good! I used to read manga and watch the anime simultaneously and havig it so fresh in my mind kinda took away the magic. I remember with Naruto I stopped watching for a while, then when I went back I fell in love all over again because I could truly appreciate the subtleties and the neuance picked up in the different form of media... I can't wait to experience this in a different form... And share with friends who may e aren't prepared to go watch 100+ 4 hours stream shows 🤣

  • MHKei

    I am SO STOKED for this gah!

  • CarmenRuiz95

    Please, please, please, keep Matt to voice Victor. No one else could be as funny

  • Marcus Zimmermann
    Marcus Zimmermann

    I am soooo excited!!!!!

  • Kintaro316

    I swear to God almighty.. if Matt doesn't voice Victor the black powder merchant...

  • Carol Aoki
    Carol Aoki

    I feel like this will one of those projects that you can just feel are special. There's so much passion and heart put into everything. It's the kind of gem that has to adapt and change and still manages to keep their core essence.

  • OneWingedAngelsBand

    Bloopers and Matt talking to himself have been mentioned. But you know what else is needed? Scanlan's songs complete with a backing track and a music video feel. That would make it perfect. 😅

    • Luis

      Oh boy, does the CR channel have news for you

  • majora cosplayer
    majora cosplayer

    Anyone else thinking that sylas looks a helluva lot like travis

  • EatSleepWorkClimb

    damn amazon prime $13/month, guess i wont be watching till the show is over and i can binge the whole thing in a month

  • Greeno666

    Every single one of these videos is like "hype, hype, hype, HYPE, HYPE, HYPE!" and then it's like "coming...never"

  • Andrew Zoyc
    Andrew Zoyc

    I'm full of regret, that I've started to watch CritRole from Mighty Nein Campaign and totally missed the first one.

  • Samli

    "All gathered together, the eight of us" fuck Orion Acaba lmao

  • Alfred Peverly
    Alfred Peverly

    I just wanna see it already 😂

  • Niko Klink
    Niko Klink


  • Linus Ringh
    Linus Ringh

    That image of all of them in the recording booth at 3:08 just gave me chills. It's like the voice actor equivalent of seeing all the avengers in the same room together stood in a fighting stance